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Pit bull roundup 4/28/2014, Dayton Ohio in the spotlight.

Despite excuses from the Montgomery County Dog Warden things are NOT improving in Dayton Ohio and Dayton residents deserve better.  How long will Montgomery County County Commissioners put up with this?  How much does this cost the residents of Dayton in police, paramedic, and animal control officer time?

Dayton Ohio

A five year old girl was bitten by a pit bull earning the pit bull owner a court summons.
The had been playing with a friend in the friend's back yard when she was bitten.  Per WHIO "Police went to the friend's house and a woman there said her pit bull possibly bit the girl. She said the 1-year-old dog has been cautious around sticks since a neighborhood child hit it with one, and the girl picked up a stick in the backyard to throw to her friend, according to the report.  

                                                              * * *

Dayton Ohio

Dayton Police shot a pit bull that was approaching in an aggressive manner.  Police had been called to t he scene by a family that was unable to leave their home due to the aggression of the pit bull.  Officers tried making friends with the dog, feeding it treats, waiting for a catch pole to snare the dog but it ran at an officer. The pit bull was shot.  The owner of the pit bull stated that the dog had been abused prior to his ownership of it.  The owner reported that the pit bull had escaped from his house.  

                                                                         * * *

Dayton Ohio

A Shih Tzu was killed by an at large pit bull in the front yard of the little dog's owner.  Pauline Dickerson was outside feeding her two small dogs when the pit bull entered her yard.   She picked up one of the dogs to put it back in the house but was unable to get back in time for her other dog.  The pit bull already had the Shih Tzu in its mouth.  Per WHIO "The aggressive dog's owner showed up and used a stick to get her dog to stop attacking, according to the Dayton police report. 

Sounds like this pit bull owner keeps a break stick handy, but the little dog died at the scene.  Here is the classic part of the story.  Montgomery County Animal Resource Center employees were unable to make contact with the pit bull owner.  The death of Klonda Richey has not changed much in Dayton.  We expect that a sternly worded post-it note was stuck to the pit bull owner's door.

                                                              * * *

Huber Heights Ohio

A utility worker was attacked by a pit bull as she was working inside a fenced yard.  The owner of the pit  bull stated that she was unaware that the worker was in the yard when she let the dog out.  The pit bull owner called 911 for assistance, she said that since she is nine months pregnant she was unable to assist the worker.  The pit bull was still attacking the worker when police arrived, they shot at the dog to scare it away and back into the house.  The owner was able to secure the dog inside the house so that the injured worker could be transported to a local hospital for treatment of "serious bodily injuries."  The owner of the pit bull confirmed the breed, she was cited for not having a license on the dog.  The dog was signed over to animal control. To listen to the hysterical pit bull owner's 911 call please click here.


                                                                       * * *

Whitehall Ohio

A truly unique crime.  Burglars broke into an apartment and left their pit bull for the residents.  Eva Lanning stated that she and her partner found the pit bull named Fat Daddy in in their living room when they returned home.  The are in the process of moving and returned for more boxes of their possessions.  The dog was not all they found, cigarette butts, blunt  wrappers, and 40 bottles.  Per Fox 28 "  Lanning says she and her partner recognized the dog, which led them to suspect his owners of committing the crime.  Police arrested her former neighbors -- Kenji Harris and Shawon Wilson -- at a nearby bus stop.  According to reports, Harris and Wilson were carrying backpacks full of Lanning's belongings and were even wearing their clothes.  Police charged the suspects with burglary, and allowed another neighbor to take in Fat Daddy.  Reports state that both suspects had been evicted from their own apartment last week.

For video please click here.

                                                                * * *

Columbus Ohio

A child was transported to Nationwide Children's Hospital after a pit bull attack.  Per police reports, three pit bulls attacked the boy, his father, and three other adults.  Per WBNS 10TV Police said the dogs began attacking the father and son inside the home.  Officers said more people, who were on the street, were attacked when the two tried to escape outdoors.
"I heard the commotion of what was going on, so I came out in the middle of the street and I see these three dogs attacking this little boy," said neighbor Roger Chan. "I grabbed a piece of log, it was the only thing I could find and ran down here and started hitting the dog and smacking the dog to do whatever I can to get the dog's attention and off the little kid. And the next thing you know I'm fighting, wrestling with the dogs and I got bit during the process."
Animal Control removed a total of 9 pit bulls from the home, three adult dogs including a female who had just given birth to six puppies.  
Per news sources, the child has likely lost an ear and will require surgery.  Charges are pending.   

