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Death and Excuses, final fatal attacks in 2014

Fatal attacks have continued, sadly.  We will round up the 2014 fatal attacks today.  2015 is not beginning well, 2015 fatalities will be covered in the next installment of Death and Excuses.

A new feature on this post will be messages sent direct to the families of those killed by pit bulls. The public should be aware of the thought processes of those so invested in breed specific advocacy that they could even consider their messages appropriate.  These social misfits are the foot soldiers for Ledy Vankavage, Jane Berkey, and Karen Delise.

                                                                       * * *  

Marshall County Mississippi

David Glass Sr. was mauled to death by a neighbor's pit bulls, he was was found in a ditch by a passing motorist.  Glass died in a Memphis hospital.   Dog owner Eric Hodges was promptly charged with culpable negligent manslaughter.  Police removed three roaming pit bulls from Hodges' property and later removed for three more pit bulls that were tied up.

David Glass Jr.  told police that is father had been working on a friend's grave at the time of the attack.   Per WMCActionnews5 "Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson knew Glass Sr. and said he was very active at two churches in the community, Hudsonville Church and Sand Hill Church.
"I feel like I am a better man for having known him," Dickerson said.
David said his father helped him become a man, and he'll miss not being able to call him.
"That father son bond will just never grow old, I mean I'm going to miss that a ton just to pick up the phone and hear his voice and encouraging words," he said."

(Source: Glass family)
David Glass Sr. pictured with his family.

The pit bull owner, Eric Hodges, was arrested and charged with manslaughter by culpable negligence.

Local law enforcement stated that the community was considering some sort of animal control ordinance.  When the County Sheriff memorializes a man as Sheriff Dickerson did above, that is quite a tribute to a man who will obviously be missed.  

For video please click here.

                                                                    * * *

Cave City Ar.

Alice Payne, age 75 was mauled to death in her home by her own pit bull.  Per the South Missourian News, Payne fell and was attacked by her dog after the fall. Payne's daughter was a witness to the attack and called 911 for police and first responders.  Payne was dead on the living room floor by the time they arrived.  Family members were able to get the dog off the victim (the owner) and into the back yard.  The pit bull was put down by police.  Cave City does not have a dangerous dog ordinance but the Cave City Chief of police plans to ask the city council to consider one. 

Mrs Payne was well known in her community, she operated a local antique store.

Cave City Police Chief Nate Stephens had this to say about a proposed dog ordinance  "These dogs were bred to fight to death, bite harder, get stronger and be tougher. This breed is what is known as pit bulls. They get the name from the dogs being placed in pits to fight each other. These dogs weren't bred for intelligence, to be docile or make good pets. They were made to kill another man's dog. I have seen some pits that are really nice dogs. I have a friend who has one that will lick you to death. But you never know when a pit will go back to what it is bred to do. Some never do go back and continue to be good pets. However, it's a roll of the dice and you never know how they will fall. Statistics shows, that most will turn on their owners and usually a child of the owner. Some of them turn on who ever is handy when they decide to snap. Some say all dogs will bite and that is true, but pits are more likely to mall and finish the job if they can, and other breeds bite and run or back off. Pits can't be blamed, it was what they were made to do."

Clear thinking Chief, thank you!

                                                                 * * *

Modesto California

A man and his elderly mother were attacked by a neighbor's four pit bulls that had gotten into the victim's yard through a common fence.  Jaun Fernandez, 59 years old died of multiple traumatic injuries. Maria Frenandez,  his 77 year old mother, was critically injured and remained hospitalized for an extended period of time after the attack.  Per CBS SacramentoIn Tuesday’s mauling in Modesto, deputies responding to several 911 calls found Juan Fernandez being attacked by three pit bulls in the backyard of his home and a fourth pit bull circling him. Deputies shot and killed two of the dogs. The other two ran off to an adjacent yard but were later shot to death when they charged deputies trying to capture them, sheriff’s officials said.
The mother was found inside the home suffering from bite wounds and told deputies she, too, had been attacked by the dogs.
It was reported that Mr. Fernandez came home to find the four pit bulls attacking his mother in the yard.  He fought to protect her allowing her to escape into the house.  For video please click here.

For video of the pit bull owners avoiding reporters, and video of a local pit bull owner denying breed traits please click here.

                                                                       * * *

Dodge County Wisconsin

Seven year old Logan Meyer was killed by a Rottweiler owned by the family and being trained as a service dog.  Per the Sheriff, Logan let the dog out in the yard to relieve itself, there was no apparent reason for the attack.  Logan's mother called 911 to report a dog bite, law enforcement reported a horrific scene with major bites to Logan's head.  Upon arrival law enforcement found the Rottweiler back in his pen, wagging his tail .

