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Bones, eight days and counting... 1/13/2012

The Bones saga continues.  While North West Ohio Underdog Rescue has not posted anything new on their Facebook page, Lexus Project sure has.  The newest charge from Lexus Project is that the 501c3 North West Ohio Underdog Rescue is not, and never has been a 501c3.  This would be fraud,  Yes?

Lets go back in time a bit, to March of 2011 when Kathy Sutter's real estate business, Flip Realty LLC, went belly up.  On her public Facebook page Ms. Sutter stated and note the last line, share, share, share, thank you Ms. Sutter, I am sharing your notes.    

Announcing NWO-Underdog Rescue Inc.

by Kathy Sutter on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 10:09pm ·
Well Folks the real estate company has gone to the dogs ...literally ...
Flip Realty LLC has closed its doors and a new venture is underway.

I am pleased to announce North West Ohio Underdog Rescue Inc..
We will be based in Toledo Ohio and called North West Ohio Underdog Rescue.
(NWO- Underdog Rescue)
We will be a 501c3 Non Profit organization status is pending.
We will rescue any breed of Dogs or Cats. 
Bully Breeds are the most in danger of being killed in the shelters and the most understood, so we will probably rescue many bully breeds.

My former Real Estate Office will serve as intake and temporary housing, animals will get their pictures taken and cleaned up and checked over before going to the vet and then to a foster home.

I am looking for local and non local fosters, vet techs, vets and any contributions that can help with set up.  We could use Cages, dog beds, fencing for dog runs…anything dog and cat related will help.

I have started a Profile and pages for NWO-Underdog Rescue here are the links.

Please add us as friends and like our page. & Share share share

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This statement appeared on the public Facebook page of Lexus Project today: 

 it's not an issue getting a 501c3, it's a problem advertising you do. I have an email dated 1/2012 from Kat saying she was in the middle of obtaining her 501c3 status. We applied in June. We got it in September.

  • Molly LaMountain she is claiming she is 501c3 and ISN'T?! holy hell.
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    This comment from Mary Ann Jacob shows that some rescue groups have a basic understanding of what to look for in a 501c3 rescue.  Why didn't the LAWYERS who run the Lexus Project consider any of this?  
    Mary Ann Jacob Just like everything else rescue has the good, the bad and those that mean well but just can't do it. I know some 501c3 rescues that are horrible and I know a few rescues that aren't 501c3 rescues that do a beautiful job. 

    I don't blame The Lexus Project for placing a dog where they thought he would be safe and no one else should either. Most people including some rescues have no idea what to look for or to do when placing an animal into a rescue, sanctuary or boarding facility that is not close enough to visit themselves.

    First of all you want to check with the local city or county Animal Control or Services, do they have any complaints, do they take animals from their facility, does the county require inspections? Then you want their Vet References find out from the Vet how many animals have been seen, are they UTD on shots,spayed or neutered what other type of medical have they seen. Have animals come in that looked like they were neglected under their care, are they treating for HW's and other common illnesses? 

    Then check the place out if you can't get their yourself then get someone closer to do it. Get someone who has no opinion one way or the other, do not get someone who has previously dealt with them. Don't tell them your coming a week in advance, let them know when your actually on the way. Most anyone can tell if a place is kept up if it is a kennel yes there may be waste in one or two of the kennels, but it should be clean otherwise with clean water and food bowls. Ask how often the dogs are run. If they offer training the name of the person who does this. If they are going into foster who is going to foster them? Did they do a home check on the foster, can you visit the foster? If the animal is going to be with them long term then you need to follow through about once every 6 months with a visit or send someone and then you ask to see the dog and the Vet records if there are any. 

    If you think there is a problem, then go with your gut. This doesn't solve all of the problems but it does cut down on a lot of it. If some of the rescues had done this Spindletop and Animal Sanctuary Refuge they both would have been stopped before it got so bad,

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    Below is the "about me" information from the public Facebook page of North West Ohio Underdog Rescue, please note the claim of 501c3 status.
    • I tried to rescue my first animal in kindergarten... I tried to bring home the class hamster by writing a fake note from my parents...of course I got busted when the teacher called my mom to say how cute it was that she helped me write my own note... stray and hurt animals have been finding their way to me ever since... NWO-UNDERDOG RESCUE is located in Toledo Ohio. 419-508-5730 A 501 c (3) NON PROFIT I rescue large breed & bully breeds, mostly abused or neglected ones. Dogs that would be considered un-adoptable because of circumstances beyond their control. They get time to work through their issues caused by their former humans. Training and love...Then when they are ready .. they get new homes. Bully Breeds & Large Breeds are the most in danger of being killed in the shelters and the most understood. I will help any dog or cat that needs help. But my experience lies with large stubborn dogs. :) I specialize in fear based aggression due to circumstances beyond the dogs control (abuse by former humans) Fear is fear for what ever the reason. Many different fears cause many forms of aggressive behavior in dogs. Positive reinforcement for good behavior, love and time is the way they are trained.
    • Lives in Toledo, Ohio
       Who is telling the truth here, Kathy Sutter or the the  Lexus Project?  I have no idea, but the Lexus Project had a duty to investigate the Northwest Ohio Underdog Rescue prior to placing a dangerous dog in Kathy Sutter's care.  The Lexus Project is run by Robin Mittasch and her husband Rich Mittasch.  Rich Mittasch is a lawyer, he needs to do his job here.  Kathy Sutter indicated in March 2011 that she planned to obtain 501c3 status.  The Lexus Project claims that as of January 2012 North West Ohio Underdog is in "the middle of obtaining" it.  
      I'm going to make more popcorn, this shows no sign of resolution anytime soon. thy