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Death and excuses

This post will be a bit of a departure from the usual here.  I am going to talk about each of the fatal pit bull maulings, year to date.  I am unable to ignore the humanity of these victims but breed specific advocates appear unable to acknowledge it.  Unfortunately, this post will be a long one... these deaths haunt me.

 April 25, 2013 a child was killed by the family pit bull in a neat and pleasant Georgia community.  This death brings the number of Americans mauled to death by dogs just since January 1st, to eleven.  All eleven were killed by pit bulls.

Fulton County GA
The victim was two year old Beau Rutledge  His mother, Angela Rutledge, went to the bathroom and upon her return she found her child dead, killed by her household pet.  This family had kept the dog for the last eight years and never had a problem until that day.  The on-camera reporter stated that first responders were shocked at the scene inside the home, many had tears in their eyes as they left the neat row house, now a crime scene.
Neighbors report hearing the mother scream "The dog killed the baby, the dog killed the baby."  Angela Rutledge was so distraught that she was transported via ambulance to a local hospital.  Father Jermiah Rutledge was subdued with a Taser after he came home and also became hysterical with grief per USA Today.

There are no words to comfort the Rutledge family.  This death brings me to tears, I have a grandchild just a few months younger than Beau.  I am so sorry for this loss.

A family member has created a moving video for Beau Rutledge. Beau was a beautiful baby from a fine family. The background music is "Don't Cry for Me" but I can't help it.  Click here.

Grief stricken Angela Rutledge with a neighbor.  Below is Jermiah Rutledge with police.

Photo: Update on fatal pit bull mauling in Fulton County, GA; police defend their actions restraining the boy's father:
New details emerge in case of fatal dog attack  gallery

Beau Rutledge, loved son of Angela and Jermiah Rutledge

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Prairie City IA

On Monday 4/22/2013 Jordyn Arndt, four years old, was attacked by her babysitter's dog, reported to be an American Staffordshire Terrier.  Jordyn died Tuesday morning.  Babysitter Jena Marie Wright, age 24,  has been charged with child endangerment causing death and neglect or abandonment of a dependent person.  These charges are felonies and Wright faces up to 35 years in prison.  Wright is being held in  the Jasper County Jail.  The dog, named Brutus, was euthanized on Wednesday.  Wright told an emergency dispatcher “She and my daughter have played outside with the dog numerous times,” Wright sobbed on the 911 recording, released Wednesday by the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department. “I don’t know what happened.”

Jordan Arndt, 4, died from injuries she sustained after attacked by an American Staffordshire Terrier owned by Harmon and Jena Wright.
This beautiful child was Jordyn Arndt.

The Prairie City Police Chief wasted no time.  The letter below is dated 4/22/2013.

This was Brutus

Photo: Meet Buster Wright, who called the dog in most recent fatal mauling an "American Staffordshire" -- "That kid had to do something"
 Please watch this video, Buster Wright the father-in-law of Jena Marie Wright just can't understand why Brutus attacked and he speculates that the child was at fault.
Jena Wright
Jena Marie Wright
5/14/2013 update. Jena Marie Wright will go to trial on October 2nd on charges of child endangerment resulting in death, neglect, and assault on a peace officer.

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Bryan County Ga
On March 27th a 21 month old girl was killed by a pack of seven pit bulls and pit mixes owned by her family.  Monica Renee Laminack crawled out of the home through a doggie door while her mother was studying for her GED and her grandmother slept.  Monica was found dead in the yard.  At the time of Monica's death her 18 year old mother, her grandmother, great grandmother, and two uncles were all in the house.  Monica's mother, 18 year old Summer Laminack was charged with second degree cruelty to children.  This is a felony punishable by one to ten years in prison.  All the pit bulls and pit bull mixes were euthanized at the scene by animal control officers per orders from Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith.   The family also had two other dogs, a Beagle and a Setter that were not involved.  Please remember "its all in how you raise 'em."

