Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bones, day 17, still missing

Bones, the dog too dangerous to remain in New York City has been missing in Ohio for 17 days.  There are no good leads on the actual location of this dog.  Partisans for both Lexus Project and for North West Ohio Underdog continue to make statements accusing each other of improper actions and lack of concern for Bones. There has been no remark made by either side indicating concern for the safety of the public, just prayers for the safe return of the dog .

On January 4, 2012  Bones became the legal property of,  and responsibility of animal rights lawyers, the Lexus Project.  They got exactly what they demanded.  One would think that careful consideration would be given to disposition of this dog... not so much.  Bones was sent to North West Ohio Underdog Rescue in  Toledo Ohio on the recommendation of someone known to Lexus Project without background check, without inspection of facilities, without apparent notification of the Lucas County Dog Warden, without notification of the Lucas County Board of Health.  Recent developments have proven that the Lexus Project made a poor decision.

The Lexus Project, apparently embarrassed by lack of progress in locating Bones, has moved the story off the Lexus Project Facebook page and onto a separate Facebook page, Bones Battle.  This is an ancillary  Lexus Project  page set up December 3, 2011 when Bones was held by the New York City justice system and it continues to exist.  In the early days post after post was made, most written for breed specific advocacy websites, the pit bull intensive Examiner, or BSL News, Change.org, BADRAP, some urging the faithful to go right to the Petition Site RIGHT NOW!!! to lobby for the release of the dog used as a weapon in the murder of a New York City man.  Many posts begin with the same words "This is what we can do TODAY to see that Bones is safe, please donate to The Bones Trust Fund so The Lexus Project can become legal guardian for Bones Please share.."  Bones became part of the fundraising efforts of animal rights and breed specific advocacy.

The Bones Battle Facebook page is now being moderated by Carissa Curry,  a 25 year old single mother and nursing assistant living in Toledo Ohio.
I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm helping out The Lexus Project by helping to run "Bones Battle" page. He was the dog stolen out of Toledo Ohio. We are trying very hard to have him safely returned. Can you please help us out by "liking" and "sharing" his page so that we are able to get the word out to more people therefore increasing the chance he is found.www.facebook.com/BonesBattle Thank you all SO MUCH!! I really appreciate it!

For more about Carissa please click here.   This is her Chip-in page.  Please note that there is a dispute between Carissa and the Lucas County Animal Control Department.  Curry's dog bit a man while she was at work, her claim  per her Chip-in page " Carissa suspects that the man tried to enter her home and startled Duke when he entered her home. Duke then chased the man out of the house."  If Curry has charges still pending from pit bull intensive Lucas County Animal Control you can bet there is another side to the story. Not surprisingly, the Lexus Project is handling this case and Carissa would like you to help pay for it .  

Back to the North West Ohio Underdog rescues,  where might these  dangerous dogs be now?  Lexus Project has a theory. On January 14th, 2013 Larisa, presumably Larisa Scharikin Vice president and coordinator for the Lexus Project and moderator of the Lexus Project Facebook page posted  " I now understand why Bones has not been searched for by Kat- she been too busy removing the existing dogs from her residence to hide whatever dirty secrets were going on there."   On 1/19/2013 Larisa (or Carissa) posted "You can run but you can not hide, We will find out what happened to Bones whether in Toledo or Luckey (Ohio)."  Larisa (or Carissa)  added "I know exactly where she (Sutter) is.  She text (sic) me a couple of weeks ago when Bones went missing that she was moving and when Bones came back he would love it".

A move to Luckey Ohio would make Sutter, and the remnants of North West Ohio Underdog the responsibility of Wood County.  The Wood County Dog Warden is Andrew Snyder.  It should be noted that Dog Warden Snyder is President Elect of the Ohio County Dog Warden's Association.