Monday, August 31, 2015

Thank God the Huffington Post's Pit Bull Week is over.

I got up this morning intending to write a Huffington Post Pit Bull Week wrap up  but I can't beat this one so I will just link to the post at Your Law Scholar.  Please follow the link and allow the message to sink in.
Here is the summary "So, Pit Bull week is over now, and life will return to normal.  Of course, nothing seemed to change this week for the pit bulls themselves.  They continued to maul, maim and kill at about the same rate they normally do.  They couldn’t even behave for a week while the preacher was visiting.  Hell, they couldn’t even behave for a single day.  And perhaps most alarming is that while the Huffington Post was posting articles of sweet and misunderstood nanny dogs wearing tutus and flower wreaths every couple of hours, they seemed to have missed every single story about a human being getting mauled and killed by these same misunderstood dogs.  Or maybe they didn’t miss them, they just ignored them.  Those horrific incidents didn’t fit the #PitBullWeek narrative, so maybe they were suppressed.  Maybe if they post enough stories of nice pit bulls, they can change their genetic predisposition to maul and kill, and change those headlines to more closely match the Pit Bull Week propaganda.  Here’s to hoping, and looking forward to next year’s festivities (sarcasm)."

I highly recommend the book featured on the Your Law Scholar page.

While we are closing the door on this year's Huffington Post Pit Bull Week please keep in mind the elderly Muncie woman who lost part of her jaw in a Pit Bull Week attack, by the family pit bull..

Remember Nichole Cartee, killed by the family pit bull while she was attempting to protect her mother from the berserking thing.  This pit bull had a history of violent attack but the family chose to hide this fact.  Did not prove to be a particularly good plan of action.
woman killed by pit bull in Spartanburg, south carolina

Remember the 18 month old still in critical condition after bring attacked by a family pit bull,

The elderly woman who lost her hand, lower arm, and knee cap in a mauling by her own sister's pit bull and will face a long and difficult rehab with her life changing and disabling injuries?  Think about her.

Cathy Wheatcraft is being mourned in her community.  Her landlord had this to say.  ""She was a very sweet, loving, caring, and kind person and I am sorry it was a sad tragedy and it never should have happened like this,” said JoAnn Burton, the woman who was renting her home to Wheatcraft."
Tragic: Cathy H. Wheatcraft (above) was killed after her neighbor's pit bull viciously attacked her whens he stepped outside to check her mail on Monday in Davie County
Cathy Wheatcraft

Three teenagers were menaced by a large pit bull, and a pit mix dog while walking home from school.  While the boys were being interviewed by reporters the dogs reappeared and they menaced the reporters and the boys.  When animal control arrived the two dogs menaced them as well.  There is no mention of the disposition of these dogs, the owner comments that she kept them.  See the comments below.
    Bite 4

This fence is not keeping anything contained and sure not protecting the neighbors from these dogs.
                                                bite 3
Interesting comments on this article.  Here is one from the dog owner, Eve Walker "August 28, 2015 6:30 pm 6:30 pm
I’m the owner of the dogs and I have five kids from ages 3 to 13 years old and they are not harmful at all. I’ve never had any issues with them tell this. There has to be more to this then what I was told, I still have them both here with me and was not taken away.
Here is a comment from a neighbor that tells a different story. August 28, 2015 7:17 pm 7:17 pm
Its definitely the owners I personally called the animal control on those exact dogs and those exact owners. And now this.
The brown one tore up everything in our yards even our garbage cans. He would guard peoples front doors so they couldnt get out and was being vicious to everyone. Animal control did nada.
And another neighbor "Well Eva Walker, my daughter and grandchild walk past there every day and my daughter says she’s scared s******s every time she gets near your property. ******************************************************And if Animal Services is paying attention here you need to listen to Billy Williams and see if these dog’s are being neglected.
 Lets just back away from this "responsible pit bull owner's mess.

How about the absolutely common-as-dirt story out of Delaware about police called to the scene of a menacing pit bull at large.  As soon as they got of their patrol car the pit bull charged them, forcing them to shoot the thing dead.  No police officer wants to shoot a dog but it is the officer's job to protect the public.  It was not a surprise that police had responded to similar calls at the same address, same dog owner.  Evidently the "responsible pit bull owner" so loved by pit bull advocates. 
                  .  B9318598752Z.1_20150826120057_000_GEQBO143J.1-0 

The Huffington Post's week long pit bull celebration is over, thank God.  The event was created by young blogger Arin Greenwood who seeks to make the world over because her family had a cold pit but she is unable to see those injured or killed by the hot ones infesting communities all over the United States.  Normal dogs do not require the hysterical level of advocacy seen on the Huffington Post's Pit Bull Week blog page.  Lets just hose off the blood and start again.