Monica Laminack killed by family pit bulls
Monica Renee Laminack is pictured above, her mother Summer Laminack is pictured below.

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Stockton CA

April 11, 2013.  A thirty eight year old Stockton mother of three, Claudia Gallardo,  was killed by a pit bull that has terrorized the neighborhood for months.  Gallardo's body was found in the yard of a home occupied by Brian Hrenko.  Please watch the video found at this link.  This quote from Hrenko regarding his pit bull named Russia "“He gets in fights with my neighbors dogs all the time. He’s attacked people in the yard, but never actually bit them. He, like, chases them, knocked them in our swimming pool, chased one up a tree — but, he’s never actually bit and really hurt anybody before,” .Neighbors tell another story.

Family say Claudia Gallardo, 38, was attacked and killed by a Stockton pit bull. (Credit: Gallardo Family)
Victim Claudia Gallardo

  The pit bull, Russia, allegedly attacked and killed a woman in Stockton. (Courtesy: Brian Hrenko/Owner)
Killer pit bull Russia

There has been no credible theory on why Ms. Gallardo was on the property.  Hrenko has both denied he knew the victim and also admitted that he knew her.  Per CBS Sacremento "Hrenko says he doesn’t know Gallardo and that she climbed over his front yard fence while he was gone. A female friend of Hrenko’s was at the home at the time, and says the victim claimed to be there to clean the house."  The victim was familiar enough with the property that she knew the dog's name.  A neighbor who attempted to save the victim stated that she screamed "Russia, no! Russia, no!"

Pit bull owner Brian  Hrenko has a history of "legal issues" where pit bulls were involved.  Click here for a bizarre story involving Hrenko, a pit bull and drugs.  Strongly suspect that there is a continuing investigation here.

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Tyler Jett

Callaway FL

On April 2, 2013 Tyler Jett was attacked by two pit bulls as he was playing outside his home.  Tyler died at Sacred Heart Hospital four days later with his parents at the bedside.  Tyler remained in Intensive Care until his death, he never regained consciousness.

Read the police report here.   The pit bulls were owned by Edward Daniels II and they had a history of attacking children and neighborhood pets.  Daniels was charged with felony tampering with evidence, he washed the blood of his dogs when he realized that the dogs had been involved in an attack.

edward daniels
Edward Daniels II, also charged with Possession of Marijuana and possession of Drug Paraphernalia  and Manslaughter.

Tyler's family and friends are raising funds to cover his hospital and funeral expenses.

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You might want to get some coffee, we are not even half way through this year's pit  bull death toll.

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Walworth WI

On March 6, 2013 fourteen month old Daxton Borchardt was mauled to death by two pit bulls owned by his  30 year old babysitter, Susan Iwicki.  Per Iwicki's statement, she was holding the child when the two pit bulls began "playfully" jumping and nipping. She swatted them away and they launched an attack injuring Iwicki and causing her to drop Dax.  Per "Iwicki, 30, told deputies the dogs were jumping up and nipping and that as she yelled at them and batted them away, the dogs went into a violent frenzy, brutally attacking her and Daxton, according to reports." "Iwicki then lost hold of Daxton and the boy went sprawling to the ground. The dogs lunged onto Daxton and began a brutal and ultimately fatal attack on him, according to Iwicki's accounts."  The pit bulls were surrendered to Animal Control and euthanized.  There was no prior history of violence from Iwicki's dogs, she raised them herself.  No charges were filed.

Wisconsin boy mauled to death by two pit bulls Daxton James Borchardt

Daxton Borchardt

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Galesburg IL

On March 2, 2013 seven year old Ryan Maxwell , visiting friends was attacked by that family's pit bull.  Family members of the dog owner used a shovel and a lighter on the dog in attempts to release Ryan but the pit bull was still attacking Ryan when police arrived.  Police pulled the dog off the child but the pit bull turned on police and was shot.  Ryan was transported to Cottage Hospital but later died of his injuries.  Pit bull owner Ashiya Ferguson stated her family had the pit bull for a year and a half with no aggression shown but neighbors speaking anonymously stated they were afraid of the dog.

