Sunday, May 26, 2013

Where is the shame?

I am going to let the words of a particularly on point comment introduce a blog that should be widely publicized.

 "So many emotions reading this, and looking at these pictures....this has always been the bottom line for me. There are NO humane organizations speaking up to protect the animal victims of pit bull attacks, which probably outnumber human victims by 100 to 1. It's appalling as a dog lover to see these photos, knowing they are a small sampling of what is actually happening.

Dawn, I honestly think that you may be the only person in the US who is advocating for the canine victims of pit bull attacks.

The self-serving cowards at the SPCA's, HSUS, and every other major humane organization, when faced with this type of carnage, pour salt on the emotional wounds of the dead dogs owners by chalking it up to "irresponsible dog ownership", and doubling down on their efforts to promote pit bulls as pets. 

What should be a felony is owning a dog capable of doing this in a totally unprovoked attack. Instead, pit bull fanatics celebrate dog aggression as an inherent "part of the breed". 

I hope this post is distributed widely......"

Those heading the ASPCA, HSUS, Animal Farm Foundation and its subsidiary the National Canine Research Council, The AVMA, and Best Friends Animal Society should be deeply ashamed.

Dawn James, thank you for your compassion.