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Pit bull roundup 10/25/2015. Attacks on children and adults, little dogs mauled to death, pits shot by police and by citizens, clueless rescue angels.

Montgomery County

A Dayton teenager was bitten in the face by a neighbor's pit bull.  The pit bull ran from the owner's yard to attack the 14 year old. The girl required stitches to her upper lip and will require dental implant surgery to replace a tooth knocked out  by the the neighbor's pit.  The dog was known to the girl and considered safe and friendly.  As always,  the pit bull owner believes that her dog did not bite the girl but instead "got excited" jumped on the girl, knocked out her tooth and scratched her but did not bite her.

ABC22 News in Dayton began this story with "Another day, another dog bite in Dayton.  This time a 14 year old girl."  It was reported that as of July Dayton Children's Hospital had treated 126 children for dog bites. Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley promises to look into tougher laws to protect the public from vicious dogs. Getting to be routine in Dayton.  Please keep in mind that the Montgomery County commissioners gave Mark Kumpf, Montgomery County dog warden, a raise this year while admitting that the year had been "difficult."

                                                      * * *

Port Clinton Ohio
Ottawa County

A 10 year old pit bull jumped a fence in Port Clinton to kill a seven year old Pomeranian in the yard of the Pomeranian owner and then went on to go after the owner of the dead Pomeranian.  The girlfriend of  Astro the pit bull's owner, took control of Astro after the attack, a responding Police officer put Astro in the back of his cruiser and followed procedure by notifying the county dog warden. The dog warden refused to respond to the scene and told police to release Astro right back to the owner "because the dog attacked another dog and not a human being."  Even the pit bull owner was surprised by this and promised to have Astro put down after the 10 day rabies confinement.  William Yount, owner of Astro was charged with the misdemeanor Failure to Confine a Dangerous Dog with a possible fine of $250.

The owners of both dogs are upset the Ottawa County Dog Warden did not seize the pit bull.

                                                                    * * *

North Canton Ohio
Stark County

A North Canton family dropped off their little eight pound Pomeranian/Poodle mix dog at Promway Kennels, they were on their way out of town for a business trip.  They have used Promway Kennels many times in the past and were pleased at the care Shadow received.  Things did not go so well this time.

 Kennel owner Bill "Novotny said a kennel employee mistakenly put Shadow in the area where two lab-pit bull mix dogs were and they attacked Shadow.  The dogs were rescued from a shelter and Novotny said he was trying to find them a home.
At the time of the Newsnet5 news article dealing with this senseless death the owner of Promway Kennel, Bill Novotny, had not apologized to Shadow's owners and appears in the video with this story calling the mistake leading to Shadow being in the same run with the pit mixes as "unfortunate."  Do you think Novotny learned anything here?

The answer to that is no.  Below is a Facebook post made by Bill Novotny in early July of this year, just weeks after the mauling death of little Shadow.  Please take a look at the Facebook page for Promway Kennels. Novotny is STILL pulling unplaceable pit bulls from shelters, fostering and adopting out these pit bulls from his business.  That business is caring for other people's beloved pets.  Please spend a few minutes watching the videos of Novotny's interviews.  He is relaxed, genial, smiling, while talking about the death of a client.  While a "trusted employee" may have made an "unfortunate mistake" leading to the death of eight pound Shadow, the big mistake was made by Novotny. He is responsible for housing rescue pit bulls at the Promway facility.  Novotny made the choice to harbor and "work with" the pit bull that killed Shadow.  Novotny stated that the killer pit bull was euthanized but he has apparently learned nothing from Shadow's death.

From the Promway Kennels Facebook page.
Fosters that are currently at Promway- call Bill (330-494-8100) between 8am-5pm to set up a time to meet them - we would love for them to find their forever home!

  More on the available pit bull Dalton.  Background information, Dalton has been at Promway, waiting for placement for 3 1/2 YEARS.  Dalton has his own Facebook page.
Dalton is enjoying his morning with some cuddle time.
For those who might be looking for a second hand, apparently unplaceable pit bull, GOOD NEWS, Dalton and Lexi are still available.  Novotny also places non-pit bulls and finds takers for these dogs but the pits stay on and on.  Does this tell him something?

