Sunday, July 20, 2014

Death in Dayton for the second time this year. Updated 7/21/2014

7/21/2014 Update.

Jonathon Quarles, Jr.

The baby killed by his step grandmother's pit bull yesterday has been identified as Jonathon Quarles Jr. of Indianapolis Indiana.  In today's report by WDTN News, another violent incident involving the same pit bull has been found.  Per WDTN News "   The United States Postal Service told 2 NEWS that a carrier was charged by a dog at the same address on April 25, 2014.  A postal service spokesperson says the dog tried to bite the carrier’s leg, but the carrier was able to get his mail satchel between his leg and dog.  He was not bitten."

Dayton Ohio, again

Scene of fatal dog attack gallery

We will take a short break from our discussion of Cincinnati pit bull violence to talk about pit bull violence in Dayton.

A Dayton pit bull has killed a seven month old baby boy today.  The baby was in the care of his step grandmother, the pit bull was hers.  A neighbor called 911 stating "She just knocked on my door, bangin' on my door. She had a baby in her hand and the baby's not breathing. I need you to get here now."

Montgomery County Animal Resource Center records indicate an American Staffordshire Terrier is kept at the residence.  AKC American Staffordshire Terriers can be double registered as UKC American Pit Bull Terriers through the single registration process, they are the same dogs.

The killer pit bull was removed from the home by Montgomery ARC staff.  The dog has a history of attack.  Per ABC 22 News "A Dayton police report indicates police have responded to the address for a control of dogs prior to this incident.
On June 3, 2014 a Dayton woman, Isabelle Crickmore was walking her beagle in front of 2219 Riverside Drive when a pit bull attacked her dog.   Click here for video.  
"She had three lacerations, 11 staples," said Crickmore.
There is a criminal misdemeanor complaint against the grandmother for that attack. Court documents show a pre-trial for Crickmore's complaint was post-poned last week.
"It just really irks me because this could have been taken care of," said Crickmore.

family pit bull kills baby in dayton, ohio

Family members state that the baby was visiting from Indiana.  It was also reported that the pit bull was a family dog, "a pleasant animal for the family" that jumped over a gate to attack and kill the baby boy.  It was reported that the step grandmother tried to get her dog off the baby but could not.   Watch the video here and see if you might agree that this was a "pleasant" dog.

Just  what was learned from the death of Klonda Richey last February?  What processes have been improved to protect innocent citizens of Dayton?  It should be noted that there have been no charges filed in the mauling death of Klonda Richey to date.  This dog had a violent history and was in the legal system.

This baby was the 8th dog bite related fatality in Ohio since HB 14 was passed in 2012.  Historical note, Ohio had 6 dog bite related fatalities in the 25 years prior to the passage of HB 14, the bill that "finally gives dog wardens the tools to deal with dangerous dogs."  It is also important to note that Montgomery County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf was instrumental in promotion and passage of HB 14.  

Public opinion in Dayton has been hard on Dog Warden Mark Kumpf, hard on pit bulls at large on the streets, hard on pit bull violence.   Looks to be getting worse.  How long will the  Montgomery County Commissioners protect their failed dog warden?  The citizens of Dayton deserve better.  Type "Dayton" into the search box at the top left of this blog page and see how many hits you get.  This city is a pit bull disaster.

Ms. Crickmore is correct "this could have been taken care of" and should have.