For more on this attack please click here.

For video please click here.  
                                                                * * *

Dayton Ohio again


A Dayton resident called Dayton police to report  the mauling death of his Chihuahua by his neighbor's two pit bulls.  Another neighbor reported seeing the attack, the little dog was dead by the time police arrived. Police attempted to speak with the owner of the pit bulls but the owner was not at home, no surprise.  Per WDTN News " Police contacted the Animal Resource Center to follow up with the investigation."

That will sure work.  A sternly worded post-it note warning from Montgomery County Animal Resource Center is expected.   Whoop.

Dayton residents deserve better.

Manny the Chihuahua, killed by the neighbor's pit bulls.


                                                                     * * *

Vandalia Ohio

In an attack that you will never hear about, a Jehovah's Witness was bitten by a Black Lab.  The dog was current on vaccinations and a Beware of dog" sign was posted on the owner's fence.    

                                                                    * * * 

Columbus Ohio   

Three people were injured and hospitalized after a pit bull attack.  Per WBNS-10TV "Police say the pit bull's two owners and a friend were inside the apartment when the dog attacked them, causing severe bite injuries.
Police held the dog in a bathroom until animal control arrived to safely remove it."

                                                            * * *

Avon Lake Ohio  
Avon Lake police shot two pit bulls, killing one, that had bitten a resident and attacked a Golden Retriever. Per "The two dogs were shot because officers couldn’t stop them from advancing, according to police."  Neither of the pit bulls had collars or tags.  Police are attempting t o locate the owner of the pit bulls to obtain vaccination records.  Anyone with information on this attack is urged to contact Avon Lake Police at 440-933-4567.  

In 2012 Avon Lake City Council repealed their vicious dog ordinance which designated pit bulls as vicious dogs.  Per the Avon Ohio Patch "For Dave Kos, it was a redeeming moment. He and some other council members have been working for several years to revise the law to focus on individual dogs and their owners rather broadly paint a certain breed as inherently vicious or dangerous. 
"This was a really contentious issue in Avon Lake and other communities, but especially Avon Lake," Kos said. "About three-and-half years ago we had a series of public meetings in full council chambers we had residents come in to speak on both sides of the issue. And it got pretty contentious."
"There was a couple of us, myself and Councilwoman Jennifer Fenderbosch, who strongly advocated removing pit bull from the definition of vicious," Kos said.
"We were not in the majority of that. It did not go anywhere after that first series of many meetings. Long meetings, very emotional meetings."  
Please note that Kos and Fenderbosch were in the minority in urging the change in Avon Lake law. Why do city councils give in to breed specific advocates and allow them to bully changes in law that puts the public at risk? 

Avon Lake police.JPG

                                                                   * * *

Dayton Ohio again

Two dead adult dogs and a "bucketful of starved puppies" were dumped at the Humane Society of Greater Dayton.  The five pit bull mix puppies will need fosters to care for them for the next several weeks as they recover.  The adult dogs apparently died elsewhere 10 to 12 hours prior to being dumped at the shelter. Sometimes a pit bull's worst nightmare is his owner.  

The doleful pups have been through  a lot in their short lives after their previous owners put them through horrendous abuse.

                                                               * * *

Martins Ferry Ohio

A Martins Ferry woman was letting her small do out when a neighbor's pit bull broke its chain and ran into her yard chasing the small dog under a porch.  Sharon West, age 54, chased the pit bull away and went to get her dog out from under the porch.  The pit bull returned and bit West's right leg.  Police were called, when they arrived the pit bull was still hovering over the victim and began to approach police in an aggressive manner.  The pit bull was shot by two officers, killing the dog.

Mrs. West was transported to Ohio Valley Medical Center via ambulance and transported via helicopter to a Pittsburgh hospital for surgery on her leg.  Her husband was injured during the attack, his injuries were not included in the news accounts.  Police officer Chad Kuhn stated " "This is the worst dog bite I have ever seen. If we would not have done something, the situation could have been far worse."

The dog's body was sent to the health department. The prosecutor is considering charges.

