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Pit bull advocacy is STILL trying to fix the problem from the wrong end. Art and pit bulls.

This started out to be an item in the next Pit Bull Roundup but it took on a life of its own.

In a story that only makes sense coming from the Toledo Blade.  Breed specific advocates are lobbying the Fulton county Commissioners to re-think their policy on pit bulls being released from the Fulton County Dog Pound. So far the Fulton County Commissioners are not buying it.

The policy in Fulton County is that pit bull dogs not claimed by their owner are euthanized.  Given the numbers of pit bulls implicated in maulings and fatal attacks the policy makes sense.  Huge financial risk to the community is to be avoided. Those who claim to love the breed blather on about "it's all in how you raise 'em" but fail to acknowledge that the pit bulls in shelters are strays or owner surrenders.  Nobody has any idea how these dogs were raised and to place these dogs directly or to release them to rescues who will hand the pit bulls to anyone with a pulse is a policy that will get the county sued in the event of a serious or fatal mauling. Please click on this link for a photo of a pit bull advocate dramatically holding a hand written demand for an end to "discrimination" at the Fulton County Dog Pound in order to create a "safer community."    Pit bull advocates are unable to state exactly how releasing stray dogs with no known background, uninsured, un-microchipped, to the public will create a safe community.  All this hoopla is created over the humane euthanization of just FIVE dogs.

A candlelight vigil was held on September 27th, there is a link to photos of the event.   Don't miss the dramatic photo of Ohio's breed specific advocate, Jean Keating,  reading the names of the unjustly killed five pit bulls.  How long could that take?  Is it worth turning the car off and putting your car keys in your pocket? The Toledo Blade has provided multiple photos of those in attendance and guess what?  A great many of those in attendance do not live in Fulton County Ohio including Ms. Keating.  Ms. Keating is particularly upset that a young stray pit bull was humanely euthanized in Fulton County. Here is her quote “The killing of healthy puppies can’t be tolerated,” Ms. Keating said. “It’s unconscionable and cruel.”  Here is a link to video of a much less humane death, a puppy killed by pit bulls.  It is unpleasant to watch but it is reality in American  communities  Keating does not deal with the numbers of puppies, young and healthy pets, beloved senior pets killed in full view of their screaming owners by pit bulls every day across the United States..

There were no victims protesting the Fulton County candlelight vigil.

A peaceful candlelight vigil over FIVE pit bulls. Contrast this with the response of organized pit bull advocates to an art competition entry in Michigan.  The piece was called "Out of the Blue." It was a memorial to the Americans mauled to death by dogs so far in 2014  The piece was made up of crosses,  over 30 of them, each one memorializing a victim of a fatal dog attack just this year.  The piece was not breed specific, all dog attack fatalities were memorialized.
    Image description
The public was intrigued. Most people have no idea how many dog bite related fatalities there are in any given year. Interestingly, fair minded pit bull owners admit that everything shown by this exhibit is true.

 Pit bull advocates immediately organized a protest and demanded that this exhibit entry be removed because pit bulls were over represented.
Photo: Pit Bull owners and their dogs block the memorial for victims of dangerous dogs. Family of victims were afraid to attend for fear of being attacked and reoccurring PTSD issues. Six year old (pit bull attack survivor) Kaylie Baker Foster was forced to cancel her trip to this event for obvious reasons.It is so cruel and sad because this is such a healing event for survivors and family of victims to honor those who did not survive. The attack on pit bull survivor/victims is never over.

This is a photo taken of the protest taken by the artist.  The public was unable to approach or even see the display, the view was blocked by the very breed of dog "over represented".  Victims of pit bull attacks, many of them with PTSD were unable to tolerate contact with the dog and went home without seeing the entry. Below is another protest photo.  Don't they look proud of themselves?

Photo: pure evil

One of the pit bull owners protesting Out of the Blue was Rachel Jensen, a Kent County Animal Control officer. Below is a photo of the grinning Jensen with her pit bull, her friends and their pit bulls  They are posing gaily in front of a memorial to Americans killed by dogs this year, most by pit bulls.  Does this seem appropriate?  Please note the admission by Jensen's friend Emily Sanders(to Jensen's right in the photo) that they removed material provided by the artist and replaced it with flyers on "Make Michigan Next" an effort by pit bull advocates to deny home rule rights to Michigan communities with pit bull regulations, or considering regulating pit bulls.

