Thursday, May 29, 2014

Justice for Klonda Richey

The Montgomery County Grand Jury is expected to reach a decision this week on whether the owners of the dogs that killed Klonda Richey should face criminal charges.

A Dayton area task force has been created to look into possible changes in procedures that might prevent a similar attack in the future.  Per WDTN " Sheriff Plummer said the problem is a lack of communication and too many agencies, with too little power.
“Someone should have seen something is going on here. We are really talking about communication issues, policy issues, you know how are we going to handle situations like this?” he asked.
The newly formed 9-member panel has already met 3 times and is made up of law enforcement, a state representative, local business leaders, a veterinarian, and officials from both the Animal Resource Center and the Humane Society."

Sheriff Plumber has suggested that deputies receive training in animal control so they don't have to rely on Montgomery County Animal Resource Center or Humane Society investigators when dealing with animals.  This would appear to make the services of the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center investigators  redundant. 
As Sheriff Plumber stated "Someone should have seen something going on here" and that responsibility falls to Montgomery County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf.  His policy of leaving a sternly worded post-it note on dog on the front doors of dog owners without any follow up has proven to be an epic failure.   
Please watch the video that goes with the WDTN  news story.  The dogs are no longer being identified as anything other than what Klonda Richel called them herself, pit bull/mastiff mixes.   

It has been reported that state lawmakers are considering changes to the law passed just two years ago "to finally give dog wardens the tools to deal with dangerous dogs."  The law, written by an out of state PAC to suit their agenda has proven to be an epic failure.  Since passage of HB 14 seven Ohio residents have been killed by dogs.   One of those killed was Klonda Richey and she deserved better.  


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Death and Excuses 5/18/2014

Here we are again, God help us.

An elderly woman delivering Christmas presents, an elderly woman feeding her cats, a young woman who volunteered to help a friend by watching the friend's pit bulls, a small child playing in his grandfather's yard, a little boy visiting a family friend.  Peaceful people going on about the peaceful details of their lives.  Breed specific advocates forget them, or consider them disposable.

Canyon Lake Texas

Betty Clark, age 75, was delivering Christmas presents to neighbors on December 21st when she was attacked by two pit bulls. Mrs. Clark died January 6, 2014 at University Hospital , she never regained consciousness after the attack. There is an investigation in progress.  News of this attack was not released until doctors at University Hospital spoke out about it in April in an article now behind a pay wall.
For more information please click here.
                                                                 * * *

San Antonio TX

Petra Aguirre was mauled to death by her neighbor's pit bulls.  She died at University Hospital weeks after the March 31st attack in her own backyard while she was feeding her cats.  University Hospital doctors were responsible for the study Mortality, Mauling and Maiming by Vicious Dogs dealing with exactly this issue.

The dogs that killed Aguirre had a history of escaping from their owner's property and the dog that killed Mrs. Aguirre had a history of biting.   Mrs. Aguirre lived in her home for over 50 years, she was 83 years old at the time of her death. The dog that caused Mrs. Aguirre's death was euthanized, the Lexus Project was too late.

Petra Aguirre died from multiple dog bites.

                                                                 * * *

Smiths Station Ala

Twenty year old Katie Morrison died of injuries she suffered while playing with a friend's pit bulls on April 28th.  Per WRBL News "Morrison was playing with four dogs and the dog’s owner at a home in the Heather Brooke neighborhood when she apparently knelt down to pick something up and one of the dogs attacked her, Coroner Bill Harris says. Two other dogs then began to attack her as well. Officials told WRBL News 3 after the attack that Morrison was being introduced to the dogs by a friend. Morrison was scheduled to watch the dogs while the friend went out of town."

Miss Morrison was scalped during the attack, the dog's owner was present and was also injured. Neighbors were not surprised, the dogs had a history of violence, a neighbor stated ""I figured that sooner or later it was going to come down to that because these dogs had previously attacked other dogs in the neighborhood, and it was just a matter of time before they went after a human."

An investigation is in progress.  For video on the attack please click here.

                                                             * * *

Caldwell County NC

Eighteen month old Nyhiem Wilfong and his five year old cousin were playing in their grandfather's yard when the boys approached a Rottweiler chained behind the house.  When Nyhiem was attacked the five year old screamed "Papa, the dog is on the baby" but it  was too late.   The family had obtained the Rottweiler just a few weeks ago.  The dog was surrendered to animal control.  Nyhiem died at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. For video please click here.