Ryan's grandmother,Tina Mead made this heartbreaking statement "“After the attack, we got there to Whiting Street,” she said. “And we were there at the hospital, when they couldn’t revive Ryan, and Sarah had to give them permission to stop.
“After that, Ryan was in a room and Sarah and I went in there to lie with him. To be with him. Half of his face was gone. And all of his throat. They had a wash cloth over half his face and his throat covered up. This thing did that to him. This thing just took our heart. It just took our soul.”  I use this statement with sorrow,it is intensely personal but also profound.    
Nielson Elementary school provided grief counselors for students and staff dealing with the death of the popular second grader. Nielson School students have also created a memorial and planted a tree in Ryan's memory.  Per WQAD8 "Nielson Elementary students and friends of Ryan Maxwell planted a Thornless Hawthorn outside of the boy’s classroom on Wednesday, May 8, 2013. In front of the tree a stone has been placed dedicated to Ryan."  This tragedy has touched the entire community. 

777381 IL_GAL_Ryan_Maxwell.jpg
Ryan Maxwell

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Hemet CA
February 8, 2013

Elsie Grace was found dead in her Motel 6 room, mauled to death by two family pit bulls.  Mrs. Grace, a nationally known artist, was 91 years old.  Mrs. Grace and her son were staying at the hotel because they were relocating to the area.

In a bizarre statement Jeff Sheppard, president and CEO of the local Humane Society said of the dogs “They don’t seem really aggressive,” “These are family pets.”  Sheppard said he did not know the specifics of the case, but it would not be unusual for pets to lick an owner who is unresponsive.
“An animal’s instinct is to try and wake them up,” he said.  It’s possible that the woman may have died before the animals attacked her, he said.
The autopsy report did not support this theory.
Elsie Grace mauled to death by two family pit bulls
Elsie Grace
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Sabinal TX
On February 16, 2013 two year Isaiah Aguilar was playing with a balloon outside his home when the wind caught the balloon and took it into the back yard next door.  When Isaiah went to retrieve his balloon he was mauled by a female pit bull tied in the yard.  Isaiah's older sister was with him while he was playing.  She told her father that someone in the pit bull owner's home opened the door during the attack but did not attempt to help Isaiah, just shook his head and shut the door.  Richard Aguilar, Isaiah's father, grabbed his son and called for help but Isaiah was not breathing.  A neighbor started CPR but Isaiah died of his injuries.  It was reported that the female pit bull that killed Isaiah had recently  killed another pit bull.  

Isaiah Aguilar,2,  was killed over the weekend by a pit bull
Isaiah Aguilar

Isaiah’s parents,  Richard Aguilar and Lisa Gonzales. Aguilar was almost attacked by the pit bull himself as he rushed to the aid of his dying son.
Isaiah's parents, Lisa Gonzales and Richard Aguilar

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Montgomery County TX

On January 19, 2013 four year old Christian Germanous was attacked by a chained pit bull. Prior to the attack Christian and his nine year old sister were playing in their yard  when Christian climbed a chain link fence into the neighbor's yard within reach of the chained pit bull.  Trinity, Christian's sister was able to pull her brother back over the fence and call for help. Christian was life flighted to a Houston Hospital but he did not survive. Neighbors described Christian as a sweet little boy who loved to dress up as Spiderman.

For more information click here

Conroe boy killed by chained pit bull
Photo shows the fence and yard where the fatal attack occurred

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Hodges SC

On January 8, 2013 sixty five year old Betty Ann Chapman was killed inside her son's home by her son's pit bull as she cared for her grandchildren while their parents went out to dinner. Mrs. Chapman was known to the dog.  Per "When deputies arrived at the residence they were greeted at the door by a black and white pit bull that had blood on its mouth, chest and paws, according to an incident report."  The pit bull that killed Mrs. Chapman had a history of violence.  The pit bull was euthanized.

