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Pit bull roundup 9/2/2016 Pit bulls attack at schools, at cookouts, attack visitors in the home, attack at yard sales, attack police, attack children on bikes and children on porches, and pit bull advocates complain of discrimination.

Here is a sample of the backlog of Ohio pit bull attack news stories.  If my demise depends upon being caught up on pit bull attacks in Ohio I will live forever.

Elyria Ohio
Lorain County

An Elyria High School coach and assistant principal rescued four of his players from an attack by a pit bull mix  just outside the school.  The dog chased, and bit the four players.  Coach Brett Heighberger reacted quickly.  Per Newsnet5 "Police said soccer coach and Elyria High School assistant principal Brett Heighberger held down a large brown pit bull mix by the neck while sitting on the dog’s body, all in an attempt to keep the dog from charging his players.
“I’m just doing what I would normally do," Heighberger said. "I’m the assistant principal there. I’m the head coach. My job, my number one job, is to make sure the kids are taken care of and in a safe place."
The players were treated and released. The pit mix was taken to the County shelter.  If the dog's owner is not located the dog may be euthanized. 
Thanks Coach Heighberger!
                                                                       * * *
Lorain Ohio
Lorain County 

A six year old boy was bitten in the face by a friend's pit bull while visiting the home of that friend. The Morning Journal reported " An officer responded to a Euclid Avenue home where the boy’s father said the boy was playing with another 6-year-old boy at another Euclid Avenue home. A short time later, the boy returned home crying with the dog bite.
The dog’s owner said when the bite occurred, he was upstairs at the home where the boys were playing, and the dog usually was friendly with the boy, the report said.
The boy was taken to Mercy Regional Medical Center for treatment."
 It was reported that the pit mix was in heat, this is not an acceptable excuse.  The "nanny dog" strikes again. 

                                                                      * * *

Cincinnati Ohio
Hamilton County

An eight year old boy was bitten by a family pit mix while at a cookout with his father's relatives.  The child was not treated for over an hour while family members attempted to treat the bites by running water over them.  After failure of this inappropriate treatment the mother received a phone call from a guest at the party informing her of her son's injuries.  The mother was at the hospital waiting when her son arrived.  There have been no offers of help from those responsible for the pit bull mix. 

When police went to the home to investigate, SURPRISE! The dog was not there.  

Click here to step into the Emergency Room with  video of the treatment of this child.  He cries but bravely endures. Impressive child!  Why are we putting our children at risk?  Why do pit bull owners feel free to turn their backs on their responsibilities and go on to hide the mauler?  

                                                                                           * * *

Oberlin Ohio 
Lorain County

A fourteen year old boy was attacked by his neighbor's pit bull as the boy was sitting on his own front porch.  Per the Morning Journal "Officers responded to Mercy Allen Hospital in Oberlin around 10:40 a.m. where they learned from the victim and his father that a white dog with brown spots that is believed to be a pit bull attacked the boy while he was sitting on the stoop by the front door of his apartment. According to the report, several blood spots and a significant puddle of blood were located in the front door to the victim’s residence.
The victim’s father and residents in the area believed this was not the first time the dog had bitten someone.
Police attempted to contact the dog owner but were unable to do so.  It is expected that the pit bull will be euthanized. 

                                                                                       * * *

Fremont Ohio
Sandusky county 

The Sandusky County Sheriffs Office reported a Chihuahua was killed by a pit bull.  The little dog crawled under a fence into the yard where the pit bull was harbored.  Chances that the Chihuahua would have died if the neighbor harbored a Beagle are remote.   
Police Cruisers

                                                                                   * * *

Avon Lake Ohio
Lorain County

In an attack you will never hear about, a West Highland White Terrier was mauled as it was being walked by a neighbor and two children.  The Terrier was later euthanized due to the severity of his injuries.  The attacking dog was a shepherd mix.  The owner of the shepherd mix was cited and the dog was designated a dangerous dog through the Avon Lake Civil Court. 

                                              * * *
Kenton Ohio
Hardin County

Per Kenton Today "Information from the Kenton Police Department report states that an aggressive dog was in the area of the 1100 block of South Detroit St. The Pit Bull allegedly attempted to bite a women who was holding a yard sale.
It was determined that the dog belonged to a residence on Letson Ave. Nobody was at home at the time and the dog was found running in the middle of the street on Letson Ave. The Hardin County Dog Warden was contacted and the dog was apprehended.
The owner of the Pit Bull dog was issued a summons for failing to properly confine a vicious dog."
                                                               * * *
Lakewood Ohio
Cuyahoga County

Lakewood officials have decided to allow Scrappy the pit bull to remain in the community.  Lakewood has a pit bull ban but it was claimed that Scrappy was an assistance dog for a child with cystic fibrosis.

