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When is enough actually enough?

This attack did not happen in Ohio, it was across the state line in Pennsylvania but I'm going to talk about it anyway.  This is my blog and I can do that.

Two children were attacked by a pit bull as the mother was getting her children out of her minivan. The little girl was still in her car seat.  The pit bull had escaped from a nearby yard and having nothing better to do, simply jumped into the car and mauled the children, a five-year-old boy, and a three-year-old girl.  When was the last time a Beagle did this?  How about a Poodle?  A Dachshund?

The children were treated at Lancaster Hospital and transported to Hershey Medical Center for additional treatment.  They are in serious but stable condition.  A witness stated that the boy's face was just "gone." 

Here is a comment posted on an article written about this mauling. I have removed the name to protect this lady's privacy.  This is horrifying.


My husband was in the ER at the hospitol where these dear children were first taken. I was there and saw the mother covered in her childrens blood. I heard the mothers anguish over if she could have done something different to protect her babies. I heard the toddler girl screaming from around the hallway. I heard a very distraught mother repeat that her beautiful boy will never look the same! I heard a visably shaken doctor tell the mother that her son will look different but he is alive! "Your boy is alive"! I saw the fathers look of utter confusion when he arrived as to how this happened to his family. I heard the mother say she was getting her children out of her car. The boy first. He was attacked right on the sidewalk. The girl was still in her car seat. The dog got in the car! The dog attacked her sitting in her car seat! This is what I heard. I was in tears for this family. My heart was so sad for them. I prayed for them sitting at my husbands bedside. It was all I could do for them in that moment. I will continue to pray for them. I will never forget this family.

The simple act of getting the kids out of the car has changed life forever for this innocent family.  

When is enough actually enough? 

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Death in Dayton. Montgomery County is the poster child for the failure of the education model for animal control.

This post will be partly news, partly history, and have a heavy emphasis on "education."  Please hang in there with me.

Yet again, Dayton Ohio was the scene of a dog mauling death.  The April 25th pit bull mauling death of Maurice Brown is the third dog mauling death in that city in just over three years and the fourth in Montgomery County since Mark Kumpf took over the job of Montgomery County County Dog Warden in 2006.

Mr. Brown was attacked by a pit bull that had broken free of a chain in the backyard of a Dayton home.  Neighbors called the police to report hearing a man screaming "Jesus, help me, help me." When police arrived the pit bull was still attacking Brown and was shot by police.  Police found three more pit bulls at the home. It has been reported that the owner of the home is currently in a nursing home but the pit bulls have been at the home for years and are being well cared for.  The investigation of the fatal mauling is moving at the glacial speed customary in Dayton.  There has been no identification of the current owner or caretaker of these pit bulls.

This case is getting national attention and the previous two deaths are being noted.  Looks bad for Dayton.   There is more that looks bad for Dayton. This is not the first attack at this address.  In 2011 a nine-year-old girl was attacked by a dog there. Per the Dayton daily News "In 2011, 9-year-old Dynver Lovett was playing in the yard there when a loose dog from down the block ran up and began to fight with the multiple dogs at that address. The girl was bitten by that loose dog on her arm and leg. She needed 50 stitches and has permanent scarring from the experience. 
Multiple times in 2008 and 2012 dog owners at the same address were cited for failure to license two male pit bulls harbored there. One citation was dismissed and one was withdrawn.  Why?  In 2015 there was a request made to Montgomery County ARC for a welfare check for dog at the same address.  The dogs were reportedly healthy and the owner was again advised to license them.  There was no reported follow-up, as is normal for Montgomery County ARC.  There is no information on how these complaints were handled and no information on who owned the dogs at the time.  Did Montgomery County ARC contact an actual person at the address or just put sternly worded post-it notes on the door? More about the post-it notes later.   

The family of Maurice Brown is hoping for justice.   This statement comes from Mr. Brown's brother David. This could have been a child walking to school, mauled to death. It could have been anyone, it just happens to be my brother. These dogs are bred, bred for that trait of being vicious and you should be held accountable if you cannot control them.” "People seem to want to try to make a lion into a kitty cat, and they are not that."   Per the Dayton Daily news article dated 5/2/2017 "Any animal that takes a human life and has a known capability to do that is something we can't come to grips with" said David Brown.  He said the family is looking for answers and would like to see tougher rules and regulations on pull bull ownership.  Pit bulls should be 'treated like an exotic animal' because of the threats they pose and Maurice's death will hopefully start a dialog that will prevent this from happening to someone else."  "David said that his family is Christian and willing to forgive the responsible parties but that person or family must be held accountable for their actions."  Amen to that. 

Maurice Brown, musician and Air Force veteran. 

Police investigating the death of Maurice Brown.

News from Dayton does not get better.  There were FIVE reported dog attacks in the same week as the fatal attack on Maurice Brown.  On April 23rd a child was bitten by a pit bull mix dog inside a family home.  The child's mother asked to have the dog removed from her home because this was not the first bite from this dog.  Were previous bites reported?  Did Mark Kumpf's agency refuse to act on previous bites?  Follow up?

On April 25th Maurice Brown was killed by a pit bull in Dayton.  We are over a week out from the date of the fatal mauling, Dayton police and Montgomery County Animal Resource Center staff still have no identification for the owner of the dog.