                                                             * * *

Dayton Ohio

Dayton police arrested Jesse White Jr. at his apartment.  White was charged with obstructing official business and resisting arrest.  Two pit bulls were removed from the home by Montgomery County Animal Resource employees.  Just what Mark Kumpf's shelter needs, more pit bulls.  

WDTN Photo/Chris Smith

Dayton deserves better.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Death and Excuses. Four more pit bull mauling deaths between 3/26/2014 to 4/6/2014.

The last Death and Excuses post went up on March 22nd.  Four human fatalities in under a week brings us to this sad place again. How many deaths will it take until legislators take their responsibilities seriously and regulate bully breed dogs?

Houma LA

A four year old girl was attacked inside her mother's apartment by a by a massive pit bull as she was watching television with her mother.  The pit bull was owned by the mother's boyfriend. The pit bull was so aggressive that the mother had to barricade herself and the child in a bedroom.  When police arrived at the scene the injured child was passed out a window to waiting first responders.   Police shot the pit bull three times through a window while it was still in the apartment and shot it 10 more times when officers attempted to enter.  Police described the pit bull as "a monster."

Mia DeRouen did not survive her injuries.

Please click here for news conference video.  The Houma Police Chief gives a full account of the event.

Pame Ashley
Mia DeRouen with Niko, the pit bull that killed her.

Photo: May as well have a lion as a pet.  Absolutely disgusting.  Mia stood absolutely no chance having this dog in the same home.
Mia's mother, Megan Touchet with Niko

Niko's owner, Kerry Dominique.  Classic bathroom selfie.

Niko was a valuable stud dog.  Registered as an American Bully, Niko's stud fee was $1500.

It should be noted that the killer pit bull, Niko (BTM's Hidden Treasure) is an exquisitely documented pit bull. By clicking on all the dogs in the three generations shown in his pedigree you will note that they are all UKC American Pit Bull Terriers.    Per the American Bully Kennel Club website, all UKC American Pit Bull Terriers and AKC American Staffordshire Terriers  will be registered as an American Bully.  

Incredibly but not unexpectedly, pit bull advocacy is attempting to deny the breed on this attackThe pit bull "expert" casting doubt here is none other than Ken Foster, head of the Sula Foundation (named after one of his pit bulls, Sula).  Click here for a not to be missed interview by Foster.   The Sula Foundation rescues pit bulls and places them as pets.  One group of pit bulls placed by the Sula Foundation came from a dog fight bust in Biloxi, these off-the-chain, game bred and ring tested pit bulls may have been placed in a community near you. Some of these dogs were trafficked across state lines and into communities without disclosing their history.  The interstate transport of dogs seized from dog fighters has become trendy.  The ASPCA is also involved.  In this article the proud new owner of a pit fighter testifies that her dog is just a sweetie, plays with cats, a great addition to the family.  She adopted the dog in March, she has only had it for a few weeks.  Chances that the Sula Foundation or the ASPCA would be willing to pay the medical expenses of a victim of one of these dogs are slim.  Whatever happened to the pit bull advocacy claim that pit bulls are "only mean if you teach them to be mean"?  By that standard off-the-chain pit fighters would be the most dangerous dogs in the world and the ASPCA favors placing these dogs in family homes as pets?  The interstate transport of dogs for the purpose of dog fighting is a violation of federal law but the interstate transport of  those same dogs for the purpose of rehoming, with no disclosure of their previous status as game bred, ring experienced pit fighters is NOT a violation of any law?  Does this make sense to anyone?  Let me be clear here, dog fighting is a horrible crime and deserves investigation and prosecution of those involved.  Placement of game bred pit bulls in peaceful communities where children play, pets are walked, livestock is kept does not end well and the victims pay the bills.   But, I digress.

In another twist, it has been reported that Niko's sire has produced human aggressive dogs and the owner of Kimbo is "investigating" these reports.    

The investigation of this attack appears to be at a standstill, Touchet and Dominique are refusing to speak with law enforcement on advice of their lawyers.  

Special permits may be required for pit bulls kept in the in the Parish in the future.

More on the placement of seized game bred pit bulls being placed as pets, click here.