The Rottweiler that killed Logan was imported from Holland and trained for personal protection and service.  Per Logan's mother, Tiffany Smith, Ozzy the Rottweiler had been living in the house with the family for three months with no problems. Tiffany and her husband Jessie had moved to the location, Platinum K9 Protection LLC (motto - Social Protection Dogs with a Switch) in Iron Ridge, just days prior to the attack.  They planned to run their business, Platinum K9 at that location.  Both Tiffany and Jessie Smith are affiliated with a Denver Indiana business, Vohne Liche Kennels, training dogs for the military and for police.  Jessie Smith is listed as co-founder and chairman of the Vohne Liche Kennels Executive and Family Protection group.  Tiffany Smith is listed as president and chief operating officer of the Executive and Family Protection group.   The Facebook page for the  Vohne Leche Kennels Executive and Family Protection group has been taken down.  No surprise.

Logan Meyer
Logan Meyer

The family had just started the new dog training business, Platinum K9 Protection LLC, and had no insurance at the time of Logan's death.  A gofundme account has been set up.  The dog was euthanized.

Here is a screenshot of Ozzy, the "Social Protection Dog with a Switch."

Here is a link to video, archived by, of Ozzy.  Note that the 3 1/2 to 4 year old "trained" Ozzy makes no response to simple commands like "come" and "sit" but according to audio on the tape Ozzy is bite trained and is expected to be sold to a doctor with three children.  The doctor is a very fortunate man.

It is lunacy to allow and/or expect a dog to be a final authority on who might or might not be a threat. It is a DOG.

                                                                    * * *

Robeson County  NC

Alameaner Dial, age 83, was transported to New Hanover Medical Center and then airlifted to UNC Hospital where she died a week later.  Mrs. Dial was attacked by pit bulls belonging to a relative.     

Per the Robesonian "Since her grandmother’s death one week ago, Lydia Hoyes and her parents have found comfort in knowing that 83-year-old Alemeaner Dial seemed to believe her time was near.
The week before Alemeaner was attacked by Lydia’s dogs, an attack that led to her death on Nov. 2, she began telling her 26-year-old granddaughter things she wanted her to know — “just in case.”
She took the father of Lydia’s son aside for a similar chat.
“She was telling him that he needed to be there for me, which was weird,” Lydia said.
Although devastated by her grandmother’s death, a week later, Lydia has stopped crying.
“Why should I cry? My grandma loved me,” she said.
Of Alemeaner’s 24 grandchildren, Lydia was the favorite, according to Alemeaner’s son-in-law, Ronald Locklear. He has been frustrated because some have tried to blame his daughter because the pit bulls were her’s.
Well, I guess that makes everything OK.  Grandma "knew her time was near" and took the opportunity to pass information on "just in case" to the VERY PEOPLE WHO OWNED THE DAMN PIT BULLS.

Mrs Dial

One of the family pit bulls that killed Alameaner Dial

Mrs. Dial's son offered this explanation for the attack, one that he did not see and other family members did see.  "Family members who arrived at the house while the attack was taking place say Alemeaner was dragged from her porch by the dogs while reading the paper. Ronald doubts that was the case, saying doctors told the family that three broken ribs suggests she had fallen.

“When Mom got up out of the chair instead of how she normally goes right on back to the house, the puppies were probably down there and she wanted to pet them … She must’ve fell on one of the puppies. She was rolled over on her back because they didn’t get to her back,” Ronald said, offering his explanation."

                                                                        * * *

 Fremont County WY  

A 40 year old woman was found on the Wind River Indian Reservation, hypothermic with severe injuries indicating an animal attack.  She died later that evening at SageWest Health Care. 

Investigators said Deanne Lynn Coando was attacked by "multiple dogs"  Per the Fremont County Ranger "Preliminary autopsy results indicate she died of hypothermia and blood loss from "serious injuries" suffered in the attack."

40 year old female found dead. Cause of death likely from an animal attack in conjunction with hypothermia.
For video please click here.

Pine Ridge SD

The Oglala Sioux tribe passed legislation, Braedons' Law  several years ago to ban Dobermans, Rottweilers and pit bulls on the reservation  When found these dogs are picked up and destroyed. This law was named after then five year Braedon Rodriguez, mauled by two dogs in 2003.  Per "Fillspipe researched the topic after her son Braedon was attacked by two dogs in 2003 when he was five years old. Fillspipe says he had to undergo 15 facial surgeries and still has nightmares about that day.
It's why “Braedon's Law,” was passed in 2006. Only Fillspipe says there has been a problem with enforcement on the reservation.  This is a key phrase "there has been a problem with enforcement on the reservation." 
 For video of Ellen Fillspipe's interview please click here.  