Less than 24 hours after Maurice Brown's death a pit bull named Terra jumped out of a fenced yard and attacked a passerby. Per the Dayton Daily news. "  The victim told officers he was walking in the alley next to 1418 Lamar St. When he reached the front yard of the house a brown pit bull with a white chest started barking at him. A few seconds later the pit bull jumped over the fence and attacked him before jumping back into the yard.  The victim had bite injuries on his left upper thigh and lower right leg.  Medics transported the victim to Grandview Medical Center were he received stitches in his lower right leg.
The unnamed victim told police the dog grabbed him, shook its head a few times, causing him to fall on his knees. The dog also scratched his back. Officers later responded to the 1400 block of  Lamar Street to contact the dog’s owner. A man at the home told officers the dog that attacked the victim is Terra— a 2-year-old who recently had puppies. The man at the home told officers he didn’t own Terra, but he allowed her in the front yard while he did yard work. He typically allows the dogs in the back yard where there is a privacy fence."  This non-owner seems to have a lot of information on a dog he claims to not own.  

On apparently the same day, two Dayton pit bulls identified as Coco and Bella were running at large, Coco attacked a man working in his yard. The victim recognized the dogs and directed police to the residence of the owner, Alexander Elizarars.  This victim stated that he would go to a local hospital for treatment. When questioned, Elizarars admitted that his dogs had recently escaped from the yard but that the fence had been repaired.  Elizarars was informed that he must keep Coco quarantined. The story is not over.  A woman called police and reported that Coco and Bella were again running at large. Bella bit the woman.  Police returned to Elizarars' home to inform him that Bella must be quarantined as well.  The female victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

This is less than a week in Dayton. Dayton appears to be one of the most dangerous cities in America for dog attacks.

But wait, we are not done in Dayton.  A Dayton man was arrested after leaving a three year old child in a car with pit bulls in it so he could buy heroin.  Twenty four year old Taylor Beatty-Frazier's pit bull became aggressive toward police during a traffic stop. A search of the car turned up the drugs, three caps of heroin, a three year old child, and aggressive pit bulls in the same car.  What could go wrong?


Pit bull owner Taylor Beatty-Frazier.

Pit bulls are an issue in Dayton. Type Dayton into the search box at the top left of the blog page. You will be here all day reading about Dayton's pit bulls.   Montgomery County ARC seems to be unable to make any impact and you will see why shortly.  Hint - law is not being enforced.

Here is a bit of history that may lead to a greater understanding of problems in Dayton and Montgomery County.

On February 7, 2014, Dayton resident Klonda Richey was killed by dogs she called pit bull mastiff mixes in her DOZENS of complaints to dog warden Mark Kumpf's Montgomery County Animal Resource Center and to Dayton police. Richey stated that she was afraid for her life but the dogs were never removed from the home of Richey's neighbors. Richey's complaints to the Montgomery County ARC led to nothing more than sternly worded post-it notes left at the home of Andrew Nason and Julie Custer, next door neighbors and dog owners.  Kumpf claimed that Richey's death was unpreventable and this statement comes to us from WDTN News "Numerous warnings were left for the dog owners at 35 East Bruce Avenue, but no action was taken. Kumpf says a warning is simply a notice that an officer responded to a complaint. There’s really no follow-up after that unless the owner calls the Animal Resource Center to find out more."
A response from dog owners is voluntary?

            Andrew Nason, 28, and Julie Custer, 25, both of Dayton.
Andrew Nason                 Julie Custer
Court of Appeals ruling in 2016 will allow the family of Klonda Richey to personally sue Mark Kumpf for his failure to protect her safety.  PLEASE read the Court of Appeals ruling.  The section about Kumpf's personal decision to shift from an enforcement model to an education model is very disturbing and becomes more disturbing when we get to the death of Jonathan Quarles Jr.    Here is the section, nobody should miss this.

 {¶ 5} In July 2006, Defendant-Appellee, Mark Kumpf, was hired as the Director of the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center (“ARC”) and as the Montgomery County, Ohio, Dog Warden. Kumpf was still serving in those capacities at the time of Richey’s death. Kumpf had been involved in animal control since the early 1990’s, and had changed his philosophy from an “enforcement mode” to an “education mode.” In the enforcement mode, Kumpf’s approach had been to see how many animals he could pick up, how fast the animals could be gotten off the road, and how many summonses he could write. In this mode, he averaged 100 to 150 citations per month. In contrast, Kumpf’s education approach involved issuing fewer summonses and focusing citations on the more serious cases. {¶ 6} After Kumpf came to Montgomery County in 2006, he changed the focus of the ARC from enforcement to education. The number of citations issued to citizens dropped by more than 33 percent in the first two years of his tenure. At first, Kumpf’s bosses were concerned about a drop in revenue. However, Kumpf pointed out that he had taken in 2,000 fewer animals, and that licensing and adoption revenues had increased. {¶ 7} Kumpf also instructed his deputy wardens to write fewer citations because he believed the courts were not doing their job, and were notoriously unhelpful with citation fines and enforcement. In the two years before Richey’s death, out of more than 20,000 calls about animals, only about 697 (about 3.4 percent) resulted in citations. Of 60,000 dogs in Montgomery County, only 12 were designated as “nuisance” or -4- “dangerous” dogs in 2013. {¶ 8} Kumpf was under the impression that before an animal control officer can issue a citation for a “dog at large,” the officer must witness the dog off an owner’s property and not under the owner’s immediate control. However, at Kumpf’s direction, officers were not patrolling. In addition, also at Kumpf’s direction, dispatchers routinely refused to answer phone calls requesting service during business hours. Instead, dispatchers pushed a “divert” button on the phone and calls were sent to voicemail. All of the calls Klonda Richey made to ARC went to voicemail."

