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Pit bull roundup 4/29/2016 The Toledo Blade reports pit bull attacks, pit bulls attack their owners, pit bull owners stay in jail, pit bulls attack goats, breeding accidents, a child recovers, a pit bull attacks a police K9 and it does not end well for the pit bull.

We have taken a few weeks off for a short sanity break but are back to work. Lots of material to work with.  Pit bulls make sure of that.

Toledo Ohio
Lucas County

Two pit bulls attacked a smaller dog.  The pit bulls were shot by a neighbor of the pit bull owner.  The Toledo Blade does not make it clear if the shooter was the owner of the small dog.  Police were called to the scene and noted two pit bulls,  let me correct that because the news story comes from the Toldeo Blade, "pit bulls"covered with blood on the porch of a house on Wyman Street.  A police spokesman stated at least one of the pit bulls appeared to have been shot.

The Lucas County Care and Control sent staff to pick up the two pit bulls.  The injured small dog had already been rushed to a local animal hospital.  Per Lucas County Dog warden Julie Lyle, the owner of the pit bulls picked up her female pit bull but surrendered the male.  The male pit bull has "a serious injury to the left shoulder" (AKA gunshot wound) and has been medicated for pain but shelter staff is unable to render further treatment to the pit bull because it growls and bares his teeth to staff.  

Dog Warden Lyle plans to euthanize the aggressive male pit bull stating "we are not going to put a lot of resources into medical care for a dog who is aggressive."  How refreshingly sensible!

Ms Lyle states she believes that the pit bull owner was cited but could not verify this.  

Toledo Ohio

More details on this attack.  The injured dog was a Parson Russel Terrier, the little dog lost a leg in the attack that occurred in his own, securely fenced  backyard  The pit bull was shot by a neighbor.  Both pit bulls were reclaimed by their owners on Thursday.

This is not likely to end well for the neighborhood, the male pit bull was declared a nuisance for menacing  a neighbor of the owners at a previous residence.  A change of address does not actually change the dog despite the assurances of pit bull advocacy.  Lucas County Canine Control officers have called on the pit bull owners home twice in 2015 and once in 2013.  How many chances will these two maulers get?

The pit bull owners were cited for unconfined dogs and one citation for failure to vaccinate for the male pit bull.  Wow...  Why is state law not being enforced?

Here is a surprise, the pit bull owners were unavailable for comment, and the Toledo Blade continues to call these dogs "pit bulls." Some things never change. .

                                                             * * *  

March 14, 2016
Piqua Ohio
Miami County

A woman reported being bitten, while on her own property, by two pit bulls. The pit bull owner, Michael Sowers, age 44, was cited for minor misdemeanor dogs running at large and minor misdemeanor permitting dogs to bite.  The woman was bitten in her own yard and two minor misdemeanor charges?  Has anyone in Miami County actually read the Ohio Revised Code?

                                                             * * *

Bellefontaine Ohio
Logan County

A pit bull owner had to be rescued, by police, from his own pit bulls. Terry L. Tevis, age 58, tried to break up a fight between his own dogs when his own pit bull turned on him. Per the Bellefontaine Examiner "A neighbor told police the most aggressive dog scaled a fence separating the animals and attacked one of the two dogs in that kennel.
It is not clear whether all the dogs were pit bulls but the attacking dog was noted to be a pit bull.  
Tevis was transported via squad to Mary Rutan Hospital for treatment. He had extensive cuts and wounds to his torso, arms, hands, and neck.

The attacking dog was transported to Top of Ohio Shelter.  As I recall, Steffen Baldwin is associated with this shelter but that is another topic.  Police spoke with Tevis at the hospital, asking if the pit bull could be moved to the Logan County Dog Warden so that it could be euthanized.  Tevis agreed three times, and also said the other two could go as well.

A quote from the FAQ page for the City of Bellefontaine's website "If you own a pit bull please contact city hall for additional requirements."   Click here for the dangerous animals ordinance in Bellefontaine.

BellefontainePolice Patch

                                              * * *

Montgomery County

Now for some good news, a three year old boy named Trent is recovering from a pit bull attack in January.  Family members expect many more surgeries until Trent is in is twenties.  

Trent is the third generation of his family to be attacked by pit bulls.  Per ""I got my grandson attacked in the face, my son attacked in the face, my son over here attacked in the leg, me attacked in the arm -- all pit bull dogs. None of them was our dog, all somebody else's dog," said Michael Carrico Jr, Trent's grandfather." 
The dog that attacked Trent was euthanized.

