Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year end roundup part 2, Fulton County Commissioners get fed up, dog fighters everywhere, pit bulls shot by police, "responsible pit bull owners' show what they are made of, and other random pit bull stories. Happy New Year!

Part two of the year end roundup. We have cleaned up the backlog with this post.  You will need LOTS of coffee.

East Toledo Ohio
Lucas County

This post covers a large time frame.  Back in December of 2014 a pit bull named Buddha escaped from Elizabeth Brown's yard.    Buddha jerked his tie out cable out of the ground and made use of an air-conditioning unit as a take off point to leap over a 6 foot fence.  There was no attempt to claim that any gate was left open or that "someone must have let him out."  Pit owner Brown went out to get her dog and he was just gone.  She searched for her pit bull, touched base with neighbors and friends, contacted Lucas County Care and Control, and posted notices on social media.

There was a possible sighting of Buddha in January, being walked by a boy.  Another possible sighting in April, being put into a car by teenagers.  On April 26th Buddha was found, dead, in Brown's yard.  The dog had been hung, using the same tie out cable he was on in December.  Buddha had lost weight and had a bite injury on his neck.

Brown feels that since Buddha was hung in her yard whoever had the dog knew where he came from. She described "trouble" with a neighbor over her dogs, she has two other pit bulls.  

                                                         * * *

Toledo Ohio
Lucas County

A 23 year old Toledo woman was found guilty of one count of dog fighting and faces a possible 18 months in prison.  Lora Grinter entered an Alford plea to the dog fighting charges.  With an Alford plea the defendant does not admit guilt but does admit that evidence is such that a conviction is likely, that conviction could result in a more severe sentence.  As part of her plea deal a second count of dog fighting and one count of possession of cocaine were to be dismissed.  Ginter was placed on community control for 3 years, ordered to spend 30 days in the Lucas County Work Release Program, undergo substance abuse assessment, ordered to submit to random drug testing, and perform 40 hours of community service.

The story gets a bit involved. In October of 2014 police searched a home where Ginter and Clarence McNeal were living, the search was part of a drug trafficking investigation.  A cell phone was found that held video of a pit bull/mastiff mix fighting with another dog.  The dog, Boomer, was found to have scars and wounds consistent with dog fighting,  In June the Toledo Area Humane Society's Executive Director, Gary Willoughby, told a Blade reporter that it was hoped that a home could be found for Boomer "He's got some separation anxiety, but he's a super sweet dog."    Feel free to roll your eyes here, its appropriate.  In a Blade article dated 7/29/2015 Willoughby revealed that Boomer was euthanized in mid-June.  The dog attacked three people, a volunteer, and two of the veterinarians that work with the Toledo Area Humane Society.  "We know that the public doesn't want us adopting dogs out that are going to, unprovoked, attack people."   

                                                                    * * *

South Toledo
Lucas County

This sounds familiar, if I have already covered it I apologize for doing so again.  But then pit bull attacks are so similar who can say?

Police responded to a call from a man who claimed that he was attacked by three pit bulls that had escaped from a yard.  Per police report, the man was bitten on his arm with severe lacerations noted.

It gets interesting here.  Per  WTOL11 "The dog starts running, barges through the gate, jumps at my face, gets a hold of my arm and he's ripping and tearing,” said Ryan Kozsa, who lives behind the house where the dog was shot.  
He also says the dogs have always been a problem and he warned the officers."I told them, ‘watch it when you go over there, because even if you see them in the gate, they bust through the gate',” said Kozsa.Jay Rummell, the owner of the dogs, says his dogs are not the only ones to blame. He says Kozsa is also responsible."He provoked the dogs he has his own pit-bull, and he likes fighting it, and he was trying to provoke my dog to attack him because his dog lost a bought with my dog,” said Rummell."

As Rummel, the pit bull owner,  was being cited, Rummel's roommate, Brandon Gill opened the door to shout at officers, releasing the three pit bulls.  The lead pit bull was shot by police.  Gill came down off the porch and charged police, swinging at the officers. Gill was taken into custody and charges with assault on a police officer.  The injured pit bull was taken to the Lucas County Dog Warden, it was euthanized.  