NEWSFLASH, There is a  reason these pit bulls are in the rescue system. They have already failed in at least one household, likely more, killed another dog, killed a cat, bit the owner, bit a neighbor, jumped a fence and created a dangerous nuisance in a neighborhood, cited by animal control, the classic reasons for surrender of a pit bull.  Relocating these secondhand maulers is a dangerous business.  Shadow paid with his life.  Pit bull advocacy refuses to learn.  Promway kennels has been in business for 30 years, there is no excuse for the death of Shadow. Bill Novotny knows better.
Promway Kennels

For additional video please click here.

As it might be suspected, this particular attack touched a nerve with me. I will end this section of the post with a meme from the Facebook page for Dalton of Promway (the unplaceable pit bull) posted May 30th, just prior to the pit bull mauling death of Shadow..

Clueless?  Yes.  Sanctimonious?  Yes.  Learning from the death of a client's dog in an attack that that may well be a kick in the financial bottom line of your business?  Nope.  Why do pit bull activists feel that the peaceful public just needs a little "education" about pit bulls?  The actual news educates us every day. Educate yourselves.                                                      

                                                                         * * *

South Toledo Ohio
Lucas County

Per the Toledo Blade, a Lucas County deputy dog warden and two police officers responded to an animal complaint.  A resident stated that he had been walking in an alley when he was attacked by three dogs that had escaped from Jay Rummel's residence.  When the animal control officer was serving the citation for failure to confine the dogs to Rummel, Rummel's 20 year old roommate Brandon Gill opened the door and let the three dogs out again, disobeying a direct order from police to keep the door shut. After the dogs were let out they charged police.  The lead dog was shot several times. Per police reports, after the dog was shot Gill "came off the porch and started swinging at the officers."  After a brief struggle Gill was taken into custody, charged with felonious assault on a police officer, ordered held at the Lucas County jail in lieu of the bond pending a preliminary hearing.

The dog, a pit bull (surprise!) was taken to a local veterinarian but the injuries were noted to be very serious.  Rummell surrendered his pit bull to  Lucas County Canine Care and Control.  Julie Lyle, Lucas County dog warden, stated the pit bull had been shot in the left front leg, left shoulder area, and right leg.  The pit bull was euthanized.

Animal Control officers investigating this incident discovered that a second of Rummell's pit bulls was also involved in the biting incident earlier in the day.  This pit bull was seized and declared vicious.  Rummell stated to reporters that his dogs were not aggressive with people (despite biting a passerby and charging police) had not bitten anyone in the past but could be "territorial."  Rummell was allowed to keep the remaining pit bull.

                                                                  * * *                                                    
Norton Ohio
Summit County

From the Norton Ohio Police blotterPolice were called to a Norton Avenue residence June 5 after a man reported his dogs were attacked by a pit bull that was running loose in the area. Officers observed bite wounds on one dog’s head and neck and the other dog’s snout. The pit bull had been corralled and the county dog warden was notified.  

                                                              * * *

Cleveland Ohio
Cuyahoga County

A federal judge in Cleveland sentenced the organizer of an Akron dog fighting ring to two years in prison.  The raid on the Akron dog fighting ring has been covered in Scorched Earth blogs several times.

 Per WDTN News "56-year-old Alvin Banks apologized during the hearing Tuesday, saying he grew up with people who had dogs fight and didn’t realize the practice is inhumane. He pleaded guilty in April to five charges, three related to dog-fighting, a felon in possession of a firearm, and marijuana possession."  

"He didn't realize the practice (of dog fighting) is inhumane?"  You can't make this stuff up.  Mr. Banks will have two years to think about this.


                                                                   * * *

Toledo Ohio
Lucas County

Two pit bulls were shot by a citizen in Toledo but the Toledo Blade did not cover the story. A Toledo dog owner found his neighbor's two pit bulls attacking his own German Shepherd, in his own yard.  Per the Chronicle " a 29-year-old man from Toledo heard dogs growling in his front yard. He found his German shepherd pinned down by the neighbor’s two pit bulls. One of the pit bulls was biting the dog’s neck, while the other one was on top of the German shepherd biting his hindquarters. 
After attempts to scare the dogs failed, the man went into his house and retrieved his shotgun. He fired one warning shot, and when the dogs continued their attack, he shot at each of the pit bulls. Although the dogs retreated, one returned and approached the man"  That pit bull was shot and killed.
The pit bull owner stated that his son had left a gate open allowing the pit bulls to escape and he understands why his pit bulls were shot.   The German Shepherd was reported to be in critical condition at a local veterinary hospital.