A privacy fence must be erected on the property where Scrappy is harbored and Scrappy must be muzzled in public. 

                                                        * * *

Dover Ohio
Tuscarawas County

A pit bull was euthanized after it attacked an Urichsville K9 officer as he was responding to a call about the near attack of a child.  Sounds like the person who called this in had great instincts.  Officer Hickman required stitches to his right hand after the dog bit him as he attempted to defend himself.

                                                               * * *

Dover Ohio
Tuscarawas County

On Feb. 28, a Dover police officer fatally shot a dog that he said charged him while he was responding to a call that the 100-pound dog entered a neighbor's backyard and attacked the neighbor's dog.    
According to two police reports on the incident, John Tucker, a Race Street resident, told officers his leashed 3-year-old pit boxer was attacked by the pit bull while in his backyard. He said a nearby resident was walking his three dogs, each without a leash, and one of the dogs — the pit bull — ran into his yard and attacked his pit boxer. Officers noted Tucker’s dog had visible blood on its ear and face. Tucker's neighbor called police after the attack.
Tucker said the owner of the three dogs has often walked his dogs without a leash, a claim the neighbor who called police backed up. "It's very irresponsible," Tucker said. "It's dangerous."
 A Dover police officer responding to Tucker's call went to the home of the pit bull owner. 
SURPRISE!  The pit bull owner was nowhere to be found but the dogs were in the yard.  Per the Times-Reporter   "One of the responding Dover police officers walked to E. Sixth Street to speak with the owner of the pit bull that attacked Tucker's dog. The officer was unable to immediately find the owner, but saw the three dogs in the owner's backyard walking in a fenced area. The officer wrote in his report that one of the dogs, similar in stature to a bull mastiff, began charging him and was not on a leash or in an enclosure.
"Its ears were pulled back, snarled, and showing all teeth and gums as it barked," the officer wrote in his report. "I identified this as an aggressive posture. I anticipated the dog taking me down."
The officer ran away from the dog to increase the distance between him and the aggressive animal. According to police reports: A mother was playing with her children in a nearby yard; the officer said he wanted to protect the family and "squared up with the dog with knife in hand."
The woman yelled at her children to get on the trampoline to avoid the dog. At that point, the officer said he noticed the two other dogs approaching him.
"I pulled my firearm and feared one or all of the dogs would attack, taking me to the ground, and then mauling me," the officer wrote in his report. "I held off on firing in case the dogs would suddenly stop, but the black dog continued. As it neared me, within 1.5 to 2 feet, I fired on the dog two shots as center mass as possible, as the dog was running perpendicular toward me."
The dogs ran back into the owner's yard, the dog that was shot died.  More from the Times -Reporter " I think the Dover Police Department handled the situation very well and in the best way they could," Tucker said. "If people don't like the way things are handled with the police, don't put yourself in the situation. I feel bad for the dog (that died). The dog didn't have to lose its life if the owner took proper precautions." The dog's owner could not be reached for comment."
Common sense from Mr. Tucker. 

                                                          * * *

Greenville Ohio
Darke County 

The family of a 13 year old boy knocked off his bike and  bitten by a pit bull want changes in local regulations dealing with biting dogs.  Per the Daily Advocate "Shawn Crumrine, the father of the victim, spoke to the Darke County Board of Commissioners during its Monday session. Crumrine said he was also planning to address the Greenville City Council on the same topic during its Tuesday night meeting.
“I’d like for the city and county to amend their ordinances on how it handles dogs that bite,” he said, suggesting that a dog which bites a person should be placed under immediate and indeterminate quarantine in custody of the Darke County Animal Shelter until a court can make a determination on its danger to the public.
 Greenville police reports indicate the boy was chased and  bitten by two dogs, one of them a pit bull.  The dogs were unlicensed and have bitten before, several times.  One of these was a postal worker.  It  was reported that the owner of the dogs, Jamie Hensil, was told to have his dogs put down but did not comply.

 The boy received 30 stitches and endured a series of rabies injections.  He, and other children in the household remain traumatized. The family has filed a civil lawsuit against the owner of the two dogs, they seek restitution and punitive damages.  It is appropriate to demand accountability.  

In this case the dogs were home quarantined.  Crumrine says in addition to having biting dogs quarantined by the county, he would like to see a “biting dog” registry established, tracking dogs which bite people, particularly within a school zone or public park."  

Makes sense to me.

Photos of the boy's injuries.  This was not a simple dog bite, t his child was mauled as he rode his bike home.  