                                                             * * *

Holmes County MS

Three year old Christopher Malone was killed by two pit bulls.  The pit bulls "somehow" got out of a pen and fatally mauled the child.  Christopher was dead at the scene.   Per KTRE "Sheriff deputies say Malone's mother tried to save him, "The children were outside playing and she missed her child and when she went around to look for him that's when she saw the dogs on him and she went up there to try to get the dogs off her child and she ended up getting bit too," said Captain Sam Chambers with the Holmes County Sheriff's Department."

The little boy's Aunt stated ""The dog just jumped him and took him down and drugged him in the back and killed him, ate him up," said Lucy Mayze, an aunt of the victim."

The dogs were removed by Animal Control.   The boy's aunt referred to the pit bulls as "puppies."  Click here for video.

Christopher Malone, what a beautiful child.

Blood stained killer pit bull on his way to the Animal Control truck.

The Holmes County Sheriff wants a pit bull ban. 

For a discussion of BSL in the state please click here, excellent graphics.

                                                             * * *

Kaufman TX

Eighty five year old Dorothy Hamilton was mauled to death in her own home by two pit bulls owned by her son, Michael Hamilton.  The pit bulls had been locked in a bedroom but they broke through a door to attack and kill Mrs. Hamilton.  Animal Control put the two aggressive pit bulls down,  and removed six more pit bulls from the property.  The remaining pit bulls were expected to be euthanized.  Neighbors have complained about dogs at this residence in the past.  

For video please click here.

                                                                       * * *

Riverside AL

John Harvard, age 5, was killed by a pit bull.  John and his nine year old brother were playing in their yard when the 80 pound pit bull came onto the property and attacked John.  The nine year old was unable to pull the pit bull off his little brother so he ran to get his father. The father shot at the dog.  John was rushed to a local hospital but did not survive.  The pit bull belonged to a neighbor and there was no history of violence from this dog.  The pit bull was eight months old.

For video please click here.

The pit bull was euthanized.

Photo: This is John Harvard, age 5, the latest DBRF. Slain by a Pit Bull this very Sunday that he knew, that he had played with previously, that had never shown a sign of aggression towards him and other children that played with it. John is the NINTH child to be killed by a dog this year. John is the EIGHTH child to be killed by a Fighting Breed dog. All other breeds COMBINED have killed ONE child.

Johnna Harvard interviewed after son mauled to death by neighbor's pit bull

Please click this link for video of an interview with the parents of John Harvard.

Leash laws are now being considered for this community.  Leash laws are the first choice of local lawmakers.  That paragon of responsible pit bull ownership and pit bull advocacy Clay Hundenshire has this to say about leash laws in the comments following an article titled Father of boy Killed by Pit Bull Says Leash Law would Have Saved His Son    
   Clay Hundenshire ·  Top Commenter · Virginia Tech
Death by dog is extremely rare. Leash laws are good, and can prevent issues. That said, I take my dogs hiking a lot, and when in the forest, they are not on a leash. I see someone heading my way, I call my dogs and leash them. It is common respect and prevents any possible issue. My dogs love running free, and I try my best to go places where I will not see anyone, or we're all on the same page.                                                                   

Death by dog is not "exceedingly rare." So far this year sixteen Americans have been killed by dogs.  After admitting that leashing dogs is a responsible practice Hundenshire freely admits that he takes the leashes off as soon as he thinks nobody will see him because his dogs "love running free."  Dogs will always see other park users, pets, and wildlife before their owners do.  Mr. Hundenshire is always going to be several beats behind, several lethal beats behind.  Given the inability of pit bulls to "turn off" once they target it is just a matter of time before one of these pit bulls hurts someone.   Scroll on down through the comments below to see what else Hundenshire had to say.

4/17/2014 Update.  Mr. Hundenshire continues to comment.  More of his thoughts have been added to the Clay Hundenshire section below.  

                                                                * * *

Now lets take a look at the response of the pit bull community to these deaths.  Some of these comments are filled with falsehoods and denial, some with hate, some just make no sense.  Why would anyone think these comments were appropriate after the death of a human?

You display a great deal of ignorance about the breed. ANY dog can be dangerous - it has to do with how and who raises them. But knee jerkers like you have no intention to alter their prejudices based on silly little things like facts.