In a strange twist of fate, Braedon was a mentor to Jayla. Per the Rapid City Journal "Sixteen-year-old Braedon Rodriguez and 8-year-old Jayla Rodriguez maintained a close bond since being paired several years ago in a school mentoring program, according to Braedon’s mother, Ellen Fillspipe.
When Braedon walked into Jayla’s classroom the first time, she asked if they could be best friends and if their shared last name, Rodriguez, meant they were related.
“He said, ‘No, I don’t think so,’ and she looked really hurt that they weren’t,” Fillspipe said. “I think she was looking for family, so he said, ‘We can be related if you want to.’ ”
Afterward, according to Fillspipe, Jayla sometimes referred to Braedon as her cousin. When they passed each other in the hallways at Red Cloud School, their standard greeting was “Hi, best friend.”
Deputy Police Chief John Mousseau stated his department was doing everything possible to locate the pack.  Oglala Sioux tribal officials operating under the tribal law "Any and all stray unlicensed animals not displaying a current rabies tag that pose a threat to the health and safety of persons residing on the Pine Ridge Reservation will be destroyed immediately."rounded up and killed "a horse trailer full" of dogs at large.  The problem of stray and feral dogs on the reservation is described as severe.  For more information on the dog round up please click here.  

Jayla's family is in the process of creating a non profit organization to raise money to improve animal control on  the reservation.  The name chosen for the organization is "Jayla's Dream."  Per the Rapid City Journal "“We want to make sure this doesn’t ever happen again,” Cami Griffith said, referring to the reported dog attack on her niece.
She said family members are weighing needs on the reservation. Money raised by the nonprofit could support tribal animal control efforts, animal rescue organizations that work on the reservation, or the startup of an animal shelter, said Griffith, who formerly worked for the Humane Society of the Black Hills."
Ellen Fillspipe, newly elected Tribal Council member, wants to focus on enforcement of existing tribal law allowing tribal authorities to confiscate and euthanize banned breeds and other dogs deemed stray or dangerous.  Discussion is already underway about expanding the existing animal control program and moving the program out of the public health department and putting it under the authority of public safety officials.  

Photos of Jayla.  

                                                                              * * *

Stratford Connecticut

A 91 year old woman called 911 for help after being attacked by her own dog, identified as  Keeshond mix on November 14, 2014.  Stella Antanaitis was taken to Bridgeport  Hospital where she died of her injuries on November 18, 2014.

Neighbors stated that Mrs. Antanaitis had adopted the dog as a puppy and in the eight years she had the dog there had been no incidents with it.  According to police Antanaitis was attacked as she intervened in a fight between her dog and her Himalayan cat.  

For video please click here and here.
keeshound-mix brutally attacks owner of eight years

Madison NC

Jose Cruz Cazares Robles was visiting relatives in Madison.  The 62 year old man decided to go for a walk and did not return.  A Rockingham County Sheriff's Deputy found Robles body at the bottom of an embankment, covered with animal bites the following day.  The Deputy was driving down a road searching for Robles when a pack of dogs "aggressively confronted" his vehicle.  Another Deputy responded and was also confronted by the dogs.  Per WFMY  NewsThe deputies found the dogs owner who said the dogs would "bite the ankles" of strangers near the property. In the application for search warrant, Detective Maryann Webb wrote, "Both investigators made contact with the dog owner and inquired about the dogs. She advised she was the owner and that they would 'bite the ankles' of strangers who were near the property."

After the dog owner secured the dogs Robles body was located.  Fifteen dogs were seized, including 6 Hounds, 3 Heelers, and 6 Australian Shepherds.

Jose Cruz Cazares Robles

Autopsy results indicate Mr. Robles died of an "acute myocardial infarction in the setting of a dog attack and underlying atherosclerosis."  Underlying atherosclerosis is pretty much the norm for 62 year old men.  Having a heart attack while being attacked by a pack of dogs is no medical mystery.

                                                                     * * *

Pollock LA

Eighty five year old Bobbie Cheveallier was attacked on 11/26/2014 by stray dogs after she took some trash to burn outside her house.  A neighbor noticed the dogs and went to Cheveallier's yard to investigate finding her on the ground without skin on most of her legs, most of the tissues and muscles mutilated.  She was transported to Rapides Regional Medical Center where both legs were amputated above the knees.  Bobbie Jean CHEVALIER was the most Angelic person I knew as a kid. Her husband, Virgil, returned from WWII wheelchair bound. She lovingly cared for him for many years until his passing. We pray for her family.--- Written by Dan S Cruse, Irrigon, Oregon.Mrs. Cheveallier died 12/1/2014.

Local authorities captured 15 dogs from the area so that DNA samples could be taken.  Fourteen of the dogs belonged to the same owner, Mrs. Cheveallier's next door neighbor.  

Mrs. Cheveallier was well thought of in her community.  This comment was posted after an article on her death.  Quite a tribute.  "Bobbie Jean CHEVALIER was the most Angelic person I knew as a kid. Her husband, Virgil, returned from WWII wheelchair bound. She lovingly cared for him for many years until his passing. We pray for her family.--- Written by Dan S Cruse, Irrigon, Oregon."