This story  is a segue to more, per Bluebag Media "
Just a couple weeks before the Greenville biting incident, local residents became aware of an online petition asking Darke County Animal Shelter to revise its policy on euthanizing pit bull-type dogs. The petition appears on the website People from across the United States have signed the petition and called the animal shelter.
Darke County Animal Shelter Director Duane Sanning has been fielding these calls, but is not comfortable with changing the county’s policy.
“How can I adopt out a pit bull to a family with kids, with another dog of a family cat without being able to evaluate them?” he told The Early Bird last week.
Sanning said most temperament testing procedures “have been proven to the degree of yes you do or no you don’t.” 

Hold this thought. 

                                                  * * *

Greenville Ohio
Darke County   

A petition was posted on the mostly ignored website by Columbus pit bull advocate Luke Westerman. The petition asks Darke County commissioners to change their "discriminatory" policies at the Darke County Shelter so pit bulls can be adopted out  to the public.  Why is Mr. Westerman, a resident of Franklin County making demands in Darke County?  Good question, I have no answer. 

The Dark County commissioners support the work done by County Dog Warden Duane Sanning.  Per Bluebag Media " “I just wish people would find the facts out before commenting,” said Commissioner Diane Delaplane. Especially those who believe the county shelter is rushing to kill dogs instead of attempting to either find their owners or place them for adoption. “They’re making statements that just aren’t true.”
Commission chairman Mike Stegall agrees.
“His (Sanning) policy is very, very satisfactory. Duane is very sensitive about the pit bull issue. He’s gone over the limit (required number of days to keep a dog at the shelter) trying to work with them. Animals are treated well by our shelter. He’s following the guidelines and goes above and beyond.”
Ohio policy states that unlicensed dogs brought to the shelter are to be kept for three days; while licensed dogs may be kept up to 14 days in hopes of finding their owners.
The Darke County Shelter spends a lot of resources, Sanning said, promoting dogs they have for adoption – with a radio spot, newspaper advertising and on the shelter’s website.
“Our adoption rate is 85 percent, the best in the state. Other shelters run about 45 percent,” Sanning explained.
Sanning said he has concerns about adopting out pit bulls or other aggressive dogs.
“The problem I have with pit bulls is the damage they do when they bite,” he said, noting that the breed originally was bred to fight. “How do I know they will not end up in a fighting ring in California?”
“The story, I think is simple. A golden retriever is a retrieving dog – it’s their instinct. A border collie is a herding dog. Pit bulls are a fighting breed. It’s in their DNA. They were bred to fight bears and other large animals. There’s just no way to know.”
Conducting temperament testing for dogs also is questionable, Sanning believes.
“None of them (tests) have been proven to the degree of yes you do or no you don’t,” he said. 

There are no plans to change policy in Darke County. Pickaway County got a very similar petition from  Pickaway County does not  adopt pit bulls out  directly to the public either. The writer acknowledges that while no pit bulls have been euthanized in the County shelter due to space concerns in the last TWO YEARS this "discriminatory" policy MUST be changed.  Lets review, no pit bulls have been put down in two years, when pit bulls are available for the public nobody wants them anyway, they languish for months to years because the peaceful public reads actual news from actual news sources, the county commissioners are satisfied with the status quo but the discrimination must end.  I don't get it.          

                                                      * * *

Oklahoma City

This is as good a place to put this as any other, it is not local but it illustrates the perils of pit bulls. If you want to harbor these dogs you will be held accountable for them.  The owner of five pit bull mixes that killed a sixty year old man has been charged with second degree manslaughter. Edgar Brown, the victim was killed in his own yard by the pit mixes owned by Juan Marcos Diaz.

The victim's brother has filed a lawsuit against Diaz.  "
The lawsuit says Diaz “failed in his duty to keep his vicious, fierce and/or dangerous dogs from assaulting Edgar Brown.”
Dexter Brown's attorney, Noble McIntyre, said the lawsuit isn't about money but about sending a message.
“Sometimes cases are about collectibility and sometimes cases are about accountability, and this is one that's about accountability,” McIntyre said Friday.
“There's no money in this for me. ... There won't ever be any money. There's no insurance policy.
“At some point, you have to hold these people accountable and send a message to the community as a whole that you're not going to be able to hide behind the fact that you don't have an insurance policy. You still are responsible,” McIntyre said.
“I'm going to go forward with the lawsuit for one purpose: to get a great big verdict, even though it's not collectible, to send a message ... to other dog owners.”
Accountability, yes!

 Juan Marcos Diaz Prosecutors say the 45-year-old Oklahoma City man failed to keep his dogs confined.
Booking photo for Juan Marcos Diaz.  The maximum sentence for second degree manslaughter in Oklahoma is four years in prison, the minimum sentence is two years in prison.  Not enough in my opinion but it's a start.  If you want to harbor pit bulls you will be held accountable.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Wrongful death lawsuit against Montgomery County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf filed by the family of Klonda Richey may go to trial.

This is interesting, and appropriate.

Mark Kumpf, Montgomery County dog warden will face a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Konda Richey.   The court's 41 page opinion can be found here.