3-17 trent-injury1.JPG

Trent just after the attack.

3-17 trent-today1.JPG
Trent as he recovers.

Click here for video.  THREE GENERATIONS of the same family attacked by pit bulls in Dayton. What will it take for Montgomery County to hire a real dog warden?

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Elyria Ohio
Lorain County

A 50 pound pit bull mix dog attacked a 59 year old woman, Barbara Kane, on her hands as she peacefully walked down Middle Avenue in Elyria.  The 60 year old owner of the pit bull mix, Sharon Cain, was arrested.  The victim was transported to University Hospital's Elyria Medical Center for treatment.  Pit bull owner Cain stated her dog escaped from a fenced area that she considered secure.  Another "somehow" attack.  Cain was charged with dog at large, that should be easy to prove.

 Elyria police.png

                                                        * * *

Columbus Ohio
Franklin County

A pit bull was shot by police as it attacked a police K9 in front of the Franklin County Courthouse.  The attack happened during a community event designed to allow the public to see what law enforcement officers do during their working days.  This crowd got the full effect.

The K9, named Vando, was being petted by Joe Micham when an unleashed pit bull attacked.  Vando's handler fired upon the pit bull and it is reported that a SWAT team member also opened fire.  The attacking pit bull was owned by 31 year old Aaron Slate.  Slate was charged with assaulting a police dog, and on an unrelated criminal trespassing charge.  

  K9 Vando REAL
Vando, the police K9 was not seriously hurt.  The pit bull is dead.

Video is available here.  Raw video of the actual shooting is available here.  Three shots are heard on the video, the officers appear to be shooting straight down. A female voice is heard asking "where is the owner"?  A man appears about 45 seconds into the video, he appears to be the owner but exhibits no particular distress over the shooting of his pit bull.

A witness appears in two different TV station videos of this event.  He is shocked and upset that police shot the pit bull, in his opinion the dog should have been Tazed.  Tazers are not effective on red zone pit bulls and redirection of aggression is common.

Always remember, police K9s are police officers, they are handled by police officers who are armed. Pittie picked the wrong target.

                                                       * * *

Toledo Ohio
Lucas County

Write this date on your calendar, the Toledo Blade covered a pit bull attack and named the breed, this is the second time the Blade has done this since early March.

Two pit bulls, owned by 43 year old Anthony Allen, attacked and killed a third dog and pit a person.  An "unidentified person," one would expect this was a concealed carry permit holder, shot and killed the female pit bull and wounded the male pit bull before police arrived on the scene.  By the way, this attack happened very near a public school just to make it more outrageous.  Two security units were called by the school as children arrived this morning.  A school spokesperson stated they will continue to monitor the situation and may have the security units on site this evening as well.

The Blade article stated "Mr. Allen refused to take responsibility for his animals."  Exactly what that means is not known but the refusal to be responsible for pit bulls is common to pit  bull owners.

Why the Toledo Blade decided to cover this story is also unknown. As is the Bade's normal practice pit bulls became "pit bulls" because there is no such thing as a pit bull.  Must be a very slow news day in Toledo.

Click here for news video on  this story.  As the story is reported, one of the pit bulls ran to a property after being shot, apparently the home of its owner.Take a look at the property, classic.

                                                                  * * *

Dayton Ohio/Columbus Ohio
Montgomery County/Franklin County

A hearing was held in the Ohio Senate Agriculture Committee on the Klonda Richey Act, named after Dayton dog mauling victim Klonda Richey who was killed by her neighbor's dogs in February of 2014.  Testimony was heard from proponents, and those not so thrilled with the bill. Having read the testimony of those with reservations on SB 151, it appears that they have not actually read the bill. The universal complaint from these speakers was on the euthanization of vicious dogs. They want vicious dogs returned to the community?   Those who have actually read the bill are aware that due process for dog owners is preserved.

Click here to read the testimony.  The link will take you to the main page for the Agriculture committee. Click on Committee Documents, you go to a list of hearing dates, click on April 26, 2016. SB 151 was the third bill heard.  I'm sorry for  the extra work but this is a government website. Nothing is easy.  

 Vicious dog bill named for Klonda Richey moves closer to vote photo                         
Senator Bill Beagle, sponsor of SB 151.