Let that sink in. Per the Court of Appeals of Ohio Second Appellate District, Montgomery County, at Mark Kumpf's direction, Montgomery County animal control shifted from enforcement mode to education mode. Keep the stats provided by the Court of Appeals in mind. ARC staff members were directed to write fewer citations, they did not patrol the community AND at Kumpf's direction his dispatchers routinely refused to answer phone calls requesting service during business hours.  After the death of Klonda Richey there was no apparent change in Kumpf's policies.

Here is where the failure of Kumpf's policies and his inability to change his management style become obvious. Seven-month-old Jonathan Quarles Jr. was killed inside his step grandmother's Dayton home on July 20, 2014, by her pit bull, a pit bull with a history of violence, well known to Montgomery County Animal Resource Center staff, but that known violent dog had not been removed from Kimiko Hardy's home after two previous violent incidents.
7-month-old attacked, killed by dog in Dayton
Jonathan Quarles Jr.

Hardy had been ordered to attend responsible dog owner classes at the Montgomery County ARC after her dog's first violation, menacing and attacking a mail carrier,  but that education apparently included nothing of value and there was no follow-up.  Another failure for Mark Kumpf's education model.  Hardy's pit bull went on to attack a leashed Beagle being walked by her owner.  This second violation led to charges but for reasons unexplained, a pre-trial hearing for Hardy was postponed one week prior to the fatal attack on Jonathan Quarles Jr.   It would appear to the casual observer that the Quarles family has the right to sue Mark Kumpf as well.
Image result for kimiko hardy
 Kimiko Hardy in the courtroom to hear her sentence.  Jonathan's step-grandmother, Kimiko Hardy is serving a 3-year prison sentence for the death of the child. 

Here is a bit more history.  Ohio law pertaining to dogs was changed in 2012 by the passage of HB 14, sponsored by Representative Barbara Sears. Sears is not a dog owner and never has been but her dedication to the deregulation of pit bulls in Ohio was relentless.  Documents received via FOI request make it clear that Representative Sears allowed an out of state shelter/PAC, Best Friends Animal Society of Kanab Utah, to write law for the state of Ohio.  This organization also wrote an amendment to HB 79, a previous attempt to deregulate pit bulls in Ohio which was unsuccessful.

It must be remembered that Representative Sears stated of her bill that it "finally gives dog wardens the tools to deal with dangerous dogs."  Not so much.  Mark Kumpf, then treasurer of the Ohio County Dog Wardens Association, along with Matt Granito, then president of the organization campaigned for passage of the bill using their titles as officers of the OCDWA without consulting rank and file members.

The Best Friends lawyers set out to protect the rights of pit bull owners and their dogs without any consideration of public safety. The mauling deaths started immediately after passage of HB 14 and in the five years since the passage of HB 14,  there have been twelve fatal dog attacks in Ohio.

The first fatality was Makayla Darnell, 3 weeks old, killed by her grandmother’s pit bull.

The second was Ronnell Brown, a 40 year old man, killed by his designer dog pit bull mix.  Brown was a dialysis patient and it was reported that the dog tore his dialysis graft during the attack and he quickly bled to death.  First  responders had to wait for police to shoot the dog before they could get to Brown and by then it was too late.  BTW, Brown had two puppies of the same breed mix in his apartment at the time of the mauling and area residents lined up to adopt these puppies.

The third was Dawn Jergens, 76 years old killed by her own two dogs, Cane Corsos.  What was a 76 year old woman doing with two Cane Corsos?  This death occurred in Montgomery County.  

Number 4 was Elizabeth Hurt, 94 years, attacked by the family Boston Terriers.  She died a couple of weeks later.

The fifth was Rachael Honabarger, 35 years old, killed by her family German Shepherd.

Mia Gibson was number six, three months old, killed by family dogs, two Shiba Inus.

The seventh was 57 year old Klonda Richey of Dayton in Montgomery County Ohio, killed by dogs that she called pit mastiff mixes.  Misdemeanor charges, Andrew Nason got 180 days in prison and community service.  Julie Custer got 90 days in jail and community service.  Nason was recently convicted on child abuse charges and will spend 5 years in prison. 

Eight,  Jonathan Quarles Jr age 7 months.  This was a Montgomery County, city of Dayton mauling death. 
Nine. Cindy Whisman, age 59, killed by her daughter’s pit bull while babysitting her toddler grandson in Madison Twp. Ohio.  Death ruled accidental, no charges.  

Ten.  Aiden Jonathon Grimm, three days old was killed by a Shepherd mix dog inside his grandmother’s home.  The coroner’s report stated there were no bite injuries on the body.  It appeared that the dog picked the infant up by the head to remove the child from a laundry basket serving as a temporary crib.  All the dogs in this household slept in laundry baskets. 