Per the Courthouse News Service " Mark Kumpf was the dog warden in Montgomery County. Earlier in his career, he emphasized enforcement, writing an average of 100 to 150 citations per month.
     When Kumpf took the Montgomery County job in 2006, he changed from "enforcement mode" to "education mode."
     Only 3.4 percent of calls resulted in citations in the two years before Richey's death, according to an Ohio Court of Appeals ruling filed last week. Also, only 12 of the county's 60,000 dogs were considered "nuisance" or "dangerous" dogs in 2013.
     Richey called the county's animal resource center 13 times about the dogs belonging to Andrew Nason and Julie Custer, but all of her calls were sent to voicemail.
     In one of her calls, Richey said Nason "let his aggressive pit/mastiff run loose while she was walking to work and threatened to let it have her for a treat," her estate claims.
     Richey also reportedly complained that the mailman refused to deliver mail on her street and that a pit bull owner had taken his dog off his chain and ordered it to attack her.

Quick review, Ms Richey made 13 complaints to the Animal Resource Center and 46 calls to Dayton Police.  Click here to read the records of the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center. You will find records of sternly worded warning post-it notes left on the door, and animal control officers who knocked on that door.  This is proactive enforcement?  Mr. Kumpf stated to WDTN News that he has no protocol for followup after the sternly worded post-it note is affixed to the dog owner's front door. Per WDTN "Per Numerous warnings were left for the dog owners at 35 East Bruce Avenue, but no action was taken. Kumpf says a warning is simply a notice that an officer responded to a complaint. There’s really no follow-up after that unless the owner calls the Animal Resource Center to find out more.This is the problem, zero follow- up.

Richey asked for a court order of protection but was refused, video available here.  She built this fence, hoping it would protect her.  Unfortunately, it did not.
 A cat lover, fences were built to protect the pets at Klonda Richey’s home, 31 E. Bruce Avenue in Dayton where she was mauled to death by a neighbor’s pit bull dogs after nine previous complaints filed about the two dogs who fatally attacked her. JIM WITMER / STAFF

The scene of Klonda Richey's death.
Deadly dog attack: Klonda Richey's body was found torn to shreds on the snow-covered sidewalk outside her Ohio home on Friday
 The Second District Court of Appeals reversed the decision of the trial court, that only owners and those who harbor dogs can be held responsible.  It was reported that the Court of Appeals reviewed hundreds of  Ohio cases on liability issues prior to their decision that the family of Klonda Richey's lawsuit may proceed.   . 

Will the family of Jonathan Quarles Jr. file a similar lawsuit? Just six months after the Dayton death of Klonda Richey,  the city of Dayton was again the scene of a violent dog mauling death, this time a seven month old infant visiting from out of state.  The pit bull that killed seven month old Jonathan had previously attacked a mail carrier leading to charges that brought pit bull owner Kimiko Hardy to a mandatory responsible dog owner education class at the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, headed by dog warden Kumpf.  Not long after the class Hardy's pit bull attacked a peaceful dog on a leash being walked by Hardy's home.  This attack brought additional charges against Hardy but the case was postponed by the Montgomery County prosecutor.  Why?  No one knows. This same dog very quickly went on to attack and kill Jonathan Quarles Jr. inside Hardy's home.  Hardy was step grandmother to the visiting child.  Hardy was convicted on six felony counts and sentenced to three years in prison.  Hardy's dog was well known to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, headed by Mark Kumpf, but was allowed to remain in the community and went on to kill a child.  The Quarles family has every right to hold the Montgomery County dog warden responsible for failure to protect the safety of the public.  

Jonathan Quarles Jr.

Dog Warden Kumpf.  photo
He may be the only dog warden in the United States to have two fatal attacks in his district within a six month time frame.  Was he fired after the first fatal attack?  No.  Was he fired after the second fatal attack?  No.  The Montgomery County commissioners gave him a raise "because he had a  difficult year."

Klonda Richey

Will the charges against Kumpf FINALLY be enough to convince County Dog Wardens in Ohio to elect someone else president of their organization

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pit Bull Roundup 7/6/2016. Ohio pit bull owner goes to prison, Newark changes their dog laws again, Lakemore regulates pit bulls, pit bull owners abusing their own pit bulls, pit bulls kill tiny dogs... and get to stay with their owners, and other stuff.

More pit bull happenings from Ohio.  In no particular order.