Per the news report " Neighbors say the dogs have been terrorizing their neighborhood for a long time.
"It attacked my dog two weeks ago, attacked my wife, the pug across the street. It's chasing people up and down the street. The dog warden called out three times, it took this to happen, before something happened. I'm an animal lover, I'm sorry the dog got shot. I feel bad, but what's supposed to happen? The dog went after the officer." 

                                                          * * *


Canfield Ohio
Mahoning County

Yet another story about a pit bull adopted by a family that apparently did not know, or care that local law bans pit bulls.  The pit bull was returned to the shelter.  This is a set up for yet another challenge to local BSL.  There will be a post dealing with just this issue very soon.

It is interesting to note that Lola the pit bull was returned after a call was made by police to the home of the new owner. In order for that to happen someone has to complain.  Police do not make house calls just to view homeowner's dogs.

                                                                   * * *

Toledo Ohio
Lucas County

The Lucas County taxpayers are providing funding for the pit bulls seized from Carl Stewart's dog fighting operation.  Stewart had been ordered to pay $12,030 to cover the cost of board and veterinary care for six pit bulls, found chained to the floor in a vacant house on South Fearing Blvd in 2013.  A recent court ruling vacated that order stating that restitution is only paid to victims and the dog warden is not a victim.

Stewart was sentenced to 6 months in the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio, folowed by 6 months at a Correctional Treatment Facility in Toledo, 3 months in the Lucas County work-release program, and 3 months of electronic monitoring.  Stewart is also expected to enjoy community control for 5 years, 100 hours of community service, undergo random drug tests, and keep a job.

Stewart's dogs came to be known as the "Fearing Six," 4 were placed and 2 were euthanized.

                                                                   * * *

Sandusky Ohio

A settlement has been reached in the case of an attack by two pit bulls owned by Rebecca Hush upon a JRT, named Scooter, owned  by Paul Aviles.  Aviles was injured while protecting his little dog, Scooter was seriously injured but did recover.

One of the pit bulls died at the scene after being tasered by police, the other pit bull was held at the Erie County Dog Pound until Hush met requirements for the dog's return.

Per Mr Aviles attorney " "The terms of the settlement are confidential, but I can tell you that we got significantly more than Mr. Aviles’ monetary damages were, which included medical bills, veterinary bills, and personal property damage," said Aviles' attorney, Sandusky attorney John Felter." 



                                                                    * * *

Dayton Ohio
Montgomery County

An attack you will never hear about.  A child was bitten by a shepherd/chow mix. The child was running from the dog and fell, she had scrapes on her knee and palm from the fall and broken skin on her back from the bite.  No medical treatment was mentioned, no life flight was called.

                                                                    * * *

Oxford Ohio
Butler County

A pit bull broke loose from a residence and began charging at people, police were called.  The Oxford Dog warden could not be reached so County Dog Warden Kurt Merbs was called out. That name is familiar to readers of this blog.  Merbs spends a great deal of his time on pit bull calls.

Here is the short form of the story.  Police were met by two men with shovels who told officer Derrick Carlson  they had just fended off a "very aggressive dog."  Two men with shovels, picture it.

Officer Carlson found and followed the dog, a pit bull, until the pit bull spotted a man walking home carrying groceries.  Pittie charged the peaceful pedestrian, who dropped his groceries and fell to the ground.  Per the Journal-News  Carlson got out of his cruiser with his weapon drawn. The dog would not obey his commands, the report said.
In the backyard of a home in the 300 block of Beech Street, the officer continued to try to calm the dog, but the dog inched toward him, growling.
“He made it clear he was not going to give up his ground, and I could not let him escape after showing multiple signs of unprovoked aggression toward pedestrians in the area,” Carlson wrote in the report. By this time, a second officer, Matt Hardin, was also on the scene.
Carlson fired one round at the dog, striking him on the right side of his head/snout area. The owner of the dog, Troy Anderson of Oxford, arrived and was able to get the animal under control.

 According to pit bull owner Anderson, the pit bull had escaped from his home 4 hours earlier and he had been searching for it.

Do pit bull owners hear gunshots and just run in the direction of the shots expecting to find their dog? I wonder?

In any case, Anderson made all the standard statements "had it since it was a pup"  "never a hint of aggression to any family member."