Pit bulls are not vicious killers they are like any other dog. Every dog has the ability to kill pit bulls are the only ones you see in the news

I'm saying that to say that dogs of cetin breed are aggressive is just as stupid as saying a certin breed of dog is. The fact that you get facts and statics from says you only want to hear the one side. I will always and forever stand for the breed and fight for them as long as idiots like you exist who are set on banning them..why dont we ban all dogs because they all have the potential to due damage

Great Danes, mastiffs, and Saint Bernard's can all weight over 130 lbs. so not only pit bulls are that big. Pit bulls are pets I currently have 2 of them. My parents gave me my first pit bull when I was 1 years old.

I am a pitbull owner and let me say, my dog is the nicest prettiest dog ever! Her name is Mia and she is so loving and caring! Who cares if some pitbull killed a random child? IT was the kid's fault for being close to the dog. I don't care if this dog killed the child, it had every right to react naturally. I hate people who want to ban pitbulls.

Agreed! Stupid child's fault for getting near the dog! All the dog was doing was using it's natural instincts!

KalebT, Denham Springs, 2 weeks ago
Oh my God, you idiots are really showing off your ignorance. I was raised with and helped raise 15 Pitbulls, along with breeding and raising their pups until they were old enough to be sold to a loving home. NONE of the dogs EVER attacked myself, my family, friends, strangers, or the other dogs. It's NOT the breed, it's how they're raised. Do you HONESTLY believe that aggression is bred into them?! Go take a biology class, mk? These dogs are the perfect companion if raised properly and to say they have "no place in society" is not only an awful thing to say, but it's just downright stupid.

Why does everyone always bash on the pitbulls? It depends on how you raise the dog. If the dog is violent, then probably so are the owners.

As a young woman who has rescued 11 pitbulls from horrible conditions in the shelter and on the street I can speak from a place of absolute knowledge. Each of you that wrote negative comments about these dogs must have absolutely NO experience with them and just obtain your information from sensationalized publications like Dailymail. They are smart, loving, loyal and fun. Incredible dogs. I can almost guarantee that the dog who mauled this child was of mixed breed as there isn't even such a thing as a pitbull - so stop judging and start doing something to help the homeless population of dogs at the shelter. Step up folks

David Martin ·  Top Commenter
get real. In the 70's it was all about German Shepherds and Dobermans. In the 80's it was Husky's and Rotwiellers. And you can't compare beagles to pits because they are not the same size. If your comparison was a pit and a boxer, or a pit and a German Shepherd you'd have a point. Your analogy doesn't work. Saying pits are bred for violence is like saying all blacks are bred to be athletic or all asians are bred to be smart. If you don't want a pit, don't get one, but don't blame the breed for the owner.
David Martin ·  Top Commenter
Louis Stevenson Your point? Most pit bull deaths are family members. Most of any dog attack is on a family member.
David Martin ·  Top Commenter
Marcie Muir no... The idiot owners would just get a rottwieller, or something else. You know Hitler thought the same way you do.

Tim T Sheets · CHCP- The College of Health Care Professions
 sorry but that's asinine because it's not the animal, but the owner of the animal that makes them the way they are. I should know i was attacked by a beagle before, but not once have i ever been attacked by a pitbull.

Tim T Sheets · CHCP- The College of Health Care Professions
Your an idiot breeding them is raising them they were bred aggressive because we made them that way so it's our own fault don't blame the dog blame humanity

Astigmatism against a single bread????
Keith Ramsey ·  Top Commenter
Louis Stevenson - I'm amazed how stupid people come out of the woodwork to condemn this breed when they nothing about it, except the news media hype. Looking at the video... they are NOT PITTBULLS... they are at best mix breeds.... which means they are not PITTS. I've seen this repeated recently... dogs that are not PITTS at all are misidentified as Pitts just because of this astigmatism that people have against a single bread. Grow up and get over it. People who are hating on a breed are, in most cases, not smart enough to identify the breed.
Robin Parrish · Weatherford, Texas

Jax Ashlee Terrell · North Garland High School
I wonder if the reporters even saw the dogs or spoke with anyone before reporting that they were pit bulls. Inst that how news station work now? Dog attack, oh it was pit bulls. Oh but they look like poodles, lets get new pics so it wont f up our story.

Jax Ashlee Terrell · North Garland High School
You are an idiot

Jennifer Ogren Welch ·  ·  Top Commenter · Lockport (city), New York
Lorna Barrie , Kathy Neamon Jessica A Garay John Tomaka I am in a FB war with some idiot on this site (in the comment section) ! I need back up!

