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Pit bull Roundup 7/29/2014 Maulings, dead pets, attacks upon garden statuary, and mailmen carrying machetes.

This will be a long post.  I apologise in advance. Dayton Ohio is again over represented but Cincinnati is making a serious challenge.   Get comfy...


A pit bull that was rescued from a dog fighting operation was stolen from the automobile of the new owner at 2 AM  while the car was parked in front of a bar.  The new owner had possession of Ryder the pit bull for just one day.
Ryder the dog is missing photo
Anyone seeing this dog is asked to call Dayton police at 333-2677.  Just what Dayton needs, a game bred pit fighter in the community.

                                                                                     * * *

A 13 year old babysitter was attacked by a "family dog."  Per WHIO "Police said the teen and two girls, ages 5 and 7, were in the backyard on a swing set when one of the girls accidentally hit the mixed-breed dog. The dog became aggressive toward the girls, when the babysitter stepped in and tried to push the dog back. -

Neighbors, and workers at a nearby home heard the children's screams and were able to beat the dog back. Montgomery County ARC workers removed the dog.  The babysitter was transported to a hospital for treatment.

The breed of the dog is not mentioned but a photo was provided.
 Teen bitten by dog photo
This is a pit bull.

This is the result of a pit bull attack.
Dog bite photo

                                                                    * * *

Rossford Ohio

A Rossford woman has been charged after her pit bull killed a cat.  A witness stated that he saw the pit bull kill the cat while it was hiding under a car and drag the body into the road.  Police followed the dog home where it jumped a fence and was let into the house by owner Danielle Madden.  Madden will be charged for the dog being loose, and unregistered.  Madden will also be charged with disorderly conduct.  

                                                                       * * *

Cincinnati Ohio

A pit bull was shot and killed by police after it lunged at them.  The pit bull was running loose in the street, police first used a stun gun twice in attempts to control the animal with no success.    The pit bull's owner was charged with failure to control.

This report, also out of Cincinnati,  deals with the difficulties in actually charging the owners of vicious dogs.  

                                                                * * *

Cincinnati Ohio

Angel Galen was being held on $20,000 bond at the Hamilton County Detention Center charged with inducing panic and failure to confine a dangerous dog.  According to the charges, Galen was arguing with other people when he let his pit bull out in order to "scare others and cause alarm."  Galen directed his pit bull to attack a 57 year old man who was bitten in the hand.  Police arrived and shot the pit bull.

Galen's mug shot.  It appears that the "argument" was lively.

Angel Galen in court. (FOX19)
Angel Galen in court

Additional Cincinnati area pit bull news, Per WCPO News "The number of pit bull attacks reported so far this year in Hamilton County (Cincinnati is located in Hamilton County)  is  on pace to top the total reported in 2013, according to a WCPO analysis.
Hamilton County Health Department data show 38 bite incidents involving pit bulls or pit bull mix breeds as of May 11, 2014. The data show 74 total pit bull bite incidents reported in 2013."
                                                                              * * *

Wadsworth Ohio

The city is considering changes to local animal control laws.  The proposed changes would allow police officers to shoot dogs attacking dogs or cats. Per WadsworthPost.com "Law Director Norman Brague explained that the city’s current ordinance states that it is legal to shoot a dog if that dog is attacking another animal other than a dog or a cat.

“This is right out of the Ohio Revised Code,” Brague said at a recent committee of the whole meeting. “The intent of the statute really is to protect livestock.”
The proposed amendment would allow for a dog to be shot if it is attacking another dog or a cat, but only a law enforcement officer would be allowed to shoot the dog as discharging a firearm is illegal within city limits. Hiscock explained that an officer would not shoot at a dog if the dog was trying to attack a wild animal such as a squirrel or a rabbit.
The changes were proposed after an April 29th incident where two dogs of an unspecified breed attacked other dogs, including a leashed dog, that dog's owner fell and suffered serious injuries. There were other reports of attacks by the same two dogs that evening, including one that was being held in the arms of his owner, and an attack upon a concrete statue of a dog.  Let that last part sink in.  

