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More thoughts on regulating rescues.

From Florida, a pit bull mix was trafficked out of Broward County to Helping Paws 22 Rescue, a 501c3 in southwest Florida.  Lilly failed her real world temperament test by attacking her current owner, her prospective owner, and her current owner's son.  Here is the Cliffs Notes version of the story per the  "The dog was owned by Patricia Agnello, who runs Helping Paws, a non profit organization.  Her son, Christopher Agnello, told officers that Lilly had been playing all day, and when Shelley Loudermilk of Columbus GA., arrived to take Lilly, the dog attacked his mother and Loudermilk. Christopher Agnello stated he ran outside and jumped on the dog in an attempt to control it but the dog turned on him and began trying to attack his face.  A friend of the Agnellos, identified as Marie Wilton, called for help and then ran outside with a knife, stabbing the dog near the rib cage.  They were then able to muzzle the dog a on place it inside a kennel."  Lilly did not survive her injuries.  For more information on this attack please click here.

You can purchase this bumper sticker from Helping Paws for just one dollar.  Ms. Loudermilk was unable to complete the purchase prior to transport to a local hospital.

The Helping Paws 22 Facebook page includes a sad notice posted on August 8th.  Another rescue, OC Shelter dogs of Orange CA announced that a dog that they placed on 7/30/2013 had been returned to the group with the request that the dog be humanely euthanized because it attacked another animal in the new household.  In classic humaniac style, hysterical comments blamed the new owner and demanded identification, public shaming,  and placement on a Do Not Adopt list.  Here was the sales pitch for this dog  KOA Pet ID: A1263579 Sex: N Age: 6 Months Color: BLACK - WHITE Breed: PIT BULL - MIX 
*in kennel visit- Energetic,needs basic training,kissy,playful- can't wait to meet him out of kennel!
OC Animal Care
561 The City Drive South
Orange, CA 92868 Map

Photo: adopted  7/30/13 but then surrendered for euthanasia after attacking family pet {CAT OR DOG WE DO NOT KNOW!}

KOA Pet ID: A1263579 Sex: N Age: 6 Months Color: BLACK - WHITE Breed: PIT BULL - MIX 
*in kennel visit- Energetic,needs basic training,kissy,playful- can't wait to meet him out of kennel!
OC Animal Care
561 The City Drive South
Orange, CA 92868 Map

Hours of Operations:
Sunday through Saturday - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
We are open until 7:00 PM on Wednesdays.
Closed Holidays
RIP pitty, and RIP to your victim as well.

I'm sure that these groups feel strongly that they are serving the needs of unfortunate animals but in practice they put the public at unreasonable risk and must be regulated.  Emotion frequently interferes with common sense.

Some rescues have no problem with risk, others give no consideration to law.  The next two items go in that direction.  Speaking of rescues and regulation, this from the Toledo Blade regarding their favorite breed specific advocate, Jean Keating.  It must be remembered that the Toledo Blade is one of the two most pit bull friendly newspapers in the United States, both publications are owned by the Block brothers.  John Robinson Block was the recipient of the very first Hello Bully award.  A short quote from the Blade on this honor for Mr. Block.
"The group, Hello Bully, is presenting Mr. Block with the first Hello Bully Hero Award, an annual recognition of greatness in the community. Mr. Block is being commended for the work he did in Ohio with helping to change breed-specific legislation, said Nicole Meloy, director of development and events for the nonprofit group.  “We follow all [breed-specific legislation] issues very closely but especially this one in Ohio, since it was in our own backyard,” Ms. Meloy said. “We were recently made aware of John Block’s efforts in spearheading the initiative to eliminate Ohio’s BSL and were extremely impressed and grateful for what he had helped to accomplish. Any person that has that much passion about an issue, especially regarding pit bulls, is a remarkable individual in our eyes.”  
It is clear that breed specific advocacy is well aware of the tremendous influence of shameless Blade hucksterism on this issue and on the passage of  HB 14 to deregulate pit bulls in Ohio.  This bill was sold to foolish legislators as "finally giving dog wardens the tools to deal with vicious dogs."  Not so much, Ohio had four dog mauling deaths in the first year after the passage of the bill.   

