Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ohio Pit bull roundup

Pit bulls have been in the news in Ohio over the last week. In Riverside Ohio police shot a pit bull mix that had charged a woman and a child, then charged the police. The dog survived, but by Ohio law has won the official title of "dangerous dog" will soon require insurance. The pit bull owner had a very short respite from that requirement. The article also notes a March 28th attack by a pit bull mix in Riverside.
"On March 28, police in Riverside shot and killed a pit bull mix that attacked a man and was so aggressive that they had to shoot it several times, finally with a shotgun.

Responding officers said a large dog had a man on the ground and was attacking him. When they tried to get the dog away, it charged at them and went back and forth between the officers and the victim.

Reiss said an officer shot the animal twice with his gun, but the dog did not die. So, another officer got a shotgun and put the animal down.

The victim was taken to a hospital suffering from severe cuts to his hand."
In Butler Ohio a baby was bitten on his face by dog reported by the father to be a pit mix. The eight month old baby was playing with his father in the family back yard when he was bitten by a stray dog. The child was taken to a local hospital and received 4 stitches above his left eye. The dog is still at large.

Twinsburg Ohio police report the killing of a pet cat by an escaped pit bull. The pit bull owner was cited. I imagine the cat owner was devastated by the loss of his pet. The most common victims of pit bull attacks are domestic pets and livestock. Breed specific advocacy gives no thought to these losses. The death of this cat in a unprovoked attack should jump start the process of declaring this dog dangerous. This pit owner only had a one week respite from insurance requirements but should be looking for a new policy very soon.