                                                                         * * *                                                                                6/11/2014
Lima Ohio
Lima Ohio Police will again be enforcing Lima's pit bull ordinance after a yearlong suspension to re-write the law to comply Ohio law.  
                                                                     * * *                                                                                    

A Dayton man is wanted on possible felony assault charges after he was said to have set his two pit bulls on his roommate.  The victim was waiting for police on the front porch when they arrived.   
Indianola Avenue dog bite incident, Dayton, June 13, 2014 photo

Police reported that the two pit bulls were very aggressive, appearing to be full blooded pits with one weighing approximately 120 pounds, the other closer to 100 pounds.  The owner of the pit bulls fled as police entered the home, attempting to control the pit bulls with a catch pole.  Other officers waited on the porch with their service weapons drawn.   Montgomery County ARC staff removed the pit bulls from the premises.  It is not known if they will be returned to the owner.  Per WHIO " the dogs have been the subject of four recent citations -- including for "dogs at large" and "dogs without tags." Neighbors have called police constantly, he said, lodging complaints about the dogs just hanging around in the street and running loose."

Indianola Avenue dog bite incident, Dayton, June 13, 2014 photo
One of the pit bulls prior to removal from the house.

                                                          * * *


Police shot a pit bull, said to be a puppy, as it was reportedly charging police officers.  Police answered a call that two pit bulls and a bullmastiff were at large, aggressive, charging at Dayton residents and taxpayers, and trying to attack other dogs.  This batch of dangerous dogs was rounded up but one of them was able to run into an alley where two more pit bulls charged out of a fenced yard and charged at police.  A police officer fired a shotgun at the pit bulls, hitting the smaller of the two.  Things went all downhill from there.  Per WHIO "Following the incident, a large crowd of neighbors gathered, some becoming unruly, which resulted in one arrest for disorderly conduct.
The owner of the dog that was shot, 30-year-old Curtis Gifford, was issued a summons for failure to control dogs.
Curtis, who owns a licensed kennel, disputes that his show dogs charged police. He said he thinks his dog was shot while inside his fenced-in yard.
"I show my dogs. This is a show dog. This is a dog that will never be able to be shown again. I paid $5,000 for this dog," he said.
The dog was taken by Animal Resource Center officers to an emergency veterinary clinic.
Tim Chesnut / Staff
The pit bull owners claim that police shot the wrong dog.  They claim that their 4 month old puppy was "trained to stay in the yard" and estimate the value of the puppy at $5000.   The pit bull owners deny the police version of the incident although they did not witness it.  "“I heard my neighbor screaming, ‘They shot your dog, they shot your dog’ and then when I went out there I found my puppy laying in a pool of blood,” said Gifford."

Dayton police deserve hazardous duty pay.    

                                                                 * * *              
Reynoldsburg Ohio

A local pit bull owner complains that she has been targeted by police.  The pit bull owner appeared on a local television news segment a week earlier to speak about the Reynoldsburg pit bull ban controversy.   Ms. Ingmire lives in Reynoldsburg, a community with a breed ban, and proudly showed her pit bull to reporters. After the video aired Ingmire was visited by Reynoldsburg police and ticked, three times.  Reynoldsburg city council is expected to vote July 28th on whether to keep or drop the pit bull ban. Per WBNS10 "In the meantime, Ingmire says she's preparing herself for the worst.  "I may have to move, you know I can't continue to pay citations every two weeks,"  

Update - The Reynoldsburg City Council has voted to retain the community's breed ban.  More on this in another post.  THANK YOU REYNOLDSBURG CITY COUNCIL AND THANK YOU TO REYNOLDSBURG RESIDENTS WHO WORKED HARD TO SAVE THIS LAW!
                                                                                           * * * 

Sandusky Ohio

A local pit bull owner writes to the Sandusky Register "Why wasn't my pit bull allowed within Ohio Bike Week's Block Party?  I would like to know why every time I take my pit bull down to Ohio Bike Week, I get told to leave.  I walk past several police officers who just smile and wave, then one comes up to me and says, 'Due to health department regulations, dogs are not allowed down here.'  Then, they have four officers escort me out.  So I take my dog home and return downtown only to see dogs all over the place.  I am getting tired of being treated this way.  It is not fair to judge my dog by the breed.  Jess from Sandusky."            

My first thought is that Jess might have learned from having the same experience several times.  Here is the response from police.  "The Sandusky Police Department and event organizers determined after the first year or two of (Ohio) Bike Week that any animal, other than service dogs, wouldn't be permitted in the event venue.  
Dogs were barking, growling or attempting to attack each other the first years of the event.  The volume of children, adults and very congested walking areas isn't safe to have animals in the event areas.  
Although the writer has a pit bull, we don't have breed-specific enforcement. It is all animals — dogs, snakes, or other animals.  Although some dogs might be nice, others could not be if mixed in an environment that is very loud, extremely congested or attacked by another dog, stepped on, fallen on or any other scenario that can be probable with this venue.
All of our officers have been instructed to have dogs or other animals removed from the venue. Have some slipped by, yes probably but at some point an officer most likely will have advised the owners to remove their animals from the venue.  There are signs posted on the barricades that are blocking access into the venue to advise of the restrictions.  
The decision to not allow animals is for the safety of the animals and all of those children and adults that are coming to enjoy this venue."