Woman killed by dogs, pollock, grant parish, Louisiana

Local officials are considering new animal control ordinances.

Crystal River Florida

A two year old child was killed by family owned Rottweilers, the child was attacked in the yard somewhere, no adult was present.  The parents, Christopher Camejo and Claudia Scarborough were inside the home with friends and their other two children at the time of Christopher Camejo death.

Animal Control removed four Rottweilers and an additional dog from the home.  Per reports, several Chihuahua puppies were not seized.  The department of Children and Family Services removed a one year old child and a five year old child from the residence.  Per 10News "Despite the tragedy, the father of the child, Chris Camejo, was arrested on an unrelated charge in his driveway. Camejo was arrested as he was in violation of an injunction for protection and was taken into custody at that time. The injunction had been served in another county on behalf of Claudia Scarbrough.

Christopher Camejo was charged with manslaughter and
Father Chris Camejo was charged with manslaughter and child neglect in the death of his son.

Claudia Scarbrough was charged with manslaughter and
Mother Claudia Scarborough was charged with manslaughter and child neglect in the death of her son.
Animal Control Officers responded and removed the four
One of the Rottweilers removed from the property.  They all looked the same.

                                                                  * * *

San Antonio TX

An article from My San Antonio dated 12/12/2014 follows up on newly filed felony charges in the case of the fatal mauling of Petra Aguirre.  Per MySA "Petra Aguirre, was feeding her cats on March 31 in the backyard of her home on the 900 block of Southwest 38th Street when two of Rojas’ dogs crawled under the fence and attacked her, authorities and Aguirre’s family have said."  Mrs. Aguirre died two weeks after the attack at University Hospital.

Pit bull owner Perla Rojas, 34 years old, was indicted on a felony charge of dangerous dog attack leading to death. If convicted she could face up to 20 years in prison.  Rojas was booked November 25th, and was held in the Bexar County jail in lieu of a $20,000 bail.

Rojas' pit bulls Skirtgles, Bebe, (both identified as American Staffordshire Terrier mixes) and another dog that also belonged to Rojas attacked a 13 year old boy in May of 2013.  The boy was bitten on his legs and his buttocks, the dogs were quarantined at that time.  Rojas paid for their release, she also paid for licensing her pit bulls, microchips, and rabies vaccinations.   Allowing one free bite from Rojas' pit bulls cost a fine woman her life.

Skirtgles and Bebe received their well earned dirt naps after the death of Petra Aguirre.

For more information please click here.

Petra Aguirre died from multiple dog bites.
Petra Aguirre

 Perla Rojas. Photo: Courtesy Bexar County Sheriff's Office
Orange may be the new black for pit bull owner Perla Rojas.

                                                              * * *

Flour Bluff TX
Rita Woodward, also known as Rita Ross, was found dead at her home.  She had been attacked by dogs that she was fostering for a local rescue group, For the Love of Strays.  Per KIIITV "The Medical Examiner released a report late Tuesday stating that Ross had died from coronary artery atherosclerosis following multiple dog bites. Corpus Christi Police Department Commander John Houston, who supervises Animal Care Services, said it appeared that five of the 17 dogs found at Ross's home were responsible for the attack. Those five will likely be euthanized."
When the body was discovered in her yard on  Monday evening, several dogs were seen feeding on the remains.  One of Ross's dogs was euthanized due to injuries caused by the attacking dogs.  A total of 17 dogs were found on Ross's property.

Rita Ross

Photo posted by Ross on Facebook.  This is one of her dogs.  This is not a poodle.  Please click here for a link to more photos posted by Ross of her dogs.   There are no Poodles to be found.  Here is a comment made on a news story "Angelina So Blessed Channel 10, I just read the article? Where is this info coming from? I saw the news last night on another channel that said the same thing. ... this lovely lady loved these furbabies as they loved her..... Even the A.C. workers said all her furbabies were good...... Most of them being pitties... Shame on yall with this story without giving sources!!!!! I don't believe this!!!!!"
More from Angelina "Angelina So Blessed That was fast but I believe they probably tried helping her..... Dogs have good instincts, especially pitties. ... my opinion as I have always had pitties. Thank you for replying Ch 10.

More from the outer limitsVeronica Lankford HER DOGS TURNED ON HER????? COME ON PEOPLE!!!! Have some damn RESPECT!! Her dogs where her life!!! She would NEVER want this to be written about her dogs. Her passion was saving dogs and helping whom ever she met. This is all about ratings and has nothing to do with the TRUTH!! I should of NEVER read this.


