Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ohio Pit Bull Roundup 6/28/2012

Lima Ohio Police, assisting the Allen County Dog Warden in responding to a call regarding two pit bulls at large in a residential neighborhood, shot both pit bulls after the dogs lunged at police officers, and bit the dog warden.  One pit bull was killed and one was wounded and remained at large.  One of the bullets ricocheted and hit a neighborhood resident in the hand.  Ronald Keller, 64, was transported to St. Rita's Medical Center and was listed in fair condition.  Police later stated that they believe they have located the wounded pit bull but this has not yet been confirmed.

Ohio recently deregulated pit bulls but the City of Lima has retained their breed specific regulations.  Lima residents are required to keep their pit bulls confined, leashed and muzzled while off property, and are prohibited from walking more than one pit bull at a time.

A Chillicothe Police Officer was attacked by a pit bull while he was investigating the theft of a cell phone.  Officer Lucas Hansen was bitten on the face three times by the suspect's pit bull.  Police Capt. Keith Washburn stated "He apprehended the guy and told him he was under arrest, and when he took him to the ground, the dog bit him."  Responding  officers used a stun gun on the dog in an atttempt to subdue it but the dog did not react, and eventually left the area.  The Ross County Dog Warden found the dog at the suspect's home.  The dog was taken as evidence and the suspect was charged with receiving stolen property, no liability insurance for the dog, obstructing, resisting, and dog at large.  The liability insurance charge is expected to be dismissed, the Ohio Legislature recently changed state law and pit bulls no longer require insurance.  According to the Chillicothe Gazette, local officials appear to feel that insurance is not required until there have been three or more convictions.  Biting a police officer three times should earn this pit bull a dangerous dog designation and required insurance NOW.

In Youngstown Ohio, pit bull owner Delvin Williams is in Mahoning County jail.  As the story goes,  police were called to a South Side neighborhood by a man who stated he was bitten by a loose pit bull.  The victim did not want to press charges but did request that the owner keep his dog tied up so no children in the area would be hurt.  About a hour after the attack pit bull owner Delvin Williams approached the victim and asked why he called the police on the loose dog.  The victim stated Willliams punched him in the face twice, and then pushed him off his own front porch, causing him to hit his head on the concrete pavement.  The victim was taken to St. Elizabeth Medical Center for treatment, where he was listed in stable condition.  Williams was arrested at his home and charged with felonious assault, and for two warrants, one for failure to pay child support and another for failing to appear in court on a traffic violation.   This event should qualify Williams' pit bull as a dangerous dog.