Monday, January 7, 2013

Another look at how HB 14 fails Ohio residents

From the Toledo Blade, strong supporter of HB 14 comes the story of Bones.  Bones is a 130 pound dog reported by New York newspapers as a pit bull, now identified as a Dogo Argentino.  Bones was involved in a murder in New York City.  This is a complicated story so hang on.

Bones was owned by Shaun Dyer who allegedly killed his roommate by striking him on the head with a pipe. David Shadha, the victim, was able to call 911 and told the dispatcher that Dyer had sicced his dog on him.  Shadha died and bite marks were found on the body.  The dog, covered in blood, was seized.  Apparently the final cause of death was attributed to the head injury so bites inflicted on the victim by Bones, while they obviously existed were not listed as the final cause of death.  Please note in the linked stories that this dog had a bite history.

DEMAND that the AC&C and NY DOH - let Bones live!

Enter the Lexus Project, an organization run by animal rights lawyers who feel that dogs facing euthanization for involvement in the deaths of humans  should be "saved" and sent to sanctuaries to live out their lives in protective captivity.  Some question the humanity of sending dogs to what has been referred to as "above ground cemeteries" but the outer fringe of the animal rights movement fails to consider the safety of mere humans or the quality of life for the incarcerated dog.  Operating on the "not in my backyard" principle, New York prosecutors released Bones to the Lexus Project to be removed from their city.  The Lexus Project selected The Northwest Ohio Underdog Rescue operating out of the West Toledo home of Kathy Sutter as the appropriate place for Bones.    Per the Toledo Blade, Ms. Sutter was selected because of her reputation for dealing with aggressive dogs.  This transfer was perfectly legal under the terms of HB 14 because the dog was not implicated in violence in the state of Ohio, and insurance for this dog was no longer required by state law.  The Lexus Project had a plan for Bones to be returned to them at some time in the future for possible adoption.  Please click here for Ms. Sutter's description of Bones behaviors at Northwest Ohio Underdog Rescue, scroll down near the bottom of the page.   For your convenience, there is a "Donate Now" button.  Does any rational person feel that any of this included any provision for public safety????

Now we get into the current problem.  This dog may be at large in the Toledo area.  This dog, transported across state lines for the purposes of rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing after implication in a New York murder was stolen from the home of Kathy Sutter.  Ms. Sutter describes the dog, the same dog that faced euthanization in New York for his role in the death of David Shadha as "just a massive puppy.  He's as strong as any dog I've encountered.  This is not a Yorkie."  Ms. Sutter's concern is for the safety of the dog with no apparent concern for residents of the community.  She stated "Unfortunately this is the kind of dog that police are frightened of and would shoot it."  The Lexus Project is offering a large reward for the return of Bones.

There are clearly issues that must be considered.  Why was a dog that faced destruction in the city where its history was known, transported across state lines to Ohio?  Don't Ohio residents have any right to safety?  Is the administration of the city of Toledo aware that Ms. Sutter is running a sanctuary for dangerous dogs out of her home?  It has been reported that she kept sixteen dogs in her home.  A google map perusal of  West Toledo reveals small, neat homes set close together with small yards and neighborhood schools.  What provisions have been made for containment of the dangerous dogs housed at Northwest Ohio Underdog Rescue?  A sanctuary for dangerous dogs should be fenced like a maximum security prison.   Is this enterprise insured?  Are there any schools nearby?  Why does an animal rights organization with no concern for human safety have the right to decide where a dog that even they consider to be aggressive will live out the rest of its life? When will the legal system consider the welfare of the public over the wishes of breed specific advocates,  animal rights loons, and thousands of fur mommy "facebook friends" of violent dogs?   Who is responsible for the safety of peaceful citizens, unfortunate neighbors of  people who accept dogs with a violent history?  Will the inability of the Lexus Project to maintain control of dogs that they have "rescued" after violence impact their ability to obtain more violent dogs?

If you see this dog, please call your local police.  Possibly a responsible and adult decision will be made and the dog will be shot, taking responsibility for this animal out of the hands of breed specific advocates, "no kill" kooks,  and incompetent rescue angels.

Bones, a dogo argentino sent to a Toledo dog trainer to work out aggression issues, was the only dog taken from the kennel.

 For the record, this blogger would support a federal law to ban the practice of transporting designated dangerous dogs across state lines for  the purpose of re-homing or "rehabilitation."

This update from the Facebook page of NWO-Underdog Rescue, look out Toledo!

BONES UPDATE PLEASE SHARE : Bones was spotted today at Sylvania and Jackman, we have been canvassing this neighborhood since. He was last seen by Pizza Hut and he is STILL WEARING HIS COLLAR WITH TAGS. If you live in this neighborhood PLEASE keep a look out and call 419-508-5730 if you see him. If you are the person who has him, please just bring him to Slyvania Vet. and you can collect the reward no questions asked.

The question was asked in a comment "is he alone or with someone?"  The one word answer was "alone."