Saturday, May 11, 2013

A blog worth reading, "The Gripping Truth"

Please take the time to read this blog post from the parent of a child attacked by a pit bull.  She recounts how her family was initiated into the world of pit bull insanity.  The story is ugly and it is also pretty much universal.  Here is just a short quote.

 Well let me enlighten you with our "process" as we started to figure out what it meant to be:

(1)  the parents of a child/person attacked by a dog
(2)  the parents of a child/person attacked by a pitbull

Waking up the next day, while ushering well wishers through our home, and wondering as we looked at him what his life might be like as person with scars on his face people would surely stare at, and eventually ask questions about, we dove head on into "holy shit, everything we heard about pitbulls is true, time to rabble the rowdies, march to City Hall, and simply put pen to paper"  After this, this community and all those who should care will" or so we thought.

"Or so we thought" is crucial.  The verbal attacks by pit bull advocates upon victims are outside the realm of anything a normal person would expect, or a decent person would commit.  The second attack, the one designed to force the victim to just shut up and take their mauling, is devastating to those who already have far too much misery on their plate.

Please review some of the comments made by breed specific advocates following the fatal maulings of twelve Americans killed just since January 1, 2013.  The scorecard so far this year is twelve Americans mauled to death by pit bulls, all other breeds combined killed one.  Click here for "Death and Excuses."  Scroll down to the bottom for a look at the thoughts of breed specific advocacy.