                                                                 * * *

Toledo Ohio
Lucas County

A Toledo woman surrendered 14 dogs to a local Humane Society after Toledo police responded to a noise complaint of dogs barking.  The residence where the dogs were housed had no furniture and was unoccupied other than the 20 dogs found there.  The owner stated that she was in the process of buying the house but humane officials referred to the residence as "unsanitary because of fecal matter and urine"  Just picture it.

Per the Toledo Blade "  The owner said she first bought a female from a man selling puppies on the street, and could not afford to get her spayed then. The dog got pregnant, and the situation spiraled from there as the dogs continued to breed.
“It got out of hand,” she said. “I love dogs, and I thought I could do it on my own. ... I knew I needed help, but every place I contacted would either not call me back or tried to send me in a different direction, which always never helped.”
 My guess is that neighbors are VERY pleased with the removal of these dogs.

                                                                * * *

Youngstown Ohio
Mahoning County

A Youngstown woman, walking in a local park was attacked by a pit bull.
“Horrifying” and “terrifying”... Those are two words used by a south side woman to describe her encounter with a dog while exercising at a city park.
June Calhoun was taking a late morning walk at Jackson Park in the area of Lenox and Windsor Streets, when she found herself caught in a pitbull's stare.
"I didn't hear him. I didn't see where he came from. He jumped at me."
After the dog knocked June down, she found a stick and threw it at him. He backed off, but as she was trying to get up, he jumped on her again.
"Oh they can jump so high. Unbelievable! And he's muscle, you know, he knocked me down."
Her arms took the brunt of the dog's aggression because June was trying to protect a more vital part of her body.
"I don't know where I got that strength, but I was going to survive because he was trying to go for my neck. And why I was putting my arms up like that."
Calhoun was able to signal a jeep passing by as the dog was distracted.
"And I was able to run over to the truck but he saw me again and came after me again. I was able to get in the truck before he get to me."
June says the dog ripped the skin on her right wrist. She also has bites on her left hand, arm and knee. Her right shoulder was also injured in the attack.

The pit bull was unlicensed. The Mahoning County dog warden expected to file charges for failure to control and failure to license. The dog was being quarantined in the owner's possession.  

                                                             * * *

West Chester Ohio
Butler County

A tiny Poodle was attacked by a pit bull, and a Cane Corso mix at a school bus stop, in full view of the Poodle owner, her  children, neighborhood children, AND a school bus full of children.  Watch the video here.  These children are traumatized, the neighbors are traumatized and the dogs are at large regularly. "I heard all this screaming, and I ran out, and Gracie was over in the next yard, laying in the grass with this huge open wound, looked like no hair and no skin," neighbor Nan Adler said. The two adult dogs involved in the attack on little Gracie the poodle are frequent offenders, West Chester police took them to the Butler County dog warden's facility a month prior to this attack.   

Our old friend Kurt Merbs makes this statement on camera " "Unfortunately, the dog actually has to die to make the dog dangerous," Merbs said. "To stipulate a dog is dangerous, it has to bite a person, which in this case it did not, or it has to kill another dog."

Little Gracie lived, she was released to go home six days after the attack.  As Merbs has stated, the pit bull and the Cane Corso mix will not be designated as dangerous.  

                                                                               * * *

In honor of yesterday's National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Day we will end this post with the image of another child killed by a pit bull. The child is Mia DeRouen, 4 years old, killed by Niko, the dog in the photo.  This monster pit bull was owned by Mia's mother's boyfriend.   Mia was killed inside her mother's apartment as she and her mother watched television together.  When police arrived in response to the 911 call the dog was so violent that Mia had to be handed out a bedroom window to first responders for transport to a hospital. The pit bull was shot by police. It required 13 bullets to stop Niko.  

take action on national pit bull victim awareness day, pit bull spay neuter laws

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Facebook post that deserves to be seen.

This comment turned up on Facebook this morning.  These are not my words but I urge you to read them to understand the fury pit bull owners turn on the victims of their bred-for-blood-sport dogs. Thank you to the author of this comment but I will not share her name in an effort to protect her from the vile rage of pit bull owners.  

