Saturday, February 22, 2014

Not to be missed, profound and original thoughts from the blogger at Craven Desires on the death of Klonda Richey.

For the thoughts of another blogger on the mauling death of Klonda Richey please click here, and don't miss the comments.

"Dawn James" discusses the Community Protection Act passed in Washington State in response to the brutal sexual assault of a seven year old child by a known violent sexual offender.  Here is a quote "What was so unusual about this particular crime and this predator that they earned a mention on this blog? Shriner openly talked about his deranged fantasies of rape and torture. The authorities were well aware of the extreme danger Shriner posed to the community and they were frustrated that there was nothing they could do about it. 

Not surprisingly, when those details were made public in the days after Shriner's arrest, there was massive public outrage. This outrage was channeled into a victim advocacy group. They called themselves The Tennis Shoe Brigade and they demanded that lawmakers pass laws making communities safer. And they got it.
Since the passage of Washington State's Community Protection Act in 1990 nineteen states have passed similar laws.

Klonda Richey documented the threats to her safety through actual video, complaints to police, complaints to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, and to the the Montgomery County Courts.  The authorities were well aware.   James's final thoughts "The murder of Klonda Richey should be a wake up call. I hope the good people of Ohio can channel their outrage into something as productive as The Tennis Shoe Brigade and just maybe, we will see the rest of the states fall like dominoes."

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An interesting update on this case from WDTN News, there was a fire at the home of Andrew Nason and Julie Custer.  Nason and Custer are in the process of moving out of  the home.  This fire has been ruled arson.