Jensen is hip deep in the effort to deny Michigan residents their home rule rights.  Click here for the official "Make Michigan Next" rally video.  Jensen is a featured speaker and she appears at 35 minutes into the video.  Jensen makes an emotional but light on fact fact speech.  She talks about impounded pit bulls like that is the fault of local law.  When BSL is passed dogs already in the community are grandfathered if the owner meets requirements for keeping the dog. Usually these requirements are simple registration, possible insurance, possible microchipping. She has not considered that a dog owner who obtains a banned breed dog after regulations are passed has doomed their own pet. This is not the fault of the law but is a deliberate choice on the part of the owner.  Jensen talks about identification problems (for more on pit bull identification please click on this link.  ASPCA volunteers correctly identified pit bulls 96% of the time.  The only people unable to identify pit bulls are apparently pit bull owners, but I digress) and goes on to talk about DNA tests that may or may not have been done on the dogs.  Surely she is aware that the makers of dog DNA tests do not include pit bull DNA in the data base.  This is clearly stated on the Mars Wisdom Panel website.  Here is a link to the breed library.  You could test every dog at a Pit Pride Parade and not get a single positive. Jensen shows a photo of her self-declared pit bulls. Her dogs would not test positive either. Jensen tearfully talks about the pit bulls that are "victims of BSL" and goes on to
encourage those in attendance to go home and hug their dogs because the "victims of BSL do not have that luxury."   Families of those memorialized by Out of the Blue do not have the luxury of hugging their children, parents, spouses.  Owners of pets and livestock killed by pit bulls don't have that luxury either but the victims did not chose this.

Jensen is now the center of a controversy.  There have been strong concerns about her ability to do her job in an impartial manner.  So far the Kent County administration is defending Jensen's actions despite calls for her dismissal.   Here is the opinion of noted attorney Kenneth Phillips.  He begins with "Kent County must immediately fire -- not defend -- the animal control officer who showed support for pro-pit bull demonstrators who protested an art exhibit that memorialized people killed by dogs. His or her actions showed bias against dog bite victims. The fact that the police did not arrest any of the demonstrators does not excuse the officer's conduct. To promote confidence in law enforcement, officers must avoid even the appearance of impropriety whenever possible." 

Barbara Kay, Canadian journalist writes about Jensen as well.  "However legal Ms Jensen’s behavior was, it was also psychological abuse of her own, so to speak, clients. I therefore deplore in the strongest possible terms the evasive bureaucratise employed to deflect attention from this irreducible fact. Ms Jensen is not just another member of the public. She represents a government department supported on public monies. Her job requires her to maintain scrupulous objectivity in canine-related crises.

Jensen is not the only protester feeling the heat. This proud protester is offering his weapon dog for sale the day after the Art Prize competition ended and just two weeks after the protest.  He appears dead center in the group photo, and facing the ledge in the first protest photo placing his pit bull on the ledge in front of the crosses. It has been suggested that his landlord may have seen the photos and ordered the dog out. Sometimes going public has its risks.


Here is a link to video of another "responsible pit bull owner" telling a reporter that Out of the Blue is not appropriate for the Art Prize competition, while he has placed his pit bull on the ledge in front ot the crosses.  Appropriate?

                                                              * * *

We have two events that memorialize the dead.  One memorializing dogs was held peacefully. One memorializing humans killed by dogs was turned into a sideshow by breed specific advocates seeking to suppress truth.  Here is a hint for those who are insulted to see their dogs "over represented" at a memorial for Americans killed by dogs - stop letting your dogs kill people.

I'm going to end with one final link.  Please pay your respects to the dead. You might want a kleenex.

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Pit Bull Roundup 10/7/2014, Part one

Time flies and a Pit Bull Roundup is long overdue.  As always, get your coffee and get comfortable. This will be a long post and there is no particular order to this mess.

Celina Ohio

A Celina pit bull owner faces charges in two separate incidents on the same day.  Some people just do not learn.