But enough of that rehash and back to the Blade's favorite pit bull advocate, Jean Keating. It seems that Ms. Keating's home town, Sylvania has a zoning code regulation that limits the numbers of dogs that may be kept on a residential property.  Keating has run afoul of local law.   At the time that Ms. Keating was cited she had nine pit bulls at her home, three were her own dogs and six were fosters for Ms. Keating's organization, the Lucas County pit crew.  Current Sylvania law limits the number of dogs legally kept on a residential property to just three.

This is a short quote from the Blade that pretty much sums up Ms. Keating's thoughts.
"Resident Jean Keating questioned council recently on why she was told by Bob Oberly, zoning administrator, that she was in violation of a city ordinance limiting the number of dogs on a residential property. She told council she wanted limits on dogs removed from the code.
“I think dogs are considered property, and people should have as many as they can care for," she told council at a recent meeting."  Ms. Keating is quoted as stating that she feels that she should be able to house as many as ten pit bulls on her residential property but fails to fully understand that her current legal troubles have their basis in a complaint from a neighbor that she is not keeping the dogs she already has in a manner that makes neighbors feel safe. 

Ok now, Keating wants limits removed on her whim and she expects that this will simply happen without opposition.  She may be right, after all state law was changed to suit her tastes.  HB14 was introduced and relentlessly promoted by Keating's personal friend Representative Barbara Sears.  Sears used her position in the Ohio majority party shamelessly in order to promote the bill.  Sears partnered with an out of state animal rights PAC, allowing them to actually write the bill and to hire lobbyists to promote it.  Now the city of Sylvania is allowing Keating to submit suggestions on how local law might suit her better.  Holy cow...

Before I turn to other stories I would like to point out the photo of Keating with her three pit bulls that is found with the Blade article on Keating's refusal to abide by local law.  The dogs are named, Milo, Chief and a dog that is familiar in the Ohio Legislature, Wendy.  Wendy appeared at HB 14 hearings in the Ohio House and in the Ohio Senate.  She was introduced by Keating  "I have brought Wendy with me today. Wendy is being trained as a service animal for a young child with post-traumatic stress disorder, sensory integration dysfunction, low muscle tone, and panic attacks. Wendy was chosen because she has the temperament and physical characteristics to perform the work needed to assist this child in leading a more normal life. Those same physical characteristics currently identify Wendy as a vicious dog under Ohio law. The American Staffordshire Terrier, which is a breed commonly referred to as a pit bull type is a popular choice for a service animal because of some unique qualities. They are hardy, athletic, and very socially connected dogs. They are also very easy to train as they are eager to please."   Now it is made clear that Wendy is not a "service dog in training" she is simply one of Keating's dogs.  Was the Ohio Legislature too foolish to question the song and dance they got from breed specific advocacy or were they too corrupt to question the sell out to a well financed and organized special interest group?  

Moving along to more adventures with dog rescue.  Residents of Rittman Ohio may be sleeping a bit better.  Kristine Maxwell announced that she has closed up shop with her Presa Canario rescue in response to a health crisis with her very cute young GSD.  In comments on this thread Maxwell admits that she has five dogs of her own plus eight rescues.  She was wildly over the local limit of two dogs per residence.  For more on Maxwell's Presa Canario rescue please click here and here.  I sincerely hope this cute puppy does well for her.  I  had a young dog get a horrible diagnosis and understand her distress.  My dog did well and lived a long and full life.  I hope the same for her pup.  

From Texas comes this rescue disaster story posted by the Brownsville Herald on 8/18/2013.  A judge has decided that 240 dogs and several cats originally rescued by a group calling itself Animal Guardians of America and recently rescued from the rescue by The Denton County Sheriffs department and  the Humane Society of North Texas may be put up for adoption.  The Animal Guardians of America relinquished rights to the animals in lieu of paying fees.  A Humane Society spokesperson stated that urine and feces were "everywhere" on the property and that the property lacked proper water.  This situation was brought to the attention of local officials via complaints by citizens. 

Dog  rescues are not the only ones that run into trouble when animal lovers get in over their heads or fail to use common sense.   This story from Green Springs Ohio deals with an individual who thought she was "rescuing" cats.  Barbara Shockley's residence was raided and seventy living cats and four dead cats were removed from the home. The cats were taken to the Humane Society of Sandusky County, 34 cats were humanely euthanized due to medical conditions.  Shockley is expected to be charged with cruelty to animals, the statement was made that Shockley was not intentionally cruel but she was "neglectful."     

