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Pit bull roundup, 3/31/2014

This is a general interest item.  In 2013 the Ohio Legislature passed the Commercial Dog Breeder's Act, a law to regulate large volume breeders.  Included in the law was a requirement that every dog rescue organization in the state of Ohio register with the state agriculture department as well.  Oversight of the operation of rescues is LONG overdue.

There is no charge to the rescue groups for registration but this has not stopped complaints about the new law.  Per Martha Leary of  Star-Mar Rescue "Some organizations are scared of possible inspection, and rightfully so, and some honestly feel that the law doesn’t pertain to them,”

Per the new law rescues may not operate for profit, breed dogs, purchase more than nine dogs per calendar year unless they come from a shelter, dog warden, or another rescue.

The law took effect in March of 2013 but the state gave rescues an extension until January of 2014.  Two weeks after the January of 2014 date only 39 rescues were registered in the six county area surrounding Akron.  Petfinder indicates that there may be as many as 400 to 500 rescues operating in Ohio.  All 501c3 rescues must be registered. Martha Leary went on to state "“In fact, what we’re finding is happening is that the ones that are not tax-exempt are the ones most likely not to register. They are putting their name and address on a state list admitting to running a business for which they may not be paying any taxes on the income. Imagine if you’ve been doing this for years,” 

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I am planning a post on "rescue" disasters.  It will be up soon.

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Lorain Ohio

In an article titled "Lorain police shoot, kill another at-large pit bull" details are given about a call made to police by a man who stated that  his daughter had been bitten by a pit bull and that the same pit bull had bitten the caller last year.

As police approached the home of home of the pit bull owner the pit bull charged  them in aggressive manner.  Police shot the dog.   The homeowner claimed that the dog lived in her garage and she was taking care of it for the incarcerated owner.  Law enforcement was unimpressed. The homeowner was issued a summons for dog at large and for failure to register the dog.

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Cincinnati Ohio

An unidentified good Samaritan shot and killed an Ambull mix that had broken free it its chain and was attacking a woman.  It was reported that a mail carrier was struggling to assist the victim when a passerby pulled out a gun and shot the dog, killing it.  The passerby continued walking down the street. Neighbors did not recognize the shooter and there is no police effort to identify him, he did nothing wrong.  The dog owner stated that the dog got loose and the victim was helping her get it back.  The dog owner also stated that the shooter did the right thing. How refreshing.  Video is available at the above link.  For video of a statement by the victim and one by the dog owner please click here.  A photo of the dog is also shown and it looks like a run of the mill pit bull.

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Harrison Twp Ohio

In an attack you will never hear about, a lab mix attacked a seven year old girl.  The child was bitten on the face and leg, her brother was also bitten when he tried to assist his sister.  The dog was taken to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.  Mark Kumpf, Montgomery County Dog Warden takes custody of a non pit bull.

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Dayton Ohio

Continuing troubles at the home of Julie Custer and Andrew Nason, owners of the dogs that killed Klonda Richey.  Karl Henderson, age 42 was booked on robbery charges.  Police were called to the home by the homeowner who stated that someone broke into his home and tried to steal his personal property.  The homeowner and the intruder scuffled and Henderson fled the home.  Henderson was apprehended by police. Police stated that  Henderson tried to steal a DVD, ramen noodles, a door handle and lock, and couple of packs of batteries from the home.  If that's not the most pitiful robbery ever I don't know what is.  Is is worthy of note that there was also a fire at the residence recently, ruled arson.

Mug shot of Karl Henderson (Montgomery County Jail Photo)
Karl Henderson, the robbery was not worth the trouble.

WDTN Photo/Kris Sproles

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Swanton Ohio

Susan Haddad was attacked by her neighbors three American Bulldogs, dogs recognized as "a dog commonly known as a pit bull dog" and a breed created using pit bulls as foundation stock.  Ms. Haddad was known to the dogs and alone with them in the kitchen of the dog owner.

Per "Fulton County Dog Warden Brian Banister surveyed the scene, and said it was the second most serious dog attack he has investigated during his years with the dog warden’s office.
“It was very severe. It was a life and death situation,” he said."
"Banister bemoaned the May 2012 enaction of Ohio House Bill 14, which he believes effectively gutted the state’s vicious dog ordinance by stating pitbulls are no longer legally considered inherently dangerous.
Before House Bill 14 was passed, owners of dogs considered pitbulls were required to carry $100,000 in liability insurance against the dogs. They also had to confine the dogs within a house or in a kennel with a top and a padlock on the door."
“(The bill) just opened up the whole new area that everybody and anybody could have this type of dog,” Banister said. “I think it has undermined our ability a little bit to control these animals. For public safety reasons, I would certainly like to see those laws back in effect. It gave us a more effective tool to control these types of animals for the safety of the general public.”  
 Jean Keating, Ohio's Breed Specific Advocate, gives her opinion. 

State lawmakers plan to take a long hard look at Ohio law pertaining to dangerous dogs.  Dog Warden Banister is not alone in thinking that the law written by Best Friends Animal Society has had a negative impact on public safety.   Those who were involved in the production and promotion of HB 14 should  not be involved in correcting the problems created by it.  This would include Best Friends Animal Society and Montgomery County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf.  

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3/11/2014                                                                                                                                     Mansfield Ohio
Per the Mansfield News Journal Police Calls column a Mansfield resident reported that a man walking in an alley unleashed his pit bull to attack a cat.  Per the caller the man has done this in the past as well.  
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Dayton Ohio

A Poodle was killed by the neighbor's pit bull.  Police answered a call from a Dayton resident who stated that her daughter had been in their yard with the Poodle when the pit bull charged at them.  The pit bull owner, who did not see the attack because she was inside her home and only went outside to check when she heard screaming, stated that her pit bull was outside with her sons and they said that the Poodle entered her yard  to bark at the pit bull. The Poodle was killed.   Has Montgomery County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf investigated this attack?    

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Moraine Ohio

A six year old girl was attacked by three dogs described as pit bull mixes.  The girl was in the back yard of a home playing with the three pit mixes, all under one year of age, when she was bitten in the face and on her side.  She was transported to Dayton Children's Hospital for treatment.   The owner of the dogs, Angel Smith made this stunning statement per WHIO ""I think this is getting a lot of hype because my dogs have pit bull in them," she said. "Pit bulls are not vicious – their owners are.
"I love my dogs and they're not vicious. They're just like my kids."
The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center is involved.  
A Moraine girl bitten by a dog Saturday afternoon was taken to Dayton Children's Hospital. photo

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Avon Lake Ohio

Police and the Dog Warden were called to Williamsburg Drive complaint of two dogs running loose.   The two pit bulls at large attacked a Golden Retriever.  Officers were unable to stop the attack and shot both the pit bulls.  One died at the scene and the other was transported to a local veterinarian for treatment.  The pit bull that died at the scene appeared to be a purebred pit bull, a male.  The pit bull transported for treatment was a female that had recently had puppies.  The female appeared to be pit bull mixed with Cane Corso

A local resident sought medical treatment after being bitten by the twice by the dogs.

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