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Pit bull roundup, 3/31/2014

This is a general interest item.  In 2013 the Ohio Legislature passed the Commercial Dog Breeder's Act, a law to regulate large volume breeders.  Included in the law was a requirement that every dog rescue organization in the state of Ohio register with the state agriculture department as well.  Oversight of the operation of rescues is LONG overdue.

There is no charge to the rescue groups for registration but this has not stopped complaints about the new law.  Per Martha Leary of  Star-Mar Rescue "Some organizations are scared of possible inspection, and rightfully so, and some honestly feel that the law doesn’t pertain to them,”

Per the new law rescues may not operate for profit, breed dogs, purchase more than nine dogs per calendar year unless they come from a shelter, dog warden, or another rescue.

The law took effect in March of 2013 but the state gave rescues an extension until January of 2014.  Two weeks after the January of 2014 date only 39 rescues were registered in the six county area surrounding Akron.  Petfinder indicates that there may be as many as 400 to 500 rescues operating in Ohio.  All 501c3 rescues must be registered. Martha Leary went on to state "“In fact, what we’re finding is happening is that the ones that are not tax-exempt are the ones most likely not to register. They are putting their name and address on a state list admitting to running a business for which they may not be paying any taxes on the income. Imagine if you’ve been doing this for years,” 

For more information click here. 

I am planning a post on "rescue" disasters.  It will be up soon.

                                                                          * * *

Lorain Ohio

In an article titled "Lorain police shoot, kill another at-large pit bull" details are given about a call made to police by a man who stated that  his daughter had been bitten by a pit bull and that the same pit bull had bitten the caller last year.

As police approached the home of home of the pit bull owner the pit bull charged  them in aggressive manner.  Police shot the dog.   The homeowner claimed that the dog lived in her garage and she was taking care of it for the incarcerated owner.  Law enforcement was unimpressed. The homeowner was issued a summons for dog at large and for failure to register the dog.

                                                                    * * *

Cincinnati Ohio

An unidentified good Samaritan shot and killed an Ambull mix that had broken free it its chain and was attacking a woman.  It was reported that a mail carrier was struggling to assist the victim when a passerby pulled out a gun and shot the dog, killing it.  The passerby continued walking down the street. Neighbors did not recognize the shooter and there is no police effort to identify him, he did nothing wrong.  The dog owner stated that the dog got loose and the victim was helping her get it back.  The dog owner also stated that the shooter did the right thing. How refreshing.  Video is available at the above link.  For video of a statement by the victim and one by the dog owner please click here.  A photo of the dog is also shown and it looks like a run of the mill pit bull.

                                                              * * *

Harrison Twp Ohio

In an attack you will never hear about, a lab mix attacked a seven year old girl.  The child was bitten on the face and leg, her brother was also bitten when he tried to assist his sister.  The dog was taken to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.  Mark Kumpf, Montgomery County Dog Warden takes custody of a non pit bull.

                                                                         * * *

Dayton Ohio

Continuing troubles at the home of Julie Custer and Andrew Nason, owners of the dogs that killed Klonda Richey.  Karl Henderson, age 42 was booked on robbery charges.  Police were called to the home by the homeowner who stated that someone broke into his home and tried to steal his personal property.  The homeowner and the intruder scuffled and Henderson fled the home.  Henderson was apprehended by police. Police stated that  Henderson tried to steal a DVD, ramen noodles, a door handle and lock, and couple of packs of batteries from the home.  If that's not the most pitiful robbery ever I don't know what is.  Is is worthy of note that there was also a fire at the residence recently, ruled arson.

Mug shot of Karl Henderson (Montgomery County Jail Photo)
Karl Henderson, the robbery was not worth the trouble.

WDTN Photo/Kris Sproles

                                                               * * *

Swanton Ohio

Susan Haddad was attacked by her neighbors three American Bulldogs, dogs recognized as "a dog commonly known as a pit bull dog" and a breed created using pit bulls as foundation stock.  Ms. Haddad was known to the dogs and alone with them in the kitchen of the dog owner.

Per "Fulton County Dog Warden Brian Banister surveyed the scene, and said it was the second most serious dog attack he has investigated during his years with the dog warden’s office.
“It was very severe. It was a life and death situation,” he said."
"Banister bemoaned the May 2012 enaction of Ohio House Bill 14, which he believes effectively gutted the state’s vicious dog ordinance by stating pitbulls are no longer legally considered inherently dangerous.
Before House Bill 14 was passed, owners of dogs considered pitbulls were required to carry $100,000 in liability insurance against the dogs. They also had to confine the dogs within a house or in a kennel with a top and a padlock on the door."
“(The bill) just opened up the whole new area that everybody and anybody could have this type of dog,” Banister said. “I think it has undermined our ability a little bit to control these animals. For public safety reasons, I would certainly like to see those laws back in effect. It gave us a more effective tool to control these types of animals for the safety of the general public.”  
 Jean Keating, Ohio's Breed Specific Advocate, gives her opinion. 

State lawmakers plan to take a long hard look at Ohio law pertaining to dangerous dogs.  Dog Warden Banister is not alone in thinking that the law written by Best Friends Animal Society has had a negative impact on public safety.   Those who were involved in the production and promotion of HB 14 should  not be involved in correcting the problems created by it.  This would include Best Friends Animal Society and Montgomery County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf.  

                                                                   * * *
3/11/2014                                                                                                                                     Mansfield Ohio
Per the Mansfield News Journal Police Calls column a Mansfield resident reported that a man walking in an alley unleashed his pit bull to attack a cat.  Per the caller the man has done this in the past as well.  
                                                                * * *

Dayton Ohio

A Poodle was killed by the neighbor's pit bull.  Police answered a call from a Dayton resident who stated that her daughter had been in their yard with the Poodle when the pit bull charged at them.  The pit bull owner, who did not see the attack because she was inside her home and only went outside to check when she heard screaming, stated that her pit bull was outside with her sons and they said that the Poodle entered her yard  to bark at the pit bull. The Poodle was killed.   Has Montgomery County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf investigated this attack?    

