Friday, January 23, 2015

Newark insanity.

Is the quick fix for pit bull attacks in a community with a pit bull ban opening the floodgates to countless more, and completely unregulated pit bulls?  Does that seem logical?

This appears to be the "thinking" of the Newark Advocate.  Please read the analysis by blogger Sudden, Random, Unprovoked, and Violent.  Click here for a thorough and thoughtful look at the Newark political situation.  Here is a short quote "  That bloody year is apparently of little consequence to the editors of the Newark Advocate, who in 2015 reversed course and published a series of articles unlike anything previously seen in pit bull advocacy. At least six articles appeared over a ten-day period, including a new editorial opinion in support of pit bulls.

In the middle of the publishing blitz, on Sunday, January 11, the Advocate published what appears to be a special insert. The heavily illustrated article, Pit bull owners share the softer side of 'bully breeds'was reprinted by newspapers across the country.2"

This seems to be a good time to remind readers of the stats in Ohio since the Ohio Legislature passed HB 14 in 2012.   In the first two years since the passage of HB 14 Ohio has had nine fatal dog attacks, four by pit bulls, one by dogs called "pit/mastiff" mixes and four by all other breeds combined.  In the ten years prior to passage of HB 14 Ohio saw six fatal dog attacks.  

Historic note - HB 14 was written by out-of-state animal rights and breed specific advocacy PAC Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends paid registered lobbyists to push the bill and sold it as "finally gives dog wardens the tools to deal with dangerous dogs."