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Lets send vicious dogs to Ohio and put them on Petfinder!

You know how sometimes you look at a situation and you think "this is bad" but it actually turns out to be even worse?  Boston the two time mauler Presa Canario in Ohio is just like that.  To refresh your memory, please click here.

Before I get too far into this post I would like to give you the thoughts of someone else on this topic.  Here are the words of Dog Bite Attorney Ken Phillips, written last year after the death of Rebecca Carey.

Dog Bite Law Blog

Adoption and Rescue Groups Should Be Licensed

A college student who had a passion for rescuing dogs is dead, killed by the same dogs she wanted to save. (See Rebecca Carey, Georgia Student, Killed by Dogs She Rescued.) The breeds of the dogs are interesting: two pit bulls, a boxer mix and two Presas.
All rescues. She was out to prove a point, namely that breeds known for their violence toward people can be tamed with enough loving care. Unfortunately she was going about it the wrong way. One of those dogs, in the hands of a skilled behaviorist, would be risky enough during the training, and would remain a safety hazard afterwards. But trying to deal with 5 of them at once? 
Remember, a rescue dog is an abandoned dog. One must wonder why the dog was abandoned. Was there a reason why it was sent to the animal shelter? It is folly to assume that only bad people abandon their dogs. When a dog is violent toward people, good parents, good animal control officers, and good cops send the dog to the shelter. Not all abandoned dogs are good dogs. 
As one of many rescuers who have been injured or killed by dogs in the recent past, Rebecca Carey has helped to prove two other points. One is that we need to enact restrictions on the number of dogs that can be kept at a residence. 
There are laws that forbid people from having more than a certain number of dogs. Generally these are considered to be zoning restrictions but such laws also are safety laws. Not only for the safety of the person who has the urge to hoard animals, but also for the safety of friends and neighbors. It has been established that there is a pack instinct in dogs and that normally docile dogs can become aggressive toward humans when the dogs act in concert. For that reason, and to prevent a person from going out on the street with 5 leashes attached to 5 muscular dogs, I have urged the enactment of laws restricting the number of dogs that can be present at a residence, with the number being sharply reduced in the case of larger, more muscular dogs, including pit bulls, Presas, Rotties and the like.
The other point is that adoption and rescue groups need to be licensed.
I am hearing, almost daily, about unsuspecting people who adopt a dog, get attacked by the dog, and then learn that the adoption organization knew that the dog was violent toward people but did not provide a warning about the dog. People like Rebecca Carey -- I call them "humaniacs" -- do not recognize the dangers inherent in such dogs. For that reason, I am urging the enactment of laws that regulate adoption organizations, to the extent necessary to make all of them accountable and to prevent the humaniacs from recycling known dangerous dogs into communities.

.Back to our topic, Boston the California Presa Canario.  After attacking the same five year old child twice, sending that child to the hospital for treatment both times, Boston was declared dangerous and ordered out of town (Pleasanton California) or to be euthanized.  Boston's owner, Marc Kornberg, chose to send Boston to a "rehabilitation  and training facility" in Rittman Ohio.  Why Ohio?  We will talk about that in another post

Boston's new home has in the past been called Utopia Kennel, Utopia Rescue and Rehabilitation, and now Presa Canario Rehabilitation and Rescue Center.  All fabulous names but the reality is a small private home in a community with a two dog per residence limit.

Boston: Presa Canario, Dog; Rittman, OH

Meet Boston at his new home, the Presa Canario Rehabilitation and Rescue, owned and run by Kristine Kay Maxwell.  If you want more information on Boston just look for him on PETFINDER!!!!!!  This dog, too dangerous to remain in the community where his history is known is now offered as an adoptable dog, in Ohio, with absolutely no mention of his history.  Click here for the Petfinder listing.

Here is the text of the Petfinder ad.