For my final rescue story for this post, there has been a decision on the disposition of the Effingham County GA dangerous pit bull named Kno.  For background on this story please click here.  The judge has recently decided that Kno may be trafficked to New York state.  Please note that per the Savannah Now article, Kno was turned over the the county after the attack on young Wesley Frye last year.  The county has been responsible for this dog for the last year and the legal system even provided Kno with a lawyer.  The receiving rescue, Glen Wild, has stated that they expect payment of $5000 for lifetime custodial care for this mauler.  Will Effingham County pay that bill too?  Current donations for Kno's care total only $235 as of 8/17/2013.

Hearings will be held in Ohio on a law to regulate high volume breeders.  This law will have some impact on rescues but what has been proposed is not enough.  Per the proposed law rescues must only register.  The law should allow inspection at any time, demand that county dog wardens be notified of any designated dangerous dogs to be moved into their jurisdictions prior to transport with a mandatory inspection of facilities, allow for audit of financial records, and recognize the authority of local law limiting the numbers of dogs to be housed.  The ODA did not go far enough.    


Tuesday, August 6, 2013
The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) will hold a public hearing to accept testimony on the proposed new administrative rules that relate to the regulation and licensing of high-volume commercial dog breeders.  The hearing will be held on Thursday, August 29, 2013.  It is important that those parties who may be regulated review the proposed regulations and provide comment to ODA.  
BACKGROUND:  In March, Ohio enacted a new law that defines “high volume commercial dog breeders” as anyone who both produces nine litters of puppies AND sells 60 dogs or puppies in a calendar year. Both criteria must be met to be subject to the licensing and other requirements.
Rescues are also required to be registered with the state if they keep, house, or maintain dogs in Ohio. This includes those who coordinate rescue efforts in the state. Rescues will not be required to comply with the proposed regulations for high-volume breeders, but must still complete and submit a registration form.
MEETING INFORMATION:  The hearing will be held on Thursday, August 29, 2013, at 9AM, in Hearing Room 133 (Seminar “B”) of the Bromfield Administration Building, 8995 East Main Street, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-3399.  Any person affected by the new rules may appear at the hearing and be heard.  Any person who wishes to present his position, arguments, or contentions in writing, other than at the public hearing, may do so by mailing their written comments to:
Ohio Department of Agriculture
C/o Legal Section
8995 East Main Street
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
FAX: (614) 995-4585
Written comments must be postmarked no later than August 29, 2013.  Fax submissions must be received by 5PM on August 29, 2013. 
RULES TO BE CONSIDERED:  The following rules will be open to comment at the August 29, 2013, hearing: 
901:1-6-01 – Definitions and general considerations
901:1-6-02 – Housing
901:1-6-03 – Socialization
901:1-6-04 – Food and water
901:1-6-05 – Health
901:1-6-06 – Transportation
901:1-6-07 – Record keeping and identification
901:1-6-08 – Licensing
901:1-6-09 – Inspections

8/25/2013 Update - The need to regulate the 'rescue' industry is not a uniquely American problem.  Please click here for thoughts from Australia.   

For a long look at the hazy line between "rescue" and hoarding, please click here.   

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"Racism" or insanity?

"Racism" is a charge frequently made by breed specific advocates.  I will let my friend at 17 Barks give you his thoughts on this common defense for violent dogs.  Here is his premise "If we have deliberately bred lines of dogs for centuries to produce breed-specific characteristics, why is it somehow "racist" to note the existence of these very breed specific characteristics which we've deliberately produced? "  The blogger adds  "It's absurd to pretend that breed specific characteristics which were deliberately created by humans don't exist. And to call those who recognize these breed specific characteristics "racist" reveals a profound ignorance on the part of the accuser."
Read the entire post here.

If you have read any of the Death and Excuses posts you are familiar with the outrageous comments made by pit bull owners on news stories covering fatal maulings.  The comments that I am going to feature here were made recently on non fatal attack stories.  I am going to use actual comments made by one individual on actual news stories, these are public forums.  This pit bull owner appears to take great pride in his comments.  The account is roughly two weeks old but interestingly, this individual has now locked down his comments with a privacy setting.  Too late.  He falls back on the "racist" claim a great deal.  The comments reflect lack of self awareness, lack of empathy, and lack of conscience.  I am not going to attempt to put these into any logical order, there is no logic to the man's thoughts.  I do not correct spelling errors.