Robert Livingston
 ·  Top Commenter · TCU

Clay Hundenshire ·  Top Commenter · Virginia Tech
How do you figure there are more and more attacks everyday? That is simply not true at all.
Clay Hundenshire ·  Top Commenter · Virginia Tech
Animal Planet - Dogs 101: Pit Bull

Though they have a bad rap, these animals are eager to please, loving and intelligent, making the American Pit Bull, "America's Dog".

What's a matter, did I strike a nerve  You are a sociopath too. I see you posting your hatred on a daily basis as well. I have a life, and a happy one at that. Much, much better of a life then yours, which is filled will hate and the need to spread lies and fear, only causing harm to pets. Not sure where the spelling error was in my post, as I never even mentioned the word, but all I can say is that you are the epitome of the human race. You need to get a life too.

"And shame on the pit bull lobbyists......." blah, blah, blah.....

blah..... blah..... and blah......


Where are you getting once a week? It's more like once every two weeks, and more than half of the dogs that kill are mutts (aka- mixed breeds). 30 people a year on average is extremely rare, especially when you look at the number of dogs and people out there. Many more people drown in mop buckets than die from dogs, but we never hear about that. Now I know there are some unscrupulous groups out there that like to call the mutts pit bulls for their own agenda, that simply isn't the case though. Most dogs that kill humans are usually on the larger side and it's usually a child. Common logic dictates that. Many of the dogs are mastiff mixes, boxer mixes, bulldog mixes, but groups like, that is obviously biased, and out to rid pit bulls, call all of those mutts pit bulls. This is a well known fact, and regardless of what you fans and advertisers of dogsbite believe, it just isn't the case, and dogsbite have destroyed their credibility by lying, with has been proven by the most trusted canine organizations in the world. You can buy those phoney statistics all you want, but rational people that are fair and unbiased will not buy them for a second.

Brian Pickell

Relax, XXXX is well known anti-pit bull troll. Devotes all his time to complaining and hating dogs. People like that have no life. The dude is full of it completely, and is blind to what causes any dog to attack.

Clay Hundenshire ·  Top Commenter · Virginia Tech

Hey, if you that Pinto is in good condition, I am interested. I would drop a 302 in in and use it on the track.

Look, if you don't like pit bulls, then stay clear of them. I have seen your facebook pages, and you are a little crazy about many different breeds; not only pit bulls. You seem to discriminate against boxers, mastiffs, american bullies, and many mutts. That is your choice, but when someone like you trolls articles, complaining about how much you do not like dogs, I just have to let people know who you are and that you do this regularly. Yes, most people take risks in life. Everything we do involves risk, but dogs, any breed has very little risk of harm. Like I said, you do not have to like dogs, but most people do, and most people disagree with you.

Clay Hundenshire ·  Top Commenter · Virginia Tech
Brian Pickell

Exactly! Most of them are bleeding heart liberals that do not look at all angles. They see one thing and hone in on it, ignoring everything else. Whatever they want, they push down the throats of everyone, and whatever they fear, they want to ban. They are irrational and think only with emotion, rather than logic. It's quite sad. Tired of hearing their pissing and moaning. If they don't like pit bulls or another breed, then stay away from them. It's really simple, as pit bulls are so popular, it would be impossible to ban them at this point. Hence the reason this family is going for a leash law, rather then a ban. BSL is becoming ancient history.

Clay Hundenshire ·  Top Commenter · Virginia Tech
Gail L Rosbach

Resident dogs are dogs whose owners maintain them
exclusively on chains, in kennels, or in yards; and/or obtain
them for negative functions (such as guarding, fighting,
protection, and irresponsible breeding). Because resident
dogs are maintained in ways that isolate them from regular,
positive human interactions, they cannot be expected to
exhibit the same behavior as family dogs. 
 I can't beleive how insensitive you are disrespecting this poor little girl as far as to try and turn this discussion into your own little pitbull geneicidal rant, you a an unpermitted 40 cal berretta on your hip and your still scared, not that scared that you'll use your little dog as bait to try and provoke one of these dogs into attacking so you can make yourself a hero in front of all your genicidal pathological lieng murdering pitbull hating trolls? Yes you may pay your taxes but are your taxes going to miraculously reincarnate little dog if it does get killed by your homicidal tendencies! i suggest you actually read the article before going off on one of self promoting hero rants the dog was an american bully not a pitbull mmmk darl??