                                                               * * *

Moraine Ohio

A six year old girl was attacked by three dogs described as pit bull mixes.  The girl was in the back yard of a home playing with the three pit mixes, all under one year of age, when she was bitten in the face and on her side.  She was transported to Dayton Children's Hospital for treatment.   The owner of the dogs, Angel Smith made this stunning statement per WHIO ""I think this is getting a lot of hype because my dogs have pit bull in them," she said. "Pit bulls are not vicious – their owners are.
"I love my dogs and they're not vicious. They're just like my kids."
The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center is involved.  
A Moraine girl bitten by a dog Saturday afternoon was taken to Dayton Children's Hospital. photo

                                                           * * *

Avon Lake Ohio

Police and the Dog Warden were called to Williamsburg Drive complaint of two dogs running loose.   The two pit bulls at large attacked a Golden Retriever.  Officers were unable to stop the attack and shot both the pit bulls.  One died at the scene and the other was transported to a local veterinarian for treatment.  The pit bull that died at the scene appeared to be a purebred pit bull, a male.  The pit bull transported for treatment was a female that had recently had puppies.  The female appeared to be pit bull mixed with Cane Corso

A local resident sought medical treatment after being bitten by the twice by the dogs.

For video please click here.



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Klonda Richey fatal dog mauling case to go before the Grand Jury.

The Klonda Richey fatal dog mauling will go to the Grand Jury.  Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr. and Dayton police detectives met for about three hours last Tuesday and decided to move forward with this case.  The date when the case will be heard has not yet been announced.

Additional link.

WKEF-TV ABC 22 News :: News - Top Stories -   Fatal Dog Mauling Case to Go before Jury

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Death and Excuses, final death of 2013 and 2014 to date.

These posts are really hard to write.  There are differences in specific details but the basic theme is sudden, senseless death.  How many of these attacks will it take until lawmakers remember who elected them and why they were elected?  

The comments from pit bull advocates don't change much.  What prompts someone to post these thoughts on the death of a human being?


The final dog mauling death of 2013 was Tom Vick, of Bullhead City Arizona.  Mr. Vick, age 64,  was a teacher at Mohave High School.  Both Mr. Vick and his wife Diane, the former mayor of Bullhead City, were injured while attempting to break up a dog fight in their home.  It was reported that a Boxer attacked a Cocker Spaniel.  When the Vicks intervened the Boxer attacked them both.   Both Mr. and Mrs. Vick were transported to a Las Vegas hosiptal but Mr. Vick did not survive his injuries.

The Cocker Spaniel was killed during the attack.  The remaining five dogs were to be euthanized at the request of Diane Vick.


Tom Vick with daughter Erica

                                                                * * *

Houston Texas

A homeless woman, Christina Bell, also known as Christina Burleson, age 43 was mauled to death by three pit bulls.  Two of the dogs were owned by a local resident. one was reported to be a stray.  The owner of the two pit bulls, both females,  reportedly had pit bull puppies in the home in addition to the attacking dogs. Click here for video, local residents are worried about loose pit bulls in this neighborhood.  Residents state they have complained about these dogs for years.  For additional video of neighbors stating their concerns about the dogs please click here.

Christine Bell loved animals, she had received some pie and went out to share it with the dogs when she was killed by them.   Two witnesses were injured by the attacking pit bulls as they attempted to assist the victim. The attacking pit bulls were expected to be euthanized unless the Lexus Project becomes involved..

pit bull that attacked and killed christine bell in southeast houston
One of the attacking pit bulls.

For video of a witness who tried to help the victim and was attacked himself, please click here.

                                                         * * *

Bloomington Illinois

Four year old Kara Hartrich was attacked and killed by three pit bulls, all owned by her family.  Autopsy results showed massive blood loss and multiple bites to the head, arms and neck. Kara had been in the family home with a younger sibling, and her grandmother.  It was reported that Kara told her grandmother that one of the dogs had hurt her.  The grandmother tried to separate Kara from the dogs but the dogs turned on the grandmother as well.  Kara's mother described her as a "happy child who loved to sing and dance."   Kara died on her birthday.  The dogs reportedly had no history of violence.
Kara Hartrich died from massive blood loss and multiple bites to her head, neck and arms after being attack by her familys pit bulls
This beautiful child is Kara Hartrich.

Hartrich family pit bull prior to the pit bull mauling death of Kara HartrichHartrich family pit bull prior to the pit bull mauling death of Kara HartrichHartrich family pit bull prior to the pit bull mauling death of Kara Hartrich
These are the family pit bulls that killed her.  All three pit bulls were euthanized.  The Lexus Project did not "save" them.

Many of the articles on this mauling death had comments deleted and/or turned off.  The comments quickly became ugly, blaming the victim.

                                                                * * *

Corona CA

Eighty nine year old Annabelle Martin was killed by her grandson's three Rottweilers.  Police officers called to the scene shot one of the dogs after it lunged at them.  The other two dogs were seized and euthanized. These dogs had no history of aggression.

                                                                * * *

Temple Texas

Two year old Je'vaeh Mayes was killed by a pit bull that her family was watching for a friend.  There was no history of aggression noted from this particular pit bull.  Je'vaeh's family also owns a pit bull that is described as friendly.  For video please click here.

Je'vaeh was described as gentle and intelligent, loved by family and neighbors.  Family reports indicate that Je'vaeh may have slipped out of the house to play with the puppies of the dog when she was attacked.

No criminal charges were filed against the owner of the pit bull, the owner failed, or refused to pick the dog up from the shelter despite numerous calls from city officials.  The pit bull was euthanized, the Lexus Project was not involved here.  There are no reports on what was done with the puppies, possibly the Lexus Project has them.

A candlelight vigil was held to honor Je'vaeh on February 18th.  Her family is devastated by her death.

 Temple child killed by visiting pit bull

                                                                  * * *

Dayton Ohio

Fifty seven year old Klonda Richey was mauled to death by dogs owned by the felon next door.  Ms. Richey had been making complaints to Montgomery County Animal Control and to Dayton police on these dogs for years.  No action was taken by Animal Control other that to stick post-it note warnings on the dog owner's door.  Ms. Richey also attempted to get a civil protection order against her neighbor because she was afraid of  the neighbor and that his dogs would kill her.  The court refused.  Klonda Richey was correct, her neighbor's dogs killed her, Richey's body was found face down and naked in the snow in front of her home.  The dogs ripped her clothes off while mauling her.  Ms. Richey was a cat lover and had many well cared for cats in her home.  Montgomery County Animal Resource Center (Montgomery County Animal Control, headed my Dog Warden Mark Kumpf) is placing these cats.   After ignoring Ms. Richey's concerns for years and blowing off her complaints, the Animal Resource Center has re-named the cat placement room.  It is now "Klonda's Kitty Korner."

