Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Death and Excuses, Part 2

Two more Americans have been mauled to death since the first installment of Death and Excuses, posted 4/27/2013.

Antelope Valley CA
A 63 year old woman, a mother and grandmother, Pamela Devitt was mauled to death as she walked for her health.  Per Benjamin Devitt, husband of the victim, Mrs. Devitt walked and jogged to "stay healthy and live a long life for our family and herself."

A woman in a car witnessed the attack.  She honked her car horn in an attempt to scare the dogs away and she called 911.  The distracted pit bulls attacked the tires of the woman's car.   One of the dogs was still attacking the victim when a deputy arrived.  The deputy tried to scare the dog off, it ran away then returned to attack the deputy who took a shot at the animal before it ran away again.  Devitt was dragged 50 yards,  was scalped and her arm was removed.  She died in the ambulance during transport to the hospital.

Per NBC4  "Hours after the attack, authorities served a search warrant on a nearby home, confiscated several dogs and arrested their owner on suspicion of growing marijuana, said Lt. John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department."We had complaints before about these dogs being aggressive."  Officials said the owner, Alex Jackson, 29, had previously been cited for allegedly failing to vaccinate, license, spay, neuter or microchip his dogs. The dogs were also involved in previous incidents in January and again in April.  The January attack involving a horse and a rider.  Six pit bulls and two mixed breed dogs were removed from Jackson's home.

In a statement to CBS Los Angeles neighbor Epi Mandonado stated he saw video of the seized dogs and recognized one of them.  He stated that he was attacked by the animals near Jackson's home in January   “My friend and I were riding the horse. The dogs were attacking my horse. They bite me close to the shoes. So they don’t hurt me because I got the shoes but they bite my horse very bad,” Maldonado said."

Although this attack and death occurred in California, a state with a prohibition against BSL, there are questions about the wisdom of current law and discussion about going back to the state legislature and making some changes.  Please click here for more information.

Since California's anti-BSL law, HB 428 was passed in 1989 a total of 35 California residents have been mauled to death by pit bulls.  Just three months after the passage of HB 428 seventy year old Margee Lilly died of a pit bull mauling.  Governor George Deukmejian said "I am disturbed and distressed as anybody...We have to have some kind of law against owning them or some other way of completely controlling them"Click here for more on this mauling death and the Governor's change of heart.

Pamela and Benjamin Devitt

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Dorchester County SC

Carlton Freeman, an eighty year old bilateral amputee was dragged from his motorized wheel chair and mauled by four pit bulls.  Mr. Freeman's injuries were so serious that he died four days later.

The four dogs that killed Mr. Freeman were identified as pit bulls by Freeman's widow. She also stated the dogs belonged to a family member in this video included in this article.

Per ABCNews4 "The victim's wife of 35 years, Rita, told reporters "All he wanted was that they catch those dogs before they hurt somebody else."  Three of the dogs were owned by Barbara Goodwin, variously listed as a neighbor or a family member.  Mr. Freeman did not want charges filed.   In an apparent effort to honor Mr. Freeman's wishes the investigation lists the dogs a feral and that no charges would be filed..

Carlton Freeman

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Here are the excuses, all from articles on these two mauling deaths.  Keep the fact in mind that these comments were made in defense of dogs that mauled a mother and grandmother to death, they scalped her and tore off one of her arms.  They were made in defense of dogs that dragged a disabled elderly man from his motorized wheelchair and mauled him to death.  What made any of these people feel that these remarks were appropriate or necessary?
Amnon  Obsrvst  9 days ago
  • Sure thing, pops. If being at the top of the corporate food chain, paying more in taxes than you make in salary, and being able to resist mass hysteria that too many unthinking but mature punks like yourself so easily succumb to makes me an immature punk, then I am guilty as charged. If trying to combat the mob of ignorant boobs who let sensationalized but rare occurrences unfairly paint their attitude towards an entire breed makes me an immature punk, then, yes, I am indeed your huckleberry.
I'm certain if this were 60 years ago, I'd be combating your similarly ignorant notion that all black people should be banned based on the anomalous actions of a few. Is it an exercise in futility? Probably. But it makes me feel better, especially knowing that, even if my good sense is falling on your mature, deaf ears, good always eventually overcomes ignorance.
In the unlikely event that you choose to open your mature, unpunkish mind, you will see that I am doing you a favor. Pit bulls are the most amazing dogs. If you cower, flinch, clutch your purse and cross the road when Babette, my pit, and I approach you, your ignorance and cowardice just cost you an opportunity to meet the most gentle, loving dog you would've ever known.

Yes Sean and history will also tell how loyal they can be. Look up Nanny Dogs. Look up Sergeant Stubby, or the thousands of other Pits that were part of our armed forces. The most vicious dog is the chihuahua the only reason they don't get a bad rap is cause they have little teeth, so bites go unreported because they need no medical attention with small teeth. A dog is a dog and as a dog owner you should train responsibly not matter what breed. 

Jordan Fuller · Central Point, Oregon
Sean Whitcomb they are only bred to be vicious when the BREEDERS have vicious intentions. You don't think German Shepards are a vicious breed, do you? We train them for police dogs. and they are EXTREMELY vicious. It has NOTHING to do with the breed but the owners that breed them. Pitbulls are all over the place because of the ghetto gang bangers that breed them for dog fighting. You're saying that's the DOGS faults? That's ridiculous to say. When a child does something vicious, the parents are blamed. This is no different. Granted if you took two pit bulls bred for fighting and have been MADE to do so, then breed them some more. The puppies will probably have some of the vicious trait, but that's nothing a GOOD person can't fix. They aren't wild animals. They are still dogs.