Greenwood County animal control officers secured the dog in a cage. The dog was later taken to the Greenwood County Animal Shelter to be quarantined until the conclusion of the investigation. (Photo by Michael W Davis)

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These are the pit bull victims of 2013 to date (April 27, 2013).  How do pit bull advocates feel about them?  

Lets look at some of their comments, all of these comments were made in response to the mauling deaths I have written about, many of these comments deal with stale breed specific talking points, some of them are just hateful and/or crazy, many of them are written by people with no critical thinking skills, or spelling skills either. I have not edited out the names, these comments were made on the actual news stories.  I'm going to start with comments from two people who should know better   Reading these comments makes me want a shower. 

hp blogger Molly Alexander Darden3hWhile I don't know the private circumstances of the Georgia & Stockston killings, I do know Lulu, the pit bull I took in as an abandoned puppy & raised with love showed only timidity, meekness&fun. I taught her behavioral boundaries & made sure she and my other dog observed them.
Note on this comment made by Huffington Post Blogger Molly Darden, she took this very dog to a local pound because it became unmanageable and was told that the dog would be euthanized. "A lady who was an attorney happened to be there and said she knew someone with a "farm in the country" where they bred pit bulls" so Darden handed the dog over.  Darden appears to be a bit mature to accept the "farm in the country" myth.  Ms. Darden shared this story on a recent Huffington Post production.  Please click here and skip to 8:30 to hear the story of Lulu in Darden's own words. 

This comment comes from reality show host Victoria Stilwell, a recent addition to the pit bull advocacy movement.  Stilwell is an actress and a reality show personality and has no formal training in animal behavior.    We’ve got to look at behavior, not breed,” said Victoria Stilwell, a dog trainer and canine aggression expert based in Atlanta. “I think it’s really important people don’t jump to conclusions.”It’s unknown if the Amstaff was spayed or neutered. Male dogs that haven’t been neutered are responsible for most of these attacks, Stilwell said.“There are so many variables,” she added. “You’ve got to find out not just the behavior of the dog, but the family that owns it.”There’s always a risk when you leave a child alone with a dog, regardless of breed, Stilwell said.“A lot of these deaths happen in the blink of an eye,” 
jmaybee33 (signed in using yahoo)
Hey Jan! Its your ignorance that fuels the breed discrimination against pits. Try touching my and I'd break your neck!
Melody Duvall

You know why people think "these dogs" are the ones that are always hurting others more than other types of dogs? Its because the news chooses these stories to tell yet don't always tell the stories of other dog attacks! My niece was bit by a dog in her mouth and it took part of of lip off and guess what it was not a pit bull. It was a beloved family "weiner dog." I feel sorry for this family but I'm so sick of everyone always blamng put bulls.

Susie Anderson Coleman
 · Emmanuel College
Tell it!! Pit bulls were known in England as the 'nanny dogs' because they were so loyal and good with kids.... saw it on animal planet! They are amazing loving dogs that only act the way they are taught!
Moonshine Raebeam

That is so very tragic, but I don't believe what is said above about them being prone to psychotic canine aggression. It would seem that these people don't have an entire history on the dog~ as which with any breed can mean that they sufferred some type of abuse at the hands of man and that it is very possible that that woman triggered something from the dog's past that made him attack! I have had dogs my entire life and never thought I'd ever own a pit because of all this jibber~as fate would have it one came to me at just 6 weeks old~ now he is 2 and I know for a fact that if he ever even hurt another creature I would have to put him in therapy for depression. He is actually one of the sweetest most gentle dogs I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

Some are too protective,, i think thats what happen!! Plus pit-bulls sometimes play rough an don't acknowledge they are hurting ya!! When you scream they go in harder,, they are good dogs, an some people don't understand them!! They are herding dogs,, take for example,, people i sold my pups too when i raised them used em' as HOG dogs!!! The louder a hog squeels an harder a hog tries to get away the harder the pit-bull will attack!! This is a natural instinct in them!!! GOD BLESS that family!!!