This case has been written about a great deal on this blog.

Click here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and finally here.

Klonda Richey killed by pit bull-type dogs in Dayton
Klonda Richey, she gave Montgomery County Animal Control every opportunity to protect her but no action was taken.  No charges have been filed against the dog owners to date.  This is obscene.

Julie Custer, owner of the killer dogs, apparently is not too upset that her dogs mauled the neighbor to death. Ms. Custer posted this self portrait on February 26th.  She appears to be pleased with herself in this photo posted on her Facebook page.

klonda richey dayton killed by neighbors dogs
For more wisdom from the Psychic Gerbil please click here.

klonda richey dayton killed by neighbors dogs

For a website memorializing the life of Klonda Richey please click here.

The dogs were shot by police responding to the call.  The Lexus Project was left out in the cold.

                                                           * * *

Tallahassee Alabama

A four year old girl was killed by dogs.  Summer Sears was killed by a dog described as a white shepherd mix as she was playing in her grandfather's yard, it was reported that another dog may have been involved as well.  Summer was pronounced dead at the scene.  Police Chief Jimmy Rogers made this statement ""The child had sustained many bite marks and it was obviously not a normal attack. The way I described it earlier is what you'd envision when somebody gets attacked by a wild bear,"

The dogs belong to a neighbor and have been reported loose in the neighborhood in the past.  There is no leash law in the area. 

summer sears killed in dog attack
Summer Sears

Due to the lack of local leash laws there are no charges expected.

                                                            * * *

High Point North Carolina

Three year old Braelynn Rayne Coulter was attacked by a pit bull owned by the family.  Braelynn was transported to the hospital by a family member where the little girl died of her injuries.   Per WXII News "A neighbor told WXII's Veronica White Tuesday that a man, his girlfriend, and the girlfriend's child lived in the home, along with two pit bulls.
Police said they haven't substantiated reports that the animal had a history of aggression. McGee said Thursday those reports were "whack" and added Brealynn was cuddling with the dog the day before the attack.
Pastor David McGee is a spokesman for the family.

Braelynn Rayne Coulter
Braelynn Coulter

child killed 022614 03jr sends.JPG
This is the pit bull that killed Braelynn.
child killed 022614 02jr sends.JPG

The pit bull was euthanized.  The Lexus Project was unable to act quickly enough to save this dog.

                                                          * * *

Killeen Texas

In  the second fatal dog mauling of a child in Bell County Texas in under 15 days, a two year old child was killed, an eight year old child was severely injured and an eighteen year old male was also injured by a bull mastiff that escaped from a garage and attacked the three as they walked home from a local park.  The dog first attacked the eight year old, neighbors rushed to help and dragged the dog away.  The dog then attacked the two year old Raymane Camari Robinson who was dragged down the sidewalk until a witness fired shots to scare the dog away. A neighbor who is also a nurse began CPR but she knew the child was in bad shape.  The dog was taken back into the home of the owner.  Both of the children were transported to Darnell Army Medical Center where the two year old died, the eight year old was listed in serious condition.
Dog attack leaves one child dead

Photo: Heaven's Newest Angel,  RAYMANE CAMARI ROBINSON, will be celebrating his birthday in heaven this month on March 20, 2011. He was brutally taken from his family on his Angel Day of March 1, 2014.  He would have been 3 years old this month.  He is dearly missed by his Father and Mother as well as the rest of his family, his community, his church and school. Their child will never attend school, ride a tricycle, drive a car, get married or have children and grandchildren. This senseless death leaves a hole in everyones heart.  This must stop. God bless and take our innocents - protect and keep them til they are reunited.

This mauling death was ruled an accident.

A vigil was held in Raymane's memory on March 8th.

                                                       * * *

Paterson New Jersey

Thirteen year old Kenneth Santillan was mauled by a bull mastiff that escaped from the property of its owner. The dog charged two boys walking home from school.  The boys separated, one found assistance from neighborhood residents, the body of the Kenneth was found by a search and rescue team in the woods just before midnight.  This was not the first escape by this dog nor was it the first bite from this dog.  The owner of the dog was injured by the dog as well, he was forced to stab the dog as it attacked him during the time period between the attack and the discovery of the teenager's body in a ravine behind the dog owner's home.

bullmastiff kills teenager in paterson, new jersey
Kenneth Santillan.  A memorial service was held 3/6/2014.

  Tiffany L. Creager Santillan and Clodo Kenneth Santillan, the parents of Kenneth Santillan, leaving their son’s funeral Mass on Thursday at St. James of the Marches R.C. Church in Totowa.

Clarke and the massive bullmastiff, who is named 'Trigger,' according to Facebook.
Paul Clarke and his bull mastiff Trigger.  Trigger was humanely euthanized.  Mr. Clarke has refused to speak with police on the advice of his lawyer.

The Lexus Project was unable to file paperwork in time to save Trigger.

For video please click here.

                                                                  * * *

3/14/2014  S
Phoenix Arizona  

Nancy Newberry, age 77, died after being attacked by her daughter's neutered pit bull.
Per ABC 15  Newberry’s husband, Dick, says it was dinner time for the dogs Friday night and his wife was trying to give her daughter’s dog an allergy pill.
“All of a sudden Titan just jumped on her, my wife was squatting down, he jumped on her and knocked her back," Newberry said.  He says Titan was skittish at times and would sometimes get aggressive around food, but he says the mauling was still a surprise."
This quote comes from KSAZ Fox 10 "We're told that the dog had a history of aggression and biting people, but it never attacked anyone inside the home until Friday night.  That's when the husband says the dog just snapped and attacked his wife.  

Mrs Newberry, who had been taking an anticoagulant medication,  was bitten on the abdomen and quickly bled to death.  Titan was surrendered to Animal Control and euthanized per family request.  The Lexus project did not have time to file for custody of the dog in order to "save" him.

Pit bull advocates commenting on this fatality quickly created a scenario where the victim "must have had an infection at the site of her abdominal wound and the dog was apparently trying to save her."  You can't make this stuff up.  

