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Ohio Pit Bull Roundup 2/10/2017 - special Valentine's Day edition, also pit bulls abused by their owners, poor public safety policy, more dead pets, random bites, and communities drafting new law in response to pit bull attacks

Here we are again.  Another batch of pit bull lunacy from Ohio.  There will be no attempt at any particular order here.  I have two accounts full of these stories and will never be caught up.  

                                                             * * *

Girard Ohio 
Trumbull County

Lawmakers in Girard Ohio are constantly badgered by pit bull advocates demanding that the city drop their pit bull regulations.  Girard is not impressed and here is why.  A pit mix recently adopted out of the Mahoning County Pound  attacked and killed a Yorkie being walked by a 69 year old man. The man and his wife were also injured during the attack.  Girard bans pit bulls, the new owner of the pit mix stated he was unaware of the breed ban. Feel free to roll your eyes.
Per WFMJ "  
A owner of a mixed breed pitbull gave police the okay to shoot and kill his dog after the animal attacked another dog and injured two people.  
"My thought was if that dog gets from the woods back in the neighborhood, could be a child, could be another animal," said the owner. "And I told the officer to do what was right."
An additional interesting fact, this very pit bull was selected to be trained as a service dog for a disabled veteran.  "T
he Co-Founder of the "The Together Journey," which provides service dogs and training to individuals with disabilities, provided video to 21 News of the dog during a pairing session. The co-founder says the only reason the dog wasn't paired with someone is because on that particular day there wasn't a good match.
The co-founder says had the dog been paired with someone the home would have been required to have several safeguards in place. Such as proper fencing. She also notes that the assessment of service dogs includes several levels. This particular dog was in the first stage and may not have necessarily made it through the remaining three levels of assessment."  Here is a link to more on the dog trainer's assessment of the killer pit bull.

       This dog was shot by police.  Girard will keep their pit bull ban.    The pit bull owner, Courtney Chupka, age 24 entered a not guilty plea.

                                                       * * *  
Warren Ohio
Trumbull County  

The dogs are pictured on Ms. Finney's Facebook page and they are pit bulls. She saved everyone trouble by labeling one of them as a pit mix while she was offering him for placement. 

Amber Finney Rocko
Amber Finney dog
Amber Finney dogs

Amber Finney
  Ms. Finney  
This is a departure from normal business here on Scorched Earth.  Valentine's Day approaches and I see a match here. You can't make this stuff up but there is a ray of sunshine. In fact, I'm humming the lyrics from Fiddler on the Roof's Matchmaker song as I type.  For those unfamiliar with the song, here are the lyrics.  
Well, somebody has to arrange the matches,
Young people can't decide these things themselves.
She might bring someone wonderful----
Someone interesting----
And well off----
And important---
Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Make me a match,
Find me a find,
catch me a catch
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Look through your book,
And make me a perfect match!

There IS a soulmate for Ms. Finney.   
I bring you Mr. Wonderful, Bradley Hubbard of Pensacola Florida.  TA DA!

 Bradley Jean Hubbard of Pensacola Florida was charged with bestiality as well.  Per the Daily Mail 
A Florida man who was arrested on charges of bestiality involving his dog last month has been out on bond, while his alleged four-legged victim, a pit bull mix named Baby Girl, still languishes behind bars.
On Thursday, 23-year-old Bradley Jean Hubbard, of Pensacola, was formally arraigned on charges of cruelty to animals and sexual acts involving an animal
Hubbard was arrested on January 9 on suspicion that he had had sex with his pet dog, Baby Girl, more than 100 times over the course of three years."

"Bradley Hubbard was arrested after a family member called police last month to report the alleged sexual abuse of the family's pet dog.
According to an arrest report, the relative 'could not take it anymore' after seeing Hubbard take the dog to his room to allegedly have sex with her.
The woman reportedly told deputies the abuse had happened more than 100 times over the last three years."

"She explained how she had been able to witness the attack as Hubbard's bedroom door had a hole in it, as a result of a violent outburst. 
The witness reportedly said she heard the dog whimper and cry out in pain during each incident. 
She also told police how the dog would initially cry out and whimper during its attacks, but over time it had stopped making noises as it was victimized.