                                                                           * * *

Dayton Ohio
Montgomery County

Kimiko Hardy, pit bull owner, has been sentenced to three years in prison for the fatal mauling of seven month old.Jonathan Quarles Jr.   Per ABC22 " "I'm sorry. It was a tragic day," Hardy said in court.
Her 7-month-old step-grandson, Jonathan Quarles Jr., was visiting when Hardy's pit bull mix attacked and killed the baby.
"I'm sorry about this, I miss Jonathan, too," said Hardy.
"Sorry will not bring my son back and from July 20th, 2014, this shouldn't be the first time, well the second time that I've heard that I'm sorry," said the baby's mother Kashyra Hardy.
Prosecutors said Hardy's dog had attacked a letter carrier and small dog before.
"Based on her failure to act and her sticking her head in the sand, unfortunately, this young child was defensless and was mauled by her dog," said Montgomery County Assistant Prosecutor Karen Groseth.
Hardy's attorneys said she's remorseful and doesn't deserve prison.
Whether dog killing 7-month-old was ‘foreseeable’ at center of trial photo

Pit bull owners never think they deserve to go to prison but this one will find out how she looks in orange. After her dog's first violent incident Hardy was required to attend classes on responsible dog ownership at the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, run by Montgomery County dog warden Mark Kumpf.  It appears that the curriculum is lacking something.  Hardy's dog went on to maul a peaceful dog being walked by the owner prior to strike three, the killing of Jonathan Quarles Jr.  Epic and fatal fail.

Whether dog killing 7-month-old was ‘foreseeable’ at center of trial photo
Jonathan Quarles Jr.

Video is available at the above link.

                                                                    * * *

Newark Ohio
Licking County

A new program at the Licking county shelter is apparently controversial.  Bids will now be taken for desirable dogs.  Per ABC 6 "The shelter director said they used to use a "first choice" policy which was first-come, first-served policy. People could put a $10 deposit on a dog for the three-day mandatory holding period, but fights used to break out when popular dogs were up for adoption. Some people never came back for the dog after the holding period was over." 

Any money over the standard adoption fee goes toward medical expenses for the dogs.

My guess is that pleasant little dogs will get a great deal of attention.  If you want  a pit bull just pick one out, they have been there for a long time and there is no crush of people clamoring for them.

Click on the link for video.  A dog groomer appears and he makes a lot of sense.

                                                                  * * *

Bucyrus Ohio
Crawford County

This story has been overlooked for far too long.  A Crawford County man was charged with animal cruelty for beating his pit bull with a shovel.  Makes sense.  Per the Telegraph-Forum "Earlier this week, Bryan Hedges, 37, pleaded not guilty to one count of animal cruelty, a second-degree misdemeanor, after being accused of striking the dog last Friday and knocking out several of its teeth.
Although Friday's court date, a probable-cause hearing called for by the Crawford County dog warden's office, was a civil proceeding, not a criminal one, Hedges admitted to doing what was alleged after he was arrested by the county Crawford County Sheriff's Office and briefly detained in the county jail before posting a $750 bond. Upon his arrest last week, he said he was attempting to discipline the animal when the incident occurred. He elaborated on that Friday.
"I was trying to put his chain on him," Hedges said. "I tripped and the dog was on me, I have bite marks all up my arm. I hadn't even struck him, and he attacked me. I'm glad it wasn't one of my children.
"I then went out and got the shovel and struck him a couple times."
Hedges added the pit bull, which weighs about 65 pounds, had shown aggressive tendencies in the past and that he had considered getting him neutered.

 I would not put that surgery off Mr. Hedges.  The Humane Society took custody of Hedges pit bull and also a Cane Corso also owned by Hedges.  He wants the Cane Corso back, stating that he is "emotionally invested" in that dog but no apparent interest in the pit bull.  It is reported that "someone" is interested in rescuing the pit bull.  What could go wrong?  

                                                                       * * *

Mansfield Ohio
Richland County

The Tender Loving Dog Care program run by the Ashland County Humane Society  sends dogs to the Mansfield Correctional Institution for training by inmates.  One of these inmates, Archie Wilder, convicted of murder and serving 33 years to life, was bitten by one of the Tender Loving Dog Care dogs.  The Columbus Dispatch tells us "Wilder, 41, alleged he was bitten at the Mansfield Correctional Institution on Nov. 27, 2014. He claimed he was breaking up a fight between two dogs when a third animal approached him from behind and bit his left calf.
Wilder turned jailhouse lawyer and sued the state, alleging the dog was known to be dangerous since it had bitten another inmate on Oct. 20, 2014, but that it was not removed from the prison for weeks.
He was a handler in the Tender Loving Dog Care, a program at several state prisons in which inmates care for dogs that then are put up for adoption.
Wilder said his wound could not be stitched and required eight to ten weeks of daily care. He claimed his calf remains numb due to nerve damage.  Click here to read the actual lawsuit.  
The breed is not listed but it should be noted that this is the second such attack requiring a payout of taxpayer funds in less than a year.  Vincent Doan received a $7500 settlement after part of his his nose was bitten off by a dog at the Correctional Reception Center near Orient Ohio.  Doan was also convicted of murder, his victim's body has never been found.