As police reports indicate, in the first incident the pit bull owner crossed the street to confront a person walking a leashed dog for no apparent reason other than the leashed dog occupied space on planet pit bull. The owner of the leashed dog was able to get inside their home to safety.  Per The person then went to the house of the owner of the pit bull and when the pit bull came at them aggressively they backed their way back home and called police.

Wise choice was made by the owner of the leashed dog.  A paper trail on dangerous dogs is always useful.  Police followed up.  "A Celina police officer went to the door of the owner’s home and that’s when the pit bull came around the corner from the back of the residence and began barking.  The dog then jumped on the officer and scratched him repeatedly.  The officer backed away, but the pit bull continued to advance and jumped on him again.  The officer managed to push the animal away, but the dog continued to snap at him, so the officer pulled his gun and shot the dog once, injuring him.

The pit bull  ran off but was later located and treated by a veterinarian.  Charges against the pit bull owner are expected.

pit bull
file photo

                                                                       * * *

Mansfield Ohio

A recently adopted pit bull was hailed as a hero for waking Jacob Martin, his sleeping owner, alerting Martin to a fire in Martin's rented property next door.  Fast forward one week and Buddy the pit bull was turned over to a rescue.    This quote from the Inquisitir "In just two short months, Buddy’s status went from family dog to abandoned, rescued, hero, relinquished, nearly homeless, and now rescued again. Whether or not Buddy the hero pit bull will find the forever home he deserves is still up in the air."

Pit Bull
Buddy is available.  Suspect that there is more to the story than has been reported.  

                                                                  * * *

Akron Ohio

Pit bull rescue groups from three states held a fund raising and awareness event in Akron.  It should be noted that Akron has breed specific regulations for pit bulls.  A fluorescent green collar is to be on the dog at all times and the dog is to be muzzled and on a chain link leash per Akron Municipal code section 92.25 section E.     

Tutus were considered appropriate apparel. Municipal code requirements were ignored.

Ironically, the band providing music for this event is named "The Funeral Proposals."

                                                                    * * *

Mt. Gilead Ohio

On the very day (9/2/2014) an article appeared in the Morrow County Sentinel covering a city council meeting held on August 18th where possible repeal of a pit bull ban was discussed that repeal was passed by city council.  At the August 18th meeting a local resident and former city council member spoke against the repeal showing photos of his daughter who had been attacked by a pit bull on two different occasions. The daughter's dog was also seriously injured by the same pit bull.  It appears that the repeal was pushed by a local resident, her lawyer husband, and two other individuals.

The city council vote was 3 to 2.  One council member was unavailable for the meeting.   A new ordinance is being written to require "owner responsibility" which has never proven effective anywhere.  Good Luck to the residents of Mt. Gilead Ohio.

                                                                * * *
Springfield Ohio

A Springfield man was arraigned on two counts of animal cruelty to a companion animal for allegedly allowing his dog, a pit bull to starve and freeze to death.  Calvin Stewart pleaded not guilty.

The two year old dog weighed roughly 35 pounds at the time of its death.  Northwood Animal Hospital veterinarian Jessica Brugler rated the dog's condition per the Springfield News Sun " A dog’s body condition is rated on a scale from 1 to 9 with 5 being the best. Brugler rated the dog at a 1, stating “there was no evidence of normal fatty tissue in the abdomen or surrounding organs such as the kidneys.”  "Brugler also found nothing besides a dark watery fluid in the dog’s stomach and mouth, suggesting the animal only ate mud and dirt before its death"

A pit bull's worst nightmare is sometimes its owner.  Why isn't mandatory neuter and spay for pit bulls to prevent this kind of suffering acceptable to breed specific advocates?