 “When I arrived on the scene the dog was moving around gurgling from the blood running down his throat. I understand that now he’s okay and just has a nasty scar running from his nostril to the back of his head,” Merbs said. “People have really been blowing up Facebook offering assistance for this dog.”
Merbs explained that the dog is recovering from his injuries – two bullets didn’t exit the head – but the animal has become an Internet star via a Justice for Cesar Facebook group and aYouCaring fundraiser page.

Quick review, this pit bull has charged three citizens, a police officer, was shot in the head twice but the bullets did not exit the skull, is recovering without difficulty and pit bull advocates are collecting for veterinary bills?  When have pit bull advocates ever contributed a nickle for the medical bills of a victim?

Post op photo

In case you feel you need one of Cesar's pups, his "girlfriend" gave birth to 11 pups in August. This will be your only chance, Cesar was neutered during his brain surgery.  I'm not even going to make that joke.

                                                                * * *

Akron Ohio
Summit County

Alvin Banks, Akron area dog fighter, has been sentenced to two years in prison. Banks apologized in court stating he "grew up around those involved with dog fighting and he did not realize the practice is inhumane."  Go ahead, roll your eyes.

                                                             * * *

Mansfield Ohio
Richland County

Richland County Public Health is requesting the help of the public in locating a pit bull that bit someone in the area of Sherwood drive in Lexington.  No mention of vicious Beagles or Pugs.  Guess they forgot that part.

                                                                   * * *

We are going to be in Fulton County for awhile here.  I'm going to give a bit of background so you get the full effect of pit bull advocates shooting themselves in the foot.

This is a quote from a post from October of 2014.
The policy in Fulton County is that pit bull dogs not claimed by their owner are euthanized.  Given the numbers of pit bulls implicated in maulings and fatal attacks the policy makes sense.  Huge financial risk to the community is to be avoided. Those who claim to love the breed blather on about "it's all in how you raise 'em" but fail to acknowledge that the pit bulls in shelters are strays or owner surrenders.  Nobody has any idea how these dogs were raised and to place these dogs directly or to release them to rescues who will hand the pit bulls to anyone with a pulse is a policy that will get the county sued in the event of a serious or fatal mauling. Please click on this link for a photo of a pit bull advocate dramatically holding a hand written demand for an end to "discrimination" at the Fulton County Dog Pound in order to create a "safer community."    Pit bull advocates are unable to state exactly how releasing stray dogs with no known background, uninsured, un-microchipped, to the public will create a safe community.  All this hoopla is created over the humane euthanization of just FIVE dogs.

A candlelight vigil was held on September 27th, there is a link to photos of the event.   Don't miss the dramatic photo of Ohio's breed specific advocate, Jean Keating,  reading the names of the unjustly killed five pit bulls.  How long could that take?  Is it worth turning the car off and putting your car keys in your pocket? The Toledo Blade has provided multiple photos of those in attendance and guess what?  A great many of those in attendance do not live in Fulton County Ohio including Ms. Keating.  Ms. Keating is particularly upset that a young stray pit bull was humanely euthanized in Fulton County. Here is her quote “The killing of healthy puppies can’t be tolerated,” Ms. Keating said. “It’s unconscionable and cruel.”  Here is a link to video of a much less humane death, a puppy killed by pit bulls.  It is unpleasant to watch but it is reality in American  communities  Keating does not deal with the numbers of puppies, young and healthy pets, beloved senior pets killed in full view of their screaming owners by pit bulls every day across the United States..

Now on to more current events.

Wauseon Ohio
Fulton County

Pit bull advocates, unhappy with the refusal of Fulton County officials to negotiate with them, have decided to use complaints to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency in their efforts to harass the county dog warden. You can read this one for yourself.  Short version, a No-Kill/Slow-Kill advocate named Carol Dopp has joined with pit bull advocacy to assist with the harassment of Fulton County officials.

                                                                        * * *

Wauseon Ohio
Fulton County

On May 23rd a pit bull that came to be known as Takoda was picked up as a stray in Fayette Ohio.  The dog was taken to the Fulton county Pound.  By law dogs are held for 3 days in order to allow for owners to reclaim their dogs.  Pit bulls are not adopted out from the Fulton County Pound, if not reclaimed by their owners they are euthanized.