Patricia R. Ann My condolence goes out to family,but it really tears me up when it has to do w pit bulls in the past I used to raise pitts and I had a Pitt and as she grew all she wanted was to be treaded like a baby to be carried or just go on rides .what I say people need to see what the Pitt was going through or treated or was it feed they were fosyered so of courses they will act different because they get thrown like trash and Pitts eat a lot ??? People need to see them different how they are being treated my prayers goes out to the family but I will speack up for pitts...

Tobias Benjamin It's because of headlines like this that I have a hard time finding foster homes for our rescues.

For the Love of Strays members congregate in front of Rita Ross's home.

Portage Indiana

Edward Cahill, age 40, was pronounced dead at his home on Christmas Day after being attacked and killed by his own pit bull. Per nwi.comPolice said Cahill was found in the living room of the residence covered in what appeared to be several lacerations to his arms and face. Police said what appeared to be blood was visible on the floor around Cahill's body, on the carpet, walls and furniture.
Two pit bulls were in the home when police arrived. Harris confirmed Cahill's dog, named FatBoi, was alone responsible for his death. The other pit bull was put away in a bedroom.
The dog involved in the attack was taken to the Humane Society of Hobart where he was euthanized Friday morning.
Cahill's body was found by his girlfriend at about 8 pm, she was not home at the time of the attack. She stated to Police that she and Cahill had given large bones to their pit bulls on Christmas Eve and Fat Boy (the killer pit bull) was extremely aggressive and protective of the bone and would growl and snap at anyone who might try to take the bone.  It is also telling that Fat Boy was "extremely aggressive and unpredictable" and the girlfriend had asked Cahill to euthanize the dog.

Here is a description of FatBoi's behavior "According to police reports, an Animal Control officer and a police officer on the scene attempted to remove FatBoi with an animal control pole known as a trap line. Police said Fat Boy was on top of a bed, "continuously barking, growling, standing in an aggressive stance and lunging toward officers" and when he edged closer to the side of the bed toward the officers, a police officer deployed his Taser, striking the dog in the right side until he fell on the floor.
According to police reports, animal control was not able to get the trap line around the dog's neck prior to the end of the 5-second Taser cycle, so he allowed the Taser to cycle through until they could gain control of the dog.
Once they managed to place the trap line around the pit bull's neck, he was removed from the residence and taken to an animal control van, according to police reports. Police reported that FatBoi bit the trap line in such a manner that he caused his mouth to bleed until he was secured in the van. "
Charming.  Watch the video here for a cheerful day-after-the-death interview with the woman variously described as Cahill's girlfriend and as his wife, Bianca Rodriguez.  Rodriguez is already backing away from her statements to police on FatBoi's temperament and defending the breed. Rodriguez goes on to say that FatBoi's cremains would be buried with Cahill.  This is a flashback to the Darla Napora mauling death.  Napora was buried with her unborn child and the cremated remains of Gunner, the dog that killed them both.  Note to pit bull advocates - this arrangement is very creepy to normal people.

This is a post by Cahill on his Facebook page noting aggression from FatBoi dated 12/10/2014

Eddie cahill, killed by pet pit bull named fat boy
Eddie Cahill and FatBoi in better times. Eddie owned FatBoi for eight years.

                                                                 * * *

Moving on to comments went direct to parents of children mauled to death by pit bulls.  What causes this kind of mental illness?

Here we are with a collection of news article comments.  Appropriate for stories about fatal attacks?

Derek Xblitz Howe · Customer Care Representative at Sykes - Eugene
So tell me, I really must know. How is it that pits are needing to be banned? German shepards have been bred and trained for violence for decades. No one cares about them? Dobermans? Nope no one cares. Stop spreading your propaganda. You guys are like the nazis of the dog world.
Derek Xblitz Howe · Customer Care Representative at Sykes - Eugene
Alright so let's play a numbers game? Would I be too out of line to say that pit bull type breeds are the majority of the breeds in America today? They take up a pretty large portion of the pie graph of dog types in America? Then just by pure probability you will have more aggressive pits than others. Specially with the tools out there who breed for the trait. But what I will not stand for is for someone to come in my home and tell me I cannot have the dog I want. That is a god given right. I believe that falls under the pursuit of happiness in the inalienable rights thing. It's one thing to say no pits in a rental. But if I own my property. Lol no I will not stand for it. All this being said, this is a tragic accident. My heart goes out to the family.

Note to Derek, dogs are personal property and may be regulated for the purpose of public safety.  Cars,  motorcycles, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, drugs, all personal property and all regulated.  Zoning regulations tell you what you may do with your own home, businesses are regulated.  There is no God given "right" to keep any dog you may choose.  You may not keep a lion or a bear as a pet either in most places.   The public has a right to safety in the community.  By including a "LOL" in your remarks you indicate that you have no actual understanding of the loss of the Glass family.   