Lawmaker to introduce dog law reform photo

Klonda Richey, killed by her neighbor's dogs in 2014.  Ms. Richey made dozens of calls to police and Montgomery County Animal Control about these dogs. No action was taken other than sternly worded post it notes attached to the dog owner's front door.

For more information please click here.

                                                                       * * *

Cincinnati Ohio
Hamilton County

Per "Prince Charming, a goat brought to Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum as part of a program to see if grazing animals can control invasive plant species, died Wednesday afternoon after he and five other goats were attacked by a dog

Images of the dog, a pit bull, were captured on video surveillance.

Six goats – Pixie, Dixie, Prince Charming, Curley, Shirley and Della – were injured in the Monday night attack. The five surviving goats were initially in critical condition but are now in stable condition.
Seven goats were brought to preserve area near the center of the cemetery in February to see if grazing could eradicate Winter Creeper, English Ivy and other invasive species that choke out native plants. Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum suspended the program after the attack. The goats are being kept at an undisclosed, safe location.
Prince Charming had severe punctures and lacerations on both hind legs and could not nurse on Pixie due to her injuries, according to a post  Tuesday morning on Permaculture's  Facebook page. Woeste said it seems the goat died of an embolism resulting from injuries incurred in the attack.
"Curley has a broken back, and cannot stand, but she is eating and drinking," Permaculture posted. "... Shirley has a broken scapula, but is eating and drinking. Pixie, Dixie and Della have puncture wounds, lacerations and bruising."
Curley is not able to stand and is in a sling but she wags her tail when she is petted, Woeste said. Permaculture is irrigating the goats' wounds and giving them antibiotic shots. It will take months for the goats to heal completely.


The video at this link was done prior to the attack.

                                               * * *  

California's 2nd District Court of Appeals

This is not an Ohio story but it may serve as a warning to pit bull owners.  The appeals court upheld a lower court's ruling in the case of the fatal mauling of Pamela Devitt.  Per "The three-justice panel from California’s 2nd District Court of Appeal rejected the defense’s challenge to the sufficiency of the evidence in the case of Alex Donald Jackson.
“Appellant knew his dogs were jumping his fence and attacking passersby,” the appellate court panel found in a 14-page ruling. “As an owner of animals with dangerous propensities, appellant had a duty to exercise reasonable care in keeping his dogs from jumping the fence, and his failure to do so caused the death of another person.”
Jackson was sentenced in October 2014 to 15 years to life in state prison after being convicted for the May 9, 2013, dog attack on Pamela Devitt, a 63-year-old Palmdale grandmother who was walking in the area as part of an exercise routine."                                           

Fifteen years to life in prison.  Is it worth it? 

                                                             * * *  

Mt Orab
Brown County Ohio

A man and a woman were both hospitalized after being attacked by their own pit bulls. They were reportedly attempting to break up a fight between their own pit bulls, inside their own home, when one pit bull redirected upon them.  An alternative account of the attack appeared in the Ledger Independent " An attempt to introduce two pit-bull dogs who did not like each-other for a breeding session went horribly wrong on Thursday, after the dogs began to fight."

Responsible, thoughtful dog owners do not breed pit bulls.  Shelters across the United States report the dogs they harbor are 60% to 80% or more pit bulls. The percentage of pits in shelters will not change until pit bull owners accept the wisdom, and humanity of neuter and spay.  Why produce more dogs destined to suffer and die?  

Both pit bull owners were airlifted to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for treatment.  The woman was the most seriously injured with wounds to her face. The man was injured on his arm. The attacking dog was removed to the Brown County Animal Shelter BUT the couple has the right to reclaim their mauler.

What?  Who would want the thing back?  There is no record of the decision made by the victims.

Neighbors stated the dogs did not appear vicious while they were outside.


One does not read about airlifts of victims of redirected Beagle attacks.   Or Poodles.   Or Pugs.

                                                                      * * *

Springfield Ohio
Clark County  

Here is a shocker, a pit bull owner states "my dogs are not vicious" after they jumped a fence and attacked a woman staying at the owner's house.  Pit bull owner Krystal Williams was not at home at the time of the attack.  Even though the victim was a guest in the home, Williams stated "There should have been no reason why she was in my yard" and claimed that she had told the victim, Keisha Baker to stay out of the yard.  Williams theorized her pit bull attacked her guest because the pit bulls were "protecting their puppies."  Golden retrievers do not send household guests to the hospital for treatment because puppies are on the property.  Per WHIO " Officers said the woman suffered injuries to her legs and hands and was transported to Springfield Regional Medical Center for treatment. Her condition was not available.
Witnesses described the scene as full of blood and screaming from the victim. “She was just laying on the ground crying and screaming,” Annie Patrick said, who witnessed the attack from inside a nearby home. “When I came out she was yelling for me to help.”
Patrick said the dogs were known to neighbors to escape the yard and would often tear up trash set out by homeowners.
Police said seven dogs, including three puppies, were located in the yard of the home and were removed by animal control officers. The breeds of the dogs is unknown, but two were believed to be pit bulls, according to police.