On June 4th the Fulton County Commissioners, after months of pressure from pit bull advocates, quietly passed a resolution allowing pit bulls to be transferred to Humane Societies in an effort to find common ground with advocates demanding change.

 Takoda spent 27 days at the Fulton county Pound. The County dog warden, Brian Banister, checked with Humane Societies in Lucas, Defiance, and Williams counties   but no interest.  On June 19th the Henry County Humane Society picked Takoda up and transferred him immediately to the Lucas County Pit Crew.

The Lucas County Pit Crew, headed by Jean Keating, wants to streamline the process in Fulton County.  They want to be named a partner with the Fulton county Pound for the purpose of pit bull transfer.  The Fulton County commissioners, with an eye to liability,  are unwilling to go along with this.  They will only transfer pit bulls to groups organized as County Humane Societies.  Per Commissioner Rupp "I felt we needed to have a way to determine the legitimacy of the organization the we were releasing the dog to. This is in no way meant to imply that if an organization is not organized under ORC 1717 that they are not legitimate; it is simply a means to help us identify those that are."

Keating is not satisfied with this explanation and chafes under the requirement that she obtain the dogs through another group.  Why?  She is getting what she wants.

Part of the problem in Fulton County appears to be a conflict between what dog advocates see as the job of a county dog pound and what dog pounds were actually created to do.  The Fulton County administrator rightly states that state legislators created county dog pounds to protect people from dogs, not to house and care for dogs that are not claimed by owners. "It's the people we are trying to protect, not the dogs.  At the end of the day, that is what the dog warden's job is.  We're not here for the dogs.  That's not what we do. It's not a popular thing to say, but it's the truth."

This is a Toledo Blade article so there are lots of quotes from Jean Keating, and from Carol Dopp as well.  We have heard quite a bit from these two in this blog post.

I would cheerfully clone the Fulton County commissioners if I had the chance.  We need more people who do the job they were elected to do without bowing to the wishes of special interest lobbyists.

                                                               * * *

Wauseon Ohio
Fulton County

The Fulton County Commissioners will not back down from their refusal to transfer pit bulls out of the county pound directly to the custody of the Lucas County Pit Crew.  What?  Someone had the nerve to say no to organized pit bull advocacy?  Fabulous!

Fulton County does not adopt out pit bulls from the county shelter.  Stray pit bulls are held for owner pick up, without an owner to reclaim it the pit bull it is euthanized.  This is a liability control/public safety issue.  Changes have been made at the shelter this year , dogs may be transferred out to area humane societies but the issue here was direct transfer to the Lucas County Pit Crew.

A resolution to add the Pit Crew as a recognized transfer partner was tabled on December 22nd after the County Commission President requested more time to study the proposal.  On December 29th the commissioners voted the proposal down unanimously, without discussion.

The commissioners are well aware that dogs are being pulled from the Fulton County Pound by area Humane Societies and passed on to the Pit Crew but they simply refused to do business directly with the Lucas County group.

This is a Toledo Blade article so the required quotes from Jean Keating of the Lucas County Pit Crew are featured.  Ms. Keating is unhappy, to put it mildly, and slams the political agenda in Fulton County without acknowledging her own political agenda. Any political issue does have two sides and the Fulton County Commissioners are welcome to their opinion and they vote as their conscience dictates.   Per Keating "They are doing what they are doing based purely on their own personal emotion.  It's politics at its worst."

Carol Dopp, the very same Carol Dopp involved with harassment of Fulton County Animal Control and administration via complaints to the EPA about cremation of dogs at the Fulton County Shelter, boldly admits that she picks up pit bulls as a representative of the Fulton County Humane Society and hands them directly to the Lucas County Pit Crew.  Dopp is disappointed in the refusal of the Fulton County Commissioners to dance with pit bull advocacy stating "I'm disappointed that I'm going to have to continue to play this game."

Is Ms. Dopp fully aware that as a representative of the Fulton County Humane Society actively involved in the transfer of these dogs she has also transferred liability for injuries caused by the dogs to the Fulton County Humane Society?  Is the management of the Humane Society OK with this?  Is their insurance carrier OK with this?