                                                                           * * *

WHY do Pit Bull owners and advocates turn on victims with such anger and hatred, look for attack 'catalysts' that do not exist, hold up the killing dog as more innocent victim than the dead child or the mutilated victim (who in many cases, is the OWNER of the killing dog); BLAME the dead or mutilated victims even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and blame them in the most disgusting of ways using language and rote phraseology that leaves normal people shocked and angered?
When it comes to Pit Bulls, it is the dogs of 'others' that kill, not THEIR dogs. THEY are special; their DOGS are special. Sadly, ownership of a 'killer dog' only BEGINS when their dog has BECOME a 'killer'. And then of course it's all too late to undo. The FIRST time that their Pit Bull strikes can be the LAST time for some poor soul. These dogs rarely give 'test bites' - they enter their zone of red FAST, and exit is slow and unwilling, leaving flesh rendered, bones broken, entrails spilled, necks severed, scalps removed, hands and faces and genitals fed upon, blood flowing, graves being dug.
Owning a member of a known killer breed give a person free and immediate entry into a world of embracing cronies who also own a potentially killing dog - they groom the acolyte, they support him, they 'love' him and his dog, encourage him or her to plaster photographs of it all over the internet (even and especially on the media coverage comments where someone has died or been mutilated by a Pit Bull); they urge each other to support the breed & defend it in ways that cause disgust and revulsion in normal people... and of course the Pit Bull owner WILL do this thing; the investment has been made, the gamble taken.
When the gamble fails, as it fails for Pit Bull owners with more ease and regularity than the owners of all other dog breeds even COMBINED, then those self-same embracing cronies will turn on the owner like earth-bound demons for his or her newly-found and painful revelations - they are no longer part of the fraternity or the sorority of Pit Bull protectionism - SOMEHOW they failed their dogs and allowed them to become a media story - those owners and their bloodied dogs are a statistic that now casts doubt on THEIR dogs and THEIR ownership.
They take that killer dog and turn it, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, into a hero dog that suffered poor ownership and was either ill-treated or non-socialised enough to KILL, OR was open to a 'catalyst' so overwhelming that even the tiniest of dogs would have had to resort to killing; (enter the claims of Chihuahua attacks, and 'my sister was mauled by a Poodle').
'It's how they are raised', they wail as one voice, completely ignoring the well-raised, well-loved, well-socialised dog that they are wailing about, and even if it was NONE of those things, they absolutely ignore the millions of ABUSED and neglected dogs from all OTHER breeds who do not do this kind of thing with such regularity and ferocity.
The owner of the Pit Bull dog that spills blood enters a world of pain where not only is he or she dealing with the death or grotesque mutilation of their child, or their own ruined face in the mirror, they are dealing with the fall from grace of the dog they were SO sure loved them dearly and would obey their every instruction even in the throes of a killing frenzy, AND they are dealing with the pure and naked hatred of those that encouraged these hapless people to love it and keep it as a 'pet' in the FIRST place.
Pit Bull ownership is not individual ownership of 'a dog'; it is an elite club of specialist protectionists who were already twisted and social deviants on levels that are not always spottable and knowable, who chose to align themselves with an extreme breed of dog known above all others to kill and cause horrendous mutilations; a dog whose blood-sport work has been made illegal, but who remains as a remodelled pet dog IN NAME ONLY. Owners CANNOT leave this elite club or abandon their dogs at any point. The club members bring another layer of Hell to those that try. One WORD out of place, one hesitation, one faintly querying comment... and they are ON for the fight, despicable as it may be.
As in the words of 'Hotel California' by The Eagles, guaranteed to produce a shiver of unease when applied to the subject of the Cult of Pit Bull:-
"Relax," said the night man,
"We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave."
"She said "We are all just prisoners here,
Of our own device",
In the Master's chambers,
They gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knives,
But they just can't kill the Beast".
ONLY the 'checkout' of death or grotesque lifelong mutilating injuries ends the emotional and psychological attachment and investment of the Pit Bull owner to the rest of the death-cult members, and even then their names and their memories will be abused ferociously, and their terrifying deaths and mutilations or those of their children blamed ONLY on themselves. After all, if it is as they say and 'all in how they were raised', then according to the Cult of Pit Bull, such owners RAISED THAT DOG TO KILL and to VIOLENTLY DISFIGURE.
Photo attachments:
Darla Napora - BADRAP member, killed by her pet Pit Bull on 11th August, 2011 - her 6-month old unborn child perished with her.
Ed Cahill - staunch defender of Pit Bulls, owner of one he considered his pet & canine counterpart, killed by it on Christmas Day 2014.
Rebecca Carey - sweet-natured rescuer of dangerous dogs; 'saved' them so that they might avoid euthanizing - slain on 12th August 2012 by two of her pet Pit Bulls, 2 Presa Canarios, 1 Boxer 'Mix'.
Eugene Smith - slaughtered by his pet Pit Bull as he took down his Christmas tree on 7th January, 2015.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pit bull crisis prompts support groups to declare October 24th National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Day