The Rottweiler showed no aggression while in the care of Animal Control and was euthanized after being signed over to Animal Control by the grandfather.

IMAGES: A 1-year-old died after a Rottweiler attacked him. gallery

Report: 1-year-old dies after Rottweiler attack   A 1-year-old was killed after being attacked by a Rottweiler in Caldwell County, according to the Caldwell Sheriff’s Office.   Officials said the atta photo

                                                             * * *

Felton DE

Four year old Kasii Haith and his twenty four year old, pregnant mother Kyeisha Haith were visiting with a family friend.  Kyeisha Haith was inside the home speaking with her friend while Kasii was outside playing with the pit bulls, as he has done many times in the past.  The mother checked on her son and saw him attacked, she rushed to help but was attacked as well. Two repairmen working at the house tried to save the child using lengths of PVC pipe.   First responders were unable to save the child.  The mother was transported to Bayhealth-Kent General Hospital for treatment.

This was the second animal control call at the residence in the same day.  The earlier call was a complaint that the dogs were loose and the complainant confirmed that the pit bulls that were loose earlier in the day were the same dogs that killed the child and attacked his mother.  The Lexus Project was unable to save these pit bulls.  They have been euthanized.

The family's statement on the death of  Kasii is heartbreaking.

Delaware Animal Care and Control officials released these photos of the three dogs prior to their being euthanized
Two of the three attacking pit bulls.

                                                                          * * *

Moving on to the comments of pit bull advocates on these deaths we will begin with a stunning comment, made on Facebook directly to the mother of John Harvard. Johnna Harvard tells the story of the death of her son John, killed by a pit bull.  Johnna Harvard, the mother of the boy killed in a dog attack April 6, talks with ABC 33/40 about the loss of her son. (               John's death was noted in the last Death and Excuses post but this recently made comment, shown below, absolutely deserves to be seen.  This is hall of shame material.  Elected officials who partner with pit bull advocacy to water down laws passed to protect the public, THIS is the constituency you have chosen to favor.  How do you sleep at night?

Photo: This was sent to the grieving mother of John Harvard. I can't think of any other explanation for this sadistic, horrifying behavior other than he must've sold his soul to the devil. Absolutely vile, disgusting human being.

                                                                * * *

All these comments were made on articles dealing with the deaths discussed in this post, or in articles defending the breed from the backlash.  Why would anyone feel that these things should be said?

Kimberly Faithe Merritt · CNA/GNA at Warrens Nursing home
I feel so sorry for the mother and child but he should have not been left alone with the animals espeacially at fur years old. Also it does not even give a hint towards the idea that they are not sure why they did it... maybe the child hurt the dog... u never know. But don't look at me as cruel I do feel as sorry for the boy as anyone else but I also believe pitbulls or any dog for that matter do not just attack for no reason

Charlotte Eccleston
Any breed of dog can be vicious, any type of dog can bite or attack a human or another animal, not just this breed of dog. If you say to kill all the pits because they kill children, then all dogs would receive the same fate. So sad that this happened, its a horrible situation all around for all families involved. If

Courtney Tynes
This is the most ridiculous load of crap I've ever seen on your page. The media demonizes these dogs, and it infuriates me.

Robin Kassing · Jr. Accountant at Town of Smyrna
xxxxx other breeds DO KILL. Google will find all kinds of stories. Dogs are NOT born mean. The personality/behavior is molded by the way they are treated.....just like humans. I have friends that have pits around babies & toddlers. These kids pull on them, try to ride them etc. The dogs never try to hurt the children. The dogs are raised with discipline & love.......NOT tied to a chain 24/7 with little human interaction. There are so many good stories out there about pits. The media doesn't highlight the good stories about pits like they do the bad stories. The media has contributed to the negative attitude many have about pit bulls.

Alex Edmondson Johnson · Auburn University
I believe I have stated Twice now that they have been known to snap. I am not so naive as to think that they do not bite. All dogs bite and there is always another factor involved, some that a human might not recognize or understand. But I fully believe that these incidents, in reference to any breed is a result of ignorant, inexperienced, or insensitive owners. Regardless of what pet you have, dog, cat, horse, or snake, part of your responsibility is to educate yourself.

Alex Edmondson Johnson · Auburn University
PIt Bulls used to be known as America's Dog. Petey from The Little Rascals (the original show), The RCA dog, and the Buster Brown dog were all pit bulls.
In Europe they were know as nanny dogs, because they were gentle with and protective of the children. Families would leave their toddlers with the dog.
My own pit is a rescue. And before her, I could give or take pit bulls. She was bought from a breeder and for 6 months of her life violently abused by her owners. She was then left to die, chained to their front porch. Had the breeder not done a follow up visit, she never would have found her. By then, she was highly dog aggressive, so the breeder was forced to give her to my husband, or put her down.