                                                                 * * *

Here are some of the comments made by pit bull advocates on articles about these fatal attacks.  What made these breed specific advocates think that these remarks were appropriate?  Denial is paramount, re-writing of history is common as dirt, fantasy is part of the process.  Spelling errors are not corrected, comments are posted as written. 

This comment comes from someone delighted to have a fatality caused by a non pit bull dog.
Passion4Pups2 months ago
I was at the shelter where the dogs were taken and saw 4 BOXERS and 1 SHEPHERD mix. The cards on the kennel gates identified them as BOXERS and a SHEPHERD MIX. They are being held until tomorrow. The owner requested that all 4 BOXERS and the SHEPHERD mix be put down.
Repeat....THERE WERE 4 BOXERS and 1 SHEPHERD mix involved in the incident.
BLAME THE DEED NOT THE BREED! Boxers will be next on the BSL list. Why not ban ALL breeds....Blaming a voiceless animal is much easier to do that than to admit our accountability. We make a commitment when we take these animals into our homes and lives. Time, energy, and a calm and assertive attitude as the pack leader may have helped avoid this tragedy.

Michelle Houston · Virginia Tech
The fault of this attack lies with the owner and not the dog or the breed. I am so tired of the media only reporting on pit bull attacks and not on the multitude of other dog attacks and bites that happen on a more common basis. This discrimination is why so many of these dogs end up in the hands of abusers and criminal people. The laws against the owners are not harsh enough and the cycle continues. What a shame.

Nurse dogs during the world wars???
Emily Hope Foster · Texas State
So quick to report every story about pit bulls incidents, yet no one ever pays attention to the fact that chihuahuas and dachshunds are responsible more the most dog bites. Pit bulls were bred to be nanny dogs for children and were used as nurse dogs during the world wars. I hate that the media has created this stigma and that so many people are honestly ignorant about the breed. The issue won't get solved until the media stops adding fuel to the fire, the city cracks down on negligent owners, and the public is educated about this breed and the circumstances leading up to/surrounding its bad rep.

Troy feels that I Love Dogs is a legitimate news source.Troy Junior ·  · Torrance, California
In other news, a pit bull saved his responsible owner's life when she was attacked by a stranger. Too bad the media can't share more positive stories like this one.

TimThor wrote on January 19, 2014 at 8:01 pm
Okay and what about the oh so revered German Shepards? or Dobermans? hell ANY dog can be dangerous and unstable. Apparently so can be human mentality to think that someone like you has a right to make an opinion about something. With your thinking and logic I bet we'd ban all creatures that are "hostile" right? I mean after all it only seems right... until you realise it goes with how the world works. Just because YOU dont like something doesnt mean everybody doesnt.

Clay Hundenshire checks in, stay classy Clay!  We will hear from him again.
Clay Hundenshire ·  Top Commenter · Virginia Tech
And Gail is not only a dumb bitch, but she's a fugly jobless bitch as well. She's just another troll without any useful meaning in life. Just feel bad for losers like her.
Clay Hundenshire ·  Top Commenter · Virginia Tech
Yep, they are more than pathetic. They're a bunch of whiny complainers is all they are. Could you imagine what miserable people they are to have formed a haters club?!

Clay Hundenshire ·  Top Commenter · Virginia Tech
What is an aggressive breed? No such thing really. Just because someone is a felon, you want to strip their rights to own a certain type of dog? What if that person is a felon because they had an alcohol problem and several DUIs, or they embezzled money, or shop lifted? You are saying no felon should own a dog? Silly

 A usually reliable source states that Snowbird04 is actually Clay Hundenshire posting under another name. You will see yet another identity for Hundenshire below, it is a strong rumor that he is also Fast Eddie. 
A lot wrong with your statement. You assume that because pit bulls were used for dog fighting for a short period of time, compared to how long they been around, that they are people aggressive by instinct. Not true, as there is a major difference between dog on dog and dog on human aggression. Dobermans, and other attack dogs were bred for human aggression, and are just as powerful. You say nothing compares to a pit bull, yet there are dogs that are much larger and stronger than pit bulls, and can kill a human way faster. Look at the many different types of mastiffs for example. Mastiffs are frequently misidentified as pit bulls, as most people couldn't tell a pit bull from a lab/dalmatian mix or many other breeds and mixes. Pit bulls were designed to assist in hunting and farming, and to hold large animals, while the hunter or farmer could kill or control the animal easier. Please, learn your facts before saying anything, because it is obvious you don't know anything about pit bulls, and obvious you learned myths via hearsay.

Jack Russells do and have killed kids. A pit bull is merely a generic name for a dog nowadays. Anything that is a bully breed is considered a pit bull. Lump a whole bunch of breeds and mutts together to come up which a generic term, and of course the number is higher. Most people are completely ignorant to this fact, yet they are experts on the subject? Please!!!

Jase Troesser · Works at Black Squad Ent.If I can recall right back in the 1800s Pitbulls were actually "NANNY" dogs. They were the dogs that people trusted with their children. NOT bred to fight!! Yes some people do do this with Pits. And thats ONLY because its a proven fact pits have the strongest jaw out of every other breed. Not because its their instinct..............HELLO RETARD every dog has that same instinct, every dog is bred from the wolf....which is a wild animal and its instinct is survival!! THIS IS WITH EVERY DOG!!!

why drive a car csunbean? you're odds of having a car accident are are a hell of a lot greater than being killed by a dog..Dog fatalities are accidents not so much..why take a chance? When was the last time you took a chance and left your house? take your agenda back to and tell them all your witto fears..I'm sure she will save the day and counsel you back to health with that big fat high school degree of hers..or!!!! maybe slap you with some honey!! LOL!

Spoiler alert, CloeyJade is also Mary Bishop Olsen, she supplies a dead link. 

Anyone here advocating for BREED SPECIFIC laws targeting pit bull type dogs, please explain to me what your laws would have done for this child the other day. Hmm.. I bet nothing. But she doesnt matter right? Nor do the other 800,000 victims of serious attacks per year. Oooh im soory those facts get in the way so much

For all we know they were starving the dog. I've heard terrible stories about people leaving their animals with "friends." It's an unfortunate situation. I know far more sweet pit bulls than violent. But I also don't hang out with assholes or people who wouldn't be aware that their 2 year old daughter wandered into a backyard with an unfamiliar (to them) dog.