October 24th has been designated as National Pit Bull *Victim* Awareness Day to raise awareness of the social and financial costs of pit bull attacks.  The initiative, sponsored by Daxton's Friends for Canine Education and Awareness, seeks to call attention to the scope and severity of this urgent public safety issue. It is beyond time to acknowledge the victims of mindless and relentless pit bull advocacy.  A North American coalition of over 50 pit bull attack support groups has launched an information website to coincide with National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Day. Please visit

The National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Day website outlines the effect of pit bulls on families and communities with respect to public safety, and their often devastating social and economic impacts. Various stakeholders in the pit bull issue are identified and addressed, including taxpayers, legislators, emergency and healthcare workers, animal control officers, law enforcement agencies, pet owners, farmers, and humane organizations.

Despite the ongoing efforts of pit bull advocates to bury breed specific legislation and substitute what is euphemistically called "breed neutral legislation" the pit bull problem is getting worse every year.  Thirty years of claims from pit bull advocates that education will turn this around have proven foolish and bloody.

  pit bull attack chart

When will there be enough suffering ?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pit bull roundup 10/4/2015. Dead pets, police reports, mauled children, escaped pit bulls, and pit bull hysteria wasting taxpayer dollars. The usual.

Here we are back at the task of cleaning up the back log of pit bull attacks in Ohio. We begin.

Lakemore Ohio
Summit County

A 10 year old Silky Terrier was killed in his owner's yard by three pit bulls owned by a neighbor.  Here is how the Caleb's grief stricken owner described the attack.  "Caleb was simply standing in my yard and the Pitt Bulls escaped their scadally fenced in front yard and ran up my driveway to attack him.  He was helpless -- I beat them with only what I had in my hand -- a broomstick --and it was like hitting a steel rod.   I screamed so loud that neighbors up the street and a street away came to try to help.  However, the neighbors right across the street and who owns the dogs did not show up until the mauling was almost over.  One of my neighbors picked up Caleb and one Pitt Bull chased her into my garage, she ran into my house along with me and handed the little man to me -- she said they then cornered my cairn terrior, Caitie who was also outside with us and sniffed her then turned away.  My other neighbor said she tried to come to my aid but the black Pitt kept her at bay by aggressively barking and going toward her.  She backed away slowly into her home. My veterinarian said thank God they didn't turn on you.  I am grieving and angry that this law  In Ohio the Pitt Bull breed has been removed off of the dangerous dog list.  This law must be changed.  I don't know what political organizations are promoting this breed to be safe -- but it must be all about political gain and money.   Until Friday, I was convinced that Pitt Bulls were deemed to be a safe dog if raised properly -- but no more.  We must stop this insane propaganda and make our communities safe again. I realize that Caleb was just a dog, but I have no children and he was like my little boy.  So innocent-- but it could be a child next time.   Please sign this petition to keep Pitt Bulls out of our communities.  

Outrageous attacks like this are the impetus for BSL.  Pit bull advocates will face demands for laws regulating pit bulls until those advocates step up and end the killings.  Pit bull advocates must understand the grief of those who lost peaceful companions in bloody and violent maulings.  Please sign the petition. 

 Please click here for the thoughts of Connie Millward, Caleb's heartbroken  owner.

I am SO sorry Connie.

                                                                   * * *

Lorain Ohio
Lorain County

A man and his daughter were attacked by two pit bulls while they were attending a cookout on 9/7/2015.  The home owner had also been cited for dogs at large earlier in this year but in classic pit bull owner fashion, the pit bulls were not present when police arrived.  This is a family affair and details of ownership of the attacking pit bulls are being covered up by the victims.

