Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Klonda Richey had good reason to be afraid of her neighbors.

Dayton police investigating infant’s injuries photo

Andrew Nason is no stranger to booking photos. Nason's booking photo taken when he was charged with child endangerment in 2012.
                                                                                                                                                                                            This one was taken after Nason's dogs killed                                                                                                 Klonda Richey in 2014.
Some things don't change much.

A search of Dayton Municipal Court records shows a long list of charges and convictions for Andrew Nason including guilty verdicts for drug abuse, assault, criminal trespass, driving an unsafe vehicle, and a 2011 robbery charge with no final information.  That section ends with the note "bound over to the grand jury."   There are requests for three different protection orders prior to the request made by Klonda Richey, none were granted.  Andrew Nason is apparently the most fortunate felon to ever prance through the Montgomery County justice system. You can google Dayton Municipal Court records to verify this information, a local reporter discusses them here.  

There is no question that Andrew Nason is a violent felon with drug convictions.  The competent reporters at Fox 45 easily found the records and staff at  the Montgomery County ARC could easily have done the same at any time if they had the slightest interest in exactly what was going on with over a dozen complaints about dogs at the same address.
Nason's child endangerment charges do not appear in court records but the local news station stated that they are still pending.  It should be noted that Nason did not call 911 requesting assistance for the critically injured child for 30 minutes following the injury.  

A photo of the child at the time she was hospitalized was posted on the mother's Facebook page.  The photograph showed a sweet faced little girl, on a ventilator, with a tube placed through her nose into her stomach to allow her to be fed while she was in intensive care.  A later update on the page indicated that the child would have a feeding tube surgically inserted through the abdominal wall directly into the stomach, a more permanent arrangement.  There is no indication that this child has been returned to her mother's care.

An additional photo posted by Custer showed another child from this family with 50 stitches in his forehead "because he fell into a wall."  The pictures are very revealing but it is inappropriate to use photos of children so they are not posted here.  For those who might be interested in  this material, the mother has posted it and it may be seen here.  The struggle of the injured toddler is found under groups "Prayer Group for Little Princess Mya," and under photos there is the picture of her son with 50 stitches in his head.  It is reported that Julie Custer is a nursing school graduate.  She may have an uphill battle to get a license in Ohio. Please click here to view the Ohio Board of Nursing Criminal History Fact Sheet.   

Prior to passage of HB14  the Ohio County Dog Wardens Association (Kumpf was Treasurer of the organization, a member of the executive board at the time, and a vocal supporter of the bill) posted a summary of a particular section of the proposed law for quick review. This is an August 2011 fiscal analysis of the bill, to read the document please click here.  This was written prior to the final passage of the bill in 2012.  This section covers possession of dogs by felons (like Andrew Nason).  This is a direct quote from the Ohio County Dog Wardens document, found on their website.  

"Possession of dogs by felons 
The bill prohibits a person who has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to a 
felony offense of violence or a felony violation of any provision of R.C. Chapter 959. 
(offenses relating to domestic animals), 2923. (conspiracy, attempt, and complicity; 
weapons control; corrupt activity), or 2925. (drug offenses) to knowingly own, possess, 
have custody of, or reside in a residence with an unspayed or unneutered dog older 
than 12 weeks of age, or any dog that has been determined to be a "dangerous dog" for 
a period of ten years commencing upon the date of release of the person from any 
period of incarceration imposed for the conviction. A violation of this prohibition is a 
first degree misdemeanor. Depending how widely these prohibitions are enforced, this 
could generate a considerable number of new court cases, although the number is 
difficult to estimate. "

The final version of the law modified the above by stating that the felony activity must occur on or after the date the law took effect.   This modification was a gift to Mark Kumpf .  Click here for the link to the final version.  Nason and Custer's dogs were clearly over the age of 12 weeks and clearly were not neutered.

Next time we will take a look at Klonda Richey's actual complaints, video made by Richey, and take a look at yet another choice that Montgomery County Animal Control might have used to resolve her complaints prior to her violent and bloody death.