Tuesday, January 23, 2018

We have LOTS of attacks to report on but this one is appalling and deserves to be seen as a failure of current Ohio law.

This post was made on Facebook today. Warning, graphic photo.

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Terry foister got a 100$ ticket for HIS three dogs killing our two horses & one at neighbors! Court was a farce ! Not even a fine for a dog license x 3 !! Please contact your state Representative WES RETHERFORD in Columbus. I don't want this to happen ever again .demand changes in the dog laws! Now we have to file civil suit .the fight has just begun !!!

Mr. Huesing's horses after Terry Foister's pit bulls invaded his property.  The pit bulls went on to kill another horse on another property.

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THIS gets a $100 fine?  The Butler County Dog Warden is Kurt Merbs, what is he doing?  Merbs has totally failed here and deserves a public shaming.

We share your rage and your grief Mr. Huesing.  YES, dog laws need to change in Ohio.

From Local 12 News
Terry Foister pleads guilty to minor misdemeanor charge of failure to confine an animal. His pitbull dogs allegedly attacked and killed three miniature horses in St. Clair Township. The horse owners were in court and were outraged by $150 fine. They vow to fight for tougher animal laws. Foister had no comment leaving court.

All three dogs are reported dead.  One was shot by a horse owner and the other two were reportedly shot by Foister.  I hope that was verified.