Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pit bull politics in Illinois, an important post.

The link below is to a post on the blog Pit Bull Attacks in Illinois, this post deserves to be widely read.  The topic is the right, and duty, of a community to pass laws protecting residents from violent dog attacks, and how the policies and interference of a Utah based animal rights PAC impact Illinois residents. 

Best Friends Animal Society, of Kanab Utah scorches the earth when their carpetbagger lawyers drop in to bully any community brave enough to consider the rights of residents above the rights of violent dogs.  Please remember that Best Friends Animal Society wrote HB 14 in Ohio.  In the first 4 1/2 months after the passage of that law, two Ohio residents were mauled to death by pit bull dogs. Anna's Law in Illinois was written by Ledy Vankavage, now of Best Friends Animal Society, formerly with the ASPCA.  Anna's Law does not allow Illinois communities to pass any breed specific law, and makes it difficult/impossible to actually declare a dog violent.