Monday, March 4, 2013

The Bones Saga Continues

Bones, the dog too dangerous to remain in New York City, has been missing since January 5th and is reportedly at large in Toledo Ohio.  Despite efforts of volunteers the dog has not been found.  Just a short review, Bones was involved in a murder in New York. A coroner's report was required to determine the cause of David Shadha's death, the attack by Bones or the head  injury inflicted on David by Bones owner Shaun Dyer.  For additional review please click here.
DEMAND that the AC&C and NY DOH - let Bones live!

This is Bones and yes, that is David Shadha's blood all over him.

The legal owner of Bones is the Lexus Project, a group of animal rights lawyers headquartered in New York.  The Lexus Project will defend any dog against any charges up to and including the mauling death of a child if the owner of the dog will sign a contract and set up a Chip-In page on Facebook. The Lexus Project went wild in their efforts to protect Bones. This is a petition from the Bones Battle page.  Keep in mind that Bones Battle is the Lexus Project.

DEMAND that the AC&C and NY DOH - let Bones live!

DEMAND that the AC&C and NY DOH - let Bones live!
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Bones is the victim here and he should not be held responsible for a murder he did not commit.
Nor should the Department of Health be allowed to quietly kill Bones because he was a victim of abuse and because they failed to do their job back in June.
Had they done what they were supposed to and properly investigate, Bones would not be in this situation now.
Bones, a dog will most likely be killed by the New York City Department of Health because he might have been an unwilling accomplice in the murder of his junkie owners roommate.



New York Animal Care and Control gave the Lexus Project exactly what they demanded.  "Here, take the dog and get it out of town."  The Lexus Project saw this as a huge public relations win.  Surely these lawyers would consider the options and send Bones to a reputable and secure facility.

Oops, not so much. Bones was sent to Kat Sutter and her North West Ohio Underdog Rescue located on a quiet residential street in densely populated Toledo Ohio to live in a garage with 15 other dangerous dogs.  Sutter claims that  dangerous dogs are her specialty.  There was no inspection of Sutter's facility and Sutter was unknown to the Lexus Project save a recommendation from someone later termed "a flake" by the Lexus Project.  

Enough history and on to current events.  The Bones Battle Facebook page is again being run out of New York after a short period of administration by Toledo resident Carissa Curry.   A recent posting on Bones Battle claims a verified sighting of Bones in Toledo on the day he disappeared.  On 2/28/2013 this was posted by the Bones Battle administrator

We received a call from someone in the area where Bones lived with Kat In Toledo. She says she definitely saw Bones the morning of jan. 5, the day we were notified of his disappearance. She also had emails and voicemails to us of disturbing information of how Kat kept the dogs. She wishes to remain anonymous because she is afraid of Kat. She did call the dog warden (which had already been done in both locations). We check in the police once a week. We do drive bys at both locations randomly. Someone is still at the old house. We are hoping that the one thing we are working on will come to pass, other than that with not one sighting ever, we're hitting a brick wall.

With a sighting that the Lexus Project considers reliable has the Lexus Project finally realized their potential for liability?  It appears so.  The very same day, 2/28/2013 the Bones Battle administrator made another post. 

Will someone who lives in Toledo or woods county take legal ownership of Bones so the ownership of him is local and you can physically stay on top of this?

 One follower of the page questioned just how this transfer of title would be accomplished.  The answer "just sign a piece of paper, just like TLP did."  It might be wise for anyone considering this generous offer to take a moment and consider that in addition to title of a designated dangerous dog they also assume all legal liability for this designated dangerous dog.  

The Lexus Project is run by lawyers, they understand legal liability.  The Lexus Project wants somebody else to assume the risk.  More poor planning and irresponsible action here.  Just "signing a piece of paper" has consequences.  The Lexus Project lawyers have finally realized this.    

3/4/2013 Update - The Lexus Project is feeling cranky that no one is willing to accept legal responsibility for Bones.   The Lexus Project made a demand to New York Animal Care and Control.  They got exactly what they demanded.  Be careful what you wish for.  This is the comment that was posted by Lexus Project after the "generous" offer of ownership of Bones.   
The Lexus Project, Legal Defense for Dogs Everyone wants and expects but no one will step up. It's nice to want.
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The Lexus Project, specializing in Greyhounds, has apparently realized that despite the hysteria generated by pit bull advocacy there is no reciprocal effort.   
TGIF!We need our pit bull friends to help our greyhound friends as we have helped the pitties
so often. Please make a donation. We go to trial on march 11.
Stunning silence from pit bull advocacy.