Friday, October 3, 2014

The sentence is 15 years to life. Own the breed? Own the deed.

Last August California pit bull owner Alex Jackson was convicted of second degree murder in the 2013 mauling death of Pamela Devitt.  The jury took less than a day to reach that verdict. Jackson was sentenced today, 15 years to life.  He has been in jail since Mrs. Devitt's horrific death.

Jackson was also convicted of three drug related charges, he grew marijuana, sold it and possessed it.
abc alex jackson mi 130531 wblog Man Slapped with Second Degree Murder Charge in Fatal Pit Bull Mauling

Alex Jackson, dressed in orange, as he will be for at least the next fifteen years.

Klonda Richey's death will bring no charges other than failure to control.  For more information please click here, and here.