Though it took work, I have the sweetest dog I've ever met. She loves to cuddle and make new friends. Not once has she threatened me, my husband, our family, or anyone we have introduced her to. I trust my life with my dog, and when we have children, I will trust them with her too.

The fact of the matter is that Pit Bulls are like hot rods. Beautiful, and powerful. It takes a more experienced driver to handle it. They are good dogs and have an amazing ability to love and are fiercely loyal. Of the over 50 Michael Vick fighting dogs, all but one was rehabilitated and put in a good home.

We live in a world where the dachshund has been labeled as the most aggressive dog breed, ( Is it because of the breed? No, it is because of the owner, not knowing how to properly train a dog. We also live in a world, where pit bull bites are more likely to be reported, naming the breed, than any other dog, when in reality, you are just as likely to be bit by a Goldie.

Alex Edmondson Johnson · Auburn University
My phone will not let me directly "reply" but no xxxxxxx. I cited those dogs as examples of why the pit bull was once known as America's dog. And while part of a logo, the RCA dog was real. These were symbols of American culture which directly reflects societies' feelings towards certain subjects. I used the breed history to support the family dog. I also stated that statistically when a dog bites someone it is more likely that it will be reported if it is a bully breed. It is a stereoptype. There are dogs in every breed that do not fit the breed description and yes pits have been known to snap. As have rottweilers, poodles, shepherds, dalmatians, and many others. And as far as dangerous products around children, the absorbant product that is used in diapers was banned in pads and panty liners because it was deemed too dangerous. But we still put it on our Infants.

Angelina O'Neill · Works at Not ur buissness
pitbulls only attack people because people don't socialize them and don't take the time off day to train them I've had a dog since I was 16 who is a Staffordshire pitbull and is the smartest dog ive ever owned!! shes lovy smart walks beside me wit no leash isleeps wit me...everywere i go she goes...shes my bff and my world...also very loyal and protects....pitts protect not harm anythinv less there not socialized and untrained...i also rescued a pittbull from walla 2 humane society who peed pooped chased cats and dogs and was foid aggressive and is now fully potty trained..non food aggressive sits shakes i tauught to talk and who gets along wit other animals...pitts ate lovers not's the wannabe gangsters who giv pitts a bad name!!!*save the pitt breex please*!!!
friendly wit kids and peopleloves children who smart I don't have to walk on the

George Corsi ·  Top Commenter · Bentley
it is how they are raised. This woman clearly hadn't trained her dogs properly.

George Corsi ·  Top Commenter · Bentley
xxxxxx the dogs were untrained. Stop trying to claim a breed is evil and dangerous when only a handful of badly reported incidents show this. Scientific evidence, which looks at more than a handful of dogs, has proven you wrong. Stop spreading hate!

George Corsi ·  Top Commenter · Bentley
xxxxxx you're a troll who doesn't have a desire to participate in a real conversation, just like every other pro-BSL person out there. You all would rather yell and nitpick instead of discuss anything. I'm starting to think its because you know you're wrong, but can't admit it.

George Corsi ·  Top Commenter · Bentley
xxxxxxx I came here to debate people, you came here to nitpick and troll. If you want me to provide more evidence than I have throughout my posts ask for it specifically (you should have seen my evidence so far by now if you're stalking my posts as you seem to be doing). I'm not going to repost the same links 50 times because you want to be a troll. Until then, goodbye.
George Corsi ·  Top Commenter · Bentley
Because its been proven that they dont work to improve public safety. In addition, specially trained police officers are incapable of properly identifying a pitbull. And on top of all that, we dont make bans in the USA based on what .0012% of a population does

Patrick Shannon · Auburn University
The lies and half truths. They were not pitbulls. They were boxers. And they were not in Smiths Station so why would the SS residents fear? They were confined to the backyard of the home owner, it was a case of their rough playing and competitiveness, not attacking, no different than humans and sports. What public safety concerns? They just need to be loved.

Ashley Ann ·  Top Commenter · Clothing Production at Volunteers of America Western Washington
Lol pitbull wont bite anyone think what ya wanna you hag.

Sandy Bedard ·  · Cashier at Sparr Building and Farm Supply
your right and the people whom are labeling all pitts are ignorant because a lot of other breeds have attacked and killed but they don't talk about those!!