These comments were made on an article about a pit bull attack that killed two dogs in Baltimore.  We will start out with one of the most outrageous comments ever made by a pit bull owner.
  • Dean Smith  2 days ago
    All the posters that had children that were victims of a dog, it sounds like the dog just knew that you shouldn't be reproducing and was trying to help you out.

    Dean freely uses the "I work with hundreds of these dogs" to establish his superior knowledge.  This phrase is commonly found in comments made by pit bull advocates.  One would think that with all this "expert" handling that the pit bull problem would be solved, but not so much.  Note the incredible depth of Dean's racism.
    • Dean Smith  2 days ago
      I understand by your experience and why I would be hard not to be mad at a dog, however what your saying is that blacks shouldn't breed with other blacks because it's in their genes to cause crime and this makes them worse. Your making my point in your second paragraph that yes they are strong and that's why they are used for fighting. No a poodle couldn't be substituted because they aren't strong enough. Just because something is strong does not make it a threat. Just because all poodles are skinny doesn't mean some aren't mean. Sorry to say but your whole 30 dog attacks a year is beyond extremely minute. Not to say it doesn't matter, but the real problem is happening in our cities when these worthless thugs breed them and act irresponsibly with them. None the less, even all of their dogs won't fight which is why they turn them into bait dogs, meaning the dog that they teach other ones to rip apart. If you are really worried about the children why don't you go bother the cigarette companies or car companies because hundreds of thousands of children die from those two things. Animals all have individual personalities just like people which is why it is wrong for me to see a large black man and form an opinion that he is a danger to society just because another different large black guy just raped and murdered some women would be obviously wrong. I work with hundreds of these dogs all the time and the majority of them are people pleasers and super sweet. My kids have been around my two male pits for 8 years now and I would put up my dogs submissive/non aggressive level to any dog you can find.

      More from Dean.  What is he thinking here?  Why did he think these comments needed to be made?

      • Dean Smith  3 days ago
        Why don't night clubs use small skinny little guys as bouncers? Does that mean all big black guys are inherently dangerous or is it just because their size makes it better to break up a fight? So now every muscle bound person in the gym should be put down because they are strong??? So your also saying black people commit crimes because they are broken down easier and it's inherit in their blood? It's obvious that the amount of education you need is more than I have time to give but the good thing is there are many many more of people like me than there are racists like you. When all you do is judge an appearance and not actions that is definition racism.and just plain wrong. These animals are born this way and have no control over what they look like. I bet you think because of Paris Hilton, all blondes must be dumb. Please grow a brain and get some actual experience with something before your formulate an opinion based off being scared by the media. Dog just like people all have individual personalities and what they look like has nothing to do with how they act.

        Threats of violence?  Here you are, courtesy of Dean.

        • Dean Smith  5 days ago
          I would prefer you gutted like the racist pig you are but the law doesn't allow that. Too bad.

          Here is the man accusing anyone that finds fault with his reasoning a racist.  Is he unable to read what he is saying?  No comprehension?

          • Dean Smith  5 days ago
            Where did this happen? Baltimore. Who is causing this problem? Ghetto trash breeding these dogs for money. So they make these dogs into monsters and then just let them run around the cities and hurt other animals and people. Very sad for the lady and her dog.
            This however is a ghetto trash problem. Our cities have a problem, and it's not the dogs fault, it's the owners fault. They need to start taking the breeding and fighting seriously and you wouldn't have these wild things running around doing this kind of stuff.

            This comment comes from yet another pit bull attack article.  A threat of violence against Law Enforcement, bonus points!  
      • These cops obviously didn't care about the life of the animal. It's hard to say because it's a judgement call on the spot. They LE is just shooting first and asking questions later they should be held responsible. I would be demonstrating my 2nd amendment right and shooting some LE if they came in my house to shoot my dog.