                                                         * * *

Middletown Ohio
A pit bull was shot by police who were serving a drug search warrant in response to neighborhood complaints of drug activity and prostitution.  Per WHIO News "The Middletown Division of Police’s drug unit, detectives and patrol officers made entry to a house at 1813 Manchester and were met by four dogs that appeared to be pit bulls, according Lt. Scott Reeve.“When officers were executing the search warrant, the entire pack of pit bulls came toward the officers. An officer shot one of the dogs in the snout. All the dogs were taken but will be returned to the owner,” Reeve said.The dog was seized by Butler County’s deputy dog warden and was taken to a Middletown veterinarian for treatment. Officers kept the other three dogs at bay with a fire extinguisher, Reeve said."
Kim King, age 42, was arrested for permitting drug abuse (crack) told officers that the pit bull that had been shot had become "more aggressive" recently.  She requested a veterinarian to euthanize the dog. She did so in a spirit of public safety. *eye roll*

During searches at King's residence and another residence nearby police found heroin and crack cocaine.  Arrests were made at both residences.  At the second  residence a 17 year old was arrested for possession of crack cocaine and also arrested was Sara Landers, age 24, for two counts of child endangerment and permitting drug abuse. Her children, an infant and a two year old are in the care of family members.  The home was described by police as "dog feces filled" and unsuitable for children. For a video report please click here, warning, graphic images.

                                                                      * * *

Cleveland Ohio

A 63 year old Cleveland man, Willie Powell, was sentenced to 6 months in jail for abuse and neglect of four pit bulls found confined in feces filled crates in his home.  One of his pit bulls was euthanized for aggression, two were adopted, and the fourth was transferred to a rescue for "behavioral training."

Powell was also sentenced to 5 years probation and is not to own dogs during that time.   Powell has a prior conviction for dog fighting.  Sometimes a pit bull's worst nightmare is his owner.  Cleveland residents are urged to note any new pit bulls in the neighborhood that might have recently graduated from "behavioral training."

                                                                  * * *

Hamilton Ohio
A 63 year old Hamilton woman was attacked by a pit bull while taking her daily walk.  The victim required treatment at a local hospital for two bites in her thigh.  The breed of dog was identified by dog warden Kurt Merbs. Per Whio News "Merbs said the dog in question was a pit bull.
“Oh yes, there’s no doubt,” Merbs said of the breed of the dog."

The attack was described by the victim who stated that she was walking down the street when she saw a young man come out of a house with a pit bull "no collar, no leash."  She noted the breed but did not panic, she did try to simply walk around the dog.  "She said the man scooped the dog into his arms as she stepped off the sidewalk to go into the street, but the dog got out from the man’s arms, ran up behind her, and bit her from behind.“I screamed and tried to protect myself, and (the man) had to actually grab him, because he had a hold,” she said.She described the dog as a tan, full-grown, male pit bull. After pulling the dog off of her, the man put the dog back in the house, and told her it was not his dog."

The old "not my dog" routine, it never gets old.

Dog warden Merbs was called to the scene and approached the home where the pit bull lived.  He knocked on the door and a child answered asking "are my parents going to jail?" Merbs found a female pit bull in a crate in the backyard.

Police interviewed the victim at the hospital.  Pit bull owner Aaron Sapp was charged with two counts of failure to license a dog and one count of failure to confine a dangerous dog. 

Sapp apparently stays at two different addresses on the same street.  The story gets confusing. Merbs said that it took a while to locate Sapp, as the attack occurred outside of 724 S. Second St., where Sapp was reportedly staying.“The owner had taken the dog and moved him to the North End, and was staying there (at 724 S. Second St.) when the dog attacked,” he said.
Sapp was charged with two counts for failure to license a dog, as both Ace and a female pit bull were unlicensed. Merbs said he was called to South Tenth Street Thursday night around 10 p.m. to pick up the female pit bull, who was reported loose on the street.
“They said she was aggressive, but I was able to put a leash on her and bring her to the shelter,” Merbs said. He retrieved four pit bull puppies found at the South Second Street residence that will be reunited with their mother, as they are too young to be separated. Two additional puppies had died at the residence, he said.

Sapp will be allowed to keep his pit bull if he complies with restrictions, he must have Ace neutered, microchipped, put up Dangerous Dog signs, keep Ace in a locked enclosure, and register the dog as a dangerous dog purchasing a $50 dangerous dog tag.  Given Sapp's history of failure to register and confine his dogs it is not looking good for compliance here.  This is not Ace's first attack.  Merbs stated that he had been called to Sapp's residence two years ago when Ace attacked another woman, this one walking a dog at the time.  It is reported that Sapp was charged for that attack as well.