This from the same news article.  On 9/24/2015 in the same city police were called for a complaint of two loose and aggressive pit bulls. Police knew the dogs and the owner because they had been called for the same loose pit bulls just two days previously.  By the time police arrived the pit bull owner, Parker Ramaro was also present. Ramero stated that his pit bulls had "escaped their enclosure" (again).  Officers rounded up Ramero and his pit bulls and transported them all home in the police cruiser.  Ramero was cited for two counts of confinement of dogs and two counts of annual registration.    

                                                                   * * *

I include this not because it is local but because it tells us a great deal about pit bull advocacy. Kansas City obtained a $100,000 grant from Petsmart Charities for the purpose of neutering, spaying, AND LICENSING  pit bulls in two Kansas City zip codes.  At the end of the grant's time frame fully $86,350 was returned unused.  Only 45 pit bull owners took advantage of this screaming deal.  Per KSHB41 "Pit bull rescue groups and veterinarians welcomed the news, saying that more alteration surgeries would ultimately lead to fewer dogs put down.
But the vast majority of the money was never used, and, after a year-long window in which just 45 dogs received free surgeries, the city quietly returned the $86,350 dollars remaining from the grant. " 
There are 1400 plus pit bulls kept in the two zip codes named in the grant, owners of only 45 of these pit bulls were responsible enough to take advantage of the grant that not only included the surgery but licensing as well?  We hear a great deal from "responsible pit bull owners" but Kansas City did not see many of them.  If pit bull advocacy  wants to stop regulation of their dogs they must clean up their own act.

As the banner in the photo clearly shows, pit bull advocacy blamed the city. Even when the surgery is free AND includes licensing, even when the city directly mails out notices to residents, even when the city pays for radio ads, pit bull owners refuse to neuter and spay.  The failure is within pit bull advocacy and only pit bull advocates can fix this.  

Since we are already so far down this road, lets go just a little further before we turn back and return to Ohio.  Rabid Kansas City pit bull advocate and president of the Kansas City Pet Project, Brent Toellner (who was also involved with bringing the PetSmart grant to Kansas city, as I recall) has a great deal to say about mandatory neuter and spay laws.  Despite roughly a million pit bulls euthanized in American shelters EVERY YEAR Toellner opposes mandatory neuter and spay for pit bulls but does allow that neuter and spay is a very good thing. In a masterpiece of circuitous thinking, repeated by pit bull advocates everywhere Toellner states that the suffering of pit bulls warehoused endlessly, or euthanized in shelters is not the fault of pit bull owners and advocates but rather the fault of those seeking proactive solutions to the suffering.

Excerpts from Toellner's letter to the Madison City Council opposing a proposed mandatory N&S law.
"However, when you look at the MSN law in Kansas City, the law had a different impact than the inner-city outreach programs. When you look at many neighborhoods in Kansas City, MO, there are many where poverty rates are very high, and access to affordable vet care is very limited if not non-existent. Mandating spay/neuter doesn’t change the fact many cannot afford the surgery; it simply makes it harder for those with limited resources to comply. Many of these individuals live in overall “resource deserts”, where they have limited availability of resources, and may not have any local access to Veterinary Care. Add to that, many people do not own cars and taxis and buses do not allow pets on board.

Take a family in Kansas City, MO that owns a well-cared for pit bull but don’t yet have the money to alter that pet and very likely do not know there is a law mandating spay/neuter. If animal control discovers them in non-compliance, they will have to pay a $500 fine for non-compliance on top of the surgery cost. The end result is often due to lack of money, a pet with a home ends up seized and impounded into the already crowded shelter system. The goal of mandatory spay/neuter is to reduce shelter intake. But in most instances fails at that goal, and only succeeds at breaking the bond families have with their pets. 

Kansas City, MO passed its law mandating the spay/neuter of pit bulls in August 2006. In 2005, KCMO euthanized 981 pit bulls at the shelter. In 2006, KCMO euthanized 1353 pit bull type dogs. In 2007, the first complete year of the ordinance it euthanized 1,722; in 2008, 1002 were euthanized. This was at a time when euthanasia for all non-pit bull type dogs was decreasing, yet more than 1100 additional pit bulls lost their lives in the next 3 years mostly because their owners were unable to comply with the law. iv."Some may contend that a mandatory law is necessary because some people simply will not alter their pets, even if the resources are made available. However, these people have not played out the enforcement scenario. In Kansas City, because it is mandatory for pit bulls to be spayed/neutered, if someone refused to comply (regardless of reason), their dog will be confiscated and taken to the shelter. This doesn’t replace the owner’s desire for an unaltered dog, so they are now forced to go out and buy another one. This not only increased the demand for (illegally) bred pit bulls, it also just creates a perpetual cycle of dogs being taken from homes and to the shelter only to be replaced by new dogs. This process has been going on for 9 years in Kansas City, and still, 75% of the pit bulls that come into our shelter are still unaltered (many are there simply because they are unaltered)."

