Friday, February 7, 2014

Another Ohio fatality, this time in Dayton, Montgomery County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf's territory.

Ohio has recorded a sixth fatal dog attack since HB 14 was passed in February of 2012.  Prior to the successful efforts of Best Friends Animal Society (a PAC headquartered in Utah)  to change Ohio law the state had a dog bite related fatality every 5 to 8 years.  Best Friends Animal Society claimed that the new law "finally gave dog wardens the tools to deal with dangerous dogs." In the two years since the the law was passed six Ohio residents have died by dog mauling. Epic fail.

Today's fatality was a Dayton woman, her name has not yet been released.  Neighbors called 911 early this morning to report a body on the sidewalk, face down, and naked.  When police arrived on the scene they were charged by two dogs that they reported "looked like pit bulls."  Both dogs were shot and killed.  Dog owners Andrew Nason and Julie Custer were arrested and charged with reckless homicide.

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Booking photos for Custer and Nason.

Dayton is located in Montgomery County Ohio.  The Montgomery County Dog warden is Mark Kumpf, vocal supporter of Best Friends efforts to change Ohio law.  While police have identified the dogs as pit bulls, predictably, Mr. Kumpf has muddied the waters on this, calling the dogs mastiffs and stating that they were licensed as such.

It is not unusual for bully breed dogs to be purposely misidentified with the purpose of fooling nervous neighbors,the insurance company, or local law enforcement.  Click here for the arrest warrant of Arkansas resident Brande Coy.  Coy also claimed that her dog was a Mastiff but investigation following the dog mauling death of Joan Kappen revealed otherwise.  It is important to note that Coy's dog was the litter mate of the dog that killed a five year old child six months prior to the death of Joan Kappen.  The same claim was made for that dog.  Both of these dogs were actually pit bull/mastiff mixes.

Dayton police report that nine complaints have been received about the dogs.  Montgomery County Dog Warden Kumpf stated "We've had complaints in the past, our office has been out here on several occasions and in an attempt to contact the owners to resolve those complaints without success," says ARC Director Mark Kumpf.

Just when will Mr. Kumpf use the "tools" given to him with the passage of the law he helped promote?  Nine complaints PLUS a fatality may indicate that he has not taken his responsibility to protect the public seriously.

More to come on this fatal attack.

For a bit of background on Mark Kumpf please click here.