Who says this story is telling us everything? What was the grandma doing? She could have been beating one of the kids or doing something to make this dog feel like he needed to protect the children. We don't know. Most dogs that attack are ones that feel threatened or are scared. Look it up. If this was done by any other breed it would not have even made the news. It's ridiculous. All dogs are different. Just as all people are different. Someone could be a murderer, doesn't mean all people are guilty! Think about it. I know there are some mean pits, at the same time most of them are really sweet. I have a full blooded American pit that doesn't even know she can bark or growl let alone show any kind of aggression. Don't be so ignorant.
Pits were known as the "All American Dog" a few decades ago, they were known as the "nanny dog". These poor dogs have been intentionally abused and bred to be aggressive by the dog fighting scum. PUNISH THE SCUM THAT DOES THIS NOT THE DOGS! If pits are banned the evil dog fighters will move on to other breeds and ruin them too. This is a HUMAN PROBLEM not a DOG PROBLEM!

JCS  2 months ago

  • Jesus is a HORRIBLE babysitter. I don't understand why these idiot so-called parents keep relying on him.

snowbird04  2 months ago

  • Another case of negligence by the parents failing to supervise their kid, but some will blame the dog. Go ahead, and blame the dog and owner, and ignore the parents failure. So, I suppose if the kid ran into the street chasing his balloon, was run over and killed by a Toyota, you'd all be hating on Toyotas, right?? It would be the same exact thing. Gosh, some people are so blind. Thank goodness all of you people that cry and complain it's the dog's fault, actually have no power whatsoever.

Nanci Little ·  Top Commenter · Owner at Trademark Animal Talent
Wrong. Wrong Wrong! Dog fighters quickly get rid of ANY dog that even OFFERS to bite one of THEM (cowards that they ARE) because in the Pits there is much grabbing by humans and extreme manhandling and even when the dog is SO stressed, fighting for his very life .. and in unbelievable stress and pain.. the dogs NEVER do anything but wag their tail and accept anything A human does to them - which is WHY they are SO mistreated.. they do NOT fight back. If the sadists among us tried the crap they do to Pitbulls to my Doberman or hubby's 100 lb Shepherd.. well, even if he or I treated our dogs like the SADISTS treat Pits.. we might not live through that insanity! Pits who are raised for dog fighting are NOT people aggressive..

chihuahuas bite more people than pitbulls...just nobody writes a story about it.

2 months ago
With an estimated 70 million dogs in the US and 54% of them being mixed mutts. thinking a dogs shape determines it's behaviour is crazy. Fatal dog attacks range between 26 and 36 a year and usually one can trace a fatal dog attack to reckless and irresponsible dog ownership. To keep a proper perspective; in 2005 there were 29 fatal dog attacks and 16, 692 murders. Dogs are pretty safe when you consider on average, mothers kill their own children about 200 times a year. Fatal dog attacks ARE news, human on human murders are not. There is JUST to many of THEM.

If a certain breed, type or SHAPE of dog were truly dangerous, there would be ALOT more incidents of fatal dog attacks.

Nicole Dickenson Winkers · CNA at Affinity Health System/Chilton Medical Center
Carol I have to disagree! My prayers go out to the family! Not all have been reported and not all have been pitbulls!!! There is a german sheperd that has 2 bites and been considered a dangerous dog in Appleton! I am so sick of people always assuming it was a pitbull! Where in any of the above information is there proof that in fact was a pitbull! I have had many pitbulls and none have ever showed signs of aggression. Punish the DEED not the BREED!

Larisa Schmidt · Waupaca High

It is not the breed it is the owners . Pit bulls are great dogs it is how they are raised and treated. .

You're a dumb batch  BAN ALL PIT BULLS IN CA AND US  14 days ago

  • You're and ignorant c*nt.