                                                           * * *

South Euclid Ohio
A local woman was cited by police for keeping her pit bull under "deplorable conditions"  up to and including when the chained dog jumped over a fence, while still chained, choking it.  At the time of this incident the dog was reportedly "covered in dog feces and it had no water.  This was the third incident involving this pit bull, described as "skinny, lethargic, and not combative."  The owner, Carla Wilkerson, has been charged with five first-degree misdemeanor charges of neglecting animals and one first-degree misdemeanor charge for failing to obtain dog tags.  The pit bull has been returned to the owner because the local dog warden has no place to house it.    

                                                                     * * *
Conneaut Ohio
Another case from the "a pit bull's worst nightmare may well be his owner" files.  Gary Ratliff pleaded guilty to cruelty to companion animals after being charged for killing a dog with a hammer because he did not want it any longer and could not find a buyer for it.  Ratliff will spend a month in jail, pay fines, and be prohibited from owning animals for life. Ratliff's brother brought the dead pit bull mix to the police station in April and told police his brother had killed it.  

                                                                  * * *
Cincinnati Ohio
Cincinnati police shot and killed a pit bull that menaced a man who was mowing his lawn, and helped catch another pit bull involved in the same incident.  A neighbor saw the pit bulls menacing the man and called police.  The pit bulls were aggressive to police as well.  Animal Control picked up the surviving pit bull.  

                                                                * * * 
Columbus Ohio
Fran Benson's 13 week old puppy was attacked by the neighbor's pit bulls twice in one week.  The most recent attack required emergency veterinary treatment for deep wounds on his neck and his groin.   Benson's neighbors have SEVEN pit bulls. The pit bull's owners told reporters that her pit bulls don't like the neighbors (Benson) and that it was a simple mistake.  * eye roll * The pit bull that attacked the puppy was euthanized and the pit bull owner was cited for having five unlicensed dogs in her home.  
                                                             * * *
Campbell Ohio
After attacks on three small dogs, one of them was was killed, neighbors are circulating a petition to have the attacking pit bull removed from the neighborhood.  The pit bull's owner declined to comment to The Vindicator's reporters.  The neighbors should not have to circulate a petition to have a three time offender removed from the community. 

                                                                               * * *

Hamilton Ohio

A pit bull, with injuries that might indicate dog fighting, was found dead in a local park.  The dog was found in the Great Miami River.  Per WHIO " HPD and the Butler County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Dog Warden are investigating the circumstances surrounding the dog’s death.
The agencies are asking for help in determining who the owner of the dog is and any information of possible criminal activity involving the illegal fighting of dogs.
A $500 cash reward is being offered for information leading to criminal charges.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Hamilton Police Public Affairs Section via Facebook or by phone at 513-868-5811, ext. 2007.

                                                                       * * *


A Dayton neighborhood is being terrorized loose dogs, many of them pit bulls.  Residents are afraid to hang out their laundry or take out the garbage, the mailman carries mace AND A MACHETE because he is attacked WEEKLY.  A  neighborhood  association meeting is being held to discuss ways to regain a quality of life in the community ""They are very aggressive. On leashes, without leashes. And they're everywhere. and its better that we all come together to find out how we can help each other," Weaver St. resident Patricia Rickman said."

This quote comes from Mayor Nan Whaley "Mayor Nan Whaley says the city has to start at the root of the issue. Change how dogs are treated and housed and in turn change their behavior.
"It's complaint driven like all housing issues in our city, so you can now and it's enforced," Mayor Whaley expelled. "We have to set community standards. We have to count on our neighborhoods and people in our neighborhoods to help enforce those."
To report a loose dog or any dog chained up for extended periods of time call the city at 898-4457.
It is not the job of residents of the community to enforce the law, that is the job of Montgomery County ARC.  So far that enforcement has been almost non existent.

                                                                    * * *


A Chow mix dog was attacked and killed by two loose pit bulls.  The Chow mix was tied in the yard of his owner when the stray pit bulls attacked and killed him, the attack was witnessed by neighbors and described as "playing tug of war" with the body.  The attacking dogs were identified as pit bulls by Montgomery ARC staff.  They were not aggressive toward animal control officers and were taken to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.  Just what Mark Kumpf needs, two more pit bulls.  
A chow mix named Bear was tied up in this Wesleyan Road yard when he was attacked by two loose dogs July 15, 2014. photo
The residence where the attack occurred.

