Monday, June 18, 2012

Ohio pit bulls in the news, 6/18/2012, and United States pit bull mauling deaths so far this month

In Oberlin Ohio, home of very expensive Oberlin College, an Oberlin Police officer shot a pit bull while he was attempting to arrest 20 year old Lewis Wade.  Wade originally had one loose pit bull and was given a warning by the Police Officer.  Wade did not see the warning as a positive and responded with obscenities. He told the Officer "I got something for you" and turned two more pit bulls loose.  The Police officer attempted to draw his taser but was bitten on the hand, he was forced to shoot one of the pit bulls.  Wade was charged with assault on an officer, resisting arrest, obstruction of official business and animals at large. Biting and menacing a Police Officer merits a dangerous dog designation per new Ohio law.

In Sandusky Ohio, a twelve year old boy was 'bitten at least five times." Bites were found on the boy's chest, arms and legs.  The boy was treated at a local hospital, the pit bull is still at large.

In Dayton Ohio, a two year old pit bull named Louis Vuitton killed a chihuahua named Mr Socks, in full view of the chihuahua's owner, Melissa Clark and her seven year old son.  Clark stated "I turned and looked and out comes  this big (expletive) brown and white pit bull.  He comes charging at my chihuahua and he didn't even stop."  Louis Vuitton dragged the little dog into the woods behind the apartments and killed it.  The pit owner, Jerrica Lewis, apologised and offered to replace the Clark's pet, stating "He's never attacked any other small dog." 

Louis Vuitton has now killed a small dog in an unprovoked attack.  Will County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf take appropriate action to protect Dayton residents from further "accidents," per Ohio law?  Dog Warden Kumpf strongly supported HB 14 as a way to take action against dangerous dogs.

Just south of the Ohio state line, in West Virginia, two year old Jack Redin was killed by pit bull mix dogs contained by an underground electric fence, on the property of a neighbor.  Jack wandered into the yard and was quickly missed by his family.  Jack's father Lonnie found his son's body.  Funeral services were scheduled for June 16th in Parkersburg.  The owner of the property claims that the dogs do not belong to him, he was taking care of them for his brother.  The death of this beautiful child is a tragedy.  Electric fences are inappropriate for containing pit bulls, and for protecting small children from them.

An eight month old California infant was killed by 3 pit bulls.  The dogs have a history of killing cats and have now killed a baby boy.  Pit bull advocates continue to defend the breed, per their comments posted on news sites. Details are not clear, the mother may own the dogs or they may be owned by a roommate.