Oh and BTW you must be a very negative person to say something as ugly as " And you will believe this right up UNTIL SHE HURTS OR KILLS SOMEONE AND THEN IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT THAT SOMEONE IS HURT OR KILLED" You need to go speak to a Dr about that negative constitution you have that you automatically see the negative and thrive on it. They can give you meds for it I believe. I hear that negative constitution can lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, not having friends and divorces. Wouldn't want to see something like that happen to such a happy positive person like you.

It's also scary to think that you, yourself are probably able to procreate and add another mis informed reject to society.

Now you call me "special" LMAO I didn't start talking about people killing people. I made a 1 line statement at the very end of the post. Seems to me you are the retard for not knowing the difference in discussing people murdering people and a 1 line statement comparing the FEW numbers of pit bull attacks per year compared to the number of murders per year. Basically was trying to make a point sense you are too retarded to understand what that is. Now again take your insults bend over and cram them up your retarded fat arse F-head! No I take the retarded statments back as that is an insult to my 2 mentally challanged children who seem to have way higher I.Q's then you do as they can understand you can't judge a whole by a few bad ones and know what making point means.

Guest goes on to comment under her own name.

I didn't start saying that until I was called " Daft, Stupid and trash". I am human I got ticked and I lashed out. Was it mature nope never said it was but I am not going to stand by and allow you and your little friend to call me those names either because You two don't like the fact my pit PROVES YOU WRONG..... here is a little more immaturity NANNY NANNY BOOO BOOO COCO PROVES YOU WRONG ON THE BREED :-P

Christopher is a youth sports umpire.  He is happy to value dogs over humans. 
Really i rather take dogs side first you know why? dogs protect themselves they a natural intact to do it. a child does not know better. its people like you take human over an animal i more than happy to take an animal over a human they don't judge base of people looks sex they go by that person actions

Angel Pitbullmom Yorky · Tug Valley High School
xxxxxxxxx obviously it wouldn't be her child because she is educated on the breed as well as she would know as a parent to keep the child from being around an already aggressive dog. Stop commenting when you know absolutely nothing but what the media portrays. Its wanna be famous people like you that give pits a bad name. FYI the media only posts what draws attention and if this was any other breed killing a child it wouldn't be posted so #givemeabreakwithyourbullshit!
Shouldn't you be going out to try to get on MTV? I know more than you ever will. First thing i know how to be is myself. Hahaha. So like i said go somewhere that you know can relate too aka teen mom forum and stop trying to talk about an animal you know nothing about. Oh and you wanna talk about killers. Thats the human race way before the dogs. Now "Farrah" go have a kid for MTV viewers to support along with your sex tape
How many of u ignorant people have actually owned a pitbull/bully breed that feels they understand the breed. You basically come to your conclusion because of what the media puts out the most. Your argument is moot( little or no particular meaning). Most of you simple minded people are easily swayed into believing everything you hear or read. How many of you actually look up your history on any breed of animal. Its very sad on what has happened to this little girl and my prayers go out to her family but none of you have the right to argue that a pitbull is a dangerous animal...especially when we as humans are killing each other every day.
Matt Hallmon ·  · United States Marine Corps
xxxxxxxx - Way to be ignorant! People like you are why this country is going to hell. Educate yourself before opening your mouth. If you actually knew anything about the breed, Pit bulls are the least likely to attack a human. Proven fact! However, the majority of reported dog bites are reported as a Pit bull attacks regardless of the actual breed. Another issue is that the majority of bites are never reported. The Pit bull breed is NOT a killer breed. Ignorant people like you turn dogs of ALL breeds into aggressive beast because your just all stupid... plain and simple. No other way around it... educate yourself your not worth anymore of my time!

Sheila Medenwald
How do we know the dog didnt getbits tail pulled, pinched ect and he finally snapped. Were talking about s toddler here. They are known for being ruff to pets.

Irene Miller Parker · Manager at Hi-Lites
No dog attacks unless they're trained to do so. So very sad that this little girl last her life because of her parents negligence and desire to have a vicious dog.

Rneee's bulldog is "extremely gentle" but when she took him to obedience class he attacked the other dogs in the class???

Even a chihuahua can be vicious when provoked. Was the visiting pit bull in the same yard with their pit bull? Jealousy could have played a part in it. We own 2 dogs that play well together but if we pay more attention to one over the other, our smaller dog (Corgi/Jack Russell terrier) will growl and snap at our larger dog (Olde English Bulldogge) Our bulldog is extremely gentle but when we took him to obedience classes, he attacked the other dogs in the class. You never know what will set any animal off. My deepest sympathies to the family of the little girl.

Well I once was a Dayton native and have seen that the ones who train there pits or mixes to be vicous are the ones that are the people that are involved in illegal activities and are to be held responsible for there ations .I have a 90 ponud pit and he is the most caring and loving dog a person could ask for the law needs to be if you are convicted of illegal action you should not be aloud to own such a breed to inflict pain on the other face it people its the people not the breed and I can prove it if you broke into my house my pit will help you carry the stuff out but I will prob blow your head off before you get that far..........STAND UP FOR THE BREED AND HATE THE OWNERS

Richard's dog changes breed, its magic!

Same old story and no action you said it better than all look up most of the dogs that have been vicous they have been owned by thugs and drug dealers that don't care if the dog mauls somebody because all they care about is that money I have a Stafford shire bull terrier that weighs 90 ponds and he will not even hurt a fly but I think the law should be if you are convicted of drugs or corrupt activities you should not be aloud to own one because they want them for one thing.........HATE THE OWNER NOT THE BREED

Now Richard's dog is both...

See lori if everyone thought this way this would not of happened but if he has a criminal background in drugs of course you want a vicous dog but I have a 90 pound Stafford shire pit and he will help you carry the stuff out the house if you broke in but that's the way I trained him not to harm nothing but something needs to be done about these thugs that deal drugs and think oh well I will just get a pit and train him to be mean well anyone with a criminal background should not be aloud to own a breed as such because they teach them one way to bit anybody and PEOPLE STOP HATING THE BREAD AND LOOK AT THE PEOPLE...SMH

Posted by lizborden at 
@xxxxxxxx: You do not live in Ohio and this is none of your business. Plus, with you spouting off with all of the same old DBO garbage, it doesn't make you look educated. It only makes you look foolish.