And Sapp gets the damn dog back again?????

Hamilton Ohio

In a separate incident in the very same article two assistant dog wardens and two police officers chased a loose pit bull in the Twinbrook Drive area.  Per Whio News "The pit bull they were pursuing had “ripped the ear off a black Labrador two weeks before and was running loose again,” Merbs said.

Police were able to catch that pit bull and take it to a local shelter.  

It is notable that dog warden Merbs had difficulty identifying the pit bull that killed Cindy Whisman just a few days earlier even though the pit bull belonged to the family and was clearly identified by the owner as a pit bull. Merbs had no trouble identifying these dogs, professional education or realization that denial of the breed puts the public at risk?  Who knows?

                                                                  * * *

Miami Valley Hospital (WDTN Photo)

This is our first mention of Dayton in this Pit Bull Roundup.  Martin Richardson, age 53, was treated for a dog bite to his left forearm.  Police were called to interview Richardson as he was being treated at Miami Valley Hospital.  Per WDTN News "  Richardson told police he was walking through the parking lot of Target Ministries located at Xenia Avenue and Keowee Street when two dogs attacked him. He said one of the dogs bit him in the left forearm. Richardson said the dog latched on to his arm and shook its head from side to side.
Richardson punched the dog in the nose several times and was able to break free and get away."  
Per the police report Richardson described the attacking dogs as pit bulls, the one that attacked him was "white with black on the tip of its tail and a big head."  Police were unable to locate the pit bulls. 

                                                                   * * * 

Dayton police pulled over a driver on I 75 for a routine traffic stop.  Warrants for the driver's arrest were discovered.  While officers were taking the driver into custody a pit bull jumped through an open window of the car.  Per WHIO News " The dog went out onto the interstate and then charged at the officer, who fired once from his service revolver.The shooting occurred before a crew from the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center arrived. The dog died, apparently while with the ARC crew.

Mark Kumpf does not need any more aggressive pit bulls at the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.

Montgomery County ARC

                                                                * * *

Columbus Ohio

Per WBNS News "Police say two people were walking in the area when the dogs came out of nowhere and started to attack. One of the victims was bitten and tried to run. The other victim was also bitten and jumped up on a car to avoid the dogs.
A witness says he was able to get one of the victims off the car and onto a porch to safety." “We was coming out to leave to go to United Dairy Farmer and there’s a guy running and he jumped on a car screaming ‘Help Me!” said witness Sarah Morris. “He had like a gash wound on the back of his leg - like a hunk missing out of it.” The victim called 911. “I just got bit by some pit bulls. Right now, I’m (expletive) up. I’m bleeding bad.”
Animal Control and police were called and they were quickly able to locate the dogs.  Reaves freely admitted that her dogs has gotten of their chains and escaped the yard.  She excused the female pit bull with "she just had puppies" and she feel that the male was just "being protective."  
Female pit bull owned by Olivia Reaves.
Reaves unwisely stated "“If the boy dog, if he feels threatened, he will bite. He is a biter. I won’t tell anybody that he’s not a biter,” 
Neighbors have been concerned about the dogs for some time because of the numbers of children and elderly people in the neighborhood.  The dogs were seized, they were not vaccinated or registered as required by law.
Don't miss the video with this story.  Look at the fence...
More video, don't miss the pit bull owner showing off one of the 10 puppies of her two adult maulers.

                                                                * * *

DAYTON Ohio    

This is interesting.  Montgomery County Animal Control has become involved in a dangerous dog controversy not involving a pit bull but Jack Russell Terrier instead.