Toellner includes a graphic that makes him look foolish. He explains that 2007 was the first full year of the ordinance requiring neuter and spay.  Yes, euthanasia of pit bulls did increase from the previous year by 369 pit bulls for that first year.  By the second year of enforcement the numbers of pit bulls euthanized fell by 720 pit bulls. This is 351 fewer pit bulls euthanized than the year prior to passage of the mandatory N&S law.  In the second year of enforcement that number fell 316 pit bulls (667 fewer pit bulls euthanized than the year prior to passage of the mandatory N&S law).  Kansas City has turned the corner but Toellner fails to notice.

 Toellner claims that failure to neuter and spay pit bulls is based upon financial hardship.  Petsmart's grant made the surgery absolutely free and even included licensing. Pit bull owners chose to ignore the deal of a lifetime.  Petsmart Charities did their best to support pit bull advocacy in Kansas City, as they do everywhere backing up that support up with a huge pile of cash. By doing so the unintended consequence shows us exactly how insane breed specific advocates claims really are.

Impressive work Petsmart!

Historic fact - Pit bull advocates, including Toellner, demanded an end to the Kansas City pit bull ban but in December of 2014 Kansas City city council decided to keep their proactive pit bull ban.

                                                                 * * *

Marysville Ohio
Union County

This story comes from Marysville Ohio, home of breed specific advocate Steffen Baldwin and his shelter ACT Ohio.  A pit bull attacked and killed a Yorkshire terrier. The pit bull was confined but the article did not offer a location.  The pit bull owner may be charged.  The Union County dog warden and the Union County board of health are investigating.

                                                                      * * *

New Boston Ohio
Scioto County

A nine year old girl was mauled by a neighbor's pit bull. Per WSAZ "Caleigh Blower, who had just started 4th grade, was playing on a swing set with a friend two houses down from her home on Rhodes Avenue in New Boston, when she saw a pit bull push the screen door open.
"It jumped up and then bit my face, and then I fell on the ground," she said.
"Her skin was gone," Caleigh's mother Jamie Blower said. "There was nothing left. Her right arm, the meat was hanging out. It was down to the bone."

This was not the first violence from this particular pit bull.  The pit bull's owner was cited in July when the same pit bull "got loose" attacked another dog.  The pit bull owner also admitted that her pit bull had attacked someone delivering medication a month ago.

More from WSAZ "The dog's owner appeared in the New Boston mayor's court Wednesday. She was fined several hundred dollars and sentenced to one day in the county jail, police tell WSAZ.
Her dog was ordered to be put down."
The nine year old victim made the classic pit bull victim's statement ""I don't want anyone else younger than me to go through it," Caleigh said.

Wise words.  Even children understand.
The girl
Caleigh Blower, pit bull attack victim.

The pit bull has been euthanized.  New Boston residents are not happy about this attack.

                                                                 * * *

Lancaster Ohio
Fairfield County

In a story that you will never see (per pit bull advocacy) a nine year old girl was bitten by a German Shepherd.  The dog bit the girl's back and elbow before it was stopped and taken back in the house.  The dog's owner was reported to be visibly upset, provided vaccination records, and plans to have the dog put down.  There was no report of medical treatment required for the child.  It was reported that tooth marks were found in the child's shirt and puncture marks were noted on her back.

                                                                  * * *

Hamilton Ohio
Butler County

Two pit bulls were found decapitated on Hamilton Ohio railroad tracks.  How these headless dogs were identified as pit bulls is unclear.  Pit bull advocates are unable to identify intact and living pit bulls, but I have digressed. Click here for your "can you identify the pit bull" game.

In any case, a reward of $1000 was quickly offered by an anonymous donor connected to the Animal Friends Humane Society for information leading to whoever abused, killed, and placed the bodies of these pit bulls on the railroad tracks.