Sandy Bedard ·  · Cashier at Sparr Building and Farm Supply
xxxx you are truly amazing! Sounds like you have some deep rooted hate and issues that your not dealing with! You are obsessed, we don't have breeds to label them and if you truley have researched the Pitt way back then you would knw that they were first used as farm dogs and they would track the bulls and hold them down! This is where their name came from and they started to us them for Pitt and bull fighting and ten came the bad people that used them for fighting! One of the most important FACTS of the breed is that it can not show any aggression towards humans or it was destroyed . They did not breed this dog to be aggressive towards humans! The Pitt bull loves people and children and will also get along with other pets in the family when raised with them! These dogs have been VICTIMS in these cruel acts of fighting because the breed is very patient and strong! They were Not bred to attack humans and there are many that live in families with never a problem! My own vet owns Pitts and he said he would much rather work on a Pitt than alot of other breeds because of there tempermant! So Lynne, if your so smart how Come you haven't told the whole truth about this breed? And maybe you should get into some help with your obsession of having to be right no matter what people say!

Yes the one year old and the family of the child that died have paid a price and the 5 year old is of and age to understand death and what happened because of the 5 year old child's actions, why should the dog pay with his life and no responsibility placed on the participants in this event. If the 5 year old had shot the one year old would everyone not expect the adults to pay for allowing these children access to a loaded weapon and that the 5 year old would learn a lesson in regards to the use and handling of a firearm.

To those who think my comments were dumb and I am the person who has made a very stupid comment you should think of something besides you warped sense of blame the dog or blame the gun and no human needs to learn a lesson

This is unfortunate and sad that a child dies from this attack. There are a lot of questions as to why this happened. Is this dog normally vicious ? Why was another child allowed to take this child in this dog's space ? Did these children provoke the dog,even unknowingly like rough play , kicking, pulling hair, ears or throwing things at the dog ? Where were the adults of the one year old and it does not even say the age of the child that was allowed to take the little one to the dog. I see this as the adults fault . They can blame themselves for the loss of their precious child. Children should never been unattended around animals of any kind or swimming pools or anything that can be of danger . It only takes a few seconds for something horrible to happen. Now , having said all this. There will probably be another life gone. More than likely the dog will be put down for it's behavior. If the dog is normally a "good" dog , then I don't agree with putting it down because it attacked while it was confined to it's space and not bothering a thing until it was invaded. However, it the dog has always shown aggression and no one can get around it because it is chained up and ill and ready to attack for any reason, then the dog has no quality of life anyway and maybe it should be put down, or my preference would be that it be sent to a Rottweiler rescue and rehab. After all, even human murderers are not given the death penalty very much any more.

The only reason it is ''higher'' is because Pit Bull type dogs are all grouped together, and often they are not even Pit Bull type dogs. If we were to group all sporting dogs into how many times they bit or killed someone it would be a stagering amount. But the Pibble haters will probably ignore both of our well thought out opinions and live in there small hate riddled world.

Yup, and they will continue to be misguided haters simply because they are to lazy to do proper research into the breeds and just follow popular media.

And many other breeds have killed and mauled. Why do you think that Chihuahuas and Golden retreivers are number 1 and 2 on the bite list?

It isnt rare that a non Pit Bull type dogs bites or attacks it is just not reported on the news when it isnt a Pit Bull type dog.
When a child was killed by a pomeranian it only made it into the local paper. But when a Pit Bull type dog bites someone it is national news.
Why do you think this one isnt titled ''Pit BNull mauls woman to death'' ? Because they were stumped when it turned out to be a Staffordshire terrier an actual breed that is recognized. Despite ti being classified as a ''Pit Bul''.
And just small fact for you Goldens and Chihuahuas are the two breeds with the most recorded bites.

I'm a bit tired of all of your ignorant and arrogant ranting and raging on this site. If you would take some time and do some serious research on the subject of Pit Bulls you would know that there isn't a "recognized" true breed of Pit Bull and that there are several breeds, including the American Staffordshire terrier, that are used in the breeding of the Pit Bull TYPE of dog. You should also look up the long list of well known "Pit Bull" dogs in our history, including a decorated war veteran. Ignorance isn't an asset.

Your ignorance is sick, why don't you educate yourself before you speak about something you have no clue about.. There are several pit bulls that are service dogs. They visit hospitals, schools and help many people with disabilities. Unfortunately ignorant irresponsible people are the reason that any dog would have the opportunity to attack someone.