This may become important.  There was an "incident" involving a Pit Crew pit bull in Fulton County last weekend.  This is the Blade so there is no further information on the "incident."  Keating admits that her group is "dealing with a number of officials regarding a 'minor incident' with a dog that had been adopted LAST WEEK (emphasis mine) by a Fulton County family. She declined to elaborate, citing an ongoing investigation.  'There has never been this much back-and-forth regarding any incident with any dog in Fulton County ever."  Was the pit bull involved one of the dogs transferred by Dopp as a representative of the Fulton County Humane Society?  Will the Humane Society be forced to be responsible for the "incident"?  

It appears that in Fulton County you will be held responsible for the dogs you place, and transfer.  : )

Update - Bosco the pit bull, adopted from the Lucas County Pit Crew on December 23rd by a Fulton County couple bit the wife on Saturday.  The couple asked the Lucas County Pit Crew to take him back.  The dog was seized from a foster home on Wednesday by the Fulton County Sheriffs office on Wednesday. Bosco remains in quarantine at the Fulton County Pound.  A legal battle is expected.

                                                                     * * *


A national blog, Four legged Friends (and enemies),   discusses what they call the "Ohio Pit Bull Problem."  Ohio's problems have not escaped national attention.  We will discuss this more in a post early next year.

                                                             * * *

Macksburg Ohio
Washington County

A four year old Macksburg girl was playing at a friend's home when she was attacked by a pit bull/Mastiff mix dog that belongs to the friend's family.  The NewsCenter report of this attack actually uses the phrase "One thing led to another and the dog's teeth were around this little girl's face" and went on to quote Sergeant Kelly McGilton (who serves as the dog warden for the Washington County Sheriffs Department "while the injuries are gruesome, the dog was not trying to hurt anyone."   WHAT????
"In my opinion, this was not a vicious attack. This was an annoyance bite. The mere size and power of a pitbull/mastiff mix, is what caused a substantial injury to the child's face." said McGilton.

 The little girl suffered two severe lacerations to her face that went all the way through her cheeks, plus two punctures below her eyes, and lost "several" teeth.  She was flown via helecopter to Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus for surgery, 70 stitches were required to repair the injuries.  She was listed in serious but stable condition.

If you click on the link you get to actually see McGilton make her tactless, and tasteless statement.
It was expected that the dog would be euthanized after a 10 day quarantine.


                                                    * * *

Cleveland Heights Ohio
Cuyahoga County

From the "responsible pit bull owners" file, a neglected pit bull was found in the yard of an abandoned home.  The dog was found in a cage, with only a bowl of dirty water.  A neighbor stated that the owner moved out several months ago but stops by "occasionally"  to feed the dog.  The pit bull was taken to a kennel.

CH cop car.jpg
Wouldn't mandatory neuter and spay protect pit bulls from this?

                                                               * * *

Sandusky Ohio
Erie County

A police scanner turns up a complaint of a loose pit bull being aggressive toward police.  The pit bull owner has been urged to hurry because the dog warden has also been called and it on the way.  Police have left messages for the pit bull owner but no response so far.  Read the comments.

                                                           * * *

Delphos Ohio
Van Wert County

More from  the "responsible pit bull owners" files.  Law enforcement officers investigating a reported drug house on W. Clime Street found drugs and pit bulls.  The pit bulls were turned over to the Van Wert county dog warden because they were "improperly tagged."  No report of Yorkies, Poodles, or Beagles at the location.

                                                              * * *

Westlake Ohio
Cuyahoga County

This is a whimsical "take this pit bull PLEASE" article written from the dog's viewpoint.  In 2014 the owner of six pit bulls chained the dogs to his truck and dragged them (responsible pit bull owner).  The dogs were held at the Cleveland Kennel until after the trial for the pit bull owner.  All six of these pit bulls were eventually offered for adoption, one remains in a foster situation.  Olaf''s suggested requirements include no children and no other dogs.  Wonder why?


Olaf can be yours, if you are childless and have no other dogs.

                                                                      * * *

South Euclid Ohio
Cuyahoga County

A pit bull owner was cited after her pit bull "broke loose" and bit another dog.  The owner of the other dog stated she did not feel the pit bull was trying to injure her pet, which as not seriously injured.