Well said my friend, well said. Too often, IDIOTS blame Pit Bulls for things they had NOTHING to do with. All I see in this commentary is a bunch of dumb asses, wanting Pit Bulls banned and taken away. I WISH these morons would come and try to take my dogs. Notice, I said TRY. I LOVE Pit Bulls, and WILL support them and love them until I die. IDIOT does not properly describe the people in these comments, what I would call them cannot be printed here. You show me a Pit Bull, I'll show you the most loyal, loving companion dog there is. For all of you morons bashing Pit Bulls, go get an education, read up on them, and STOP BASHING PIT BULLS. Bunch of stupid fu#@*s!

Oh please, you make me sick with you asinine comment. You just need to get rid of your computer so you won't be able to post the tripe you make up. Leave people alone that support Pit Bulls, and besides, THEY WERE NOT PIT BULLS!!! You people that continue to bash Pit Bulls are the dumbest people I have ever heard of. You Know NOTHING about the breed, and are too stupid to read the facts. You however, LOVE to twist and distort a story into what you want to read, and that is a disgrace. You are a disgrace. NOBODY planned a pre-meditated murder. You have been watching too much tv, and you are in dire need of psychiatric help.

More from Dan...

The amount of stupidity coming out of your brain is SICKENING. YOU MAKE ME SICK, you pathetic excuse of a human being. What is I have 2 Pit Bulls, are you gonna say I use them for intimidation and spousal abuse? Come to my house and see for yourself, you IDIOT!! My dogs will lick you to death they are so loving and kind. AND Pit Bulls DO NOT just one day turn on you. It is every bit how they are raised and treated, so you misinformed IDIOTS need to read up on what you know NOTHING about. Some of you people are really stupid, and it's a sad thing that most of these comments keep referring to the dogs as Pit Bulls. They were not. It makes me sick that the news media is allowed to twist facts and make up lies to sell a story.

Dan is on a roll, God help us.. it was the victims's fault and the dogs should be replaced???

You IDIOT. He DID NOT train those dogs to attack. This woman perpetrated a continuing harrassment against him, and also against her other neighbor. She is shown in the video, AFTER the judge told her to leave the building, she CONTINUES to verbally abuse the man, and make asinine comments to him. I feel that all of the morons here calling for the guy to go to prison should themselves be locked up for stupidity. I have 2 dogs also, and I DARE any of you idiots to come to my house and try to take my dogs, or hurt them.
The fact that the cops shot the dogs was a horrible action by them and quite frankly, a CHICKENSH>>T manuever. The dogs attacked her because she taunted them, and she should not have been walking down her driveway with just a coat on, and no undergarments on. That is strange by any account. The woman caused her own death by being a continuing harassment to her neighbors, and she complained about and made calls about ALL minor incidents, and frivolous claims. I do not believe anything the news media puts out, because they WILL and HAVE twisted stories to make for bigger news many times. What I would say to the morons calling for his arrest, cannot be printed here, but I will GLADLY tell you my feelings in person.
His dogs should be replaced, and a story put out that the moral of this story is that neighbors should keep their moth shut about things they do not like about their other neighbors, or MOVE. Richie was a constant thorn in everyone's side, complaining about everything, & a doctor's report on her supposed weight loss because of fear of threats was a waste of time. A total waste of time. What did that have to do with the case???? NOTHING. Mowing down flowers in your own yard is a crime???? Come on. I mowed down some flowers in my back yard, do you want me to be served with a petition???
This minor stuff she bitched about CONSTANTLY was a clear indication she was herself a thorn in everyone's side. Ask the people that knew her, she bitched CONSTANTLY about anything and everything!!! She was the nuisance, NOT her neighbors. And while her death was tragic, it shows one thing loud and clear....DO NOT CONTINUE TO THREATEN YOUR NEIGHBORS WITH BEING LOCKED UP AND THEIR DOGS KILLED. Someone might take it a little too serious, and bad things happen.

Dont you dare come around here and point fingers at me and ASSUME I am this or that when you have no idea who I am or what my lifestyle is.... You dont know me.. And you sure a F^*# dont know my dog or what it has been through.. If it were meant to harm then it would have harmed the man that killed my fiance's entire family with a shot gun when the man entered my fiance's familys' home..

It's not a good idea to be open-minded in Austin anymore: too many dumbass California money-loving-right-wingers. Here's a thought experiment though: what if the kid was to grow up and become a chid-rapist and the dog would eventually save a child from a child-rapist? Dangerous question indeed but only because it requires thinking and reevaluating ideas.

Hey, dumb-ass, they are NOT pit bull mixes, they are mastiff mixes. Get your facts straight before commenting. Pit bulls are blamed for too much as it is, they don't need you to add to their bad PR. Pit bulls are not monsters! They are not "inherently dangerous". You are just another ignoramus who knows nothing about pit bulls. Idiot
Tanja Pawluczkowycz O'Dell ·  ·  Top Commenter
XXXXXXXXX  Evidently you do need to be a biologist because you are wrong. Instead of teaching people you know not to play tug of war with their bully breed, someone should have taught you how to watch your child instead of teaching him to throw rocks at dogs in an alley.
Tanja Pawluczkowycz O'Dell ·  ·  Top Commenter
XXXXXXXX They should have banned the breeding of ignorant people but you are living proof that they did not.

Tanja Pawluczkowycz O'Dell ·  ·  Top Commenter
I can see why you are single...even a crazy cat lady like me wouldn't go near you. May I tell you that you are an idiot!

Stephanie makes some huge generalizations here... If you have to make the same explanations over and over that should tell you something. 
Stephanie Eberhardt Wooley ·  Top Commenter
XXXXXXXX so you're saying the animal of MAN is doomed because being mean and killing is in us all. And we can snap at any time. ALL animals are born innocent. The monster of MAN molds them into what they become. And xxxxxxx, again, Pit bulls are not the only dogs that kill, maim, bite or pee on people. In fact Pit bull is not a true breed. Pit Bull is a generalized term that police and ACO give to dogs that they cannot properly identify. You can have your APBT or Staffies that are on the small side or you have your larger ones that have some Mastiff in them. Most of the dogs used in the fight ring are actually mixes bc they are too large for a true Pit but too small for a Mastiff mix. So in truth, dogfighters use mutts that have been TAUGHT to be violent. Yes, it is in us all we just need to be shown how to use it. AND NO dog attacks unprovoked. Lack of paying attention to the signs is the number one reason owners & others are attacked. Even humans have triggers. Idiocy is mine bc I'm constantly having to explain this over & over to so-called experts that have never actually been around a Pit. They see pics and they read stories but they never question anything further.