Presa Canario/Mastiff Mix: An adoptable dog in Rittman, OH

Large • Adult • Male
Boston came all the way from California..hes 6yrs old.Hes never been raised with young children and although he does like them he does not tolerate toddlers around him.He doesn't like there fast movements,hugging distrurbing his sleep ect.He was raised very well and cared for.Hes very smart,obediant and very eager to please.he bonds very strongly with his owner.He is surprisingly social for a presa..he welcomes strangers with a wagging tail and smile when in the company of his owner.Hes been very well socialized and it shows in his temperament.He is very protective like all presas are and has a fierce bark.But when he knows theres no danger and your not a threat to him or his owner hes a very sweet dog.He is not shy ,has never been beaten..he walks amazing on a leash with just a regular collar,he will walk right beside you and obey every command you give him.Hes completely housetrained..he hates being crated and destroyed 2 the frsit day he came here but has accepted it he just prefers not to be in it and he doesn't need to be only here I have young children so he has to be crated but we go on a lot of walks so he doesn't get bored.He listens very well off leash in my fenced yard.He has been reactive to the dogs in the house while hes crated but comepletly ignored dogs on the street.Im goin to introduce him to my female presa shortly as she very non threatening.He cannot be in a home with a dominant female or male..and no small dogs or cats.He must have a fenced exceptions! And you must have experience with this breed..not just have been around them you must have owned one.He is one of the best presas ive ever had the pleasure of meeting and someone will be very lucky to get him.Hes comepltly out of state adoptions for Boston.If your interested in adoption or meeting Boston please call or email for more info on him and how he came to be at our rescue.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Sorry about the spelling errors, they are not mine, they are in the ad.  

This quote appears just below the Petfinder ad. 

MORE ABOUT BOSTONSpayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained • Prefers a home without: cats, dogs, young children

Boston "prefers" a home without cats, dogs, or children.  If such a home exists, do you think that possibly the neighbors might have cats, dogs, or children?  Might the neighbors have a concern about Boston moving into the neighborhood?  I think they might, and given the information not shared, the neighbors will have no idea what is coming. 

Kristine Kay Maxwell's neighbors might have a clue.  Maxwell lives in a community with a two dog limit per household which Maxwell feels should not apply to her.  For a link to a news story about her legal troubles please click here.  At the time the article was written Maxwell was four dogs over the limit.

Here is a Facebook past by one of Maxwell's friends explaining the situation and urging Facebook members to harass community leaders for enforcing local law.   

Friends, this is very upsetting to us. The pack and I are very upset to hear that our good friend Kristine Maxwell is having a problem with the city of Rittman, Ohio (Wayne County). They are giving her a hard-time about helping dogs and listening to some people that are not very nice.
Kristine always helps dogs people would not want because they are less than perfect in some folks eyes! Please call or email the City Manager and the Mayor in Rittman and let them know that Our Pack and All Our Extended Pack Members (that's you great guys) STAND WITH KRISTINE MAXWELL AND UTOPIA KENNELS
Rittman City Manager -

Rittman Mayor -

City Hall Phone - 330 925 2045

One of the rescues got out and ran down the street, and when the police returned the dog they saw she had over the 2 animal limit. She stated that they were rescues and are currently looking for homes but they didn't care and told her that they had to go or she would be charged $150 for each one over the 2 allowed each day. SHe steps up and helps so many dogs in need as an interim home until a foster can be found. I can't even count how many dogs who would have been dead if it wasn't for her.

Here is a link to the Petfinder listing for Maxwell's Presa Canario Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.  Please read it carefully, ignoring the obvious spelling errors.  Maxwell will take any Presa Canario with behavior issues for a $100 surrender fee and quickly list the dog on Petfinder with a $300 adoption fee.

Interestingly, Maxwell states that she will not place these dogs with families including children under 13 years of age.  Maxwell has children in her home, the youngest is 7 years old.  Do Maxwell's children have friends over to visit?  Do the parents of those children have a clue what Maxwell has in her home?   Keep in mind that Boston is uninsurable after two attacks and a dangerous dog designation in the state of California.

An article from the Pleasanton Weekly discussed Boston's attacks on the child and felony charges against Boston's owner and the child's mother.  Comments got interesting and specific on Maxwell's Rehabilitation and Rescue Center.    These two comments obviously got under her skin.

