Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pit bull roundup update 6/7/2013

I promised myself I would not get so far behind on pit bull news so here we are again.

Dateline Dayton!

A Dayton VA Medical Center worker was cornered by two pit bulls as he was picking up trash on the grounds.  Dayton police were called but were unable to locate the dogs after the dogs retreated into a nearby wooded area.  Dayton Police called animal control but, and we will get back to this particular issue, animal control was too busy to respond.

WSTN2 News sent reporters who were able to film the dogs running in and out of traffic.  Neighbors report that the dogs have been a problem for some time now.Per  "Adolphe Grigsby said, "I guess they crawl up under the fence and they just chase after you, attack you, and bark, growl at you, and you don't know if they're going to bite you or not."
He worries about the children who play outside and his mother.
"I always carry me a stick with a little nail stuck in it for protection because I have to walk everyday up and down here and my mother she can't, she'll never get away from them. She's 89 years old."  
Mr. Grigsby sates he has not called animal control to report these two dogs.
Montgomery County animal control reportedly responded to 10,460 calls last year.  Montgomery County Animal Control is a very busy place but a call from Dayton police regarding menacing pit bulls at a  VA hospital in a residential area should be a priority.   

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Cincinnati Ohio                                                                                                                             6/6/2013
Cincinnati police used a taser twenty three times on a five year old pit bull after the pit bull  attacked a yellow Lab being walked by  its owner, Ted McGraw.  Mr. McGraw and a neighborhood resident who tried to help were both bitten.  McGraw had bites on his hands and the neighbor required eleven stitches.  McGraw's dog is still in the care of a veterinarian.  The pit bull mix is in the custody of the  SPCA.  The pit bull's owner, Kenneth McKinney, is currently in jail.  McKinney's stepson, Donald Shelton has been caring for the dog for the last eight months.  Shelton stated "She's a nice dog. No never had any problems. I don't know like she was in a kennel in the back. She was fenced up. She might have jumped up and hit the latch and broke loose."    McKinney will be charged under the city's vicious dog laws.    
Per WKRC "Police say this is the second price hill pit bull attack in just the last two weeks.
"We had one where it's in a local park walking a dog. As they're walking two pit bulls not on a leash engage and attack the small dog. The dog ultimately died, as the handler was trying to separate the pits and his dog the dogs engaged the handler, the handler sustained some pretty serious injuries on the hands arm and face." Catpn. Neville with the Cincinnati Police said.  
When police arrived on the scene this morning they had to tase CC 23 times before an SPCA officer secured her. 
According to the officer involved in this, as soon as she would left off the taser, the dog would aggressively get up and move towards her and one of the victims.

That's why she had to cycle the taser so many times. Captain Neville says some of these dogs are so powerful virtually nothing stops them and that's why sometimes they end up getting shot and killed.

 It should be noted that Cincinnati dropped its pit bull ban last year after the Ohio Legislature passed HB 14.  This capitulation to pit bull advocacy was not in the best interests of peaceful residents of that city.  

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An overlooked pit bull story from 4/24/2013
Cincinnati Ohio

A police officer shot and killed a pit bull after the dog bit him in the arm.  The officer and his partner were responding to a domestic disturbance call when a man appeared with the dog.  Police asked him to restrain his dog but he did not, he ordered the dog to attack police.  Another police officer was injured in a fall during the confrontation.  The officer was transported to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.  The pit bull owner was arrested.