In video available by clicking here the brother of the owner of one of the dogs states his suspicion that the dogs were shot in the head prior to being placed on the tracks.  Police were drawn into this and launched an investigation.  Per Fox10 "Hamilton Police Sgt. Ed Buns said the department also learned from the Facebook post.
“Both of them had apparently been run over by a train," said Burns. "We currently have detective actively investigating the circumstances that led them being in the location they were in, the condition they were.”    
Law enforcement was not contacted about the situation until Tuesday morning, according to Buns. On Wednesday, officials were still trying to determine why the dogs were placed on the track and who is responsible.
“We’re very sure they were deceased before train came along,” said Buns.
An inspection of the dogs located at the scene showed no signs of a gunshot or other injury that would have resulted in the death of the animal, prior to being struck by a train, according to Buns.
"There's certain things you see in your career that makes you wonder what kind of a human being could do something like this,” Buns said.
Police do not have a suspect. Buns said they have received information on who to question about the situation.
Two dogs were shown in the original photo, but only one remained on the tracks when officials arrived Tuesday. It’s not clear who picked up the second dog.
"There was no indication that anything had been amiss with this dog previous to this, or what killed it,” Buns said.  “"We knew the dog had been hit by a train, but typically dogs don't get hit by trains.  They run away."
"My belief is they were placed on the tracks after either being rendered unconscious or killed and placed on the tracks to be run over by a train,” Buns said.

An interesting side note, one of the dead dogs was none other than Scrappy.  Scrappy bit a child in July and was hustled out of town in the dead of night during the period of his rabies confinement.  Scrappy was given to a friend of Kari Walters, the original owner but "somehow" disappeared prior to his death. Walters stated that she gave Scrappy away because she "had some things to take care of." Dog Warden Kurt Merbs stated that Walters was cited for the July attack but that Scrappy would not have been put down. 
Scrappy (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW)
Scrappy, biter on the run.

After a week long investigation Hamilton Ohio police announced that the investigation was closed. Per WCPO " Hamilton police worked with CSX Railroad Police to find the engineer who admitted to driving the train that hit the dogs, Buns said. The engineer said the dogs appeared to be "alive and well" when he spotted them playing on the tracks and they did not move when he sounded the train whistle.
"The engineer stated that he only learned of the investigation this weekend and is upset that the dogs were struck, but there is nothing he could do," Buns wrote in a news release."
The final statement from police was this, Scrappy had simply escaped from the home of the new owner and was running loose in the area.  The other dog, named Deno, also had a new owner, was "let out" and never came back.  

So here is the final wrap up, after a nearly week long investigation we find just two more irresponsibly owned pit bulls at large in the community (one of them a known biter on the run from a rabies confinement) run over by a train.  How much money did this police investigation cost the taxpayers of Hamilton Ohio?

In fairness to Hamilton Ohio, the scenario of hysteria and suspicion of pit bull abuse after pittie is found dead someplace is not unique to Hamilton.  The exact same report came out of Ulster New York on 9/15/2015.  Per the Daily Freeman Police Report  "Police with the assistance of the dog’s owners, determined that the two dogs were able to escape their kennel, and that no individual attacked or had stolen the dogs. As the dogs ran free ‘Blue’ was struck and killed by a nearby train. The other pit bull was struck and injured in the hind quarter, but was able to return to its residence. When the homeowners discovered one dog missing and the other dog injured, they were fearful that someone caused harm to their animals because on other occasions when the dogs ran off there were no issues... Former Ulster County Sheriff Ken Post and his wife, Denise, of Pine Plains, had put up a $500 reward for the arrest of a suspect when they heard reports the animal had been stolen on Sunday. Police said the injuries were “not natural” and began an investigation, asking the public’s help locating suspects.
Adonis’ treatment expenses were paid by the Animal Emergency Fund, which Post administers on behalf of his late mother, Marie, who started the fund in 1999."
The lesson to be learned here is that pit bull owners are responsible for the deaths of their own pit bulls when they do not keep the things confined. Don't want Chaos shot by police, run over by a train, or stabbed by the owner of some peaceful pet dying in Chaos's jaws?  Keep your mauler at home and under control. A pit bull's worst nightmare is frequently their owner.

Don't think I can stand much more of this today but we will be back soon.  I'm going to end this post with a photograph that illustrates the reason for this blog.

This is Levi Watson. He was killed by a pit bull in 2013.  Levi was four years old at the time of his death.  Another bittersweet photo that touches my soul.