Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shameless use of *The Breed Specific Excuse*

As promised, this blog will note the appearance of *The Breed Specific Excuse* and this one comes after the sad death of a fourteen month old child.  The story comes from 620WTMJNews affiliated with TMJ4 Television News.

Walworth County Wisconsin baby sitter Susan Iwicki's two pit bulls attacked her and the child she was caring for.  The child did not survive the attack, he died at the hospital several hours later.  Both dogs were euthanized.  To reassure the public TMJ4 states that the Brew City Bullies Club will do a thorough investigation of living conditions for those pit bulls.

In order to cover this tragic story TMJ4 went to material they taped for a November 22, 2011 report on pit bull violence and decided that the death of this child was an appropriate place to use old footage of John McDowell, Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control.  In 2011 McDowell stated on camera "the average pit bull bite is no better or no worse than the average German Shepherd bite or Rottweiler bite."  This is the essence of *The Breed Specific Excuse* any dog can do it. McDowell, referred to as the "expert" went on to say that "pit bull attacks are quite rare" and that pit bull attacks "just get a lot of press.  A lot of media attention."

As back up TMJ4 uses actual bite counts in their Special Report on Pit Bulls from 2011.  The on-camera reporter gives actual bite counts in Milwaukee since 2008.  Listed are 40 bites from labs, 68 bites from German Shepherds, and 302 bites from pit bulls.  By some twisted logic that includes numbers of pit bulls in the MADAC shelter and the declared reason for surrender TMJ4 works out statistics.  Here they are - Labs 3% biters, pit bulls 4% biters, German Shepherds 5% biters.   Wow...

It must be kept in mind that so far this year six Americans have been killed by dogs.  All six of these horrific deaths have been due to pit bull maulings, yes 100%.  John McDowell's claim that "pit bull attacks are quite rare" and they "just get a lot of press.  A lot of media attention" is outrageous. For TMJ4 and their sister station 620WTMJ to use the death of a baby to promote breed specific propaganda is shameless and disgusting.