Eleven. Annie Williams, age 71, a great grandmother, was killed by a family member’s pit bull in Shaker Heights Ohio.  The dog was owned by Bobbie Green and her adult son Leon Morton.  Leon Morton pleaded guilty to felony charges to spare his mother a possible jail term.  Morton was sentenced to 30 months in prison with credit for 106 days already served.

Twelve. Maurice Brown, age 60 years, was killed by a pit bull kept chained in a Dayton Ohio Back yard on April 25, 2017.  This is a Montgomery County mauling death.

For comparison, here is a list of fatal dog attacks in Ohio for the DECADE prior to the passage of HB 14. Note the total, FIVE deaths in 10 years.

2003                        Fatal attack by Rottweilers, 54 year old female victim in Columbus Ohio.  The dog owner was sentenced to 6  months in jail.

2005                         Fatal attack by pit bull, victim was Ernie Asad of  Parma Ohio.  The owner of the dogs was a professional football player. The dogs were being taken care of by a friend.       

2006                        Fatal attack by Rottweilers, 40 year old make victim, James Eisaman, had a broken leg. He was attacked and killed in his basement by his girlfriend’s dogs.  Akron Ohio

2008                         Fatal attack by a Husky upon a 3 day old infant in Wakeman Ohio      

2010                        Fatal attack by a large pack of dogs of many breeds, upon Michael Winters, all the dogs belonged to him in Warren Ohio

Ohio State Senator Bill Beagle introduced SB 151 during the legislative session that ended in 2016. The bill was designed to hold the owners of dangerous dogs accountable for the actions of their dogs. SB 151 passed the Ohio Senate unanimously just prior to the end of the session.  When was the last time anything passed the Ohio Senate unanimously?  It is obvious that current Ohio law, written by lawyers employed by Best Friends Animal Society headquartered in Kanab Utah is a total failure.  Senator Beagle promises to re-introduce the bill into the Ohio House this year.     He recently told a reporter The body count is getting too high,”  “We need to act.

It may be of interest to some that just two days after the mauling death of Maurice Brown in Dayton Ohio there was a pit bull mauling death across the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line.  Lisa Green, age 32, was mauled to death by her pit bull-Boxer mix on the deck of her home while her neighbors fought for her life using a ham bone, a stick, a board, and a gun.  This fatal attack was also picked up by national news services and has distracted attention from Maurice Brown's death.  When will Dayton residents see results from the investigation by Dayton Police and Montgomery County Animal Resource Center?

When will the Montgomery County Commissioners grow weary of Mark Kumpf's "education" model and insist on enforcement?  With FOUR fatal attacks, three of these attacks by pit bulls well known to Montgomery Animal Control, in just one county, what are they waiting for? Senator Beagle is correct, the body count IS getting too high.  You can't "educate" the clueless, the careless, or the thoughtless, the unwilling or the uninsured,  in techniques to prevent the very behaviors their dogs were bred to exhibit.  Education has been promoted as the cure for the pit bull problem for 30 years and has never worked anywhere. Montgomery County is the poster child for that failure.  "Education" is a FAILED POLICY, enforce the law!

Brief digression, there is no problem with Beagles that requires mass education for the public.  Has the phrase "it's all in how you raise 'em" EVER been uttered in a conversation about Irish Setters? Has anyone ever stated that Poodles or Collies can't be visually identified?  We hear these standard pit bull talking points after every serious pit bull mauling, uttered by some sanctimonious and condescending breed advocate.  Elected officials do not call them out on it.  Proactive laws are under vicious attack by breed specific advocates all over the United States.  

Mr. Kumpf must have amazing social skills, he is the president of the Ohio County Dog Wardens Association and has been for years.  Why do Ohio county dog wardens keep voting for him?  He makes a laughingstock of the organization.  Why don't OCDWA members ask for his resignation? A a president-elect is listed on the website.  Why not let someone not tainted by the failure of Kumpf's educational model, and the deaths in his county resulting from that failure take over the organization? I can't answer any of these questions.

What is fairly obvious is that when a dog warden aligns himself with breed specific advocates the public will suffer.

Mark Kumpf, Montgomery County's dog warden posing with Jane Berkey, heiress and owner of the extreme pit bull advocacy organization The Animal Farm Foundation (motto Securing equal treatment and opportunity for "pit bull" dogs) and the National Canine Research Council (producer of Tobacco Institute style "research" promoting the safety of pit bull dogs.  It must be noted that The AFF and Best Friends Animal Society partner in promoting pit bulls and protecting the rights of pit bull owners across America.  Ledy Vankavage, head lawyer at Best Friends is also a board member of the Animal Farm Foundation.  Mr. Kumpf is a frequent speaker at events sponsored by the AFF and by Best Friends.     

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Pit bull roundup 4/22/2017 Pit bulls attack children and police officers, menace mail carriers, kill small dogs in communities with breed bans, pit bull owners are total failures at containing their dogs. Ohio breed advocates lobby to save known dangerous dogs. Residents of other states have the same problems and are fed up as well.

