Monday, June 11, 2012

Ohio pit bulls in the news, June 11, 2012

The family owned pit bull that killed a three day old Lima Ohio  infant has been euthanized by request of the owner.  In comments following news accounts of the death of this baby, pit bull advocates launched a shameless attack, placing blame on the young mother. 

This family has been victimized multiple times.  First, by acceptance of the "nanny dog" myth and the ever popular "it's all in how you raise 'em" myth.  Second, by the violent death of a new, and loved baby.  Third, by breed specific advocacy's attempt to deflect blame from the breed by demonizing the family, and shrill demands for negligence charges to be filed.

The Portsmouth Daily Times reports an attack by a pit bull upon a three year old girl.  Madasyn McAllister  was bitten in the face by a neighbor's pit bull, nearly severing her nose.   Madasyn's family reports that this is not the first incident with this particular pit bull.  Another child was bitten by the same dog two months ago.

Portsmouth Ohio recently passed a vicious dog ordinance. Health Department spokesman Andy Gideon stated  “Unless it’s something severe, on the first offense we will give the owner a copy of the ordinance and educate them on how you are supposed to confine your dog. If we find it not confined that way again we could possibility issue a citation.”  Please click on the link and see what you think.  Is this a "severe" injury"  Are local officials initiating legal action to declare this particular pit bull dangerous, per new Ohio law? 
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In Columbus Ohio, a 37 year old man fired a single shot killing an unleashed pit bull reportedly attacking the man and his family.  Citizen shootings of attacking pit bulls have increased dramatically over the last few years.  A interesting phenomonon.