Kathi Elam Norris ·  Top Commenter · North Lake College
Heartbreaking for the family. Thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Tom ~ I wonder how many of these dogs were DNA tested. Without dna testing your research is junk. You must have a lot of time on your hands. No dog is inherently dangerous, just like no man of color is inherently dangerous. Pit Bulls are the most overbred dog in the people that abuse them and use them for fight, bait, and guard. Any dog can be turn mean if abused and tortured!! You should also research dog temperament tests. Pit Bull consistently places in the top 2 year after year. There is actually science behind the testing. There is no science in inaccurate numbers. Pit Bull attacks are the only ones that ever make the news. What about the Pomeranian that killed the baby, or the golden retriever that also killed a baby? I have 3 pit bulls, never been bitten, or scratched by any of them...only by the chihuahua! You people chanting and ranting believe everything you hear on TV, no matter how sensationalized! You don't know Pit Bulls like the owners and rescuers do. I am not going to banter with people that don't know what they are talking about. I am educated and know better than to believe the media unless there is evidence to back it up. Everybody blames the Pit Bull for everything...smh Oh and Tom a Bull Mastiff is not a Pit Bull. A dna test will prove it!

Kat Lynn

OMG! These comments are so accurate!!!! NOT.

Any animal can turn on their owner, it's easier for people to quickly assume it was all the dog's fault, because of course like anything, this particular breed is solely bred to kill. Correct? False! Stick to the facts and statistics of these brilliant animals. You don't know the living conditions the dog was in, or how this elderly woman treated it leading up to the attack. All you know is what was reported and what you read. They are animals, they too have feelings, sadly they can't speak for themselves. So, please don't buy into the Pit Bull hatred and try not to believe everything you read. -_-

Krystina Coker · Kirkland, Washington
You clearly are not of an intelligent class. If you were, you would know that the pit bull species are not ones to blame for this terrible crime but the unjust nature of the owners. Being an owner of several pit bulls throughout the years, I have come to know that this species are ones to be cherished. Their is not one cruel bone in their bodies that I have seen besides those cruel soles that unfortunately try and imprint themselves into these helpless soles.

Skyler Coker · Works at Microsoft
Your sweeping generalizations are a clear indication of your ignorance. May by the grace of God you be struck down by lightning, a meteorite, or more fitting, a pack of feral cats. You are the definition of a waste of life.

Matt Pellerin ·  Top Commenter
They are not attack animals. They are actually show ring. Huge difference

Just because it was a pit bull people are so quick to jump the gun just like if it was black person. Even Obama spoke on BSL. People not so long ago a woman was attacked by mixed dogs aka muts and killed didn't see no of you freaking about that. Like I said just because it's a pit you want to talk mess about the breed. I wonder what your breed is and how special you think you are because in my opinion your breed the wrong way.  
So you mite as well say your prejudice because look at it like if the dogs where people and my German was white because I trained him to be apart of the higher class white community. And the pit bull is black because according to crime rates African American commit more crime according to the crime rate polls and according to dog bite rates pit bulls bite more than others. Now because the white man is not known of violence you are easier to give him a lesser charge than the black man because he is black you assume he was breed to do something wrong but both have committed same crime.

Derek is back and here he begins with making up facts and goes on to pure lunacy.  Pit bulls are roughly 5% of dogs in America.  No one has mentioned anything about his personal dogs.  Ownership of dogs is not a God given right but rather a privilege.  Dogs are personal property and may be regulated for the purpose of public safety.  How do you go direct from LOL to "this is a tragic accident. My heart goes out to the family?    Note to Derek, the LOL is inappropriate given the topic.
Derek Xblitz Howe · Customer Care Representative at Sykes - Eugene
Alright so let's play a numbers game? Would I be too out of line to say that pit bull type breeds are the majority of the breeds in America today? They take up a pretty large portion of the pie graph of dog types in America? Then just by pure probability you will have more aggressive pits than others. Specially with the tools out there who breed for the trait. But what I will not stand for is for someone to come in my home and tell me I cannot have the dog I want. That is a god given right. I believe that falls under the pursuit of happiness in the inalienable rights thing. It's one thing to say no pits in a rental. But if I own my property. Lol no I will not stand for it. All this being said, this is a tragic accident. My heart goes out to the family.

We have not bothered to include the ramblings of Clay Hundenshire/Clay Hund/Fast Eddie/Snowbird or Bob Cronk.  The remarks don't change from mauling death to mauling death.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ohio Pit Bull Roundup, installment #1

This is a ragged collection of Ohio pit bull attacks.  It is very difficult to keep up with Ohio pit bulls.  There is no explanation for the failure of any logical order here other than the sheer numbers of incidents.  This post will have to be broken into several manageable installments.  Please enjoy installment #1.

                                                                        * * *  

The verdict is guilty in the case of a Toledo couple charged after the pit bull attack on a mentally disabled woman living in their home.  The victim, Susan Demski, was the sister of Norman Demski who was found guilty on charges of patient endangerment, a first degree misdemeanor.  He faces up to six months in jail.