Dog lover arraigned: Bradley Hubbard, 23, has been charged with cruelty to animals and sexual acts involving an animal after being accused of having sex with his pit bull mix, Baby Girl, more than 100 times over three years

    Bradley Hubbard booking photo.  In a sly play on words, the Daily Mail labels this photo "Dog Lover Arraigned."
Mr Hubbard has apparently had contact with law enforcement many times.  The Daily Mail article has 4 more booking photos.
The perfect match! I have nothing more to say on these two, other than "ick".

                                                               * * *

Lorain Ohio
Lorain County

A two year old pit mix was found in atrocious condition in Lorain Ohio.  The dog was reportedly chained outside, but the Daily Mail article went on to describe large sores on the dog from crate confinement.  Of course a donation drive is underway to cover the medical expenses of Amos the pit mix.  
 The two-year-old pit bull mix, Amos (above), was recovered in Lorain, Ohio, by Fido’s Companion Rescue and admitted to West Park Animal Hospital over the weekend
Amos was found with two large bedsores on his backside (above), the result of prolonged periods of time being confined to a cage
Wouldn't mandatory neuter and spay be better than this?  

                                                                    * * *

St. Clairsville Ohio
Belmont County                                     

St. Clairsville is writing new regulations on vicious dogs after attacks by pit bulls.  Per  the Times Leader "Mayor Terry Pugh also presented the draft of a proposed ordinance regulating vicious dogs, requiring they be fenced in and kept on a leash. Pugh noted two incidents had come before him in mayor's court involving dogs that has bitten other dogs, one involving a pit bull and another involving a mixed breed pit bull.

                                                                * * *      

Mansfield Ohio
Richland County

Richland County Public Health is asking the public for help in locating a black pit bull mix that has been implicated in a bite to a human.  Per the Mansfield News Journal "  The dog is described as a black pit bull mix, fluffier than a pit bull. The dog was last seen in the area of Marshall Alley and Buckingham Street on Feb. 4.
Call Richland Public Health at 419-774-4500 with any information in regards to the location of the animal. Do not attempt to restrain the dog yourself."  

I have never seen the phrase "Do not attempt to restrain the dog yourself" included in a story about a Beagle bite.  

Pit bulls are currently banned in Mansfield and video of a recent pit bull attack in Shelby was shown to the Mansfield City Council. Per the Richland Source" Mansfield Law Director John Spon arranged for a video viewing of Shelby Police officers forced to fatally shoot a pit bull attacking a man at a residence on Joelynn Drive. The incident took place shortly after 10 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 10.
Spon asked that the video be shown twice: once as an initial viewing, and once so that viewers could imagine if the attack victim had been a small child, not an adult man. The video was taken from the body camera of Shelby Officer John Reed; viewer discretion is advised.                              For a link to the video, click here

                                                             * * *

Newark Ohio
Licking County  

After watching the Shelby Ohio video that was shown to the Mansfield Ohio City Council to support breed regulations, consider the recent actions of the Licking County Commissioners.  The Licking County Commissioners approved a time limited change to county shelter procedures to allow pit bull adoptions direct from the shelter to the peaceful public.  Per the Newark Advocate " Dog Warden Dave Shellhouse approached the commissioners in December to see if they would be willing to reverse what has been an unwritten policy about not letting pit bulls be adopted. The issue is the shelter has been getting more and more pit bulls. It began to receive more after the city of Newark changed its law, which no longer automatically classifies pit bulls as vicious. In the past, the shelter has relied on rescue groups to take the pit bulls they had in custody, but the rescue groups have not kept up with the numbers.

The Columbus Dispatch gives this insight "  Though the shelter can't pinpoint a reason for the increase, the number of pit bulls went up dramatically in the spring after the Newark City Council voted to remove breed-specific language from the city's dog ordinances, Shellhouse said. Newark previously had designated pit bulls as vicious dogs.  By authorizing pit-bull adoptions, the county is "trying to solve an issue at the shelter that seems to be getting a little bit bigger every year," Shellhouse said Thursday while discussing the change with the county commissioners. "Hopefully this will help out." The county will try the pit-bull adoptions this year on a trial basis.
"These dogs came off the streets of our county; they didn't just come out of nowhere," said county Commissioner Tim Bubb. "What do you do with these animals, that for the most part, probably many of them could be good, loving pets? What you hope for is responsible ownership to go with it."                

