Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ohio pit bull roundup, 7/5/2012

This story is not what it appears at first glance.  A pit bull owner tells a horror story about how her dog was stabbed by a stranger in a local park.  Sounds outrageous, until you get the details.

Mary Burgett, owner of Max, a two year old pit bull mix, stated that she took Max to the Metroparks Euclid Creek Reservation for a walk.  She describes another dog walker who spoke pleasantly as he  passed her.  Burgett goes on to state "Max got excited, wiggled out of his harness and went over to sniff the man's little white dog, in a playful manner."  "He didn't bark, he didn't growl; he didn't anything and then the man started yelling he'll 'knife any dog that's not on a leash.'  Next thing you know I saw his hand go down and he had the knife in his hand and just gushes of blood came out."  Burgett claims that Max had already started walking back to her when the man stabbed him. 

This story sounds pretty scary but it is not confirmed by any other witness, this is just Burgett's version.  Burgett feels that the man with the knife may be mentally unstable and a danger to other park users. 

Not so fast...  Look at the video, it shows a very healthy and robust pit bull with three stitches. This dog is running easily without apparent pain.  Contrast this with video of another small white dog, a victim of a pit bull attack  Please read the comments of owner of the small white dog.

Ms. Burgett apparently is not aware that pit bulls  do not growl, bark, or show intention prior to an attack, but the owner of the little white dog knows this.  Many men carry a pocket knife, this one used his knife to protect his canine companion.  Burgett's off leash pit bull menaced another park patron's pet and he defended what was his.

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Moving on to Dayton Ohio, a two year old child was bitten in the face by the baby sitter's pit bull.  The child required stitches in his face.  The video on this story is interesting.  The child's father is very forgiving but the pit bull owner appears in the news footage and her demeanor is very different.  She is screaming that she had to have her pit bull, which she calls "my grandchild" put down. The reporter does her on-camera work in the lobby of the Montgomery County Shelter where the dog is clearly alive. 

It is the duty of HB 14 advocate and Montgomery County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf to begin the legal process of declaring this dog dangerous.  This pit bull owner only enjoyed a short respite from mandatory insurance on her pit bull.  The containment requirements will be expensive.

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Cridersville Ohio is considering the possibility of adding legislation to continue to label pit bulls as potentially vicious.  This legislation is supported by Police Chief John Drake, who stated "Seeing what I've dealt with, I think we need to designate pit bulls."  Mayor Lorali Myers agrees "I think we need to be on the conservative side of the argument.  I don't want blood on my hands."  Myers said "I'm going to be very vocal on how I feel.  I think we need to concentrate on the harm that can be done and not the likelihood of an attack."  The common sense in Mayor Myers statement is breathtaking.  The Ohio Legislature needs this kind of honesty and concern for the safety of the public.

Mayor Myers, please consider running for a State office!

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The final story for this blog is a surprisingly honest one.  Two injured dogs were found in Elyria Ohio, their injuries consistent with dog fighting.  A local veterinarian claimed that the female pit bull, called Diane, appeared to be a "bait dog" but an anonymous tipster said that Diane was "a fight dog and when she lost, she was abused and dumped."

Both dogs were taken in by Multiple Breed Rescue.  Newsnet5 reporter Jen Steer writes "Just two days after her rescue,  Diane appeared to be doing fine and was placed in a foster home.    However MBR said rehabbing a fight dog is much different than rehabbing a bait dog."  Spokesperson for MBR, Lauren Jacenty said "Her inner scars hurt too much and her fighting instinct was ingrained into her. MBR, with a heavy heart, had to let her go before someone was hurt or worse.  It was not an easy decision, and by no means did we choose this lightly." 

Diane did not deserve the suffering that her life brought her. Multiple Breed Rescue did the right thing, at the right time, without sensationalizing the issue.  This organization deserves public support.