Friday, August 29, 2014

The verdict is second degree murder.

Alex Donald Jackson of Antelope Valley California has been convicted of second degree murder in the death of Pamela Devitt on May 9, 2013.  Mrs. Devitt had been out for a simple walk when she was attacked by four of Jackson's pit bulls.  The coroner's report documented 200 bites to Mrs. Devitt's body with some so deep that bone was exposed.  The cause of death was blood loss.

Antelope Valley is a place where parents do not allow their children to play outside due to the danger of stray dogs.  Many residents report being cornered by dangerous dogs and many residents have  taken to carrying sticks, rocks, or guns for protection.  Mr. Jackson's dogs were some of the worst with seven documented attacks, some on horses being ridden by neighbors.  The dogs jumped fences to menace neighbors and they made it impossible for mail carriers to deliver Mr. Jackson's mail and even chased the mail truck for half a mile.

Jackson's brother, Vincent Jackson, stated that Alex had "accepted some responsibility" in the case and even wrote a letter to the victim's husband but that letter was never sent.   Possibly because the postal carrier was unable to reach Jackson's mailbox to pick it up.  Vincent Jackson went on to say per KTVU Vincent Jackson thinks the murder charge is a knee-jerk reaction to the community's disdain for pit bulls.
"It feels like they're trying to make an example of him," Vincent Jackson said about his brother.
Defense attorney Al Kim echoed that sentiment, saying his client was taking the brunt of the rural area's growing frustration over abandoned animals.
"At some point, something needs to be done about these stray dogs, and I think an unfair amount of responsibility is being directed at my client," Kim said before the verdict was returned. "Does that mean he's a murderer? Absolutely not."
  Knee jerk reaction to the community's disdain for pit bulls?  A woman died, bled to death in the dirt, killed by dogs that Jackson absolutely knew were vicious.  The pit bulls had SEVEN prior "altercations" in the previous 18 months.  The man's mail was not being delivered because the postal worker could not get to the house.  
"Unfair amount of responsibility"?  A woman is dead and the pit bulls that killed her belonged to Jackson.  Sounds like his responsibility to me.  Jackson could get 24 years to life in prison.  This is not too much but rather too little.  Pit bull owners must accept the responsibility for their dogs.  
It is interesting to note that when police arrived at Jackson's home to investigate the mauling they found a marijuana grow farm and Jackson was also charged with cultivation of marijuana and possession and sale of a controlled substance.  An all around upstanding citizen.  
Alex Donald Jackson was found guilty Friday of second-degree murder in a fatal pit bull mauling. (credit: LA County Sheriff's Dept.)
Alex Jackson, orange is the new black.

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