Recent developments in Ohio pittery and some bonus Florida attacks sent in by a Florida reader fed up with pitbull attacks in that state.  It happens everywhere and lawmakers need to read news from actual news sites rather than listening to breed advocates.

Massillon Ohio
Stark County

A 5 year old child was bitten in the face by a pit bull.  The child required hospitalization. The child was a visitor to the home where the pit bull was harbored. The homeowner denied ownership of the dog but that claim was later proven false.  The pit bull was harbored by the home owner for several months.

As we frequently see with pit bulls, the story gets complicated.  When first responders arrived at the home to transport the child to a local hospital the dog was nowhere to be seen, reportedly at large.  This is easily explained.  The new owner of the pit bull hauled the thing off to someone else's neighborhood and abandoned it after the child was attacked.  Per Channel 19 News "Jon Barber, the Stark County Dog Warden, says the dog was abandoned by his new owners after biting a little boy inside his new home last weekend.
A search party, organized by an Ohio pit bull advocate, found Zazu, the newly placed and newly abandoned for aggression, pit bull. She is now in the custody of the county dog warden.

I digress here to point out that Ohio shelters are full of pit bulls that have been surrendered because they were aggressive, or simply abandoned because they were aggressive and picked up as strays.  This is the reason that there are so many available pit bulls.

Zazu had a previous owner, seen on camera in the video from the Channel 19 News video. Zazu was given, by that owner,  to the family where she was the subject of two complaints to the County Dog Warden, including an attack on a child.  How many more chances will Zazu get?
 Zazu, the pitbull (Source:WOIO)
Zazu the biter. If you like pit bulls, Zazu is a rather nice looking creature. She was likely an expensive purchase for whoever her first owner was.

The homeowner, 25 year old woman, has been charged for failure to control, failure to vaccinate and license, and abandonment.

Per "The dog won't be adopted from the pound, Stark County dog warden Jon Barber said, but they will help him find a new home. The dog, he said, will not be euthanized."
"He seems to be a very healthy dog," Barber said.  Personal opinion here but who cares if the dog is healthy, the peaceful public deserves to know the dog is SAFE.  Barber knows this is not the case and that is why he won't adopt it out directly.  He does not want the liability for the county.

Click here to see more about this story, including photos.  One of these photos shows pit bull advocate Jason Cooke (in the red coat) and associates demonstrating for "Justice for Zazu" a child biter with a history of complaints with local animal control.  The child's grandfather wonders why there has been support for the dog but none for the child.  Priorities?  "Some on social media also lashed out at the victim’s family. Fred Gurule, the boy’s grandfather, said his family has endured some hurtful comments. 'There has been so much concern over the dog and few expressed concern about the child,” he said. “All this social media commenting over this dog, why isn’t anyone commenting about how he’s (the boy) doing?” He said his grandson, although frightened by the incident, is recovering."

Cooke is not new to demonstrations in support of pit bulls. Here he is demonstrating against a breed ban in Youngstown.  Cooke is the man with the "End breed prejudice" sign in the photo below.  Youngstown city council surrendered to this pitiful handful of pit bull advocates, led by Cooke of Boardman Ohio, and dropped their proactive law.  
Jason Cooke Protesting BSL Pit Bull Ban
I find it interesting that one of Cooke's fellow demonstrators holds a sign with the words "Punish the deed not the breed" but in Massillon, Cooke demonstrates in support of a pit bull that has done the deed and is known to be dangerous.  There is no logic.

                                                                  * * *

Girard Ohio
Trumbull County

A 55 year old woman called police to report that her pit bull killed her Chihuahua and bit her grandchild.  The pit bull owner wants the pit bull put down but apparently expects the county dog warden to do the job.  Girard has a pit bull ban and the mayor states the ban is here to stay.  Steffen Baldwin, who lives in Union county and a is registered lobbyist for pit bulls did lobby unsuccessfully against the Girard breed ban.  In hindsight, given Baldwin's recent fall from grace, turning a deaf ear to his lobbying was genius.  

                                                                     * * *

Girard Ohio
Trumbull County

Update on a previous Girard attack.  I'm going to let tell the story, my eyes are rolling.   Courtney Chupka's pit bull killed a peaceful pet, knocked the the peaceful pet's owner to the ground and bit the wife of the peaceful pet's owner.  After the attack the pit bull was at large and so aggressive that police were given permission to shoot the thing. THIS deserved leniency?   
                                                                   * * *

Cleveland Ohio
Cuyahoga County

A Cleveland mail carrier will no longer deliver mail to  a dozen homes on Walden Avenue.  Residents will have to drive to the post office to pick up their mail.  This arrangement is courtesy of pit bull owner Delorence Smith.  Smith's pit bull, Rocco,  has attacked mail carrier Jeffrey Glenn "several times".  It deserves to be noted that Glenn has delivered mail on Walden Avenue for 37 years.

Per Fox 8 News "The first time, I was on the porch and he came out of the back through a hole in the fence," said Glenn.  Glenn says he left the home a letter asking them to restrain their dog.  "Then the other time he came at me, I put my mail bag in front of me. He grabbed the bag and shook, shook, shook the mail all out," said Glenn.  Glenn says eventually the family was fined in court.  But nothing has changed.
Pit bull owner Delorence stated that "He (Rocco) does a lot of things that dogs do but I don't see him as a vicious dog."  Wonder what the dozen neighbors who will be driving to the post off ice to pick up their mail think of Rocco.  Delorence lives with his mother.