You have to ask, what other purpose would there be for the pit bull to bite another dog unless it was to injure that dog?

 south euclid police car.jpg 

                                                             * * *

Painesville Ohio
Lake County

A local pit bull owner was creatively sentenced to spend eight hours picking up trash at a dump, rather than jail time for animal cruelty.  Alyssa Morrow (responsible pit bull owner) pleaded guilty to animal neglect and cruelty for leaving her pit bull, named Moose, in a house for a week.  The house was described as appearing to belong to a hoarder.  Moose was offered for adoption.  Morrow got a huge break.

So many responsible pit bull owners in Ohio.

                                                            * * *

Springfield Ohio
Clark County

Pit bulls have not quite cornered the market on irresponsible owners, or on attacks upon children.  In an attack you will never hear about, a five year old girl was attacked by an Akita.  The Akita belongs to a family friend, the child and her mother were visiting that friend when the attack occurred.  The child had seven lacerations to her head,   Adara required 200 stitches to repair her injuries. This was not the first attack from this dog. The same dog bit the owner's grandson, that child required 42 stitches to his face.

You knew this was coming... the dog owner says neither attack was the dog's fault and they want to keep it!

Adara's parents are questioning current state law.  Thank you!  The more people question the mess that pit bull advocacy created in Ohio the better.  Contact your State Senator and ask him to support SB 151.
Girl, 5, mauled by Akita in Clark County photo

                                                                            * * *

Mentor Ohio
Lake County

This one is from the "why?" file.  A pit bull puppy was stolen from a room in a local hotel.  Here is a photo of a "person of interest" in this case.
puppy thief.jpg
This is Rico, reportedly lives in Cleveland, he went looking for the pit bull's owner before it went missing, and he has sent text messages saying that he stole the dog.

Why would you steal a pit bull? Local shelters are full of them, just walk in and whirl around and point.

                                                                      * * *

Cleveland Ohio
Cuyahoga County

Another "take this pit bull PLEASE" article features Hector the pit bull/Mastiff mix.  Hector was trafficked across state lines from North Carolina to Cleveland in search of a new owner by an organization called Rescue Railroad.  Like Greater Cleveland has a shortage on pit bulls.

Per "Hector spent most of his life living in a hot detached garage in North Carolina, running around a rural neighborhood befriending other dogs and people, until someone decided he was a nuisance and shot him."

Hector has been cleaned up and his bullet wounds treated, he can be yours. Or you could go to the Cleveland Kennels, or the Cuyahoga County Shelter, just whirl around and point.  The pit bulls are mostly pretty much the same.

Hector (4).jpg

                                                              * * *

Cincinnati Ohio
Hamilton County

Two "responsible pit bull owners" may spend 30 years in prison.  Jessica Hunt and Jordie Callahan were charged with enslaving a mentally disabled woman for two years through intimidation, threats, and abuse. The Appeals court upheld the decision of a federal jury in Youngstown last year.

Per The Morning Journal "The couple was accused of holding the woman captive from early 2011 to late 2012. Prosecutors alleged that they threatened to harm the woman’s young daughter if the woman did not do chores, shop and clean up after their pit bull dogs. The couple also used the dogs and a python to threaten the woman into complying, prosecutors said."


                                                                             * * *

East Cleveland Ohio
Cuyahoga County

A five month old pit bull mix followed firefighters to an East Cleveland fire station.  This dog has a severe case of mange and this is not a new condition.  This should not happen.

Per USAToday ""You see the dog that's there, you want to say 'eww, gross' and judge, but underneath all that 'eww, gross' is just this sweet beast and a sweet animal that deserves love and care and it's just hard to understand how she could've gotten this way," said Crossroads Animal Shelter veterinarian Samantha Siclair.
Vets believe she's a pitbull mix about 5 months old and has been homeless for some time. Her skin disease was exacerbated by her lack of care.
"This is a pretty severe, and unfortunately, there was obvious neglect to have it get this severe," said Siclair.
This dog is expected to recover with a great deal of medical care, treatment, and money.  How can pit bull advocates continue to crank out litters of puppies destined to suffer like this?