Norman's wife Susan faces up to a year in prison on charges of attempted assault.

Norman and Susan Demski

The Demski home.

For more information please click here.

                                                              * * *

Toledo Ohio

Here is an update on Jovie the underweight pit bull puppy in Toledo Ohio.  At 8 months old Jovie is now up to 19 pounds and is described by the Toledo Blade as "feisty".  This is the Toledo Blade so Jean Keating is heavily quoted for those who follow Ms. Keating's breed specific advocacy.

Late update.  Jovie has died following surgery to correct intestinal malformations.

                                                            * * *

Warren Ohio

Let me know when this story makes sense.  A 25 year old woman was bitten on the hip by a brown and white pit bull.  She was still bleeding when police arrived at the scene.  A police officer spotted the pit bull with a second dog nearby (breed of the second dog was not reported).  Both dogs were reportedly aggressive and were very close to a church where a funeral was in progress and 80 people were standing outside.  One dog was snared by police, the brown and white pit bull ran to a nearby house.  An officer spoke to the owner of the house, she is also apparently the owner of both dogs.  She told police that she can't control the dogs, they don't have their vaccinations, they are not licensed, there is no insurance AND she can't afford the $56 fee to surrender the dogs to the Trumbell County dog kennel so police LEFT THE DOGS WITH HER.  What?????  

This statement comes from Gwen Logan, executive dog warden for the Trumbell County dog kennel “Dog wardens in Ohio have the authority to take stray animals. By law we don’t have to take owner dogs,” Logan said. She added that animal-rescue organizations are the place to turn to if someone has a dog that they can’t afford and can’t handle.

How is the safety of the public served when vicious dogs are left with incompetent dog owners BECAUSE they are incompetent, irresponsible, and financially incapable of taking care of their dogs?

                                                           * * *

Middletown Ohio

Residents of Mark Kumpf's territory came up with this interesting attack story.   A two year old girl was reportedly bitten by a neighborhood dog while building a snowman with her father in the backyard of her grandparent's home in Middletown.  The father, Tyler Smith, of Dayton, told police that he grabbed the dog by the neck and choked it until it released his daughter. Quite the hero. Smith then drove his child to a local medical facility, the child was transported to Dayton Children's Hospital where she received 80 stitches to her face.

A local resident was cited for dog at large but she stated that her dog was confined at home at the time of the attack but had been at large earlier in the day.  Per " Today, police told this news outlet that the family may have devised their story in order to spare the family pet. 

"We received further information last night," said Middletown Police Major Mark Hoffman. "At this point, we believe it was the family dog, the victim's own dog bit her." 

According to a police report, Kimberly Brumett-Smith told police that Tyler Smith, her son, sent her a text message telling her not to tell the truth to the police. Brumett-Smith told police it was actually her dog, which she described as a brown pit bull, that bit her granddaughter in the face at her residence. 

"We will be looking at withdrawing the charges on the other dog (owner), if we can determine it was not indeed running loose," Hoffman said. 

An anonymous caller told police that "several people who were present in the residence on Woodlawn had made up the story so that they would not get in trouble and that their dog will not be taken," according to the police report." 

Police said new witness statements lead them to believe it was the family dog that bit Nicole and Tyler Smith’s two-year-old daughter.
The Smith Family.

Dog bites two-year-old girl in the face photo
Monroe Smith

The Journal News tells us that Monroe Smith's parents had plans for her to enter beauty pageants prior to the pit bull attack that scarred her face.  

                                                                       * * *

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation

This will just make your day if you are an Ohio taxpayer.  A convicted murderer won a judgement against the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation because he was bitten by a dog that was part of a state prison adopt-a-dog program.   It is possible that the dog mentioned in this Toledo Blade article is the dog in question, if not they it was a program just like Toledo's.  Here is a quote from an article on dogs in the program "One that had gone for behavior-modification training with the Prisoners Helping Dogs program at Toledo Correctional Institution bit his inmate trainer over a toy and was killed."

Background on the Behavior Modification Program.  Toledo is possibly the most pit bull positive city in the world, absolutely the most pit bull positive in Ohio.  Toledo is also over run with pit bulls that find themselves in the Lucas County Canine Care and Control facility run by Lucas County Dog Warden Julie Lyle.  A quote from the Blade "With less than a week remaining, a 60-day pilot program at Lucas County Canine Care & Control to cut down on the killing of food-guarding dogs has resulted in more dogs killed than saved.  “We have mixed results at this point,” shelter Director Julie Lyle said. “We’re going to finish it out and see what we’ve got,” she said. The program that began March 5 provides constant access to food, a technique called free-feeding, for dogs that freeze or growl over a food bowl but who do well in all other areas of their behavior evaluations."