Hope is poor public safety policy. 

In short, the shelter has even more pit bulls than it had before the city of Newark dropped all regulations on pit bulls and welcomed them in with open arms.  Instead of mandatory neuter and spay to limit the number of unplaceable pit bulls the county the commissioners have accepted the dog warden's suggestion to hand out these dogs like candy.

Here is a hint. More effective control would be obtained by limiting breeding than by pushing the dogs out the door to anyone willing to take them.   Turn off the hose at the faucet.

                                                                 * * *

Springfield Ohio
Clark County Ohio    

This comes from the "a pit bull's worst nightmare is frequently his owner" file. Malik Shaw, age 24, is accused of breaking a 7-week-old pit bull puppy's leg by striking it with a metal pipe.  Per WKYC " Police say officers were dispatched to Shaw's home in Springfield on Nov. 18 following reports of a fight.
Malik pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty in Clark County Municipal Court.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pit Bull Roundup 12/28/2016 Bosco the Biter, pit bull "police dogs," an over supply of pit bull puppies, foolish protests in Trumbull County

This year-end wrap-up will not actually be a wrap-up, far too many attacks to deal with by 
January 1st but we will get a start on this.

                                                                    * * *

Toledo Ohio
Lucas County

Legal issues surrounding Bosco the Biter, a pit bull that became the center of a conflict between the Lucas County Pit Crew, headed by Ohio's pit bull advocate, Jean Keating and the Fulton County Commissioners have been resolved. Background on the conflict can be found in this post.  For specifics on Bosco's adventures click here and here.

For those with no time to waste, Lucas County resident and pit bull advocate Jean Keating attempted to bully Fulton County officials about adoption procedures for pit bulls but the Fulton County Commissioners refused to play.  Keating's group later placed Bosco the Biter with a Fulton County family.  Bosco bit the new owner on the third day post placement.  The injured owner called the Pit Crew to pick up the dog but instead of following the law in Fulton County they attempted to hide Bosco from lawful quarantine.  Keating and two members of her group were amazed to face misdemeanor charges for obstruction for hiding Bosco from Fulton County officials and for violation of a rabies quarantine.

In October the Lucas County Pit Crew, headed by Keating, agreed to plead no contest to the charges. It was expected that the Pit Crew would pay a fine plus court costs in exchange for dropping the personal charges against Keating and her two associates.  

Bosco the Biter, now a designated dangerous dog, has been removed from the state of Ohio and is now harbored by a couple living in Arizona.  Not surprisingly, the new owner, Jacque Johnson, is employed by Best Friends Animal Society and is an advocate for pit bulls.

Johnson has stated that "Bosco is the biggest clown in the entire world.  He's a great dog that some bad things have happened to."  She also admits that the dog "can be excitable, but has shown no aggression in his permanent home."  You will be thrilled to know that Johnson has set up a Facebook page for Bosco so you can follow his adventures in Arizona. 

                                                         * * *  

Toledo Ohio
Lucas County

Let's stay in Toledo for a bit more pittery.  The Toledo Blade proudly announced that a "local group trains pit bulls for use by police."   The "local group" mentioned in the article headline is not very local.  The article refers to the New York state Animal Farm Foundation partnered with a dog training business in Texas.

The AFF spokeswoman, Stacey Coleman, stated "we train them to do the same work traditionally reserved for purebred dogs."   "The reason we do all of it is to change that negative stigma."  The translation for this is "we are creating breed ambassadors."

Make no mistake, the AFF subsidized pit bull "police dogs" go to communities that are very small or very poor or both.  The AFF claims proudly to have placed about 20 of these dogs but they do not reveal exactly where they went.  We do know that Bartlett Texas got one.  In 2014 the population of Bartlett was 2,751.  The median household income in Bartlett is $36,047 while the median income for Texas households is $51,704.  We know that Normagee Texas got a pit bull "police dog".  The population of Normagee is 685 with a median household income of $36,860.  We know that Montgomery Texas got an AFF subsidized pit bull.  The population of Montgomery is 710 and a median household income a bit above the median household income for the state of Texas. 

Much has been made of the ASPCA "public service" award won by Poughkeepsie's pit bull police dog, Kiah, an AFF subsidized dog.  Interestingly, no one has been able to name a public service performed by Kiah, other than being a pit bull subsidized by a very wealthy New York state resident. It appears that the ASPCA award is simply for sale.      


