Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life in Ohio, thanks Barbara Sears!

These are true stories, sent to the blogger at Craven Desires and forwarded to me.  The writer gives us a peek at how the passage of HB 14 has impacted peaceful Ohio residents.  Please remember that HB 14 was sold to foolish and/or corrupt Ohio lawmakers as a means of giving Ohio Dog Wardens the "tools to deal with vicious dogs."  We see no evidence of this so far.  Here is what peaceful Ohio residents actually experience thanks to Barbara Sears and her relentless, thoughtless, but well funded sell out to pit bull advocacy.  The writer was willing to have her stories told here unedited except for removing identifying locations.

"My son would be dog meat now if it weren't for me having wasp spray handy two days ago.
I would have had my camera out if I wasn't trying to blind a pit bull. My son is terrorized. Absolutely terrified

He was crying so hard and shaking behind me when the pit bull tried to eat him on Oct 25th. Thanks to me wielding pesticides he is alive and not hospitalized.  I am gonna start wielding a knife in my purse and a camera. I want to help. I just could not grab a camera these last two times because the fear of being bit or having my son attacked was overwhelming.

Hey I have so much to share with you. I live in XXXX Ohio  (a large city in northeastern Ohio) .  Meth capital of the country and now pit bull haven. There are dozens of these dogs on every block. No exaggeration.  1 block away in one direction there are about 11 pit bull dogs between 3 families.  On this block there are 4 adult pit bull dogs and about 3 pups. Another block in the other direction there are pits and a cane corso. At least one cane corso. I can go on and on with the number of pit bull dogs that live within 5 blocks radius of my home. I can no longer walk or drive safely anywhere without spotting pit bull dogs.
To start I don't always think about pulling out my camera when I am faced with a frightening thing. Sometimes my mind goes blank and my body goes into action. So unfortunately my pit bull encounters are undocumented. 

My husband was driving myself and our three boys in our van to the store. As we turn a corner going down a side street we've always utilized to avoid traffic, we come upon a street wide pit bull fight blocking the lane and our van. There were between 7 and 9 dogs fighting (pit bulls) in a kind of dog pile line. Like they formed a line from one curb nearly to the other. Dogs gripping dogs on top of dogs. It was chaos. To this day I regret not recording the entire scene. People were trying to pull the dogs loose and getting bit in the meantime.  We revved up our engine and the dogs didn't budge instead continued to maul each other and surrounding humans. All the humans were the dog owners.  So I don't feel sorry for them. Anyway we were going to drive right through the pit bull fight line dog pile thing but we didn't want to hit any people. That'd be a nasty thing to file with the insurance company.  Being completely delayed in our trip we went another route and called the cops and reported dog fighting. 
The next encounter was worse. I am walking my son home from the store. It is a cool October day so we stop into a convenient store for hot cocoa for him and coffee for me. We are walking home hand in hand, arms laden with bags and chit chatting.  He is 5 years old. We reach this tall church near the entry to our street and we hear a loud menacing growling. I can't see the dog at this point but I pull my son close to me and stand still. I see it a big grey pit bull pounce from its front porch hair on its back straight up. I call to the owners to grab their dog. But no adults are in sight just children.  The oldest is 10 at most. He is freaking out and nobody can get the dog. He is pleading with me that the dog won't bite. She charges for my son... I pull out my was spray and blast this bitch in the eye. She runs off in the other direction and my son and I make it home safely. I call the pound and nothing has been done since we were not attacked."

 " October 9 11:08am

Hey I haven't corresponded with you in awhile. My life was topsy turvy for a good long time and Facebook was acting up. I attempted to send you a story about pit bulls gone wild here in XXXX ever since Ohio legalized pit bulls we can't walk half a block without seeing their ugly mugs.  And instead of being incredibly well behaved peaceful pups smoking peace pup pipes they are a menace at least."

(The writer tells the story of the pit bull street fight again but gives additional details.)

"Two blocks away there are three "families" or households that own somewhere in the range of 9-11 pit bulls all together. Well one day 9 of those freaking crazy animals all got out of their homes and yards and had a street wide dog fight. People were screaming and freaking out. The reason I know this is they were blocking traffic. It wasn't reported but we called the cops and the cops never showed up

They were in a literal dog pile. Dog on top of dog. Two dogs were locked in each others jaws. Like one dog sunk his teeth into the other dogs lower lip. And was locked on. There were other pit bulls some smaller some larger all just piling on each other and biting. Some people got bit but it was the owners not any innocent bystanders. I was in my van. The dogs were blocking traffic so I took another route but was totally inconvenienced.
The people had break sticks and weapons the biggest male owner was slapping the shit out of one dog and trying to pull it away from the fight but it bit the fuck out of him and got back in the mix.
It was 9 pit bulls. My husband and I counted to be sure. 9.
Thanks to Ohio's new law...."

"10/9, 11:24am

Then my mom and I were walking to the bus stop to get my son. A menacing white and black pit bull was sitting just inside a glass door. My mom said something and I said "that bitch is crazy. She told me to my face that the dog is vicious and even growls at her kids. There is no way I'd keep a dog in my house that growls like that" so this lady's neighbor comes to the defense of the dog I said "Bro this conversation was A B and you were not invited to comment. Your girl told me that the dog is mean. In her own words so mind your own business. I didn't ask you"

In fact her kids tell me the dog is mean. They are afraid of it. So she's just lacking common sense
Anyway those are my pitnutter stories. I know you can't use them over at cravendesires since I don't have proof or a source but I thought I'd fill you in on what good Ohio's law for pit bulls is doing to our neighborhoods and kids."

Thank you Craven Desires for sharing this material.

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