David Dempsey ·  Top Commenter
No, it's not in their nature. Their nature is fairly placid, actually. Packs of dogs including poodles can and do run down deer constantly in the northeast. This guy obviously raised them like that to protect his stash.

Amanda Fitzgerald ·  ·  Top Commenter · Baltimore, Maryland
Pit Bulls were bred to be NOT be aggressive to humans so they could be pulled out of the fighting ring.

Kristi Dandrea · Palmdale, California
It is NOT in their nature read up on the breed! And even read up on what those horrible dog fights are like & how those dogs never bite the humans!!!! And the reason you DO NOT hear about the other dog attacks is because they do not want you to!!!!!! Think about that for a minute!!! 

William Jason Helton ·  ·  Top Commenter · Imperial Officer Academy
James Deatsch So you're going to eradicate an entire breed because of a few bad eggs? BSL is racial profiling/genocide. That's a fact.

David Dempsey ·  Top Commenter
Lol, and the line "widely reported pit bull attacks" is another clue. Most people see picutres of rotweilers and think they are pit bulls.

Melonie J. Winchester · Royse City High School
M.j. Williamson you are an idiot. 'I'm sick of humans turning into narrow minded hateful monsters. So should we just do away with monsters like you? Humans are the most aggressive animal on this earth, animals however are innocent.

Monicza Oppelt · Pacific Lutheran University
The owners should be the   ones put down. They trained those dogs to kill, I have had 3 pits and they are better tempered than my black lab. In fact pits score higher on the temperment tests than lab, and german sheps. In the 80's it was german sheps that were demonized, in the 90's it was dobermans, and now it's pits. It's not the dogs it's the loser owners who have no business having dogs.

Melonie J. Winchester · Royse City High School
Leave pit bulls alone. If people would raise them right then they wouldn't be aggressive. Anger and hate are taught not bred. Pit bulls are not a dangerous breed. Humans are. I have owned pit bulls my entire life and never has one of my pits attacked a person or another animal for that matter. I have a 9 year old male pit and a 1 year old female lab/pit mix plus a 6 year old cat and a guinea pig my dogs love the cat and the guinea pig. I have five children ranging in age from 18 to 4 years old and my dogs would defend my kids like no one's business. My male pit is the best babysitter ever. Tony Bell Spokesperson for Los Angeles You are a DOUCHEBAG! People like you need a nice pat on the head with a hammer.

Robert Cheuvront ·  Weston-McEwen High School
this bread of dogs are like wolfs two or more and they are agressive animals 1 by itself can be friendly.

Ronni Connelly · Lely High, Naples Florida
Thanks a lot a**hole! Irresponsible owners like you make the rest of us look bad and put our family pets in peril thanks to stupid ineffective legislation!

Justin Anderson
/SEAN WHITCOMB Maby, if people like you werent so ignorant these things wouldn't happen so often. If you would take the time to educate yourself you would learn that the American Pit Bill Terrior is NOT aggresive towards people naturally. Infact they are bred to be attracted to humans but aggresive to DOGS. They breed them that way so after the fight they don't turn on the human. In fact if you would take time out of your day to EDUCATE YOURSELF you would see that even the CDC has made a list pertaining to Dog bites and the dogs that top that list are the Lab, Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, ETC. Would you please stop spreading your ignorant opinion that was force fed to you by your "media" PUNISH THE DEED NOT THE BREED!

Louise Cook ·  Top Commenter · Huntington Beach, California
More rubbish about pitbulls. Statistics prove that in biting incidents, pitbulls are in the lower part of the list. But pitbulls make great headlines. This is not an isolated case of a pack of dogs who were probably thrown away, have become vicious. And yes, the packs include Shepherd mixes, and other breeds. They didn't breed themselves to have their jaws, SOB's wanting to fight them did. Years ago they were called 'nanny dogs' because they loved and protect kids. I've had 4 and they are my favorite breed.

Amanda Fitzgerald ·  ·  Top Commenter · Baltimore, Maryland
So frustrating. Over 90% of all dog attacks are by unaltered dogs, juts like this case. I am a wife, mother, teacher and a pit bull owner. I have had my pit bull for 8 years when I rescued her at 6 months. I have NEVER had a single aggressive incident with my dog period. I am sick and tired of idiots giving the rest of us a bad name. I would love for any media outlet to come and do a story on my perfectly fine pit bull terrier.

Joni Parshall
These dogs are NOT born aggressive..its the human owners who are the ones to blame and also the ones who should be punished. If anything they should be retrained and maybe become drug smelling dogs for law enforsement..Anything, but not destroyed.

Ridge Terry Kaialoha
The IGNORANT raise their UGLY heads and by many of the remarks posted here, a BUNCH of the IGNORAMUS have suddenly appeared in one place. That would be HERE! J HOLY C, folks, This is NOT a DOG BREED ISSUE, what-so-ever! This is a IRRESPONSIBLE OWNER ISSUE, P E R I O D! Some of the comments posted here must SURELY make YOUR Uncle Dads and Aunt Moms pretty damn proud ~ ~ ~ ~ UNF--KING BELIEVABLE ~ ~ ~.