Sunday, January 27, 2013

What makes you cry?

It has been twenty two days since Bones went missing in Toledo Ohio.  Absolutely no progress has been made in locating this documented dangerous dog.  The loss of any dog is a sad thing but the response of those posting on the Bones Battle Facebook page is out of all proportion to the event.  People who have never seen Bones, never laid hands on him, know nothing about the dog other than what has been written on  wildly emotional Facebook pages offer endless prayers and tears.  They write as if their hearts are broken.

Here is a topic that breaks my heart.  Possibly the Bones Battle crew might give this some consideration.  I have updated a post on the Shriners Hospital for Children in Cincinnati Ohio.  Click here for that post.  I will re-post the new material and I hope this might be food for thought.  Can you cry for this child?  His life is changed forever.  Garrett will never again play baseball, or football, he will never lift his children in the air to hear them laugh.  Garrett will never lift his left arm above his shoulder. Will anyone weep for Garrett?

1/27/2013 Update.  Garrett Carrier of Middleburg Kentucky will have surgery at Cincinnati Shriner's Hospital for Children.  Garrett will join other pit bull mauling survivors being treated at the Shriners Hospital Burn Center.

Garrett almost lost his arm to a pit bull attack last July. Garrett's mother describes the surgery. "“They’re going to take muscle from his back and build him a new armpit, and they’re hoping there’s enough left over to build him a new deltoid, too,” his mother explains. “They’re also going to take some nerves from his ankle to put in his arm, and give him Botox injections to firm up the muscle.” 

Per the Central Kentucky News "If Garrett’s upcoming surgery is successful, doctors believe the range of motion of his left arm will increase dramatically, though he’ll probably never be able to raise it above his shoulder. And it is hoped, with continued therapy, that he will regain 100 percent of the function of his left hand, Sims said.
While those outcomes would be something to cheer about, the damage done by the dog bites will never be repaired enough to allow him to resume playing baseball, basketball, football and other activities that used to be his favorite things. It’s something he’s learning to accept."  
Pit bull attacks change lives, it is a disgrace that children continue to suffer maulings like Garrett's.  The pit bull that mauled Garrett has been put down and the owners of that dog have moved away.   These dog owners have simply walked away from the suffering they created.   

Garrett Carrier, 10, shows of the web scars left in the wake of a pit bull attack in July. He's undergoing major surgery Friday to repair his left arm.