Wilder's check will be sent to him at the Mansfield prison for use at the inmate commissary.  Who is running these programs?  Why is the Ohio taxpayer footing the bills?  The organization responsible for the dog's presence in the prison should be paying.

Archie Wilder

                                                                   * * *

Fairview Park
Cuyahoga County

A 60 year old woman was injured while trying, unsuccessfully, to protect her 8 1/2 pound Toy Poodle/Cocker Spaniel mix from two escaped pit bulls weighing 75 pounds and 44 pounds respectively.  The little dog's owner went to Fairview Hospital for treatment of bruises and lacerations.

The pit bulls remain with their owner WHILE THE PROSECUTOR DECIDES WHETHER TO FILE CHARGES. He has to think about this?

Per "The woman told police that she was walking her dog in the 22000 block of Macbeth Avenue just before 6 p.m. June 13. The two dogs burst through a gate on the opposite side of the street, according to a Fairview Park police report released Tuesday.
The woman grabbed her dog to protect it, but the two dogs jumped and ripped into her dog's flesh.
The dogs knocked the woman to the ground, and grabbed the smaller dog and killed it. The dogs' owners were out of town and a friend was caring for them at the time of the attack, Fairview Park Police Chief Upperman said.
The gate to the fence where the dogs were held was not properly secured when they escaped, Upperman said.
The owners rescued the dogs from a shelter, and they are unsure whether they are purebred pit bulls. Both dogs were vaccinated, according to police records.
Fairview Park Prosecutor John Castele has recused himself from the case because he is acquainted with the victim. An outside prosecute will handle the matter.

This warning cannot be repeated enough, NEVER accept responsibility for someone else's pit bulls.  No good can come of this.

Fairview Park attack dogs.jpg
These dogs remain at home.  Presumably the Toy Poodle/Cocker Spaniel mix is buried in the owner's yard.   The peaceful public deserves better than this.

Fairview Park considers pit bull inherently vicious. Per the City's Municipal Code " (4)   A.   "Vicious dog" means a dog that, without provocation and subject to subsection (a)(4)B. hereof, meets any of the following:
            1.   Has killed or caused serious injury to any persons;
            2.   Has caused injury, other than killing or serious injury to any person, or has killed another dog;
            3.   Is a pit bull terrier, the ownership, keeping or harboring of such a dog shall be prima-facie evidence of the ownership, keeping or harboring of a vicious dog."
More from the city code "  C.   "Pit bull terrier" as used herein includes, but is not limited to, any American Pit Bull Terrier, any Bull Terrier, any Staffordshire Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier breed of dog, or any mixed breed of dog which contains as an element of its breeding the breed of American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier as to be identifiable as partially of the breed of American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier."

More from the city code "  (b)   No owner, keeper or harborer of a dangerous or vicious dog shall fail to do either of the following:
      (1)   While that dog is on the premises of the owner, keeper or harborer, securely confine it at all times in a building, in a locked pen which has a top, locked fenced yard or other locked enclosure which has a top, except that a dangerous dog may, in the alternative, be tied with a leash or tether so that the dog is adequately restrained;
      (2)   While that dog is off the premises of the owner, keeper or harborer, keep it on a chain-link leash or tether that is not more than six feet in length and additionally do at least one of the following:
         A.   Keep that dog in a locked pen which has a top, locked fenced yard or other locked enclosure which has a top;
         B.   Have the leash or tether controlled by a person who is of suitable age and discretion or securely attach, tie or affix the leash or tether to the ground or stationary object or fixture so that the dog is adequately restrained and station such a person in close enough proximity to that dog so as to prevent it from causing injury to any person;
         C.   Muzzle that dog.
   (c)   No owner, keeper or harborer of a vicious dog shall fail to obtain liability insurance with an insurer authorized to write liability insurance in this State providing coverage in each occurrence, subject to a limit, exclusive of interest and costs, of not less than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) because of damage or bodily injury to or death of a person caused by the vicious dog.  (ORC 955.22)"

The prosecutor needs to THINK about THIS?

                                                       * * * 

Gallia County  

Jeremy Collins, age 38 years, was cited for harboring a pit bull within the city limits. Gallipolis has a pit bull ban.  Mr. Collins pleaded not guilty the charge of possession of a dangerous and vicious dog in violation of local law.  Per the Galliopolis Daily Tribune "According to police reports, officers were dispatched to Collins’ residence after receiving complaints of three dogs allegedly living at the home. While approaching the home, a man was exiting the building. An officer reported seeing “what appeared to be a pit bull in the living room area of the residence.”
Reportedly, Collins met with the officer on the porch and was told about the complaint in regards to the dogs at his home. Collins allegedly responded that he did not have three dogs and said he only owned one dog the officer had observed on his approach. Two other dogs had been at the house but were picked up by their owner a few days before.
The officer then cited Collins with a first-degree misdemeanor in regard to regard to the presence of the animal and served with a court summons. Collins was reportedly advised to relocate the dog. Police reports say Collins had been given a warning for a similar offense in January 2015."
Collins apparently blew off his previous warning but law enforcement was not so patient this time.

