Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pit bull roundup

The sheer numbers of outrageous pit bull events in Ohio has caused a huge backlog in our inbox.  We will get back to this mess soon but here is a bit of late year housekeeping.

Toledo Ohio

From the files labeled "a pit bull's worst nightmare may be her owner" we have Jovie.  Jovie the pit bull puppy was surrendered to a rescue when she was three months old and weighed three pounds.  A local veterinarian stated that Jovie's weight was about half what it should have been and that she was "living on borrowed time."  The puppy is now in the care of the Lucas County Pit Crew.  At five months Jovie is up to seven pounds and her condition is greatly improved.

Jessica Bell, Jovie's former owner is a foster for the Toledo PET Bull project.  Bell is unable to account for the condition of the pup and she continues to foster dogs.  Bell stated that Jovie was "skinny" when she got her and offered proof that the dog had been seen by a veterinarian who found nothing wrong.

Given the involvement of the Lucas County Pit Crew, Jean Keating is heavily quoted.  Donations toward medical care for Jovie are, of course, being accepted by the Lucas County Pit Crew.

Is is unexplained how it was determined that Jovie is a pit bull, nobody can identify pit bulls.   It is also difficult to understand how those who claim to love the breed can fail to impact the numbers of pit bulls bred in backyards across the United States.  Roughly a million pit bulls die in American shelters EVERY YEAR.  Wouldn't mandatory neuter and spay for pit bulls cut down on the suffering of dogs like Jovie?  Dogs not conceived can't starve, suffer, or die.

                                                                        * * *

Toledo Ohio

This story may have been missed previously and no one should miss a pit bull attack that was actually covered by the Toledo Blade.

Toledo police shot and killed a pit bull observed to be attacking a woman.  Prior to being shot the dog was witnessed menacing two pedestrians and charged police as well.

When the dust settled and statements were taken it was revealed that the victim, the woman attacked was protecting her children from the dog. They had all been attacked by the same pit bull.  Substitute Beagle for pit bull in this story and see if it makes sense.  Nope, not for me either.  

                                                                        * * *


Dayton police were called for an animal complaint.  A leashed pit bull was charging the door of a house preventing the home owner from taking his children to school.  Police were able to catch the leash and lead the pit bull away from the home but as it was being walked toward the police cruiser the pit bull became aggressive and bit the officer.  The dog was transported to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center run by county dog warden Mark Kumpf, for quarantine.  The officer was treated for his injuries.

The Dayton Police department has purchased catch poles for use in situations like this one.  Guns work too, see the next few stories.

                                                                      * * *

Fremont Ohio

Fremont police shot and killed a pit bull after it attacked an eight year old boy and charged police responding to the call.  The call was described by the News-Messenger "  Officers arrived and saw a brown pit bull on top of the juvenile, with the child screaming for help. The eight year-old boy was inside a fenced-in area with the dog, according to the report, with the animal actively dragging the boy around the yard." 

Police fired one shot killing the dog and ending the attack.  The Sandusky County Health Department and Sandusky County EMS also responded to the call.

                                                                        * * *

Cleveland Heights Ohio

An eight year old boy was hospitalized after he was attacked by a pit bull belonging to the family of his friend.  The boys were walking home from school when they arrived at the home of the boy who owned the pit bull.  The boys entered the fenced yard and approached the house when the two year old pit bull bit the boy on his hand and wrist.  The child was taken to Euclid Hospital and later transferred to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital for treatment.

The pit bull's owner was charged with having a vicious dog unconfined and lacking a permit and insurance for that vicious dog.  The taxpayer will receive the bill for this attack eventually.  The pit bull owner reported that his pit bull had no history of biting.  *eye roll *

                                                                    * * *

Dayton Ohio

A report shows that Dayton police often shoot dogs that are aggressive, 50 since 2011.  Per "Data shows police shoot at dogs more often than people, with shootings occurring during drug raids, welfare checks, investigations, traffic stops and chases through yards and alleys.
Police tell the Dayton Daily News ( ) that using deadly force often is a split-second decision and provides the only guarantee to stop an aggressive animal from potentially causing harm.
Lt. Matthew Dickey, commander of the department's West Patrol Operations Division, says that getting bit by a dog can cause serious and sometimes permanent injuries.
Animal advocates say they understand what police go through but encourage more training to deal with canine confrontations.
Easy for advocates to say but police officers deserve to go home uninjured at the end of their shift. Those who don't want their dogs shot should keep their dogs safely confined.  This protects the public, police, and the dog.  

                                                                               * * * 

Cincinnati Ohio

Fundraisers continue for six year old Zainabou Drame, mauled by the neighbor's pit bulls in June.  An event held at the Horseshoe Casino and hosted by the Sentinel Black Police Officer's Association also honored the four police officers who saved Zainabou's life.  Click here for a link to the story and links to previous articles on Zainabou's recovery.  The event was attended by hundreds of people, the money raised will go directly toward Zainabou's medical bills which near a million dollars so far.  

One of the honored police officers, Kyle Strunk, was interviewed and he described the scene as police arrived per WLWT "Strunk said he'll never forget the image of that as they pulled up, seeing grown men and women vomiting on the street, reacting to what they had just witnessed.
"That's not a sight you see very often, you know, adults can't even look. They had to look away based on the violence of it,”

Zainabou has returned to school and was visited at school by Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell and several police officers.   City police have never wavered in their support for this child.

Zainabou lost her tongue in the attack, she is unable to speak or swallow and is fed through a tube.
The owner of the dogs was not charged for the attack because there "was no law on the books that fit."

                                                                        * * *

Medina Ohio    

Augusta and Burdett Crandall pleaded no contest to misdemeanor animal cruelty charges that they starved their two dogs, a pit bull and a Boxer.  The couple has not yet been sentenced.  The dogs were confiscated in August by the Medina Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  That organization received $10,300 in donations for the care of these two dogs.

Charges look appropriate to me.  These are the dogs.

Andor and Friends with Steffen.jpg
Sometimes things get better. The tan and white dog in the center of this photo is the recovered pit bull.

                                                                                                            * * *

Bellefontaine Ohio  

In a classic leap of logic the pit bull Belle, rescued from a dogfighting operation in Cleveland has been declared a "bait dog" in order to make her story more acceptable and make her more adoptable. 

Bait dog?  Bell has scars on her face, possibly she just fought and/or lost.   WHIO has declared Bell "heroic" why?   Bell is available for adoption into your neighborhood.  Good luck.  Contact the Ohio Animal Cruelty Task Force, a volunteer organization with no apparent connections to any larger humane organization.
Heroic recovery for pup used as ‘bait’ by dog-fighting ring gallery
Who will be responsible if Belle attacks?  Who will pay the medical bills of the victim.  Pit bull advocates remind the public ad nauseum  "its all in how you raise 'em" and Belle is game bred and pit experienced.

                                                              * * *

Bolivar Missouri  


Mia and Tebow in better times.

A three year old girl mauled by her grandparents American Bulldog (pit bull derivative) will be treated for her injuries at Cincinnati's Shriners Hospital for Children, one of my very favorite organizations.  Mia Kraft was scheduled to her her first surgery at Shriners in early December.  

A bit of history here, Mia's grandparents have owned Tebow since the dog was 8 weeks old and Mia has spent a great deal of time with the dog.  There was no history of violence from this dog.  Mia's mother has no insurance to cover medical expenses and will be billed for the surgeries done prior to Mia's arrival in Ohio.   

Mia Kraft, 3, is at the University of Missouri Women's