Saturday, June 8, 2013

Does this look like a good thing for Ohio?

An article from the San Francisco Chronicle, dated  6/8/2013 gives details on two attacks by the same dog, on the same child.  The dog is Presa Canario owned by Marc Kornberg.  The child is the son of a female visitor in Kornberg's apartment.  On March 6th of this year the child had been left alone in a room with the dog and was bitten in the face requiring hospital treatment.  At that time the dog was temporarily placed in home quarantine.

On May 19th the same child was left alone in a room with the same dog with the same result.  The child was again treated at a local hospital.  This time the dog was seized.  Both Kornberg and the child's mother, Myrvete Lila have been charged with felony child endangerment.  

The dog was sent to an unspecified "rehabilitation and training facility" in Ohio.  Was the appropriate County Dog Warden notified that this proven dangerous dog had been sent to his jurisdiction?  What kind of containment does this unspecified facility offer?  What are the qualifications of the person who will be "training and rehabilitating" this known dangerous dog?  What is the ultimate disposition of this dog?  Will it be placed in an Ohio community exposing Ohio children to the same danger that injured a California child, twice?   

These questions should be answered.  The Bones affair exposed the dangers of trafficking dogs with a violent history across state lines for the purposes of rehabilitation and and/or sanctuary care.  To refresh your memory.

What guarantees the safety and security of Ohio residents this time?

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Update 6/8/2013     8 PM
Someone posting a comment on this article on the Pleasanton Patch claims that the dog will /has been sent to a facility in Rittman Ohio.  That would be Wayne County and the County Dog Warden is Nate Broehl.

Jake Kennel June 8, 2013 at 07:43 am
Sad that the dog is going to be going into a bad situtation and now the whole neighbor hood will be in danger and have to watch their children.The judge was advised of what was going on at this so called facility and rehabiltation center. Rittman Ohio please keep your kids safe.

Look out Nate!