Cleveland had the second highest number of dog attacks, 58,  on mail carriers in the United States last year. 
                                                                         * * *
3/27/2017                                                                                                                                 Austintown Ohio                                                                                                                        Mahoning County
Charles Hunter, 71 years old, was charged with failure to confine his pit bull, twice, in one weekend.  The first time was on Saturday.  The pit bull was at large and chasing local residents.  Mr. Hunter was cited but learned nothing from the first citation.  
The second time the dog was at large it bit a 7-year-old child.  Per " The bite occurred Sunday afternoon.  A 7-year-old boy was riding his bicycle when the dog reportedly charged out of an Ardenwood Place driveway tackling the boy and biting his left hip." 
Hunter was ordered to surrender the dog to the Mahoning County Dog Warden's office and he has a court date for April 3rd.  
                                                                     * * *
2/19/2017                                                                                                                                     Moreland Hills Ohio                                                                                                                  Cuyahoga County 
Police took a complaint from a local resident that a neighbor's pit bull was "running loose again with people in the area."  Police spoke with both the resident and the pit bull owner. Evidence photos were taken and charges may be filed if it happens again.  The word used in the complaint "again" is powerful. 
This is a wealthy community.  People with money are not amused with pit bulls at large.   
                                                                       * * *

Cleveland Ohio
Cuyahoga County

A six-year-old girl was attacked by an unrestrained pit bull.  She was bitten several times and was transported to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital for treatment.  There is no report on the severity of her injuries. 
The dog reportedly "got loose" from a neighboring house.  Animal control officers located the dog nearby, on the same street.  Officers have not been able to contact the owners (shocking).  
4/5/2017 update. It has been reported that the pit bull was loose at the time of the attack, it jumped a fence to attack the child and dragged her down a driveway.  The pit bull had been loose in the owner's driveway prior to the attack.  Two other dogs were found illegally tethered on that property and impounded.   

                                                               * * * 

Dayton Ohio
Montgomery County

Andrew Nason, owner of the dogs that mauled Klonda Richey to death in the snow in front of her own home in February of 2014 will finally serve a prison sentence, but not for her death.

Per the Dayton Daily News "   Andrew L. Nason, 32, now of Englewood, was found guilty Tuesday for causing severe head injuries to his girlfriend's two year old daughter in 2012. 
The toddler was taken by ambulance from the home where Nason was babysitting her while her mother was at work, according to the Montgomery County Prosecutor's office. 
Nason was found guilty of felony assault and two counts of child endangering. He was sentenced to five years in prison. 
"This defendant was supposed to be the child's caregiver. Instead, 
he abused her and caused permanent injuries, likely requiring the victim to need assistance for 
the rest of her life," said Mathias Heck, Montgomery County Prosecutor. 
Yet another booking photo for Andrew Nason.  As I understand it, those convicted and incarcerated for offenses against children have special social problems while in prison.  
                                                           * * *
4/18/2017                                                                                                                        Canton Ohio                                                                                                                      Stark County
A Canton police officer answering a domestic disturbance call was attacked by a pit bull mix dog.  The officer was bitten in the groin by the pit mix.  The officer shot the dog in the head.  Per Indeonline  "When officers prepared to depart, the dog still was alive. But (police Sgt Eric )Vanover said reports indicate the animal likely would have to be euthanized. There was no indication the police officer was seriously injured.
Police did arrest a man at the scene. Vanover said he did not yet have the report indicating the charge filed against the suspect. The dog is believed to belong to a resident of the home.
“I think he had several dogs inside the residence,” Vanover said.
                                                          * * *
4/11/2017                                                                                                                           Warren Ohio                                                                                                                   Trumbull County  
This is another follow up on a story we reported recently.  Pit bull owners keep Ohio police officers busy. Amber Finney, who was the very first person charged under Warren's new bestiality law and eluded capture since January has been located and arrested.  Here is the Cliffs Notes version of the story.    She pleaded not guilty and is being held in the county jail without eligibility to make bond. Her next hearing is 10:15 a.m. April 20.
  Finney is a pit bull owner.          
                                                                            * * *
4/8/2017                                                                                                                            Dayton Ohio                                                                                                             Montgomery County   
A Dayton police officer shot a pit bull that charged him, and charged a mail carrier as well.  Per WHIO, police were called by the mail carrier who stated that she was charged by the pit bull and this was not the first time this dog menaced her.  When police arrived at the scene toe dog was chained to an anchor but the anchor was simply being dragged by the unrestrained pit bull.  Police contacted the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center but Montgomery County dog Warden Mark Kumpf's staff was unable to respond . 
Per WHIO " The two Dayton police officers used a loudspeaker to try to contact the dog’s owner in the house. Then, one kept an eye on the dog while the other attempted to knock on the door. While the officer approached the door, the dog trotted from behind the house, and then began to growl and started running at the officer, according to the report. “I fired three shots at the dog as I was back peddling away from the pit bull. The pit bull was still charging towards me. I fired one more shot at the pit bull. The pit bull turned around and ran to the rear of the house,” the officer stated."
Not surprisingly, when Montgomery County ARC did respond the ARC officer stated that there were several complaints against the very same pit bull.  Will dog warden Kumpf designate this pit bull dangerous now?  Frances Daniel, the pit bull owner was cited for failure to control.  
                                                               * * *
I still have MANY more Ohio  pit bull stories to cover but this is enough for today.  I will finish up with a few Florida attacks sent to me by a reader who is fed up with pit bull lunacy in that state as well.    
2/5/2017                                                                                                                                  Port St. Lucie Florida
A nine year old boy and his mother required transport to local hospitals with serious facial injuries after their own family pit bull mix attacked them.  Per TCPalm "The boy, who was bitten on the right cheek, was flown to St. Mary's Medical Center, West Palm Beach, a fire official said. The mother was taken to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute after being bitten on the ear, said Battalion Chief Scott West.
The dog was described as a pit bull mix. The incident happened at 1:10 p.m. at the family's home on Byron Street near Sportsman's Park. The names of the child and mother weren't  released."
not for print st. lucie county firetruck fire truck generic
2/6/2017                                                                                                                              Lake County Florida  
A pit bull deemed "not adoptable" at the Lake County Florida shelter bit a man who was thinking of adopting him.  Per " The man and his wife were testing their compatibility with the pit bull, Pluto, when it bit the man’s face, hand and forearm, The Sentinel reported. The man was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. 
Pluto was described as having “anti-social behavior and marked for euthanasia,” after several employees noted the dog’s aggressiveness. However the canine wasn’t euthanized until after Thursday’s attack, the Sentinel reported. "

