Friday, July 31, 2020

News coverage from the Marysville Journal-Tribune on Steffen Baldwin's arrest and charges. Baldwin faces a possible 81 years in prison.

The article is behind a paywall but it is worth the 49 cent price, WAY worth it!  Spend the 49 cents, you won't be sorry but you will be angry.

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A quote from the article.  "“I am not sure we are ever going to know the total number of animals he killed,” said Union County Prosecutor Dave Phillips. “I certainly think the total exceeds the number of indictments. ”

Here is another " Phillips said Baldwin would allegedly tell people he was taking dogs into rescue or adopt them.

“Then he would raise money for these dogs – for their care, for their adoption, for their training – but had allegedly euthanized them,” Phillips said.

He said Baldwin had, “a pattern of lying to people to raise money.”

The indictments indicate Baldwin took funds from a variety of animal shelters, organizations and individuals throughout the state and nation.

“The allegations indicate the money he raised for the animals, even after they were euthanized were used for his personal expenses,” Phillips said, listing gifts for his girlfriend as well as strip clubs.

The indictments also allege Baldwin lied on his resume to get his position in Union County and that he lied on court documents, saying he was bit by an aggressive dog.

Also included in the indictment is the allegation that he stole a handgun from an animal rescue task force."

What the hell, here is another "(Phillips) said that when it was time to serve the indictment and arrest Baldwin, police in California invited Baldwin to conduct an animal training for the department. When Baldwin arrived, U.S. Marshals arrested him."  Picture it.  

8/1/2020 Update

We had forgotten about this and it deserves to be seen again.  My thanks to the advocate who saved
and posted it today. 
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