Friday, July 21, 2017

Another pit bull attack fatality in Ohio.

A Fostoria Ohio pit bull owner died Thursday evening after he was bitten as he attempted to stop an attack by his pit bull, Mia, upon a leashed pit bull being walked in the neighborhood.

Here is the story per WTOLl1News "Just after 11 p.m. Thursday night, 60-year-old Michael Parks let his pit bull Mia outside. The dog ran across Davoli street and began fighting with another pit bull being walked on a leash by its owner." "While trying to break up the scuffle, Michael was bit directly on his recently installed dialysis shunt and began bleeding profusely. He was pronounced dead at the hospital later that night."Mr. Parks family is surprised. They describe Mia as a "gentle giant" who played with neighborhood children.  Per the family "everybody loved Mia, "she was not vicious at all."

How many times will we hear the same statements made by shocked pit bull owners?  When will Ohio lawmakers admit the mistake they made when they allowed Best Friends Animal Society to write Ohio law?  Does Ohio Representative Barbara Sears feel any responsibility for the fatal attacks since she joined with Best Friends to pass HB 14 to deregulate pit bulls in Ohio?

This is the second dialysis patient killed by a pit bull since passage of HB 14 in 2012. Ronnel Brown was attacked by his pit bull designer dog mix.  He was bitten on his dialysis shunt and bled out in his apartment while first responders waited for police to arrive and shoot the violent dog before they could get to their patient.  

 (Source: WTOL)
Blood stained pavement.

For those interested in fatal dog attacks in Ohio since passage of HB 14, here is more information. It should be noted that in the decade prior to passage of HB 14 Ohio had six fatal dog attacks.  In the five years since the passage of the law written by lawyers employed by Best Friends Animal Society Ohio has had thirteen fatal dog attacks. How good does HB 14 look now? 

The first fatality was Makayla Darnell, 3 weeks old, killed by her grandmother’s pit bull.

The second was Ronnell Brown, a 40-year-old man, killed by his designer dog pit bull mix.  Brown was a dialysis patient and the report was that the dog tore his dialysis graft during the attack and he quickly bled to death.  First responders had to wait for police to shoot the dog before they could get to Brown and by then it was too late.  BTW, Brown had two puppies of the same breed mix in his apartment at the time of the mauling and area residents lined up to adopt these puppies.

The third was Dawn Jergens, 76 years old killed by her own two dogs, Cane Corsos.  What was a 76-year-old woman doing with two Cane Corsos? 

Number 4 was Elizabeth Hurt, 94 years, attacked by the family Boston Terriers.  She died a couple of weeks later.

The fifth was Rachael Honabarger, 35 years old, killed by her family German Shepherd.

Mia Gibson was number six, three months old, killed by family dogs, two Shiba Inus.

The seventh was 57-year-old Klonda Richey of Dayton Ohio, killed by dogs that she called pit mastiff mixes.  Misdemeanor charges, Andrew Nason got 180 days in prison and community service.  Julie Custer got 90 days in jail and community service. 

Pit bull owner Kimiko Hardy was sentenced to 3 years in prison.     

Nine. Cindy Whisman, age 59, killed by her daughter’s pit bull while babysitting her toddler grandson in Madison Twp. Ohio.  Death ruled accidental, no charges.  

Ten.  Aiden Jonathon Grimm, three days old was killed by a Shepherd mix dog inside his grandmother’s home.  The coroner’s report stated there were no bite injuries on the body.  It appeared that the dog picked the infant up by the head to remove the child from a laundry basket serving as a temporary crib.  All the dogs in this household slept in laundry baskets. 

Eleven. Annie Williams, age 71, a great grandmother, was killed by a family member’s pit bull.  The dog was owned by Bobbie Green and her adult son Leon Morton.  Leon Morton pleaded guilty to felony charges to spare his mother a possible jail term.  Morton was sentenced to 30 months in prison with credit for 106 days already served.

Twelve. Maurice Brown, age 60 years, was killed by a pit bull kept chained in a Dayton Ohio Back yard on April 25, 2017.

Thirteen. Michael Parks, 60, of Fostoria Ohio.  This dialysis patient was bitten as he attempted to break up a dog fight between his pit bull and a leashed pit bull being walked in the neighborhood. Parks was bitten on his dialysis shunt and bled out.

7/23/2017 Update.  The Toledo Blade, the most pit bull positive newspaper in the country has finally reported this fatality but neglects to note the breed of dogs involved.  The Blade simply does not report pit bull attacks. The Blade did mention the condition of the attacked dog, very serious and may not survive.