Texas training business Universal K9, partnered with the AFF picks up pit bulls from shelters and municipal pounds briefly trains them for narcotics and explosive detection and for tracking.  They are not trained for bite work which is required for apprehending suspects. The AFF pays the bills.

 Apparently the editors of the Toledo Blade think Toledo needs a police pit bull but by the sound of it, Toledo police are underwhelmed. A spokesman for the Toledo police K9 unit stated that Toledo will not likely participate because the department  requires dogs trained for all aspects of police work.  Apprehension work with pit bulls is problematic. Pit bulls are frequently shot by police because they don't let go.  The police spokesman went on to say "I think the idea behind it is great but the start and end point for us is that we need dogs that can do everything."

The Toledo police get their dogs from Von der Haus Gill German Shepherds in Wapakoneta, Ohio and are pleased with the supplier who guarantees the health and suitability of their dogs.  Brad Croft of Universal K9 takes issue with this because "guarantees are a moot point if the dog is donated. It makes sense if you're spending $15000, to $20,000 on a dog that you want health guarantees. But if you're getting the dog for free, what does it matter?  We have millions of dogs being euthanized each year, and a lot of them can do this work.  If there's a problem with a dog, we can replace that dog very quickly."  In other words, the dogs supplied by Universal K9 are disposable.  

What can't be replaced is public trust and the Toledo police are apparently unwilling to risk their reputation on stray pit bulls.  For those who are concerned with the numbers of dogs euthanized each year, educate pit bull owners on the value of neuter and spay.

For a bit more information on fully trained police dogs please click here. The Mansfield police department just graduated two new police dogs after 9 full weeks of full time training with their new handlers.  These dogs are also from the Wapakoneta supplier and have been bred for the task, chosen from the best prospects in Europe, likely received training in Europe and were imported for American police departments.

Police departments that can afford bred-for-task dogs are not rushing to the AFF for pound pit bulls.

                                                                 * * *    

Toledo Ohio   
Lucas County

While we are in Toledo we might as well talk about the new Lucas County Dog Warden. Richard Stewart has been hired to take Julie Lyle's job as Lucas County Dog Warden. Stewart was head of animal services in Pocatello Idaho for one year.  Julie Lyle moved on to a position as clinic director for Humane Ohio.  Humane Ohio is a low cost neuter and spay clinic in Toledo.  

                                                            * * *

Toledo Ohio
Lucas County

Finishing up in Toledo, the Lucas County Pit Crew's foster homes are full of pit bull puppies.  Of the 69 pit bulls harbored by the Pit Crew on the date the article appeared in the Toledo Blade, 57 of them are under 65 months of age. Per the Blade "Ms . (Jean) Keating said many of the litters were the result of accidental breeding and surrendered directly to the Pit Crew."  Neuter and spay education falls upon deaf ears with pit bull owners.  These puppies are a financial drain on the Pit Crew's finances.  The Pit Crew purchased a property this year to serve as a permanent home for the organization and renovations are expensive.

                                                                    * * *

Warren Ohio
Trumbull County Ohio

This is an insane story that has been waiting too long.  A pit bull named Brownie, adopted out of the Trumbull County shelter in November on 2015 was returned to the shelter in April of 2016 for euthanasia. Brownie had attacked two smaller animals.  No further details on those attacks were offered.  A staff member injected the euthanasia solution into the muscle rather than a vein. Human error?  Wrong drug and wrong route?  Who can say, humans make mistakes.  In any case, instead of quickly administering the drug via vein, the dog was transported to a veterinarian for resuscitation. WHAT?  Brownie lived but animal advocates attended a Trumbull County Commissioner's meeting to complain.  They made the point that the medication administered was painful when injected into the muscle.

The central issue was completely missed by this very small group of advocates.  Brownie was there for the purpose of euthanasia because he attacked other animals.  Brownie was dangerous. The pain of the animals Brownie attacked was never considered.

Let's consider the pain experienced by animal victims of violent dog attacks.  Here are a few photos of animal victims of pit bull attacks.  Think these wounds were achieved without pain?  These are far from the worst photos available to me.  I believe most of the dogs did survive except for the pit bull with the gunshot wound to the top of his head, shot for killing the cats, and the very last dog.  Victims suffer pain, lots of it.