Could pit bull activists please quit trying to educate the peaceful public and concentrate on educating pit bull owners to neuter and spay their dogs, make sure their dogs are vaccinated and have basic medical care, and manage their dogs in such a way that peaceful people are safe from pit bull attack? That would stop the pit bull problem completely.  We can't do it for you.

There is video available, click here.  

                                                                        * * *

Akron Ohio
Summit County

Three more men have been convicted of dog fighting after their arrest during the huge November raid.  Each one of them faces 18 months in prison plus fines.  Alvin Banks, the organizer of the dog fight. has already been convicted and was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

Eight pit bulls were seized, one was euthanized due to aggression.  Where are the other seven game bred, pit tested pit bulls?

                                                                  * * *

Fremont Ohio
Sandusky County

The Humane Society of Sandusky County  is investigating the deaths of 13 pit bull/pit mix puppies found dead in a creek .  Per the Star-Tribune  "Animal cruelty investigator Adam Herrera says the puppies were likely pit bull mixes from the same litter. He says they were probably a month or two old. Herrera believes the pups were in the water several days before they were found.
The Humane Society of Sandusky County says the puppies were found just outside of Fremont on Saturday. The organization says they were found by the property owner during a walk. Herrera says it's difficult to tell whether the puppies were dead before hitting the water."
A reward is being offered for information.

I have two questions, actually three questions.

First, how do they know these were pit bull puppies?  They were dead and in the water for days. If pit bull advocates can be believed, nobody can identify a live pit bull, how can anyone identify such young puppies after they have been in water for days?

Second, why do we see rewards offered by Humane groups for information after a pit bull is injured or killed but we have never seen a Humane group, or a pit bull organization send money to a pit bull victim?

Third, wouldn't mandatory neuter and spay be more humane than this?

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Columbus Ohio
Franklin County

The Franklin county dog shelter is under new management.  Policies, procedures, and staff are changing. Some changes look shortsighted.

From the Columbus Dispatch "The shelter also lifted its limit on the number of pit bulls on its adoption floor, and it no longer prohibits people who live in places where certain breeds are banned from adopting those dogs.
“We’re not going to treat them like an applicant,” she said. “Instead, we’re going to have a conversation with them in regards to trying to find the best fit for them to take an animal home."
Previously, dog-shelter workers would call veterinarians to check on the health of potential adopters’ current animals before allowing them to take another one home. They also called landlords if the person didn’t own a home.
Dickson said that slowed down the flow of adopted animals, something the shelter couldn’t afford to do because it doesn’t cap the number of animals it takes.
The change has led to more adoptions and fewer dogs put down, she said. But a former employee said some pit bulls are quickly returned when their new owners realize they can’t have them.
“This is not a car sale. This is a life,” said Ashley Inskeep, a former veterinary technician who was fired this month. “We’re trying to find the best fit, not the first person with $18. It’s really important that we’re doing these background checks.”

 I can't say it any better than Ashley Inskeep. 

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7/24/2015                                                                                                                                           Stow Ohio                                                                                                                                       Summit County  
A Pomeranian was attacked by a pit bull at a Stow Ohio dog park.  Per Cleveland 19 News "Puehler says a pit bull mix attacked his small dog at Bow Wow Beach at Silver Springs Park in Stow.
"About our second lap around just out of nowhere this black dog came and just attacked the dog," he said.
Puehler and his friend David Maynard brought three-year-old Husky "Gixxer" and one-and-a-half-year-old Pomeranian "Throttle" to the park.
Both Puehler and Maynard have bite marks, but Throttle is in worse shape. He has stitches and staples that need to come out after being taken into emergency surgery.
So far Puehler says the whole ordeal has cost him more than $4,000."
The "responsible pit bull" owners fled without giving identification or contact information.
"Throttle" attacked by pit mix at park (Source: WOIO)
Throttle.  Cute little dog.

                                                        * * *

Toledo Ohio
Lucas County

We find this crowd funding page for Dachshund Teddy.  Teddy and two other Doxies were being walked by their owners when two pit bulls ran from a porch and attacked little Teddy.  Teddy's injuries were severe and friends of the owners are trying to raise money to help with vet bills.  Good friends!
If you have a couple extra dollars to contribute you might consider donating for this sweet little dog.