Lisa has missed the part where the dog's pedigree, three generations is available for public review. 

And no, "trotting out the nanny dog myth" would NOT be any better, the fact is this poster is actually educated about what a Pit Bull actually is...a Pit Bull is the nick name for ONE breed...the American Pit Bull Terrier, not a blanket term for any short haired, muscled, blocky head and has a tail dog. there are breed standards for a reason, and as far as rescue groups and finding him labeled as something on Google...are VERY VERY often wrong, innocently, ignorantly or it means nothing. if a dogs lineage is UNKNOWN..its a mutt, plain and simple, there is no way of knowing unless the dogs lineage is able to be proven...MISINFORMATION, like breed identification, and the "nanny dog myth" are all EQUALLY detrimental to the dog world....not just the bull dog world
15 days ago
Why is it ok to judge by breed but not by race?EUPRAXIA 1Clay Hundenshire

and you obviously have no idea what you are talking about dogs or breeds or otherwise......Pit Bulls and ANY other fighting breed of dog were NEVER "bred to attack without warning or provocation" , they were bred to be extremely people friendly, smart, aware of their surroundings, focused and agile. Pit Bulls (like ANY other breed of dog) give plenty of warnings before they bite or attack. Rarely is any attack from any breed EVER unprovoked. and even in this case, the dog was an intact male, WITH a female in heat IN the house....thats a recipe for disaster with ANY dog, much less any LARGE dog.

Because people lie, bc they don't want to admit that letting their kid rude the dog like a horse and jump on his back was stupid, because they think it's so cute when fluffy snarls and licks his lips and has big white eyes and is trying to get away, BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE OBLIVIOUS AND STUPID and the kinds of PEOPLE that typically let things like this happen are totally irresponsible and shouldn't own ANY dog. Because people are ignorant and uneducated and don't know what signs to look for, because the TRUTH doesn't make a good media story...

if you look at a chicken, but someone tells you its a you believe them? same concept, these quack statistics that are compiled from "classified ads" and the people placing and purchasing from those classified ads wouldnt know a pit bull if it bit them, (pun totally intended).

AGAIN...bother to really educate yourself, the links with the information needed to explain UKC classifications was provided above.....take that, learn what you can from it, then Google stuff to further that knowledge....BUT, you wont...because you want an innocent population to be blamed for the action of a know what would be REALLY ironic?...if you were black.

"Exposing a closed mind to facts is like shining light on the iris of the eye—it just closes more tightly."......With that being said, I myself own an AmStaff! He is a sweety and have run across many who believe "it's only a matter of time before he shows his true colors". Really?? People do not realize that "Petey" from the original "Our Gang", was an AmStaff. Ignorant people work my last nerve :)

Are you so stupid that you must comprehend things soon f!cking literal? Do you just not have any f!cking common sense?? I understand if you don't. Many people nowadays don't. You must be one of them. I must not judge you, for I do not know you. But continue on if you must.
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In a pen. So resident vs. family dogs. A VERY important distinction to make. Where were the adults? Was this child a visitor to the property? What level of socialisation did these dogs achieve? What age were these dogs when taken from their mother and littermates? What socio-economic demographic and were these dogs used as 'guard' dogs? Was food involved? Too many very relevant questions are not answered by simply stating what the dog's breed is believed to be.

xxxxxx number one science whore and 2ic of the pathological group of trolls called the secret propaganda machine a minority of window licking parasites that claim to be acting in the publics best interest and for the victims what a dead set joke you are these people use victims and families to further their own interests in a self promoting orgy of mis information lies and propaganda, show some resppect xxxxx, oh that's right you can't cause you have no morals or honour, you flood people with unsubstantiated news reports claiming them to be fact and your creative use of actuary science is amusing as any science and/or opinion formulated using nothing more than media reports and opinion isn't science at al is it, but you know this already as we do, go home and play xxxxxx i'm sure i can hear your mommy calling??

Ok, we ban dogs, what's next, guns????? OK, we ban guns. what's next, Rights? We ban rights, what's next, life!?!?!?!? By the way, FEMA camps (concentration camps modeled after the NAZI camps) have been established by the democrats, the party of no rights.