How does something like this happen?  Pluto was known to be aggressive and unadoptable and shelter workers allowed this?  Who is responsible for the complete breakdown of safety protocols?   
Generic photo of a pit bull included with the article. Looks pleasant doesn't it?  Did the actual pit bull look more like this?


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Follow up on Remi the missing pit bull. He has been dead since late December but you will be glad to know he was licensed on April 4th. .

Image may contain: dog and text

This is a follow up to our most recent post.  It comes as no surprise that Remi is dead.  The whole scenario had a very "Bones" feel to it.  Anyone not familiar with the story of Bones can type the name into the search box at the top left of the blog.  You will be here for a very long time.  But I digress.

Per Baldwin's statement to the former owners of Remi, Remi killed another pit bull owned by Baldwin in a classic  "yard accident."    This is a term used by dog fighters when one of their pit bulls kills another.  In order to avoid yard accidents, dog fighters (who fully understand the dogs they created) keep their pit bulls chained to truck axles in the woods. The new breed of pit bull owner, ignoring genetics and common sense, tend to dress their pit bulls in tutus and keep their pit bulls in crates that are not, and can't be created to actually contain pit bulls.  Pit bulls escape from crates regularly and death may follow.  Yard accidents are not rare.  Even the pit bull experts at Best Friends Animal Society have had yard accidents and they are a multi, multi million dollar a year organization spending a great deal of that money attempting to prove that pit bulls are safe pets.   

This is a quote from a statement made by Remi's former owner.  "Remi has been Dead according to the paperwork that we did see from Rascal Animal Hospital which stated Remi was euthanized on Dec 28th 2016. Steffen claims that he came home and went to the barn and his dog Zack was dead and that he took Remi to the vet to get euthanized. He had the receipt from Remi's Euthanasia which we asked to take a picture of and he quickly declined. I also asked for a copy of the receipt from his dog's Zack's cremation to compare the timeframe to see if it was even close to Remi's euthanasia date. GUESS what he DECLINED that also. He said he didn't have that and he wasn't advised to bring it. I said no problem, call the crematory right now on speaker and let them tell me that Zack was euthanized. The receipt should have been dated somewhere between 12/28-12/31.Well Steffen became very UPSET and he REFUSED to call the crematory. Why??? Why wouldn't you want to prove with the one opportunity you had that this wasn't a lie???... It's very easy to fabricate a story that a "Dangerous Dog" had a reaction so he can be killed without any proof of it. I don't believe that story and NEVER will. Steffen claims that Remi escaped his kennel in the barn and said he killed Zack(Steffens personal dog). "... "Steffen has lied for 4 MONTHS about Remi's where about. He took it as far as to register Remi for his license on April 4th, a WEEK ago. Remi has been DEAD since Dec. He tried to keep his lie going as long as possible. Keep in mind I called the dog warden 3 weeks to see if Remi was registered for 2017 and was advised he was not nor were Any of his dogs."

Here is what Baldwin had to say.  Headers are not mine.  
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Image may contain: text
No automatic alt text available.

Baldwin has admitted he made untrue statements.  He states it a bit creatively "Those people (the pit bull haters in particular) pay close attention to my page, so in truth  I have failed in always being completely transparent in an attempt to protect these dogs.  I always show the success stories and I don't show the stories that do not wind up in success.  
That is my fault 1000% and I will not make that mistake again. Transparency is absolutely critical, and it's one of the things that I picked up in Austin recently, is the importance of being transparent even if you're worried it's going to paint the dogs in a negative light. Please learn from this lesson as well, as I hope all the mistakes I've made over the years that I've been open about learning lessons for others as well that I've blogged about or discussed openly here in the past." 

