Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bones update

The Bones affair is rapidly evolving into a soap opera.  To say that the working relationship between Northwest Ohio Underdog Rescue and the Lexus Project has become strained would be an understatement.  The city of Toledo is seven days into this disaster and neither Northwest Ohio Underdog Rescue or the Lexus project has a single word to say about any public safety concerns.

This morning (1/12/2013) on their public Facebook page Northwest Ohio Underdog states " UPDATE ON BONES: There is no new information on Bones, the tips coming in are on white dogs that look like him but so far have not been any concrete leads. The Lexus Project has seen fit to blame the rescue and slander our name. This is very sad and unprofessional behavior and I feel it only hurts our chances of finding him. This matter will be turned over to my attorney at this time."

This morning (1/12/2013) on their public Facebook page the Lexus Project stated  "I am getting too many emails about Bones to be able to answer everyone individually. 

Right now we are having some serious doubts regarding the varasity (sic) of what we were being told by "kat" -kathy sutter (Johnston) of NWO dog rescue of Toledo Ohio,

After we were given custody of Bones he was place (sic) with Kat for rehabilitation so that we could eventually place him in a forever home. almost immediately, though he was proving to be a loving, happy and playful dog, Kat started telling us he was not adoptable, though she could never articulate a clear reason. We continued to receive pictures of him playing and happy and it was clear she loved him and was giving him attention so we allowed it to continue.

Recently, the photos and reports stopped. on Sunday, January 6 i received a matter of fact text (sent at 8 am, read at 9 am)from Kat asking me if she could give me a call but I should have a cup,of coffee first as it was early.

30 minutes later Kat called to tell me that someone had broken into the house the day before and Bones was stolen along with his blanket and toy. Only Bones was stolen out of 16 dogs. When I asked her what the police had said, she told me she hadn't called them and had done nothing to find him or set out an alarm to try and get him back. Though we found it strange that she was being so matter of fact about this, we understood that she had been at her fathers wake and was emotionally drained. We offers (sic) our condolences when we learned of her fathers death.

Being knowledgable (sic)  about how to bring home a lost dog I went over the steps that had to be taken starting with the most important step: 500 PLASTIC enclosed flyers posted everywhere with his picture. We offered to pay for that. flyers bring home lost dogs and are a continuing reminder after the news forgets or when the delivery boy sees the dog while delivering pizza or Chinese or whatever. Additionally we insisted she notify police, animal control and call each vet, and shelter. We offered to call vets and shelters but she said she had someone doing it.

We posted on craiglsit (sic) since that hadn't been done and spoke to the reporter from the blade and one of the tv stations to help get the word out.

TLP is lucky to have a wonderful and large following of supporters who helped to mobilize and get the word out about Bones. As the hours and days past (sic), we started to notice that Kats story was inconsistent to what she was telling other people. After one person called animal control because of an supposed sighting, animal control knew nothing other than what they heard on the news and had never been contacted. As Kat had assured us, animal control had been contacted and were going to try and help, we personally called animal control and were told other than seeing this on the news, no one had contacted them about Bones. When we called the Toledo police department, we were told no report was filed. ( We find that very strange not reporting a breaking and entering) when we had a local person go to the Pizza Hut where he was supposedly spotted, the Pizza Hut employees and manager knew nothing and they had no fliers. Nor had anyone followed up with them. We left fliers with them. It was also noted that there were no fliers anywhere.

Additionally we found out that she had been telling the volunteers we had rounded up to ignore us and not to worry or bother with the plastic on the fliers ( which otherwise are garbage after the first rain or wind) and not to worry, she'd deal with Tlp. She told us that no one tells her what to do and she will do things her own way.

We find her lies and attitude distressing and can only come to the conclusion that the entire story of a break in is either completely manufactured to hide whatever she has done with bones or she is complicit in his theft and knows more than she is telling. In either case having come to the conclusion that she is untrustworthy and not looking to have Bones found, we must appeal to the public in general and our 12k + supporters to help find Bones and bring him to safety.

Any information should be reported directly to TLP at and will remain confidential. A large reward is offered both for his safe return.

All conversations with Kat are via text and documentable.

This evening (1/12/2013) Lexus Project stated on their public Facebook page  "We are heartbroken that in a week there has been no concrete sighting of Bones. 130 pound white dog. Poof gone. That's what happened to Sasha another dog who was dog aggressive who was being 'rehabbed' by Kat. Poof gone in September. the emails keep pouring in. several have pointed out that maybe Sasha and bones got into it and they are both dead. So many of you think there is a coverup for something. I don't know what to think. I just want Bones returned safely. Thinking he's out there and scare (sic) or hurt or both or worse is starting to really get to us. Thank you for all the emails. We know you are all so concerned.

In response to a question from a supporter Lexus Project stated  "The Lexus Project, Legal Defense for Dogs Here are the facts. Her garage is where she has 16 dogs. she uses crates. Thats the kennel. she said it was converted. seems like a lot of dogs and crates ( they are crated) per sq footage. I had had a great recommendation about her BUT since then that person has turned out to be a real wack a doodle. I don't believe she had that many dogs when she took Bones in. Her home is 725 sq feet and her entire property size is 6700 sq feet. About 100x67. She clearly shouldn't have that many dogs.

A rational adult, looking at the Bones disappearance would have questions.  Why would the animal rights advocates at Lexus Project take a dog too dangerous to remain in New York and send him to a private home in Toledo Ohio?  Why didn't Lexus Project investigate the facilities at Northwest Ohio Underdog? Why does the City of Toledo allow this rescue to operate without adequate containment for the dogs housed there?  Lexus Project claims that Bones is the second aggressive dog to disappear from Northwest Ohio Underdog.  Why wasn't there an investigation after the first disappearance?  Is ANYBODY looking out for the safety of the public???

 We will continue to watch this meltdown...   pass the popcorn.