Brownie lived, God only knows where he went from here. I hope the advocates protesting Brownie's pain will consider the pain of his future victims.  No dog should be subjected to pain but sometimes   mistakes are made.            

Consider their pain, please. 
Image may contain: dog

Image may contain: dog

No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: dog

This little Boston Terrier did not survive.  Think there might have been pain here? 
Image may contain: one or more people
Brownie had the Golden Ticket.  He was adopted out of a county shelter but he failed his real world temperament test.  He created his own misfortune by attacking small pets.  He was on the euthanasia table for good reason. That  reason was the protection of peaceful pets like the ones seen here.

Let's keep a bit of perspective here.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Pit bull roundup 11/25/2016 Pit bulls break into homes to kill cats. Pit bull owners feel persecuted when they harbor dogs banned in the community. Pit bulls kill sweet little dogs owned by senior citizens. Pit bulls kill other pit bulls.

Here we are with another batch of  pit bull events and attacks.  We will look at these in no particular order, for as long as my patience lasts.  I'm sorry the first post here is so old, I can't keep up.   

Lancaster Ohio
Fairfield County

A woman heard her children screaming IN HER HOME.  She investigated and found that a pit bull had entered the home, attacked the family cat.  The pit bull carried the cat outside and dropped it on the sidewalk, where it died.
Per the Eagle-Gazette " The dog owner said that the pit bull had inadvertently gotten free from her home when it was seen running around the neighborhood."

Inadvertently gotten free?  That's pretty much like "somehow" got  loose.  Classic pit bull owner excuse.  The pit bull owner apparently never noticed that the thing was loose until the Fairfield County Dog Warden arrived to investigate.  If a Pug "inadvertently got loose" the cat would still be sleeping on the couch.    

Presto graphic

                                                          * * *

Kenton Ohio
Hardin County                                                                                                                                   

This turned up in another blog. I thought the story was so outrageous I'm going to let another blogger tell the it.  The story was taken direct from the pit bull owner's Facebook page.  The post is difficult to read because the pit bull owner is unable to spell or construct a sentence.  Punctuation does not exist.  The gentleman lives in an Ohio community with BSL and he is angry that he was cited for keeping a  pit bull.  This screen shot sums up the story but PLEASE visit Four Legged Friends and Enemies for the full story, apparently his family reported the pit bull.  You can't make this stuff up.  Click here for the link.  

Thanks to the blogger at Four legged Friends and Enemies!

                                                       * * *
Hamilton Ohio
Butler County

This story brings our old favorite, Kurt Merbs, Butler County Dog Warden back into the news.  One would think he would get tired of being interviewed about pit bull attacks.

Picture the scene as described by WCPO Cincinnati News.  
"Butler County authorities said Tuesday that a pair of pit bulls led them on a long, dangerous chase after attacking and killing another dog that morning.
Kurt Merbs, Butler County’s dog warden supervisor, got the call around 9 a.m. When he arrived at the scene, Hamilton police officers were already chasing the pit bulls through several neighborhoods. At one point, the two dogs charged at them.
"They were going through yards, jumping fences and we had to divert several people riding bikes, walking to get them off the streets because these dogs were not friendly to people or animals," Merbs said.
He said the attack happened while a man was walking a Shetland Sheepdog named Princess for his elderly neighbor, Doris Oleson." "These dogs came out of nowhere, and he didn’t have a chance," Merbs said."

Princess died.  Police cornered the two pit bulls later in the chase but the owner pulled up in her car and the things jumped right in. The owner, Haley Suffridge, was cited for allowing the pit bulls to run at large, and for not licensing them.   As is frequently noted after a violent attack, shock was expressed by Suffridge's boyfriend that these fine and upstanding pit bulls had attacked another animal (and killed it).  He told reporters "I've had little kids come over and play all the time with them."

Suffridge and her boyfriend Rodric Pearson will be allowed to keep them if they are neutered and micro-chipped, kept in a fenced area with dangerous dogs signs and registered as dangerous dogs.  Whoop.  Will they be required to purchase insurance?  Ohio law requires the owners of dangerous dogs to have insurance and after a public attack like this, that insurance will be expensive.  Possibly expensive enough that Suffridge and Pearson will have second thoughts on keeping these  maulers.   
   One of the killer pit bulls.