More from the Galliopolis Daily Tribune "
A man who lived in Gallipolis at the time approached the city commission last September under a similar circumstance. Officers approached him for owning a pit bull within city limits. After asking the commission to change its view on the standing ordinance, the commission deliberated and after a time decided to not change the law.
Individuals convicted of owning a listed illegal breed within municipal limits could potentially face six months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine."
Pit bull bans are enforced on a complaint basis. Mr. Collins neighbors are fed up, it appears that neighbors of last September's pit bull owner were fed up as well. 
                                                           * * *
Lakemore Ohio
Summit County

On July 1st  a new vicious dog ordinance went into effect in Lakemore.  Per the
"The ordinance identifies several dog breeds that are considered vicious. Owners of dogs of these breeds will be required to follow the new guidelines:
n American bulldog or old country bulldog
n Canary dog or perro de presa canario
n Staffordshire bull terrier
n American pit bull terrier
n American Staffordshire terrier
n Any mixed breed that contains elements of the breeds listed
Upon doing register their dogs, owners will receive a sign for their property and a florescent green collar for the dog. There is no cost for the registration. Vicious dogs will also need to be tattooed with a code number provided by the village or will need to be micro-chipped. To see the ordinance in its entirety, visit"
Letters were mailed to all residents explaining the new ordinance.  

                                                           * * *

Newark Ohio
Licking County  

For the second time this year Newark Ohio is changing its municipal code related to vicious dogs.  Newark had a pit bull ban with the generous option of complete exemption from the ban for dogs that passed the ridiculously easy AKC CGC test.  This option was evidently not quite easy enough, the first couple of years of the offer only three pit bulls achieved exemption.  Councilman Jeff Rath led the charge to drop the ban last year but was defeated.  He brought it right back this year, the vote was tied with city council president Don Ellington breaking the tie.  Even though Newark residents spoke in favor of keeping the pit bull ban. 

Rath is attempting to pose as a neutral voice of common sense, as opposed to the person directly responsible for dropping the breed ban in April with the fatal mauling of a Chihuahua in May.  
Newark City Council votes to change vicious dog laws

Per the Newark Advocate "  One dog is dead and another severely injured after being attacked by a pit bull Friday morning, according to police.
A pit bull got loose and killed a mixed breed Chihuahua in the 1000 block of Guckert Ave. at about 9 a.m., said Newark Police Sgt. Clint Eskins. The pit bull then attacked another dog as it was being walked by its owner. That dog suffered severe injuries, Eskins said.
The pit bull is now back with its owner and not in the custody of police or animal control. Police said a report about the incident would not be completed until Saturday.
Pit bulls are not automatically deemed vicious in Newark after city council voted last month to have designations based on behavior rather than breed."     635582306169623266-NEW-Newark-police
This was the first offense from this particular pit bull and it killed someone's pet and attacked another dog.  

After all 10 members of the Newark city council voted unanimously to alter the law passed in April to label dogs vicious is they kill another dog. Rath stated  "It's giving us the ability to hold dogs and dog owners more accountable for their actions," said Jeff Rath, R-3rd Ward. "I think the act of a dog killing a dog is something that ... warrants more accountability both for the owner and for the dog."
It was easy to see this one coming.

For more on Newark please click here or here .  Or just enter Newark in the site search box, there is plenty here.  

                                                         * * *

Macedonia Ohio
Summit County  

Emma, the Chihuahua/Beagle mix was killed by the neighbor's pit bull inside the garage of her owners. Per Newsnet5 "Bob Blazek and his fiancé Lisa Schultz still can't believe what they witnessed Friday in their Macedonia garage.
"The big bad wolf just came over and ate her,” said Blazek.
A neighbor's pit bull charged across the street attacking their 5-year-old Chihuahua-beagle mix named Emma.
"Seeing the pet you love get killed in front of you, it's terrible,” said Blazek.
The couple showed Newsnet5’s Paul Kiska pictures of Emma after the attack. But Emma was so ripped apart by the pit bull, the photos are too gruesome to show.
"He was just chewing her, chewing her up,” Blazek said."
The pit bull remains with the owner and there will be no charges.  Ohio law protects vicious dogs.        A bill to create felony charges for owners of dogs that kill humans, and would also allow euthanization of dogs that kill other dogs, SB 151, has been sitting in the Ohio Senate Agriculture Committee for well over a year, three hearings and zero votes.  Committee Chairman Cliff Hite should feel deep shame.  