Posted by GetaClue, a resident of another community, on Jun 11, 2013 at 9:01 am
GetaClue is a member (registered user) of
This dog is not going to a dog rehab and the judge and Ac were prewarned of what type of place this aggressive dog is going to. They don't care it is out of their hands now and out of their state. They should be ashamed for putting the Ohio community in danger. I hope the Ohio news picks up on this real quick and looks into what qualifications this person has to be a behavioral trainer of a human aggressive dog, look where the animal will be kept and know that said person is already over the legal limit of animals in her care as well as how many times her children have been biten and it has gone unreported to the authorities. I pray this dog does not get out like so many have , that have been running at large from her so called rescue. The Judge should be ashamed because even the AC recommended the dog be pts. Any dog that bites a child not once but twice in the face is aggressive. It does not matter if the child hugged the dog that is not cause for a dog to bite a child. I also agree the owner and the parent are at fault but something should have been done the first time. I hope all her supporters reading this thread start looking into who and what you are supporting because you do not know what type of person you are dealing with.

This is Maxwell's comment made on  Again, ignore the spelling, she also seem to have problems with time, 23 years? 20 years? 22 years?  
Posted by Kristine Maxwell, a resident of another community, on Jun 13, 2013 at 7:54 pm
The constant bickering on here is not only immature but its unnecessary.Im the one who owns the rescue where Boston is.It was my decision after much research on this case to bring him here to my rehab facility.I don't want anyones approval here cause this is my rescue and ive ran it successfully for 23 years and I definatly don't want anyone speaking on my behalf which is why im reluctantly posting this.Ive been a part of this case since the day after the bite happened,and not just with the owner but with the magistrate,Sheriff,and animal control officer.Boston is not a vicious dog or he would never have been released to me and he will be rehomed when I see fit in an adult only home..which is the case for all adult dogs we rescue.Ive had presas my whole life and like pits,rotties or any other breed if there with an uneducated owner they can and will get into trouble.They like all the others are not born mean.If you havnt owned one don't judge one cause of a paragraph you read on google.I have more than 20 yrs experience with behavior modification so im fully capable of making the decision to rehome this dog or not and after all the stress hes been under hes been nothing but a very sweet dog the first few days hes been here(which can be when they show the most aggression if there going to).On Boston page on my petfinder it clearly states no children in several places.not just on his bio but my main page also.It also states to email for the info in how he came to be at the rescue which we write this often as most of the dogs we get at the rehab center have bitten a human or another animal and no dog with a bite history is ever adopted out without the adopter knowing 100% of the entire situation .Its a small bio not room to write a story and its something id rather say than type.My rescue started 22yrs ago and was called Utopia..the reason it was changed was to mnay people thought we were an all breed rescue and no one new there was a rescue for hidden agenda there just a name change to help the shelters find us.There is no fb page for my rescue and hasn't been for a long time cause I have zero tolerance for drama and that's all rescue is.I don't need fb to justify my experience and many wonderful references speak for themselves.I would never adopt out a vicious dog or a dog I thought was a danger to the public,i have kids to.Boston has been evaluated by several people and even at the shelter shown nothing but kindness to comeplete strangers.My own dogs wouldnt be as behaved as he has been if they went through what he did.Its disturbing the lies being posted on here..and more so about my kids.Its really sad that no one has yet to call or email me personally but would rather post things publicily that they cannot prove.All my contact info Is on my home has always been open to anyone so if anyone has doubts about my rescue,me or boston feel free to email,call or come over.We are very proud of what we do,how hard we work and the rescue weve built and always welcome visitors.And if my name isn't on a post here its not from me so please don't assume it is.I will not respond or post here 

This woman has difficulty with her own life timeline, and paints herself a victim because local officials have the audacity to remind her that the law says just TWO dogs per household while she feels that six dogs suits her style better.  She feels that it is her right to transplant out of state maulers into Rittman Ohio and is offended that others disapprove.

For a final insight on Maxwell we will take a look at her Facebook page.  Maxwell is telling another Facebook user to buy a bogus service dog vest on eBay, instant "service dog" and the photographs are hers.  Maxwell might consider that the purchase of a vest on eBay does not constitute actual "service dog" status.  Maxwell is instructing the Facebook user to violate Federal law.  For those keeping score, Maxwell has repeatedly broken local law by keeping far more dogs than local law allows and for failing to contain those dogs. Maxwell has broken state law, Boston is a declared dangerous dog in California and has been trafficked at Maxwell's request to Ohio and is uninsurable. Dangerous dogs must be insured.  Maxwell is in violation of Federal law for falsification of service dog status.  This is the very woman who has decided that it is her right to peddle this dangerous dog on Petfinder, as a pet, to an Ohio resident.  God help us all.  


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