For video of the pit bull owner's statement click here.  For news video click here.

This story continues to evolve.  The pit bull owner stated to WDTNnews that the victim was a stranger attempting to enter the home through the back door but told WHIO that the victim was staying at her home but was told to stay our of the yard.  Pick a story and stick with it.

                                                          * * *

Mansfield Ohio
Richland County

While Ohio pit bull advocates lobby the city of Mansfield to drop their pit bull regulations the Richland County Health Department is looking for a white pit bull involved in a biting incident.

Per the Richland Source "The dog is described as an all-white pit bull. It was last seen in the Wood Street area in Mansfield on Sunday.
One seldom sees warnings like this for Irish Setters or Chihuahuas, but take from this what you will.  
Richland Public Health
We have LOTS more pittery to catch up on but enough is enough for the evening.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The owners of the pit bull that killed Annie Williams are sentenced.

Leon Morton and Bobbie Green were sentenced in Cuyahoga County Court yesterday for the Shaker Heights pit bull mauling that killed Annie Williams in July of last year.  The importance of this case was underscored by the live streaming of the entire hearing.  Cuyahoga County seldom sees coverage of this type.

Before sentencing Green and Morton the judge stated to the defendants "I don't think you fully appreciated the danger, at the same time you knew it was a pit bull."  A profound and sobering statement. Mr. Morton was sentenced to 30 months in prison with credit for the 106 days he has already served since his arrest. After he is released from prison he will still have three years of post release supervision.  Mrs. Green was sentenced to 6 months in jail, suspended, with two years probation.  During the period of her probation she is not allowed to own or harbor a dog of any kind.

Watching the whole hearing live was a valuable experience.  We saw the demeanor of both defendants, Green sat with her head in her hands. Morton, head hanging,  in his prison orange jumpsuit and handcuffs was unable to wipe away his own tears.  These may have been proud and defiant pit bull owners at one time but they clearly realize the seriousness of their situation. Watch the video of the defendants addressing the court, click here.   For the statement of Mr. Morton, with subtitles for clarity please click here. He acknowledges the pain of his own children at witnessing the violent death of their beloved great grandmother.  Those images will never leave them.

A great deal of the sound on the courtroom video was poor but we can clearly hear Morton's attorney stating his client had made "poor choices."

During her statement to the judge the Prosecutor presented photos of the fence that was supposed to contain the pit bull.  It clearly had holes covered over with boards, one hole was blocked by a parked car.  The Prosecutor stated that the dog had been at large in the neighborhood prior to the death of Annie Green. Residents were captive in their own homes to avoid a dog they considered dangerous. Green and Morton knew the dog was dangerous  This dog was not new to the household, Morton and Green raised it after it had been brought to the home as a puppy by another son who promptly left the state and later became incarcerated.  Only Morton and Green were allowed in the yard with the dog, only Morton and Green fed and cared for the dog.

At the time of the attack upon Annie Williams, on the property to pick up her great granddaughters, neither Green or Morton was at home, the pit bull had escaped from the backyard.and a young female relative yelled a warning to Mrs. Williams from the porch that the pit bull was at large.  She had no time to return to the safety of her car.

Family members spoke with love of Annie Williams.  This good woman not only raised her own family but stepped up and raised the children of other family members as well. The statements of family members can be seen by clicking here

Sentence has been passed but nothing will bring Annie Williams back.  She is greatly missed by her loving family and by the community.

Annie Williams

Morton and Green made "bad choices" leading to the death of a fine woman, loved by her family and by the community as well.  They made mistakes.

Pit bulls are zero margin of error dogs.  A recent Barkpost article written by a high profile Ohio pit bull advocate discussed his own injuries, caused by pit bulls in his own home.  He admits he made a mistake.  Pit bull advocates must realize they are just one "mistake" away from the orange jumpsuit and handcuffs worn by Leon Morton.  As the judge told Morton and Green "you knew it was a pit bull."