Saturday, April 6, 2013

A new owner for Bones

Just when you think you have heard the last of Bones the Lexus Project comes through again.

A quick review Bones, the dog too dangerous to remain in New York City, has been missing since January 5th and is reportedly at large in Toledo Ohio.  Despite efforts of volunteers the dog has not been found.   Bones was involved in a murder in New York. A coroner's report was required to determine the cause of David Shadha's death, the attack by Bones or the head  injury inflicted on David by Bones owner Shaun Dyer.  For additional review please click here.  The Lexus Project, a group of animal rights lawyers, never ones to allow the euthanization of a blood soaked dog, demanded release of Bones.  In what Lexus apparently considered an absolute public relations coup, the New York courts gave title of Bones to the Lexus Project.  The Lexus Project was to remove the dog from the jurisdiction.

The blood soaked Bones.

There is far too much detail to rehash here but please feel free to enter "Bones" into the search box at the upper left of the screen.  You will be here for hours.

Since Bones, a dangerous dog transported across state lines for the purpose of "rehabilitation and rescue" has gone missing the lawyers of Lexus may have realized that since they are now the legal owners of the dog they may be in a world of trouble if Bones reappears and hurts somebody.  The Lexus project offered title of Bones to somebody, anybody, in the Toledo area stating that the search would be facilitated if the owner was local.  A highly desirable side effect of this transfer of title would release Lexus Project from liability.

The Lexus Project has announced that they have found just the right new title holder for Bones.  It is to be hoped that this placement was done with more care than the last one Lexus made for Bones but I suspect not.  The rescue industry desperately needs regulation.  

We finally received an email from a group about 40 minutes from where Bones was last seen. They have however asked us not to go public with their information. We have signed ownership over to them and have told them we will do whatever they ask of us in order to help them. They will email us with updates if any And we will copy and paste their updates. I just wish this happened months ago.

This is an update from Bones new owners.

This is an email from the new group that has ownership of Bones.

They are not admins on this page. They don't want any part of this page due to a few negative people.

April 7, 2013

In order to keep on top of any kind lead, which at this point seems like a moot point (but, hey you never know) the Lexus project has signed over ownership rights to small, well respected 501c3 bully breed rescue in the Toledo area with branches in several other states. They have asked to remain anonymous because of all they have seem on this page. One of the reasons we didn't step up earlier was because of the drama which no group wants and few tolerate. If there are any updates, we will be contacting tlp. If you dont see an update, there is none. Please don't speculate. That causes drama. If there is something to say, it will be said.

Every lead has been followed, all reports followed and people questioned. = No Bones.

We wish we could say this is promising, but reality tells us otherwise. There has never been one sighting of Bones, ever.

Any info on Bones can be sent to:

The email will be sent to the group who now owns Bones. So, you will not get a response unless the group has an answer and it will filter back through Tlp. Don't keep asking Tlp. They are waiting to hear from the group.

We, at the group who now "owns" Bones wants to thank TLP who has done an amazing job trying to find Bones and taught so many of us locals (as they call us!!) such a organized way to find a lost dog. Their compassion and reliability has been second to none and we are grateful to be on the same team. People in the area had no idea that Tlp was over 1000 miles away. Their presence was made known.

In as much we all agree that it's doubtful Bones will be found, at least we are here locally with ownership if he is.