NOW he promises to be transparent, after he has been caught?  He has NOT ever been "open about learning lessons" Preaching and learning are very different things.   

 He "lacked transparency" to protect his dogs from "pit bull haters" and blames the "haters" for his behavior?  Has he ever considered calling his critics "survivors of pit bull attacks" rather than "haters"?  He admits to avoidance regarding the revelation of unpleasant truths.  This is an ego problem. Pit bulls are zero-mistake dogs, when things go wrong they go VERY wrong.  

This is the last screen shot I'm going to include here and this one is huge.  Baldwin drags his dogs into schools and playgrounds to "educate" children about dog safety, and pit bull advocacy.These are violent dogs and he is willfully exposing children to these dogs.  

No automatic alt text available.   

The dog in the photos below is "Belle the Bait Dog."  Baldwin frequently speaks of Belle's abuse but may fail to realistically explain that Belle is from a dog fighting ring in Cleveland. Was she a "bait dog" or did she just lose? Here is a quote from extreme pit bull advocacy, The Animal Farm Foundation, on "bait dogs." 
“Bait dog” is a term that is used to label dogs that have been used in dog fighting. Sadly, bait dogs do exist, but they are not commonly found in shelters. Law enforcement professionals have taught us that bait dogs are very rarely found alive in their investigations; however an unusually large number of dogs are being labeled as “bait dogs” based on nothing more than speculation about the dog’s past. 

Pit bulls seized from dog fighters are game bred, pit trained and tested.  Breed advocates tell clueless reporters "it's all in how you raise 'em." If this is true then dogs bred and conditioned for the pit are the most dangerous dogs in the world.  This basic truth is lost on breed advocates. 

Here is a photo of Belle and Baldwin teaching dog safety to a small town Ohio Girl Scout troop.  I strongly suspect that the parents of these children would want to know about Belle's history in an honest and transparent manner.    Image may contain: 9 people, outdoor

Here is Bell with a school group.
Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling

Keep in mind what Baldwin has stated about his dogs. Three have killed other dogs, five had killed cats, and six have bitten humans.  Three of this subset three are face biters, one sent the victim to the ER for reconstructive surgery after ripping off 2/3 of their ear. One is a child biter.  Look at this photo.  Is this a good idea?  Do the parents of these children have a clue what Baldwin has brought for Show and Tell Day?  This is not a joke.  These are other people's children.  

Here is a link to an Instagram photo of Steffen and Zack making a television appearance. A bit about Zack's history. Zack was a stray, placed by an Ohio shelter and returned within an hour because he bit his new owner.  During the intake exam by the shelter vet Zack lunged at the vet's face.  Zack was determined to be unadoptable at that point, municipal shelters are twitchy about liability for foreseeable attacks. Baldwin felt public safety advocates were unfair to Zack so he brought the dog home with the intent of tuning him up a bit and passing him on to anyone foolish enough to take him.  Has he fully explained all this to the smiling reporter?  In what world was this a good idea? At this point Baldwin intends to place a dog deemed too dangerous for a municipal shelter to adopt out into the community due to potential liability but Baldwin will do it with a smile.    

Here is a link to video of Belle the Bait dog in the lap of a reporter while she is interviewing Baldwin.  Is she fully aware that Belle is game bred, and almost certainly pit trained and tested?  

Image may contain: dog

This is Belle when she was picked up by Cleveland police.

Wouldn't it make more sense to concentrate your educational efforts on those who create this suffering and create the dogs that experience this suffering?  News reports from reliable news sources make it clear that pit bulls suffer almost universally at the hands of their owners, They are abandoned and picked up as strays filling shelters and rescues across the United States.  They are beaten and starved.  Pit bulls attack and kill peaceful pets in astonishing numbers.  Pit bulls attack and sometimes kill children and adults, unsuspecting passersby and their owners as well. Truth and transparency are ignored by breed advocates whining about local laws that might restrict their rights to own these dogs, or might require insurance and escape proof containment.  Laws requiring mandatory neuter and spay for pit bulls would be the most humane thing that could ever happen for pit bulls but pit bull advocacy fights these laws with money, lawyers, and lies.  Stop breeding dogs destined to suffer and die, languish in shelters for months to years, and drain taxpayer dollars.   

Educate pit bull owners and advocates, not the long suffering peaceful public.  Teach pit bull owners to neuter and spay their dogs, dogs not conceived do not suffer.  Teach pit bull owners how to contain their dogs so maulings simply do not happen. Nobody pushes for laws to regulate Poodles or Pugs because these dogs are not a threat to the safety of the public. 
 Pit bull advocates need to clean up their own mess, we can't do it for you.  

Baldwin has promised that he has learned his lesson. I hope he will learn to ac
tually hear the stories and opinions of others. Stunning intolerance toward victims and public safety advocates is a poor strategy for increasing public acceptance of your ideas. 

If Mr. Baldwin is unwilling to listen to those who have been injured, lost a family member in a pit bull attack, a lost a pet in a pit bull attack, experienced financial loss, or are unable to enjoy their own property or community due to menacing pit bulls, possibly he will listen to someone who actually likes pit bulls but is able to clearly see the problem.  Blogger Terrierman gives us "Pit bulls in the River." I recommend it.