Eff all you ignorant bastards.  14 days ago

  • Everyone who says ban pitbulls are morons. It is the owners fault. I Grew up always having a pit and now my kids grow up having them. Guess what? No one has been mauled. You never hear when a small dog bites someone, and they bit way more than bigger dogs. If you think pit bulls all need to be put to sleep then maybe we should gather up every black person as well....all they do is smoke crack and do drive bys right?

This is not necessarily true. It is a fact that most neutered or spayed dogs do not attack unprovoked. And they do NOT attack more that the other breeds. You just do NOT hear about the wiener dog who bit a child, or a poodle, and yes, THEY do bite.

Agnes Marie ·  Top Commenter · Manager at Buddy's Dog Den
 I work at a doggie daycare and all the dogs that have bit me have been the obnoxious snot nosed dachsunds shihtzuz and chihuahas
I have owned a few pitbulls myself and never thought twice about having my child around mine. These dogs are sometimes referred to as "nanny dogs" because they are so good with children. They will protect them before they will protect an adult. Something is just not right with this picture.

Pamela Sheets-Mccutcheon ·  Top Commenter · Works at Merchandiser
I agree Jason and Patricia......we have pits too, and have been there done it! Many dogs have this instinct and capability......NOT just pits, although pits are one of the most loving , big baby so to speak, dogs one could ever own. Most always a dogs reactions as such, has been caused from some other action......something else brought it on, not just the 'thing' to do in the moment. Brenda, you obviously know LIL about the breed to even make such a comment. And all the media needs to get ALL the facts before they start all this BS of BSL!!! Period!!!
I'm with you on this one, Linda. Did everyone forget that pitbulls were used as family pets back in the 60's and 70's, due to the fact that they have a high pain tolerance and a small child, tugging and pulling at their ears, tail, etc, would not bother them? The Little Rascals dog was a pitbull. Do you really think that they would've had that dog around an entire group of children if the breed was only bred to fight?! They have earned a bad name due to the idiots that take advantage of that high pain tolerance and mistreat them. This breed was not originally bred for fighting. Unless you've done your research and know the facts, don't bash something that you know nothing about!
Nicole you sound ignorant to the different breeds. The mother is at fault here and not the dog. Some religions are violent and yet we allow them in our nation. I know some people who should not be allowed to breed yet they keep having babies for my tax dollars to take care of.
Connie Ruales · North Miami, Florida
So because they attack humans that gives us the right to DESTORY them? I don't see anyone lobbying for the Total Destruction of other animals that attack humans - like Wolves, Coyotes, Bears, Sharks, Snakes, etc... These animals were put on this earth and have just as much right to life as we do. If you can't control them, then put them in a zoo or sanctuary or let them loose in the wild with the rest of the animals... but we humans have no right to destroy animals because we feel "threatened". If I remember the story of Adam and Eve - animals were put on the earth FIRST before us and we were meant to care for them - not destroy them!
Tammy Yvonne Albright ·  · Editor/Videographer at Visitors' Information Channel
I, also a veterinary assistant can honestly say that I have been bitten NUMEROUS times by cats and small dogs/animals....NEVER ONCE by a pitt bull!
William Douglas Skinner · Buford High School
Your right cee jayee .... there are no known viscious dogs other than wild dogs like the ones in africa . Pits and any other breed are not like that unless trained or miss treated .. then sometimes then there not . When dogs are that viscious .. need to check out the owner or the one who raised the dog before blaming the dog. Got a friend with a full blooded brindle pit and her daughter rides this dog and pulls its ears and the dog don't care ... because she raised the dog from a pup ....just sayin
Tammy Yvonne Albright ·  · Editor/Videographer at Visitors' Information Channel
Ignorant people. Another ignorant result wanted (reminds me of those saying that guns kill people! ) My pitt has been raised with children, all the children in the neighborhood also, who come and knock on the door and ask if she can come play with them! I also have a shitzu/chihuahua mix who is 10x's more "dangerous" than my pitt ever thought about being! Do you know that it is a FACT that the common house cat is the most dangerous killer on the planet?? It is the ONLY animal that kills for SPORT, not hunger. It maims it's prey and plays with it only to usually leave it struggling to die. ( I also have 3 of these!) If you are going to outlaw pitbulls, then you must also outlaw every other animal! They are ANIMALS is in their nature (ALL OF THEIR NATURE ) to hunt and kill for food! WE HUMANS have taken them from the...See More