      These comments come from an article on Breed Specific ordinances.  Dean gives a great deal of personal information here. Dean appears to believe that young pit bull owners are happy to purchase a renter's insurance policy that will cover pit bulls and also admits that he sells insurance, later on we find out that Dean's employer does not sell insurance to pit bull owners. Actuarial risk appears to be a foreign concept to Dean and he makes the astonishing claim that nobody is judgement proof.  Can anyone explain why there are so many community fundraisers for pit bull victims if all pit bull owners are able to pay for medical bills?  Dean appears to be unable to see the conflict between his concern that laws regulating pit bulls are "racist" and his actual racist statements.  Given the details that Dean is happy to share one would think that he might be easily identifiable to his employer.  These rants might be considered a hindrance to any thoughts of promotion, or even continued employment.  But who am I to say?

      • Dean Smith  3 days ago
        Yes you are partially correct, and thank you but i've been a licensed agent for 10 years now. Liability can be covered not only on a homeowners policy, but a renters policy, or a condo policy, so basically anyone old enough to own a dog is probably old enough to live on their own even if only renting. I agree there are only a few companies that will even write a policy if you have certain breeds because exclusions don't hold up in court when it comes down to a dog bite. However, if you get the dog after you already have a policy in place your dog is covered even if the company would have not written the policy if you had it from the start. The liability with most companies is not an exclusion, it's an guideline as to what can be written. Beside the fact of everything I just told you, if you had a dog that is on an insurance companies list, and you are a responsible owner, like the majority is, there are companies that will cover you. State Farm being one of them and State Farm writes in just about every state in the U.S. They will cover a dog no matter breed as long as it has no bite history. So your responsible owners are going to have coverage. Also, there is no such thing as "judgement proof". If insurance isn't covering it, that doesn't stop the owner from being liable and can be sued personally sill. This looks like the gun debate issue. The criminals are the ones causing the carnage and how do you regulate criminals. The ghetto trash in the inner cities breeding these dogs for fighting and money are the majority of the problem and how do you regulate people like that? How do you ever get anything out of the lowlifes in our society is the million dollar question but those lowlifes don't represent the majority of owners, or the majority of a breed. I'm constantly trying to work on getting insurance companies to stop being racist but the reason they do it is because of the amount of damage larger dogs cause and because they can get away with it as a guideline, where if they didn't allow any dogs or any big dogs or dogs like black labs, which can cause enormous damage if has the wrong attitude there would be a larger uproar. Most people aren't willing to go through all the hoops to stick up for these dogs but once you've met so many that have been trashed by humans and yet they are still 100 percent loving, we will do whatever we have to do to protect them. In the end even if a larger number of them have hurt people than other breeds, it's still not the majority. In the end racism is wrong. The shelter I work for puts dogs down only if their personality is not adoptable but the majority is not that way and need homes but that is so hard to do when people are scared off by the the media like the media has done with sharks and the jaws movie. People just kill off what hey are scared of, even if they really are just over reacting.

        Dean goes on... we will see that Dean just can't stay away from the term "racist" but is wildly unaware of his revealing racist statements.
      • Dean Smith  2 days ago
        Nice try. You will really feel better once you admit to yourself your racist ways. I have no problem putting down the dogs that show a personality that won't work in society, no matter what breed they are, but you are talking about exterminating the whole breed because you are scared of the couple that bite. When you group something together by their race, appearance that they were born with, etc.. again what do you call that? Text book racist. I don't disagree with the fact that these inner city pieces of trash are breeding these dogs out of control to make up for their smallpenissyndrom and then not taking care of these dogs and giving them a bad name. I say crack down on the breeders 100 percent but that doesn't mean take out your fear on innocent dogs. There are a lot of dogs put down for lack of space, not because of personality an that is wrong as well but until we attack the source which is the breeders that are fighting these dogs and selling them for income we will never stop the overflow and irresponsible practices. The shelter I volunteer at puts dogs down if they are unadoptable, being they aren't taking to training, and pose a risk, however most are not this case and turn into great family members. Until you can show how judging the whole group based on the actions of few isn't racism, i'm done wasting my time trying to conversate with someone that can't see through their own blindness. You can't disagree with a definition that is in black and white just because you don't want to admit that you are one by that definition. Either own up and rethink the way your looking at things or I guess we agree to disagree. Again i'm not worried because most people get it and it's not going to stop me from protecting the innocent dogs that can't speak for themselves

