Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pit bull roundup 4/18/2015 An attacking pit bull has to be shot off his owner, the Toledo Blade covers a pit bull attack, llamas mauled to death inside the owner's barn, and more.

I am continuing the effort to clean house and catch up on Ohio pittery.

Delhi Twp Ohio

A Delhi Twp police officer was forced to shoot a pit bull off its owner in the tiny kitchen of the owner's home.  The owner was attacked by her pit bull when she attempted to intervene in fight between the pit bull and another family pet, a Rottweiler.  It took three shots to drive the pit bull off the victim.  Cathy Doyle, the pit bull owner, was taken to Cincinnati Medical Center for treatment of her wounds. Doyle underwent surgery and is expected to have a long recovery period.

Doyle's neighbors are relieved that Doyle's pit bull will no longer be a threat.  Per WCPO "I'm glad the police shot the dog because now we don't have to fear the dog biting us," she said. "I'm sorry Cathy got hurt, but the dog has been a menace. The neighborhood is afraid of the dog."  

Don't miss the video.  The pit bull has a history of biting and menacing neighbors.  The problem was ignored by the pit bull owner until she became the pit bull's victim.

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Washington Court House Ohio

Pit bull advocacy made the customary pitch against a pit bull ban in Washington Court House Ohio last year.  The promises were what has become standard, a change to "breed neutral" law (in reality this is one free bite law) would bring peace and tranquility to the community.  Not so much. The Fayette Dog Shelter has seen an increase in pit bulls picked up in the area.  Nine pit bulls are currently being housed in the shelter. The County Dog Warden feels that the pit bull's owners might be "hesitant to pick them up because of a former ordinance that banned pit bulls in the city of Washington Court House."  Not likely, local pit bull owners were very involved in overturning the ban.  One might consider the possibility that these pit bulls were obtained after the ban was overturned and the new owners found out that there is a reason that pit bulls make up the majority of dogs in shelters.  Suspect these pit bulls were abandoned for that reason.    

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Sylvania Ohio

A wheelchair bound, handicapped Viet Nam veteran was attacked by his 23 year old neighbor's pit bulls.  Larry Wnorowsky was making a quick trip to a local store on his motorized wheelchair but didn't even make it off his own property before he was attacked.  Per ABC13 "They bolted, jumped right onto the wheel chair and grabbed him right by the stomach and  dragged him about 10 feet into the yard" stated the victim's wife.  Wnorowsky told the reporter "I actually thought I was going to die because nobody was coming."  His injuries were severe, he had bites on his stomach, arm, leg, and fingers.  Mr. Wnorowsky is paralyzed on his right side.  The injuries to his left hand, his functioning hand, impact his ability to use the joystick on his wheelchair.  How much can you take from this man?

A neighbor was able to pull the pit bulls off Mr. Wnorowsky and call for emergency assistance.  The attacking pit bull was surrendered to Lucas County Animal Control and was expected to be euthanized after the 10 day quarantine.  A "faulty latch" on the neighbor's gate was given as the reason the dogs were at large.

Don't miss the video.

The Toledo Blade rarely covers pit bull attacks but did so in this case.  The video is moving, please take a moment to watch.   Christie Smith, the owner of the dogs, did not respond to a request for an interview by the Toledo Blade's reporter.  Smith moved into the neighborhood in December.  The Wnorowskys plan to seek compensation for medical bills, pain, and suffering.  This may be an uphill fight, Ohio law no longer requires insurance on pit bulls and most pit bull owners don't simply don't bother with it.

Tonight a handicapped veteran is in the hospital after being attacked by a dog. The Vietnam vet is paralyzed on his right side and relies on a wheelchair to get around. Tonight he is in the hospital after his neighbors dog attacked.

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Akron Ohio

Alvin Banks, the leader of a nationwide dog fighting ring based out of a home in Akron Ohio pleaded guilty to federal charges.  The list of federal charges is impressive, sponsoring and exhibiting a canine in an animal fighting venture, buying, selling, delivering, possessing, training and transporting canines and attending an animal fight, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and possession with the intent to manufacture and distribute less than 50 marijuana plants.  Under a plea agreement the sentence is expected to be 2 to 2 1/2 years in prison.
 Alvin Banks
Booking photo for Mr. Banks.

For more information on this story please click here for an earlier blog post.

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A man was forced to defend himself with a metal pole when he was chased and menaced by three pit bulls running loose in a Dayton neighborhood. Police were unable to catch or contain the pit bulls so Animal Control was called in.
A man in the 200 block of Garland Ave. was chased by three pit bulls Tuesday. (WDTN Photo/Josh Ames)
Just what Montgomery County Animal Resource Center needs, three more aggressive pit bulls.

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Toledo Ohio

The Toledo Blade announced with horror that insurance companies "scrutinize" dog breeds. Apparently the concept of actuarial risk is new and difficult to understand for Blade editors and reporters.   The Blade reporter goes on to quote insurance industry spokespersons who clearly define the problem and the insurance industry responses to that problem.

This is the Toledo Blade so the requisite quotes and excuses from Jean Keating appear.  The Blade also gives a human face to the issue, a young couple with three  dogs, one of them a pit bull, are having difficulty finding an insurance carrier.  You have to realize up front that insurance will be a costly proposition when you own a pit bull.  Poodle and Pug owners have no desire to subsidize the choices made by pit bull owners.

                                                                   * * *

Madison Twp Ohio

Local residents met with Highland County Commissioners to discuss ongoing dog problems.  Per the Times-Gazette "Rebecca Newsome told commissioners, “Since December, I’ve made numerous calls about our dog problem.” She said she has had as many as seven dogs wander into her yard at one time, including pit bulls.

Newsome said the dogs belong to a neighbor who has received a citation in the past concerning her dogs.

Newsome then described multiple calls to local agencies and officials, including the Greenfield Police Department, Highland County Sheriff’s Office, Greenfield City Manager Ron Coffey, Highland County Prosecutor Anneka Collins, Ohio State Highway Patrol, and finally the commissioners.

Mrs. Newsome went on to tell commissioners that her own dog had been attacked three times by dogs at large in the neighborhood. After the most recent attack Newsome's dog spent three days in a veterinary hospital.  This is expensive and Mrs. Newsome has every right to demand action from the municipal agencies charged with protecting the public.  Mrs. Newsome made excellent suggestions for improving public safety.  One suggestion came from County Commissioner Tom Horst, write to state legislators concerning dogs at large and Ohio Revised code.  Excellent!

                                                              * * *

Windham Township Ohio

Three of four llamas inside a barn owned by Gerry DeYoung were killed by two pit bulls belonging to a neighbor. DeYoung stated to a reporter that he had two of the llamas for eleven years and the other llama for eight years. The youngest of the llamas was a show animal.  Mr. DeYoung shot one of the pit bulls and was able to save the live of one llama.  Charges are pending against the pit bull owner, he faces a fine of $150 plus court costs.  Wow...

Civil law states that the pit bull owner must pay DeYoung for the cost of the llamas, $3000.  Suspect Mr. DeYoung will have to hire a lawyer to see any of that money.

The surviving llama.