And Stephanie continues...
Stephanie Eberhardt Wooley ·  Top Commenter
xxxxxxxxx You know nothing of me to make the claim of idiocy. But thank you for telling me everything that I already know. I am quite familiar with ALL bully breeds, including the Boston Terrier. Now that is a mean one so you want to really watch out.. I have WORKED with ALL bully breeds, even owned a few and YES, they all show signs before attacking. But what people need to do is to start asking questions in order to understand the breeds that everyone hates. When I say understand, I don't mean read about but live it. That means staying away from Pit Bull Propaganda Revealed and start thinking for themselves. Only the weak minded follow the ideas of others. We do this in all aspect of our lives except trying to understand other living things. But because people don't want to learn, we have dogs that are vilified and they are owned by irresponsible people. But please know, since ALL dogs are derived from wolves, you can expect the same behavior with any breed. You can provoke any dog and you may not even know it. Usually the provocation stems from when the dog was young. Knew a dog that would try to attack every man with a hat. Come to find out, a previous owner always hit her with a hat. And the worse provocation for any dog is human fear. But I live with myself quite well because I refuse to look at any animal and judge it on what it might do.

Apparently the news failed to report these two fatalities, a Basset and a Beagle?
Stephanie Eberhardt Wooley ·  Top Commenter
xxxxxxxxx They are dogs. It is in every breed to kill. Read two reports yesterday of fatal attacks, 1 was a Basset Hound (guess I should worry as I have one) and the other was a Beagle. All dogs share genes with wolves. They are all capable. Pit Bulls are used most because of the unwavering loyalty to their owner and willingness to please.

Here is a beauty.  Keep in mind that the dogs ripped the victim's clothes off as they killed her.  The torn coat was found near the body. 
Renee Lawrence ·  · Lawrence High School
Let keep in mind it says apparently attacked , and funny how it was first reported to be Pit Bulls but now they find the dogs to be Mastiffs, people are so quick to judge the Pit Breed. My question is why was she outside and naked, theres more to the story then everyone is being told . Doesn't make sense why she was outside her home and naked.. Maybe its possible she provoked the dogs, maybe she wasn't in her right frame of mind, I mean come on it's winter and she outside naked.. I really doubt the dogs undressed her first..

Stephanie is back and speculating that the victim was possibly abusing drugs and  left the warmth of her home to wander in the dark where she was killed in some mysterious manner.   
Stephanie Eberhardt Wooley ·  Top Commenter
How so? You haven't told me how the dogs entered the residence to chase this naked woman outside. Do we even know that a dog killed her? Maybe she was drinking and popping pills and wandered out naked. Did anybody see the dogs bite at her? Was there blood? Was there blood on the muzzles of the dogs? Is ANYBODY asking any questions or is everybody just assuming? So PLEASE tell me how YOU have won this debate. Have you ever seen a Pit bull attack? Do you know what a Mastiff looks like? where close to each other by about 100 pounds. And lastly...Pit bull is NOT a breed. They are just convenient to throw under the bus. Hell we don't know if this woman was even bit. For all we know she was suffering from frost bite. And it would be wrong for me to move on Hun, if I know that there still are stupid people wandering the earth naked and in the snow.

Well me and ALL my family have pits, and NONE Of the them are protecting drugs or showing how hard they are. I also have 10 nieces and nephews, who ALL live with pits, and they are better with kids than any other breed we have ever had. This includes labs, pinscher, sheppards, its all about how you raise them. Yoi can teach white boys to have respect and be hateful, and give them an awful living condition you have a good chance of that person being a killer, raise thatbwhite boy with respect, love amd a great living conditions they are more than likely not going to be a killer. Do the same with dogs you get the same. None of our pits would hurt us. Its all in how they are raised. Get educated.

Actually poodles are known as a viscous breed. Look up stories, and then eat your heart out. It is fact that you can raise your dog and beat it, and it will be okay with being violent. Raise it to be obedient, and teach it respect, and it will have respect. My sister was atrached by a german sheppard, and you dont see people getting pissy about the police having them as dogs. Labrador retrievers have just as many attachs on record as any other dog. Do some research instead of being a sheep of media.

39 days ago
Week after week people die from cigarette smoking.  How about you worry about that before you point a finger at an abused dog.

I wonder if the cats had something to do with this. It's a well known fact that many dogs like to attack cats, and this lady had many of them, maybe she was trying to defend one of her cats from the dogs and they turned on her.

Amber Hernandez ·  Top Commenter · Owner/Founderat Ambers animal rescue
not the breeds fault its the peoples fault. pitbulls are amazing dogs if trained properly. they said they had issues with the dog before well thats when they should have taken care of the dog. all dogs have the potential of biting not just pitbulls! you need to become educated. THE OWNERS FAULT NOT THE DOG. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE WITH GUNS NOT THE GUNS FAULT SAME THEORY WITH PITBULLS THE DOG OBVIOUSLY WAS NEVER TRAINED OR HANDLED PROPERLY

Kamrie Slate · Phoenix, Arizona
You failed to read the article. The dog was a mixed breed. But because all you weirdos get off on killing pit bulls, that's all you see. Plus the news and media use your hatred against you, writing about "pit bulls" knowing it gets people fired up. Use what little brain you have please.

Lexis AndJohn Lopez · Works at OpenTech Alliance, Inc.
Find a list of other breeds of dogs that bite to. Just chihuahahs alone be more then any other breed and they are family pets and chow chows are the most aggressive breed. Yes there are some breed of pitt bulls that have bad blood but every dog does. The only reason that there making this a big deal is because of POOR MICKY. I have three pitbulls around 3 children and I always will have pitbull my smaller dogs have bit more then my pits. People need to be educated and stop targeting a specific breed of dogs. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE EVERYDAY AND DO WE KILL THE MURDERS OR THE PEOPLE THAT HURT KIDS NO WE DONT

Jean Bachand-Suttle ·  · Works at Freelance Artist · 135 subscribers
I'll bet the owner had not trained the dog well. Many dogs are protective of their food and not just pitbulls. If this was human story people would say it is racist.