Emma deserves better. Ohio residents deserve better.

                                                            * * *

Brunswick Ohio
Cuyahoga County

William Yates was attacked by a pit bull when he knocked on the door of a friend. He was there to watch a Cavs game on TV. This story did not make local news. Please click on the gofundme link, photos of the injuries are appalling.  

Per the page "On Saturday May 21, 2016 at approximately 7:30pm my Uncle William went to visit freinds to watch the Cavs hopefully pull in a win.  Unfortunately he didn't get to see that game.  When William knocked on the door he was greeted by not only a person...but a pit bull that wasn't going to allow him access to the home.  William's instinct was to block the dog with his left arm and try to pull the dog off with his right hand.  The dog locked on to his arm and wouldn't let go.  William pulled the collar so hard that it broke, but all that did was make the dog even more angry.  The attack went on for approximately 7 minutes and caused damage that may leave him with some loss of mobility in his left arm, left leg and right hand.  William managed to kick the dog off and into the house.  Once inside the house and the door locked, the dog turned on a female occupant of the home and attacked her as well.  Luckily her injuries were not as serious.  EMS/911 was called while the attack was taking place."

This victim was bitten on both legs, both arms, both sides of his chest, and his hands, AND THEN the pit bull attacked a woman in the house.

                                                                  * * *

St Marys Ohio
Auglaize County     

A pit bull owner, living in a community that formerly regulated pit bulls but caved to the constant whining of pit bull owners that they were being discriminated against is complaining yet again.  A quote from her letter to the editor "A year later our city implemented a “pit bull” ordinance. Many people objected and city council decided it was unjust to have a discriminatory ordinance that judged a dog by its looks alone. The council unanimously voted in a new ordinance which focuses on the dog and owners behavior. I was so proud to live in a place where the city council would listen to the concerns of its citizens.
That pride ended last week when I learned that I am being thrown out of the home I have lived in for nearly a year because of the type of dogs I choose to own and rescue. My landlord stated to me that a gentleman who lives down the street from me, and who happens to be a former city council member, said that he does not want me living there anymore because he doesn’t want my dogs in the neighborhood.
My dogs do not run loose, they do not menace anyone or anything and they have not done nothing that would deem them dangerous.
We all know that discrimination of any kind is wrong; so, why do we allow it to continue?"
I put this just after the story of the unreported attack on William Yates for a reason.  It is not "discrimination" to acknowledge the potential for life changing injuries from pit bulls.

I'm going to repeat a recent blog post from St. Marys because it is pertinent. 

St. Marys Ohio
Auglaize County

 A pit bull attacked a St. Bernard, on the property of the St. Bernard's owner.  Police were called.  Per the Evening Leader "  “The St. Bernard was in its own yard and the pit bull was running loose,” St. Marys Police Chief Mark Ernst told The Evening Leader. “The officer tased the pit bull five times. The first few times, the pit bull went back after the St. Bernard. The last few times, the officer was tasing it to try and get control so they could get a dog pole but the dog was up and moving around. They were afraid the dog would break the leads and if so, they would have no control over the dog. With the kids and adults around, the officer was afraid it would attack a person.” It was at that time the officer shot the dog. Ernst said the pit bull’s owner eventually showed up at the scene. “He stated he understood why it happened,” Ernst said.

This comment was posted by the pit bull owner. Please remember, the pit bull was at large and attacking another dog on the property of the other dog's owner.

Brittany Bullock ·
Titan ran out of the house when the door was opened moving a bookshelf. There was three kids under 5 yrs of age at the house and he did not harm either one. 3 adults also not harmed. Ever thought Titan, "the vicious pit" was just protecting someone the St. Bernard was goin after. Considering the owed of the Saint said he was aggressive. He didn't tear that dog up severely.. It had two puncture wounds and some stitches in the face. He wasn't attacking him or he would've been way more injured. He was licking his jaws to keep him in place probably. And the owner also said they beat Titan with boards.. And this happened in 7-10 minutes then police arrived. No adults were outside during this so there's no witness to what exactly happened before the dog fight. Titan was a gentle obedient submissive dog. Never barked or growled.. Literally. And was super protective over every dog and human especially children and babies. There bits and pieces missing to this story.. That's for sure. Me and my ex got Titan together. And he was very well trained and babied with lots of love. We had him around people and other dogs before. Never a problem. He was bit before but never fought or attacked the dog back. He was an inside dog and slept in our bed every night. We eventually had a puppy after we got him and he loved that dog so much. That was his brother. So maybe if people would tell the rest of the story then we could understand the whole timeline. And what really happened.

There is a gofundme page for the St. Bernard's medical expenses, please click here .  He could use a few bucks.

THIS is the reason for the caution in St. Marys.