Monday, December 9, 2013

Another baby dead, killed by her grandfather's pit bulls.

With a new Death and Excuses post in the works it was my hope that we had seen the last of pit bull fatalities for 2013.

Not so much.  Another child has been killed by family pit bulls.  Two year old Jah'Niyah White was killed by her grandfather's pit bulls.

Jah'Niyah White
Jah'Niyah White

Jah'Niyah was the 105th American killed by pit bulls since President Obama took office.  In August of 2013 the President made a public statement opposing breed specific legislation. announced by the Huffington Post. How many deaths will it take until elected officials turn away from special interests and act in the best interests of Americans?  Is there any special interest group that elected officials might feel is just too outrageous/dirty to partner with?  

Another Death and Excuses post will be out very soon.  God help us.