Mr. Pearson asked to speak to  Mrs. Oleson in order to apologize but she stated that she needed time to grieve over the death of her beloved pet.  "We have no children, so she was our child."  "I just hurt so bad.  Even though she looked terrible (after the attack), I'm glad I could at least say goodbye."
Click here for the WCPO coverage of this attack.  Both the Sheltie owner and the pit bull owner were interviewed.  

            Owner cited after dogs attack, kill dog in Hamilton

                                                                            * * *

Middletown Ohio

This is the story of a pit bull attack on a pit bull.  Spoiler Alert - both pit bulls die.

Pit bull owner Mollie Watkins called the police to report that her neighbor, Gregory Orona, kicked in her door and killed her dog.  When police arrived they found Watkins' home undamaged.  

They got a very different story from Mr. Orona.  
Per WCPO " Orona described the incident differently. He said he had been playing in his backyard with his own dog, Scout.  “The neighbor’s dog came flying through the side yard, it grabbed (Scout) by the throat and started shaking it," he said. "I hit the dog in the head and I killed it. I was very sorry for that, I did not want to do that, but that’s what happened."
"According to the police report, Orona told police he had tried to separate the dogs but was bitten in the process and had no choice but to kill the attacking animal.  The officer who responded to the call noted blood on both Scout and Orona in the report."

Watkins and Orona agreed that if she would pay the vet bills for the swelling in Scout's neck he would not press charges for her pit bull running at large.  It is not a surprise that when Scout's vet bill arrived Ms. Watkins did not pay it. Shortly after a follow-up visit to the vet Scout died.  Mr. Orona 
stated "Words can go a long ways.  For the lady to come over and say 'I'm sorry' would have made a tremendous difference."  Watkins did not respond to a request for comment by WCPO.  She has been charged with a first offense dangerous dog at large, a misdemeanor, and was to appear in Middletown Municipal Court on October 6th. 

The swelling on Scout's neck is clearly shown in this photograph.

Mr. Orona did not get his apology, nor did he get his vet bill paid.  Both dogs are dead.    The physical evidence supports Mr. Orona's account.  He has stated that he is sorry Watkins dog died but his actions were reasonable, he was protecting his own dog in his own yard.
Consider, if you will, this story told with a slightly different cast of characters.  Watkins owns, say, a Pomeranian. Mr. Orona owns a Beagle.  Watkins behavior is still irresponsible but nobody dies, the conflict between these neighbors becomes one of a tiny dog at large leaving tiny piles of dog poop in the neighbor's yard.  Watkins phone call to police becomes, at worst, "I answered a knock on my door and found a tiny flaming bag of tiny dog poop."  

                                                                     * * *

Brunswick Ohio

Medina County

A Brunswick woman was attacked as she attempted to break up a fight between her own pit bull and her brother-in-law's pit bull.  Her injuries are describes as "substantial."  She was transported via ambulance to Southwest General Hospital in Middleburg Heights and was later transported via life flight to Cleveland Metro Hospital, a trauma center for the Cleveland area.  The woman told police she had been caring for her brother-in-law's pit bull for "several months."   There was no explanation for this but the dog was immediately returned to his owner in Strongsville Ohio. 
It was the brother-in-law's pit bull that attacked her. 

We frequently warn that accepting responsibility for someone else's pit bull is folly.  We make the same warning here. 

                                                                         * * *   

Bainbridge Township Ohio
Geauga County 

What makes anyone think that taking your pit bull to Walmart at 10:30 at night is a good idea?  Top it off with the classic "service dog" lie?   Thanks to the Walmart manager who put a stop to this!bainbridge police car
                                                                 * * *

Olmsted Falls Ohio
Cuyahoga County

Animal Complaints, Lindberg Boulevard: Nov. 15, a caller told police that he and his dog had been attacked by a pit bull. While separating the dogs, the caller sustained a small cut on his hand. This was the second time that pit bull had acted aggressively against him, the caller said.

stock image Olmsted Falls PD.jpg

                                                                        * * *

This is just a sample of pit bull activity in Ohio.  As usual, we have LOTS more to talk about. Next post will deal with Bay Village and Bexley plus the usual attacks and insanity.