        Dean goes on... he has no problem with the numbers of dead and/or disabled victims of pit bulls because he feels that he holds some moral high ground by "protecting innocent dogs that can't speak for themselves."  
        • Dean Smith  2 days ago
          No problem racist. Until you can actually combat anything I say rather than trying to ignore it I can deal with the 20 victims per year changing their mind. We are still hundreds of thousands strong.
          • Dean Smith  2 days ago
            So what do you call judging a group of similar appearance by the way they were born to look, by the actions of a couple in that group? Call it what you want. You're a racist when something is born to look a certain way and that's what you judge it by. So the couple cases you have and there are hundreds of thousands of pit bull owners out there not causing problems. Your numbers are insignificant. We don't live in a world were we can stop .0000001 percent of unfortunate situations. I didn't say that guns are a bigger issue, I said guns are a similar issue. Again such small numbers coming from the general gun owner yet the media wants to make something of if. So what you are saying is ALL black people need to be eradicated because a small percentage of them cause more crime than any other race. Your also saying that because Paris Hilton is blonde and portrayed in the media as dumb, that all blondes are dumb and should be stopped from talking. The difference between you and I is i'm not scared and trying to destroy a whole group as a result of a bad experience. I have been bit by 3 dogs, all different breeds. One being a pit, one being a black lab, and one being a shepard. I don't judge the whole by my singular experiences as I have worked with hundreds of rescue dogs from our inner city and have met many many more extraordinary dogs than dangerous. And 80% of our dogs are pits. None the less, there are many more owners like me that will protect these animals till the death from the couple ignorant people that are out there. That is a fact no matter what tiny number you are trying to make a mountain out of.
            • Dean Smith  3 days ago
              I understand what your saying but still disagree on many of your points. First of all, responsible owners buy insurance no matter what monies they have to lose and there are more responsible owners than there are irresponsible. Making a statement like "most pit bull owners don't carry insurance" is just nonsense and has no factual basis, especially being in the industry and these people come to me when they want insurance and decide to go to State Farm when I can't write it. I get the point that when victims are injured and not compensated it is wrong but a whole 16 cases??? How many million pit bull owners do you think are out there??? Not that the people that are injured are insignificant but there are very few things in this world that are this small of a statistic. This again goes back to a debate similar to firearms. Of the millions of owners, you have a school shot up, or a movie theater, and yet these people don't represent the large majority. If your worried about high statistics killing someone, you better start with cars since people die every minute and are uncompensated by uninsured and underinsured drivers. And yes it is racism when you judge something by it's appearance and not by it's actions. As much as I understand your issues it is easy to see it's wrong what is being done to the majority of these dogs and lucky for them there are more people like me than there are of you. My two are the same as my kids, and the many like me will never let racists that have no actual experience with these incredible creatures, destroy them out of their own ignorant fear. If you really believe the news just reports the news you need a lot more education than I can teach you and won't bother wasting my breath anymore.

        These remarks were made on a story about at three year old child attacked by a pit bull.  Note the continues use of the "racist" argument.   
        • Dean Smith  3 days ago
          Where are your picket signs for parents smoking and kids inhaling 2nd hand smoke.  I promise you the statistics on kids dying are much much higher.  Textbook hypocrite. 
        • Dean Smith  3 days ago
          Thank you for showing us how you have formed your opinion.  Maybe you should look up the definition of a racist.

          Here is a comment on the shooting of a pit bull by police.  
          • Dean Smith  3 days ago
            You are pretty pathetic.  I know plenty of these dogs with obviously more brains and compassion than you.  When are we going to start putting people down?

            Here is more from Dean...
            • Dean Smith  8 days ago
              Maybe if there wasn't the ghetto trash breeding them to make money and fighting them to make up for their lack of penis size the SPCA wouldn't have to put down so many. We need to attack the root of the problem.
            • Dean Smith  8 days ago
              More and more children are killed by black ghetto thugs and yet to look at someone's skin color and decide to put all thugs down because of how they look rather than their actions would be obviously wrong, yet simple minded folk like you don't seem to get that. This is just a animal form of racism.

              Again Dean returns to threats of violence.
            • Dean Smith  8 days ago
              One day there is going to be a new kind of mass shooting to report. People who mistreat this breed weather thru fighting or any other form are going to see the business end of an AR-15. I would love to find one of these fights and show Mr. Biden why someone needs 100 rounds.

              Dean is just the latest of rabid pit bull advocates, how do people get this crazy?  Show of hands here, home many people think these comments show pit bull ownership in a positive light?  Elected officials fall all over themselves to cater to THIS?