Dogs in shelters are temperament tested prior to being offered for adoption.  Part of the protocol tests the dog's behavior around food.  For public safety reasons dogs behaving in an aggressive manner and failing the test are not offered to the public, may be offered to rescues (who then offer the dogs to the public)  or may be euthanized.  Julie Lyle's job is to protect the safety of the public and she has done her job responsibly by humanely euthanizing dogs failing the behavior assessment.

Please read the linked Toledo Blade article for more information and lunacy.  Please note the slant on long suffering Lucas County Dog Warden Julie Lyle.  She is doing the job she was hired to do folks.

As usual, I have digressed.  Back to Vincent Doan, age 42, serving a life sentence for the kidnapping and aggravated murder of his girlfriend in 1996.  Doan filed a negligence lawsuit against prison officials after he was attacked by a dog at the Correctional Reception Center.  Per the Columbus DispatchDoan claimed he suffered permanent disfigurement and nerve damage when he was mauled by the dog, losing part of his nose and receiving a hole in his cheek. 
He claimed prison officials were aware the dog was vicious and were negligent in allowing inmates to care for the animal. Inmates are assigned to care for and train homeless dogs that then are made available for adoption by the public." 

Doan will receive a $7500 settlement.

Taxpayers are picking up all the bills here, Doan will be a taxpayer liability for as long as he lives. Taxpayers are paying the bills for municipal shelters and the programs they run.  Taxpayers usually pay the bills for attack victims, medical bills for pit bull attack victim Zainabou Drame total roughly a million dollars with no end in sight.  Taxpayers will pay the settlement to Doan.  Money well spent? I don't think so.  Some dogs can't be saved, they are, for whatever reason, not suited for life in our communities.  They are dangerous and "training" to pass behavior evaluations is wasting taxpayer dollars and puts the public at  risk.  

                                                                 * * *


A twelve year old Dayton child reported that he was charged and chased by two dogs described as pit bulls as he was walking to school.  The boy was able to make it back home, his father had to take his son to school. Animal Control reported that the dogs were pit bulls and were not licensed. It is not clear if the Animal Control officers were employed by the city of Dayton or the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center run by Montgomery County dog warden Mark Kumpf.

The pit bull owner was cited and a hole in the owner's fence was found that allowed the pit bulls to escape and menace the public.   Shocking that this would happen in Dayton.
 Dayton police cruiser

                                                                        * * *

DAYTON again.

Here is the story.  A 14 year old boy took his pit bull, named "Menace", for a walk.  The boy's mother reported that a neighbor's pit bull, named "Jada" ran from a backyard and attempted to bite her son.  The boy told police that before Jada could lunge at him Menace jumped into action, positioning himself between Jada and the boy.  At this point Jada attacked Menace, biting Menace on the side of his head.  Jada's owner ran from his house and was able to take his mauler home.

Menace displayed a punctured ear with part of the ear missing.

Jada's owner told police that he was in his yard grilling dinner with Jada off leash and free to roam.  Jada ran out of  the yard and down the street to attack Menace.  Jada's owner was bitten while trying to regain control of the charming Jada.   Jada's owner was cited.  Shocking that this would happen in Dayton.

                                                                        * * *

Cincinnati Ohio

While Cincinnati pit bull advocates lobby for laws soft on pit bulls, pit bull victim Brandon Williams of Newport Tennessee was driven to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Cincinnati for surgery to improve his hearing since both of his ears were torn off in a pit bull attack.  Reports indicate that teh surgery was successful.  In August 2011 Brandon was carrying packages to a neighbor's home when he was attacked by the pit bulls.  This was Brandon's fifth surgery.

Shriners members transport patients to the hospital and back home, all costs for treatment and surgeries are paid by the Shriners. This is a very fine organization, fine hospital, very worthy of support by the public.  I am proud that my family members honor my birthday and Christmas with contributions to the Shriners Hospital for Children made in my name.  This pleases me very much.

r -- Brandon Williams 2
Brandon Williams, honor roll student and pit bull victim.

                                                                        * * *

Youngstown Ohio

From the "wouldn't mandatory neuter and spay be more humane than this?" files.  A pit bull was found at large in the McGuffey Road area with an arrow in his face, just below his right eye.  Rick Tunison of the Mahoning County Dog Warden's office stated the pit bull is expected to make a full recovery after surgery. It is not known who shot the dog, a neighborhood resident claims to own it.  For video of the capture please click here.  This pit bull does not appear to be troubled by the arrow even a little bit. Capture of the dog took about an hour and involved police, humane agents, and a deputy dog warden.  The costs of efforts like this are not recognized by those who claim that breed specific legislation is expensive for taxpayers.

                                                                 * * *

I will try to make the Ohio pit bull roundup a weekly event.  It gets out of control very quickly.