                                                                 * * *

Dayton Ohio
Montgomery County  

A Dayton police officer shot an attacking  pit bull.  Per WOIO " Officer Michael Conrads was walking in an alley about 7:15 p.m., talking to a woman who called for help.  He wrote that a large white pit bull came from another alley and caught the officer "off guard."  The woman, Theresa Osborne, told the officer it was her dog.  The animal was unleashed, and he ordered the woman to control her dog.  She asked him if he could get her dog for her.  He says he told her no and ordered her again to control her dog, since the dog was sniffing around their feet.  The woman, he wrote, did not control the dog and the animal then attacked the officer biting his left arm." 

The officer attempted to kick the pit bull away without success so he shot it.  What else was he supposed to do?  The owner was ordered to control her dog for a third time and this time she did so.  Funny how pit bull owner's make no attempt to control their maulers until guns are drawn.

The Police officer required treatment for his injuries at a local hospital. There is no information on the condition of the pit bull.

                                                                             * * *

Warren Ohio
Trumbull County                                    

Here is an attack you will never hear about.  A small dog was attacked by two Huskies, the owner of the small dog was bitten as she beat the dogs off her pet.  The same two Huskies also killed a JRT.  The two dogs will be declared Dangerous Dogs by the Warren County Dog Warden.  The owner of the Huskies is properly horrified " She said that the dogs have escaped before, but they have never done anything like this. And she is now faced with a very tough decision.
“I love them to death but I don’t think that I can keep them now that they have bitten someone. I think I am going to have to give them up and have them put down,” Everson said.  

                                                                  * * *

I'm going to end the year with an update on doctor and pit bull advocate Cinnamon Dixon DO.  Dr. Dixon, of Cincinnati Ohio, inserted herself into the political discussion about a breed ban in Ft. Thomas Kentucky.  Why she felt she had the right?  I can't answer that.  At the time Dr. Dixon held a high profile position at a large children's hospital in Cincinnati, she also taught at the hospital.  Dr. Dixon was relentless in her efforts.  She wrote this letter to the City Council in Ft. Thomas, on hospital letterhead stationery.    

She followed up with an op-ed piece for, here is a quote " We agree with the American Veterinary Medical Association’s assertion that “a well-planned proactive community approach can make a substantial impact.” This approach does not include breed-specific legislation, but rather a well-organized multidisciplinary strategy tailored to the community. We must move past the breed debate and focus efforts on common-sense, effective strategies that work for ourcommunity."

The back story is important here.  The letter is dated May 31st, the op-ed is dated June 22 nd.  On June 4th Cincinnati six year old Zainabou Drame was mauled by two pit bulls, near fatally.  Zainabou was hospitalized in a medically induced coma at Dixon's hospital for weeks, she spent fully two months in the hospital.  Yes, while Dr. Dixon was writing her op-ed little Zainabou was laying in a critical care bed at Cincinnati Childrens.

Apparently Dixon's outrageous advocacy caught the attention of hospital staff.  On June 29th featured an op-ed by another doctor from Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Dr. David Billmire, Professor and Director of the Division of Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.  Dr. Billmire did not share Dr. Dixon's enthusiasm for pit bulls.

The title of his piece was There is No Need for Pit Bulls.  Here is a short quote "I recently gave a talk summarizing my 30 years of practice in pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery, and one segment was titled "Why I Hate Pit Bulls." I watched a child bleed to death one night in our operating room because a pit bull had torn his throat out. I have had to rebuild the skull of a child who had his ears and entire scalp torn off. I am currently reconstructing the face of a child, half of whose face has been torn off down to the bone. I have had to rebuild noses, lips, eyelids, jaws and cheeks of numerous children. On older children, I have had to reconstruct legs and hands. The unfortunate young victim whose recent attack has initiated this discussion will bear the scars of this attack for the rest of her life."

I bet conversation in the Doctor's Lounge was "interesting."  Use of letterhead stationery implied that Dixon's employer shared her opinions.  Apparently not so much.  Dr. Dixon is no longer enjoying her high profile Emergency Room/teaching position at a major metropolitan hospital, she now has an office practice at a Kaiser Permanente facility in Centennial Colorado.  

Step up?  Step down?  Step back?  You decide.


We are now completely caught up with 2015 Ohio pit bull attacks.