Frieda Ellen Fisher · University of Houston
Probably her own fault.

Elisabeth Jackson · Central High School
it's really sad how people just report that pitpulls are so terrible, so awful. Yes it's sad this women died but it all depends on who raises them!!!!! I have a pitbull and he is the sweetest thing in the world! He would never hurt a sole! We have 2 lap dogs and they love each other! STOP POSTING ABOUT "PITBULLS" it's so sad how you talk crap about them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can't defend themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Lato · Arizona
 From my experiences in rescue, it is truly about the way these dogs are raised. I have been bitten by countless chihuahuas. It doesn't matter the breed, it matters how they were brought up. Saying all pitbulls are vicious is no different than saying all Jews (I'm Jewish) are snobby stuck up people. Take it dog by dog and don't group them together. It's no different than profiling a race, gender, or religion. You wouldn't want to be grouped with someone of your gender or race that committed a terrible act because you didn't commit that act yourself. Dogs shouldn't suffer through that either.

Laura Truax · Works at PADI
The headline says a pit bull but what this dog was it's a pit lab mix. It makes me mad how they use the breed to grab the attention of the readers and in turn causes more fear and hate towards a breed that really doesn't deserve it. An dog can be aggressive with owners that don't work with it. I'm so sick of people hating a certain religion, race or in this case a breed.

Lena Martinelli ·  · Glendale Community College
Food and dogs... I feed my dogs seperate, if I don't my chihuahua will attack my Pitt bulls face.

Bianca DePina · Avondale, Arizona
Not right for news use pitbull just could have said dog all dogs can bite not just pitbulls

Jenny Ruth Myers · El Paso Community College Valle Verde
anybody else see that it's a pitbull Labrador mix? Because I believe labs also bite their owners labs also have tendencies to guard over there food labs also have issues around other dogs you have a MIX you have a mutt in the house don't go sit there and blame the pitbull for something that was not pure pit not your lab was just a really crappy situation that I hope and pray to God nobody else ever has to go through but unfortunately it does. I feel horrible for the woman and her family...and I'm also terribly sad for the utilization of this animal. We are so quick to kill an animal for hurting you human why don't we do the same thing to humans? Oh that's right humans have souls? Lol that's right dogs are just animalswithout feelings or emotions. Isn't that also the definition of a sociopath? And yet they sit in jail cells after murdering people because its not humane to kill another human being taken away right? Alright time for me to shut up
Heidi Richmond · Works at The Hub Grill and Bar
Ted Bundy was a human. He was evil and killed, so does that mean all humans are evil and will kill? Are all humans dangerous enough where we should stop breeding? Think about the gravity of what you are saying. Generalizations can be dangerous...

Robby O'Connell · Keller Graduate School of Management
She probably provoked the pitbull in someway I think its funny this only happens in AZ no problems seem to happen in any other state

A usually reliable source states that "Fast Eddie" is actually our old friend Clay Hundenshire.  
Fast Eddie ·  Top Commenter
Angela Coton They have no factual info backed by canine professionals. All they have is opinion based info.
Fast Eddie ·  Top Commenter
Every breed is a "different breed"
Fast Eddie ·  Top Commenter
Very tragic but rare and isolated incident considering there have already been roughly 900,000 dog bites this year and over 90,000 of them required emergency room care... Again the FACT of the matter is that pit bulls make up less than 1% of total dog bites in the US and less than .01% of pit bulls in the US have ever or will ever bite a person.. Trying to instill an unwarranted fear into people lack logic and common sense. There simply is NO Pit Bull attack epidemic in the US or any place else in the world. South Dakota just became the 17th state to OUTLAW BSL in the US 2 days ago and 5 other states should outlaw BSL by the end of 2014. Funny we see the same 10 "usual haters" here posting inf that is completely inaccurate info to try and further their "failing" agenda of bias and hatred for a family pet. We also see haters here that have fabricated their own "pit bull attacks" with absolutely no proof. Again these pit bull haters and BSL apologists are becoming more vile by the day sine their case is all but lost in the United State and the FACT that legislators are looking at Canine Expert info, valid and factual information and using common sense and logic to abolish archaic, unwarranted and ineffective Breed Specific laws.

Fast Eddie ·  Top Commenter
Kris King Your info is inaccurate and invalid and you have no valid source to back up the info (ie the CDC)

You also fail to mention that pit bull adoptions are up by over 100,000 per year for the last 4 years. You also fail to mention that less than 1% of pit bulls in the US have ever or will ever harm a person.

So lest look at how illogical your statement and thought process is shall we...

Lets kill all teenagers because less than 1% of them commit a crime.
Lets ban all guns because less 1% of gun owners will shoot or murder someone.
Lets ban all cars because less than 1% of them drive drunk and kill someone.

Again the ignorance of your thought process and the lack of factual information that you people have astounds me

Clay/Fast Eddie does not acknowledge the fact that the NCRC is owned by extreme pit bull advocacy and exists to deny responsibility.

Fast Eddie ·  Top Commenter
Actually these stats are inaccurate, the National Canine Research Council with have the Factual report out soon :-)

Fast Eddie ·  Top Commenter
xxxxxxxxx Keep on hitting the bottle PJ

Tammy Parsons · Farmer at Royal Story

 OMFG where have i ever STATED that I'm special or any better than anyone else you simple mined person. You need to look up what mauled means and that what bite means. The poor lady was just bitten once not MAULED. All i was saying is that she might have had an underlying condition with her post operation site and the dog was just trying to tell her and because she was on blood thinning tablets it just made thing all that more worse. All i am trying to say is have an open mind until the report comes in instead of blaming the breed firstly all the time.

Tammy Parsons · Farmer at Royal Story
xxxxxLMFAO your a great comedian and you can read the dictionary it is all because of people like you that the world is the way it is now F***** it really is

Christine Habinger-Lyman ·  Top Commenter
xxxxx you don't live in the valley so you have no idea how many people own and love this breed here and never have a problem. My husband does service work and goes into a home with a pit bull at least a couple of times a week. So I don't have to convince anyone what kind of dog they want to have. So keep believing what you want. In fact since 2006-2012 the latest ,165 people have drowned in pools. That not counting all the near drownings either. Or the parents murdering their kids, leaving them in hot cars. There are bigger problems than dogs.