                                                                 * * *

Cincinnati Ohio  

A ten year old girl was bitten in the face by a pit bull as she was playing outside in her neighborhood.  A neighbor saw the attack, called the child's father, then called 911. Per Cincinnati.com ""A neighborhood child was just bit by a pit bull. I would like to have a cruiser come over because I want to report it. That dog should not have been loose," the woman told dispatchers, according to a recording of the call.
The child was treated at the scene for a minor cut to her ankle and expected to make a full recovery, he said.
The dog's owner is a neighbor of the child's. Deborah Anderson, 61, was cited for having a dog at large and the animal bite, Smith said."
                                                            * * *

Batavia Township Ohio

An eight year old girl was bitten on the face by a pit bull/ boxer mix   as she was visiting a friend.  She required hundreds of stitches to her face.  Raelynn Liming was at a sleepover at a friend's house when the dog attacked her without provocation.  Neighbors are stunned, neighborhood children play with this dog and have never seen any hint of violent behavior.  Per WLWT " Deputies said Raelynn was sitting on the floor watching TV when a family dog approached and bit her on the face, near the lower lip area, causing an open wound.
“Her whole lip, jaw, everything was just hanging down,” said Kathy Liming, the victim’s grandmother.
Raelynn was taken to a local hospital and then flown to Cincinnati Children's Hospital by helicopter for surgery.  Reminder - Zainabou Drame is still at Cincinnati Children's Hospital nearly two months after her near fatal mauling.  Did Cinnamon Dixon DO treat Raelynn in the Emergency Room?
 Raelynn Liming after surgery.

                                                                * * *

A man looking for work was attacked by a pit bull that got out of a homeowner's yard as the victim, a tree trimmer, was speaking with the home owner.  The victim was bitten on the wrist and thumb, he was treated at the scene.  The dog owner was cited for misdemeanor charges of having an unlicensed dog and failure to control.  The dog owner will also be liable for any medical bills incurred by the victim.  Dayton police Sgt. Mark Spiers stated that while he is no dog breeder and expert on pit bulls, "I just know that they appear to be more aggressive than other dogs."  Clear thinking.
Haller Avenue pit bull bite victim, Dayton, July 22, 2014 photo

                                                                      * * *

Bedford Heights Ohio

A Yorkie was mauled to death by a pit bull as the little dog played in the backyard of his owner. According to police reports the pit bull broke free of a chain held by a seven year old boy.   Janiene Jennings, the owner of the Yorkie named Stax  stated"The dog snatched my baby and ran over there and killed him," "He was just flailing my dog like a chew toy."

The child was under the supervision of someone other than the pit bull's owner.  The child will not face charges, no decision has been made on charges for the pit bull owner or the adult present at the time of the attack.

                                                                     * * *

Sandusky Ohio

Rebecca Hush has pleaded no contest to a vicious dog violation.  The charges stemmed from an April 2013 attack attack by her two pit bulls upon retired auto worker Paul Aviles and his Jack Russell Terrier Scooter.   Aviles was walking Scooter when the two pit bulls ran up behind him and attacked the little dog. Aviles was injured when he tried to protect his pet. Aviles told reporters that he bit one of the pit bulls in the leg "I bit him as long and as hard as I could."  "They were like demons."  Witnesses called police, who also battled the pit bulls.   One of the pit bulls died after being tasered, the other was eventually returned to Hush after she satisfied requirements for containment of the animal.

Scooter eventually recovered, Aviles suffered hand injuries and lost his wedding ring during the attack.   Per the Sandusky Register "Aviles said the city prosecutor's office has given him little information and said he's unsure how hard the city will press to make Hush pay restitution to cover Scooter's vet bills and Aviles' medical bills, which Aviles said come to a considerable sum of money.
"I was left in the dark about what they were going to do about the charges," he said. "I was mainly concerned about my situation. They said they were going to negotiate that."
"They're doing all of this negotiation without me," he said.
The city prosecutor, Lynne Gast-King, and Hush's lawyer, public defender's office attorney Darrell Steltenpohl could not be reached for comment after calls were placed to their offices this week. 
Hush pleaded guilty in 2000 to a dog at large charge and paid $55 in court costs, records show."

                                                          * * *

We will  end with some good news.  Zainabou Drame is expected to go home from the hospital in August.