Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Two fathers speak but pit bull advocacy does not listen

Given the pit bull mauling deaths of three toddlers in a recent five day time frame it might be of value to listen to the words of two fathers who lost toddler sons to pit bull attacks earlier this year.

Click here for an interview with Jeff Borchardt, father of Daxton Borchardt who died at the age of 14 months, mauled to death by his babysitter's pitbulls.
For the full story of  the death of Dax Borchardt please click here.  Jeff said ""Believing the myth, 'It's not the breed, it's all how you raise them,' is what left us without a son."
Beyond the interview, essay of a fatal pit bull mauling
Jeff and Dax Borchardt

Jeremiah Rutledge was interviewed by WSB TV.  His son, two year old Beau was killed by the family pit bull on April 24, 2013.  Mr. Rutledge asked "“How do I go from a birth certificate to a death certificate?” 
He said his faith is getting him through, but he offers words of caution for those with small children around pit bulls.
“Those dogs cannot be domesticated. They cannot,” 
New details emerge in case of fatal dog attack  gallery
Beau Rutledge, killed by Kissy Face, the family pit bull.  Kissy Face was owned by the Rutledge family for 8 years without any aggression until she killed Beau.   This family did nothing wrong, they did exactly what pit bull advocacy wants families to do, give a pittie a chance. For more information on the sad death of beau Rutledge please click here.

Please keep the words of these two fathers in mind when you read the next Death and Excuses post.   Since Death and Excuses, part 3 was posted on 7/1/2013 four Americans have been mauled to death by pit bulls.  Three children and a 96 year old man have died.

How many children are enough?  How many children need to die before Jane Berkey, Ledy Vankavage, and Karen Delise acknowledge the  reality of the breed they whitewash?

Jeremiah Rutledge has seen the reality "These dogs cannot be domesticated.  They cannot."  Jeff Borchardt has seen the reality "Believing the myth, 'its not the breed, its all how you raise them' is what left us without a son."  

How do Berkey, Vankavage, and Delise wash the blood off their hands?