Leah Fagan-Landi
this is not a breed issue - I have been attached by two labs and one chow. I love dogs and 
own them and they are family members but owners need to be trained and be vigilant at being the pack leader. 
Lets not put this dog down but first get it checked by a vet - could it be sick? if not sick lets put it with a trainer 
and see what the issue was, lets learn from this and then inform owners what mistakes were made. 
Sorry but these attacks are usually owner error in how the dog was raised - not to say they didn't care and love 
for the dog but being a responsible intelligent owner is much more you have to understand your animal and be 
aware. Please media stop making this a breed issue it is not! PIt bulls were bred to be nanny dogs originally.

Briana Lynn Connolly
""Officers were not certain if the dog would be destroyed or not.""

Those are very insensative words to use when talking about a living breathing creature, whether it has done the unthinkable or not. This is just an unfortunate event that happened in the RIGHT county with the RIGHT breed of dog to add to its terrible reputation.

Maybe if we cracked down on the selling of such breeds on ill controlled websites like craigslist, we could refrain from trading or selling a breed that is used to TERRORIZE people and other dogs!

and further more, when raising a puppy say for EIGHT yrs. it is always good to know and make sure this is passed along to other people that is is NEVER okay to blow in a dogs face just because it is funny that they snap their jaws at thin air. this makes the dog think it is the SAME game when put in front of a BABY at their same height and the baby is simply breathing or panting from crying hard. this could have been the reason for the attack in the first place.

In response to Briana Lynn Connolly a thoughtful comment from Australia.  I can't say it better so I will end with this comment. 

·  Top Commenter · Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Briana - I think you are a sociopath, I am serious. The 11th person killed by a Pitbull this year, the majority of them children, and all you are concerned about is the Pitbull and it's well deserved reputation. And what a twisted perception of being insensitive you have, your comment was the most insensitive thing I have ever read. A dog that kills a child should be immediately destroyed, this is not insensitive, to allow a dog that has killed a human back onto the streets and risk other peoples lives is insensitive, not to mention psychopathic. And then you top it off with the usual Putbull Nutter sociopathic Nonsense, blame the victim because it could never be the breed of dog, even though the breed of dog kills someone every few weeks (mainly children) and has been bred to fight to the death for over a century,and still is to this day. And you know what is never OK, to turn up to comment on stories where a child has been killed by a pitbull and blame the victim, sell your Pitiot propaganda and show more concern about the killer dog than the child. That's what is never OK. RIP Little man and know that for years there have been well meaning people trying to eliminate these tragedies and prevent your death, unfortunately there are too many Nutters like Briana standing in the way of efficient preventative measures. I don't know what happened to these people to make them care more about a fighting breed of dog more than human life, but they do, and little man, you paid the ultimate price.  

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These comments come from the foot soldiers in the pit bull advocacy army.  Who are the generals?  
Jane Berkey, heiress, literary agent, owner of the Animal Farm Foundation and its subsidiary the National 
Canine Research Council headed by Karen Delise.  Berkey's money funds pit bull advocacy on the highest
levels through grants and subsidies.  Ledy Vankavage, head of the legal department at Best Friends Animal
Society.  Best Friends lobbies anywhere that BSL exists or is being considered.  Ms. Vankavage is also a board 
member of the Animal Farm Foundation.  

How do these people sleep at night?  What kind of soap do they use to wash the blood off their hands?