Saturday, November 9, 2013

How many deaths are enough?

This time it is a child. Four year old Levi Watson of White County Arkansas was mauled to death by multiple pit bulls owned by Justin Corbit.

pit bulls killed 4-year old boy in white county, arkansas

Levi is the fourth American mauling death this month, all four were killed by pit bulls.  On November 1st Terry Douglass was killed by her own pit bull.  On November 5th Katherine Atkins was killed by her boyfriend's pit bulls.  Nga Woodhead was attacked by pit bulls on October 30th and she died on November 5th.

How many deaths will it take until laws are passed to protect American citizens from this proven danger?

How do professional pit bull advocates wash the blood from their hands?  Vankavage, Delise, Donna Reynolds, Jim Crosby, the dupes heading the ASPCA, AKC, and AVMA who send lobbyists to any community considering BSL, the local rescues who pressure communities to drop restrictions.  How do they get the blood off their hands?  Why doesn't Jane Berkey use her fortune to fund a hospital for injured children instead of funding pit bull advocacy?

The next Death and Excuses post will be up soon, far too soon.

Justin Corbit, responsible pit bull owner.