Here is the story.  A family was enjoying their vacation at a Brookville campground .  Their one year old daughter was bitten on the face by the Jack Russell.  The dog owner signed over the dog to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.  The dog owner apparently had second thoughts about this and picketed Montgomery County ARC stating she had been misled about the severity of the little girl's injury however she also stated that the dog has a history of biting.   The campground spokesperson said that the dog had bitten another person and also attacked another dog.  Clearly there is a problem with this dog.  Per WDTN News "  The family says in their statement through an attorney. "The dog is clearly dangerous and capable of attacking children without provocation. The family of the victim hopes the dog remains quarantined and trusts that the MCARC has the best interests of the public in mind when it determines an appropriate disposition for the dog.”
The dog remains at the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center pending a resolution.
Jack Russell terrier accused of biting 1-year-old girl. (Photo/Teresa Hall)
The JRT in question. 
Heaven only knows what Montgomery County ARC will do with a vicious JRT.  Montgomery County Animal Resource Center has a dubious record on considering the best interests of the public.
Here is an update on this story.  Per WHIO News, the Montgomery County ARC declared the dog vicious  10/2/2014.  According to a statement from Montgomery County ARC a judge ruled the previous day that the dog could be returned to the owner.  Per WHIO ""While we are disappointed with the judge's ruling, we are abiding by it, but in the interest of public safety, we felt it was our duty to declare this dog as vicious," said Animal Resource Center Director Mark Kumpf in a statement."
 The JRT is reportedly still being held at Montgomery County ARC .  The owner must pay back board on the dog and purchase a dangerous dog tag.  It should be noted that this is the first statement to come from County Dog Warden Kumpf in quite some time.  He may be feeling a bit more secure about his job since the County Commissioners and the prosecutor are standing behind him. 

The family of Jonathan Quarles Jr. probably wishes Mr. Kumpf  had been as interested in public safety when dealing with the pit bull that killed their seven month old baby in Dayton earlier this year.  That pit bull had menaced a mailman and attacked another dog on a public street to prior killing seven month old Jonathan.                         

                                                                             * * *
9/4/2014                                                                                                                                     Cleveland Ohio    
A Cleveland man was attacked by three dogs, two pit bulls and a mixed breed.  Friends saw the attack and came to his rescue, they were bitten as well.  Michael McGuire was treated at Fairview Hospital receiving 32 stitches.  One of his friends also required medical treatment at the hospital.
Cleveland Animal Control was unable to locate the dogs.  This is a family neighborhood. "News of the attack quickly spread throughout the neighborhood, leaving some people concerned.  "We have a lot of little kids on the street. Running up and down, riding bikes," said Jerry Noel, who has lived in the neighborhood for 38 years. "It concerns me."  Marvin Thorne has also lived in the neighborhood and says his grandchildren were out playing in the moments after the attack."
                                                               * * *
9/7/2014                                                                                                                                             Middletown Ohio
In an attack that no one will ever hear about, two German Shepherds attacked a poodle. Police tasered one of the German Shepherds in an effort to immobilize it but were forced to fatally shoot the dog.  The other German Shepherd was taken by Butler County Dog Warden.  A police department spokesperson stated "the dogs were just being dogs, the officers had to make a choice and put the dog down."    There was no report on the condition of the poodle.  
                                                                       * * *
9/8/2014                                                                                                                                     DAYTON Ohio
A Dayton man reported to police that "someone replaced the water" in his one year old pit bull's water bowl with antifreeze.   Gene Mitchem is treating his dog with milk and crackers per veterinarian advice.  The dog is recovering.  Mitchem states that he has no idea who would try to poison his dog.  There is no mention that police saw the tampered water bowl.  Commenters quickly blamed pro BSL "fanatics"with absolutely no reason or evidence.   There have been no charges.
                                                                * * *

There is so much more to cover that this post will be divided into two parts.  Please look for part 2 in the next few days.  We all need a break here.  

Friday, October 3, 2014

The sentence is 15 years to life. Own the breed? Own the deed.

Last August California pit bull owner Alex Jackson was convicted of second degree murder in the 2013 mauling death of Pamela Devitt.  The jury took less than a day to reach that verdict. Jackson was sentenced today, 15 years to life.  He has been in jail since Mrs. Devitt's horrific death.

Jackson was also convicted of three drug related charges, he grew marijuana, sold it and possessed it.
abc alex jackson mi 130531 wblog Man Slapped with Second Degree Murder Charge in Fatal Pit Bull Mauling

Alex Jackson, dressed in orange, as he will be for at least the next fifteen years.

Klonda Richey's death will bring no charges other than failure to control.  For more information please click here, and here.