Dog bites and attacks have been around since the beginning of time , and will be until the end of time . The number of people killed by dog attack is so proportionately small , it is not a major concern to me . I feel sorry for anyone hurt , but it will never end .

Lauren Michelle ·  · CEO & Founder at ECR Photography

What pisses me off the most is that people are blaming this ONE breed. Yes, horrible things happen. Yes, dogs have a pack mentality. Yes, it can be the way they are raised, and Yes, it can be genetics. But Pit Bulls are the only ones put on the news for a reason. People have an agenda to push that the Pit Bull breed is dangerous. Guess what, ANY breed can be dangerous without proper education and training. There have been attacks by Dalmatians, Golden Retrievers, Chihuahuas, and whatever little loveable pet you have in your home. Don't blame just the Pit Bull breed. It is the fault of this woman's and it is the fault of the media's as well for targeting, and only reporting on this breed. If you don't like Pit Bulls fine, but don't just blame them, your ignorance is what fuels outrageous news reports like this. If this woman knew ANYTHING about dogs, you know that you don't bend down and meet their eyes, that can be an aggressive action. But does the news report say anything about her lack of dog intelligence of this breed even though she obviously has no idea. Don't let the news reports sway your opinion about a great breed of dog, or any dog for that matter. Pit Bulls can be as loveable as any breed, just like a "non bully-breed dog" can attack at any given moment. Don't discriminate people, you wouldn't do it to humans, so why target a loveable breed of dog?

Lauren Michelle ·  · CEO & Founder atECR Photography
I have had pit bulls and they were the best dogs I have ever owned. I have worked in a shelter environment and taken care of Pit Bulls and bully breeds and I have never been bit by one of them. They were out of their familiar homes and elements and they were the sweetest most misunderstood dogs. Do you know where all my scars and stitches came from? Maltese's, Chihuahuas, and even an Australian Cattle Dog. Do I hate them, no, I understand why they were scared. But I don't understand people who do not realize dogs have emotions just like humans, they are complicated, and if threatened lash out. And Gracie, I am really sorry about your daughter, but it was an isolated incident. All of them are not bad. That is like saying all people are bad, few are bad, but we seem to always focus on the few instead of the many.

Lauren Michelle ·  · CEO & Founder atECR Photography
Yeah they are. They are isolated incidents for me. And you know, there is a reason I vouch for animals more than humans. And I am sorry about what happened to your daughter but like I said, isolated incidents, and I am not going to change my mind because a child was attacked by a dog. Just like you won't change your mind about a breed because of what happened. We are different people with different opinions. It happens.

Floyd Gomez ·  Top Commenter
Mary Ann Redfern Your comment makes no sense. Genetically "engineered"!!! Seriously!!!! Do you even know how long this breed has existed? These dogs were never engineered or bred to be anything other than a dog. Yes their short body and muscular build make them ideal hunters for hogs but they were never bred for this purpose contrary to belief. The military stopped using the Pit Bull not because of its aggressive behavior but because it had a tendency to not want to engage unlike the German Shepard. Law enforcement stopped using them because of their short snout which causes them early fatigue.


"Pitbull" is not a breed of dog. THey are a type of dog. When a dog kills, it is irresponsible breeding or irresponsible dog ownership.  A dog killing while legitimately trying to protect it's owner is excluded from this.  I had an American Staffordshire Terrier aka "pitt". Zero problems. Best dog ever.


All dogs are capable of this especially if there is more than one dog. 
Bob Cronk ·  Top Commenter · Grants High School
Gee I have always had a couple...maybe I should start playing the lottery more since good luck could be the only explanation...because we know xxxxx knows everything..HA HA HA HA HA
Bob Cronk ·  Top Commenter · Grants High School
Considering a pit bull is not a breed.. this is just another example of poor journalism.

David Smith · Auburn University
There is no such breed or species as a pit bull. Look it up.


Who likes to see kids dead? But, to vilify an entire breed and those that love and own them is unworldly. More kids get killed in vehicles far, far more than dog attacks. Do you hate cars, too? I'm just trying to understand your logic. I don't let emotions alter reality. Maybe I seem cold by that, but the truth is in the number. You are taking an extremely small percentage and applying it to all dogs of this breed. It's just the same to think all men are pedophiles because you were shocked to find you neighbor was. It is very unfortunate that media can herd people with scare tactics. Very scary indeed. Why don't you just admit that you need something to hate because that is what is inside of you?